2010-06-14: Billionaire Flambe


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Summary: Allie comes upon Tony outside Stark Towers and they have a chat.

Date: June 14, 2010

Billionaire Flambe

Rating: PG-13

NYC- Upper East Side

// The Upper East Side of New York City is New York's richest living area. The apartments here are off the most expensive in New York, and in the United States, and the businesses that make their home here are some of the wealthiest companies. Elegant rows of landmark townhouses line the side streets. There aren't as many shops here as there is housing and businesses.//

Lovely. Absolutely lovely. That would be the words of someone walking the sidewalks of the Upper East Side of New York City. Right now, the weather is great, if a bit hot. The sun is just beginning to set on the horizon, casting hues of orange and yellows in streaks across the sky in a brilliant array of colors. And the way the light plays off the townhouses and Stark Towers, and the mansion — simply elegant and beautiful. Despite the quality of the scenery, most would be hard-pressed to see anyone walking these sidewalks, probably being that it's near dinner time.

There is, however, one woman traversing these streets alone, and that would be Allie, no less. Even if she hangs out in Queens and Mutant Town a lot, there's no excuse for her not to occassionally visit the upper sides of society now and then. It's not like she looks too out of place, she takes good care of herself, unlike so many people accustomed to those aforementioned areas. Quite absent-mindedly, she's strolling towards the Stark Towers, from which she plans to turn around and walk down some other streets. She isn't particularly looking for anything specifically.

From her front pocket she removes a white cigarette, of which she places between her lips. With a haphazard glance, she looks around for anyone staring directly at her, before flicking her thumb below the cancer-stick. A mote of fire appears on her thumb, and she inhales some of that smoke, before exhaling it in a perfect ring. With another flick of her hand, the flame is gone, and she appears to be rather pleased with herself. Being a robot has its advantages, by why in the world would a machine smoke?

Stark Towers is about to close up for the night. Most business men and women have all ready left for the day save a handful of workers at the top floors of the main tower. The main lobby has all ready shut down, its attendants at the information desk are all ready gone. There is a chime heard in the silence as the elevator arrives parting its doors.

After a particularly long day of meetings, phone conferences and a bit of personal business the man the towers are named for steps out of the elevator. He had changed out of his suit over an hour ago as he awaited the phone call that his guard was on his way over. Instead of waiting in the lobby he decides to step out to sit next to one of the large fountains between the three towers. It was after all too nice of a day to spend all of it cooped up in a skyscraper.

What a chance of happenstance, as if by clockwork, Allie is just passing the skyscrapers by the time Stark sits down by the large fountains. She is, of course, about half way through her cancer stick by this point. With a modicum of interest, she looks towards the Skyscrapers, then Tony, then the towers. She's not incredibly far from him, just barely within earshot for in-house voices, which would be a few meters. "So this is the equivalent of my father's business."

She takes another puff from her cancer stick before dropping it and rubbing it out with the heel of her shoes. "Mmm." She murmurs silently, glancing at Tony now and then. She's obviously trying to not look interested, even if she wants to punch the douchebag in the face.

Tony looks away from the fountain when he hears the clicking of shoes approaching him. Upon first glance he takes in the womans appearance then watches her snub out her cigarette. He's not particularly fond of smoking but he can't complain considering his personal vice is alcohol. He doesn't respond to her statement as it really could have been just her speaking out a thought. Instead he pulls out something to work on from his jeans pocket, appearing to be disinterested in this woman's presence.

Allie admires the skyscrapers for a little bit before actually entering Stark's vicinity. As if not noticing him at all, she sits not but a few feet away from him. She crosses her legs and fiddles with her shoes for a little bit. "Nice hair." Allie says completely randomly, just blatantly breaking the silence of the area. It's obviously spoken loud enough that she means for Tony to hear it. What he probably doesn't realise is it's just a build up for her next comment, which may or may not be as positive.

"Thanks, I tend to spend a lot of time making it look like I just got up." Tony looks up from what he is working on to see that Allie has sat close by. He wonders if this one is a reporter, a femme fatale or a random person interested in picking a conversation. "You're not out to sell me any Paul Mitchell products are you? I don't see a traveling sales bag but I could be wrong."

