2010-02-17: Big Trouble In Chinatown



Summary: Kaji helps an old man in need, gets rewarded.

Date: February 17, 2010

Log Title Big Trouble In Chinatown

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Chinatown

The hustle and bustle of Chinatown. Here the streets are always crowded, the traffic is always jammed and street vendors are everywhere. Chinese restaurants and Chinese bakeries litter the streets along with various small shops selling everything from swords to bowls to plastic toys. If your looking for bootlegged purses, movies, toys, anything, you can find it in Chinatown at low costs.

It's a usual night in Chinatown, street vendor's selling everything from purses, fruits, roasted nuts to t-shirts, jade figures and perfume. The traffic is lighter since it's later in the evening and the smells of Chinese cooking are in the air, along with lots of Chinese language talking. Down the side streets it's a lot less crowded and busy than the main road. At the moment nothing seems odd in this cultural neighborhood of New York City.

Standing at one of the vendors selling the jade figurines is Kaji, looking over what looks to be a jade claw to presumably replace the one he has on. It's getting chipped at the end, and he's had to superglue it back together once or twice. So to him, it's time to get a new one.

It's all quiet, well quiet for New York, until the sound of shouting in Cantonese is heard down one of the side streets. It gets more and more heated until the sound of gun fire can be heard followed by a few screams.

The shouting is ignored, as that always happened in New York. Everywhere you listen, there's some sort of shouting. But the gunfire catches Kaji's attention, and he looks back at the vendor owner. "Hold this till I come back." Then he turns around, and bolts into one of the side alleys. There's a moment before an anthro black wolf bursts back out with what looks like a dark grey vest on, and those fitted pants as well. Then he's on his way towards that side street.

The Vendor starts yelling at Kaji. "You come back and it be six dollar not four dollar!" He says holding the jade claw in the air and waving it. Once Kaji gets around the corner people are running away from the gun shots as there's two Chinese men on one side, an old man and another male and then three men on the other side with guns. One of the three men has a strong hold on a young Chinese woman.

With the men in his sights, Kaji slows down to a slow walk; trying to listen in as he looks in their direction. His eyes flick towards the ones with the guns before he looks around. His eyes spying a dumpster before he ducks behind it; listening for the moment to gauge who's on whose side.

As Kaji gets closer very broken English can be heard. Something about paying for protection, taking what's due, never doing business in Chinatown again and Triad. It's obvious the old man is arguing for them not to take his daughter and the other three are just laughing. Eventually one of three steps forward and pistol whips the old man. "You be quiet, you not pay, we take her. That be agreement."

Kaji mutters under his breath. If it were Japanese, he could shout some colorful curses at them. The wolf slides out from the dumpster; holding himself onto all fours before he takes off at a full bore sprint. ONce he's close enough, he pulls off the Death From Above (tm) move. Aiming to leap over the other two to pin the one who pistol whipped the man to the ground.

Not expecting a flying wolf, the man is easily pinned and lets out a scream and his glock goes sliding across the pavement out of his hand. "I'm gonna kick your Ass!" Another of the Chinese hustlers says something in Chinese and the other starts trying to drag the girl into the back of a van. The one who seems to be shouting orders fires a warning shot at the wolf that's pinning his buddy down.

His ears fold bakc at the gunshot, and he lets out a low growl; his hackles rising up before he heavily presses off of the one he pinned to the ground. His eyes set on the one dragging the girl away. Putting some more strength into his run as he tries to get to them before they can get into the van. Grabbing onto any part of the man holding the woman that he can. Back of the shirt or arm is what he's actually aiming for.

There's a 'oof' sound as he jumps off of the guy on the ground leaving him stunned for the moment. "He like super wolf!" Someone yells as Kaji grabs onto the guy with the girl. "You not take her." Someone growls behind him and the guy who was giving orders puts out his hand, not holding the gun, and sends a blast of fire at Kaji.

You know those moments where time stops and you think 'Oh, fuck me.' That's what Kaji just had as he let out a curse; shoving both the guy and the girl to the ground to get them out of the blast of fire as well. He looks back at the man who shot the fire and growls out. "Would you really fry your own man?" Since he's kinda holding him down at the moment, or at least he's trying to if there's resistance.

The woman and man are shoved to the ground and the man being shoved smiles. "Oh, he not frying me." He says with a grin as he lifts a hand and starts to turn to ice. "It's not year of dog for quite long time." He says as he goes to fire an ice blast at Kaji. Oh great, Triad gang members with super powers.

Another one of the moments just happened as Kaji let out a growl of frustration, leaping up off of the man to get out of that blast of ice. It barely hits his foot as he lands on top of the van they were trying to get into. "Shame I ain't a tiger then, hm?" His legs tense up, as his gaze switches between them. His feet splaying just a bit, trying to break the ice on his left foot.

The women is forgotten for now as the three men start to surround Kaji, two with obvious superpowers and the third, who knows. The younger man with the old man, runs over to try to get the girl to hide her inside as Kaji fights the Chinatown Hustlers. "Sorry Doggie but you is in wrong neighborhood. You not wanted on our turf." One is now coated in ice and the other's hands are coated in flames. The one now showing super powers smiles. "You leave us now Doggie, you go home one piece."