Allie is still messing with her shoes. She smirks a bit at that last comment, "Yeah, no. For a jackass, you're pretty funny." Yikes, that is one low blow, this gal has teeth. "How does it feel being a big damn hero, ruining people's lives by trying to save them? It's a novel effort, but in the end, you're just another asshole with an expensive toy." She closes her eyes momentarily, takes a fresh breath of air. "Feel good in the morning, Tony?"

Tony thinks, 'Oh dear, another one.' "I don't know. I'm rarely ever up before noon so I can't really comment." He places his device back into his pocket that he had pulled it out from so that he can put forth a modicum of attention on this woman who had balls. He liked that in a woman. "Did I forget to get your cat out of a tree or do you just feel like lashing out at me?"

"Actually, I just have a problem with self-righteous douchebags." Allie responds, looking back up at Tony. There's something off about her eyes, they're glassy. While they certainly look real in some instances, there's just something unusually artificial about them. "You, however, are the worst of the bunch." Well, she's certainly speaking her mind. "But, I can't help but be impressed at your craftsmanship, it's a conflicting thing." Her tone softens, it's an improvement from the razor blades she was throwing before. "Au contraire, Mr. Stark, you are the avant la lettre of powered-armor suits." She speaks some French, too, apparently. "We have things in common."

Tony refrains from cutting off the woman mid rant. Instead he simply takes in all of the information he can gather from what has been said in the last few minutes. Her father apparently was/is a businessman, she's clearly got an issue with anyone trying to make the world a better place to live in and she thinks speaking French is going to impress him. Beyond that he's noticed a few visual things once he got past ogling her. "Excuse me, it may have been an oversight but normally I get a name before I'm raked over coals. In your case I'll make an exception if you'll cut to the chase and tell me what it is you want. Clearly, I'm not your type."

"You know, your guards aren't around, Tony." She obviously is a bit observant too, yet she hasn't explicitly physically lashed out at Tony, so there's something more to it. "You're not someone who's going to be taken by a bit of French, so I'll just do what you want." She pauses, leaning back, legs still crossed, and hands planted on the sides of the fountain. "How about you show me yours, and I'll show you mine?" There's a suggestive grin on her face, before she adds in with deadpan humor afterwards, "I mean your power source, by the way."

Tony smirks, "Mmm, tempting." He seems un-phased by her comments regarding his security or lack thereof. "I'm afraid my days of showing off my power source are behind me. I always make an exception, however, the one you're referring to is a thing of the past. I could fill you in over a drink if you'd like but I am rather busy this evening."

Allie unfolds her legs and continues grinning. "It's a date, Starks. Mark it in your calendar, and we will talk over a couple drinks." Allie taps her fingers on the concrete fountain siding, now. "I'm Allie Storms, by the way. You don't need to worry about the last name, but hey." She grins, "I promise I won't spend the whole time reaming you out. Also — you're not getting in my pants." The last comment has a ridiculous amount of humor included with it. It seems like every woman knows how much a playboy Tony can be.

Tony seems amused by Allie's demeanor. There hasn't been a woman yet that has been immune to the Stark charm but he sees no real reason to press the matter, at the moment. "My dear, its been a pleasure but I really must be getting back to my toy box. I have a few lives I must ruin before I grab dinner." He rises from where he's sitting, offering her a trademark Cheshire cat grin. "Was a pleasure being verbally assaulted by you, Allie. Till we meet again."

"Was a pleasure taking out my life hatred on you, Tony. I'll see you." After that, she stands up. If Tony's still paying attention, Allie's eyes illuminate for a second, filled with a healthy glow. In actuality, that was just a bit of few spectrums of light doing a quick scan. Nothing incredibly major.

Tony chuckles at the parting shot even as he notices the unique hue of her eyes. 'Not all is at is seems, hmm. Might have to keep an eye out for that one.' He watches her walk away from the fountain then around a far corner before he pulls out his cell. The second the other line picks up he cuts off their greeting. "Where the hell are you? I'm collecting dust out here and my ego's been trampled upon by a pair of heels attached to a rather sassy woman. Fine…I'm going back inside." With the call ended Tony heads back into Stark Towers ranting about how he overpays everyone.

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