There's silence from the 'doggy' before Kaji lets out a small laugh. "Few things. Stop calling me 'Doggy'. I ain't leavin'." He looked between the two with the powers and slipped backwards on the roof of the van to land on the hood of it. Trying to formulate a plan, and just what the third guy could do.

Kaji doesn't have much time to figure out what the third guy can do as he reacts when Kaji jumps up on the roof of the van. He puts out his hand and a lighting bolt shots out. "Get the Puppy!" He yells, at least it's not Doggie? Right after the lighting bolt is fired a blast of fire followed by a blast of ice are aimed right at Kaji, they hope it's to much for him to dodge but they aren't really great with the aiming tactics.

There's a very puppy like yelp coming from Kaji as he leaps backwards off of the roof of the van. /Away/ from the blasts of the elements, and then fear sets in as he pants heavily. There's another 'Oh Fuck Me' moment. A few seconds after he lands, he leaps back into action; aiming to sprint for the glock he had knocked out of the guy's hands. Fight elements with bullets?

One of them notices Kaji going for the gun and aims a fire blast in his direction to try to stop him. "Sorry puppy." He says with a laugh. Suddenly from behind Kaji he would hear someone whisper. "Use this." And he feel something being pressed into his hands.

Kaji backpedals away from the gun and the blast as he lets out a low growl. At the whisper, and sensation of something being pressed into his hand; he looks back and then down before he snaps his head back up at the three Triad members in front of him.

In Kaji's hands are two blades that are glowing faintly blue. They have a bit of a powerful feel to them as he holds them. "Use them wisely." Says a voice in his ear but as he looks back, he won't see anyone. "Come on puppy, you going run or die?" Says the lighting Triad member as he shoots a bolt at the black wolf.

Kaji takes another step back, bringing those blades up in front of him to block that approaching bolt of lightning! The curiosity of having these blades thrusted in his hands, and whomever gave them to him are pushed out of his mind as he's brought back to the situation at hand.

The blades absorb the lighting and Kaji can feel the force but nothing hits him. The blades feel comfortable in his hands, balanced perfectly but it's how he uses them is what really matters. The three Triad members scream in that Chinese intimidation way and charge at Kaji, going for ice, fire and lighting attacks, mixed with hand to hand fighting.

Kaji blinks, stunned by the fact that the swords absorbed the lightning. He grips the hilt a bit, feeling it move just slightly before he pulls them apart into two blades. He snaps his head up, blades flashing as he goes to slash at the fire and lightning triad members while trying to dodge the ice one at the same time. The attacks' accuracy might be diminished because of the dodge.

Kaji is able to dodge some of the attacks, but taking a few light hits as well. As he goes in to fight, one blade slashes at the guy whose firing lighting causing a gash to open up over his chest as he takes a few steps forward. "Kill him." He says and the guy with fire comes in with his hands blazing, trying to punch at him while the ice guy tries to freeze Kaji to the ground.

Kaji lets out a growl as he takes a few steps back himself; patches of fur smoking as he smothers them with a hand to put it out. Parts of his vest frozen from the ice. His grips get tighter on the blades before he focuses on the ice member; continuously moving in a slight zig-zag way before he goes for the slice at his chest.

A second triad member is struck with the blades and lets out a scream of pain. "Retreat!" They yell as they know they're not going to be able to stand up against the blades. In as quick of a fashion as they can, they start to run back to the vban.

Kaji stands there, panting; a clenched fist held against a patch of burnt skin on his side as he watches them back to the van. "You better run!" Kaji barks at them, anger in his voice along with triumph. "If I catch you here again, I'll do more than scar you!"

The three get into their car and drive off into the night and Kaji is left there with the two blades. Next thing he knows the old man is next to him. "Thank you, for helping old man and family." Now Kaji might be able to notice he owns a little novelty style weapon shop in Chinatown.

Kaji watches the van drive away, and he lets out a soft grunt; looking down at the burns and then at the ice on his vest. "I just bought this one too…" He's too hurt to be jumpy, but he is startled. As told by his ears as they perk up, and he blinks a few times. "Your welcome, sir. And… I always pass by your shop. Though I could never get the chance to go inside and meet you."

"You did great service to me and my family tonight. I am Jun Tsang, and this is my daughter and her husband." The old man says introducing Kaji to his rattled daughter and skinny son-in-law. "You do my family great service and it seems like the blades have chosen you."

Kaji looks down at the blades, attaching then back together and admiring them for a moment before he puts that hand back on his waist. "I couldn't just stand by and let them do that to you." Duty of a hero. Even if Kaji needs actual armor or something. "And… chosen me?"

Kenta nods to Kaji. "The magic, it work for you. The rest, up to you." He says looking up at Kaji. "Use them well." He says and goes to leave, heading back into the store with his family. The daughter and son-in-law thank Kaji before following the old man back into the store.

Kaji blinks as they leave, and he welcomes the daughter and son-in-law. Once they leave, Kaji looks down at the blades and then starts to head home; he's going to spend the night as a wolf…

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