William "Billy/Wiccan" Kaplan
Billy Kaplan
Portrayed By Daniel Trpak
Gender Male
Date of Birth September, 9, 1991
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Wiccan, Asgardian
Place of Birth NYC, NY
Current Location NYC, NY
Occupation Student, Hero
Known Relatives Adopted Parents, Adopted Siblings, Wanda Maximoff (Mother), Tommy Shepherd (Twin Brother), Pietro Maximoff (Uncle), Erik Lensherr (Grandfather), Luna Maximoff (Cousin)
Significant Other Teddy
Identity Public
Known Abilities Linked to Magic by his mutation.
First Appearance (in log) Magic Steps 1

Yeah, I'm not Asgardian anymore. Being publically gay, I don't want people to think my name is ASS GUARDIAN.


Good lives don't happen to everyone. Many people just have the basic, "It's an alright life' to deal with. However, for the most part, the life of Billy Kaplan has been a very good one. At least, so far.

Billy was born to a pair of doctors, one a psychiatrist, and the other a cardiologist. Rebecca and Jeff, respectively, were more than ready to be parents. He went to school, growing up just as any other well-to-do boy would. His grades were impeccable. However, everything began changing in high school.

Billy was always the type to just let bullies go. If they were beating up on him, they were letting someone else go. To him, that was the best way to go. One in particular, really had it in for him. John Kesler. It happened fairly regularly, Billy would go home with a bloody lip or a black eye from Kesler's 'tender' ministrations.

After one of these sessions, Billy went to his favorite place to sit and think about things: the sidewalk in front of Avengers Mansion. On that fateful day, he ran into someone who began the process of changing his life, his favorite Avenger, the Scarlet Witch.

Wanda had a fairly lengthy discussion with Billy, doing everything she could to convince him to stand up to Kesler. Billy simply didn't believe it would do any good. It wasn't that he didn't trust her, just that he didn't feel he had anything within him that could stop Kesler's bullying. For weeks, he just avoided Kesler, until he caught Kesler beating on someone smaller.

Billy yelled for Kesler to stop. John turned around and began giving the same old treatment to Billy until he just couldn't take it anymore and something within him snapped. Throwing his hand up to block Kesler's fist, lightning began to crackle around Billy's form. It struck Kesler a few times, before Billy was able to pull it back in. Billy ran away.

He went where he always did to think. For the next few days, he sat there for hours after school every day, until he was approached by a young person in an Iron Man-esque Suit. From that moment on, Billy chose to use his powers to help people… at that time, under the codename Asguardian.

He created a costume, an amalgamation of Thor-like elements, and began using his belief in himself to power his newfound abilities. He discovered, through training, that though he could do a few things naturally, he also had a talent at spellcasting, even if it was done very oddly.

Billy, as Asgardian, quickly began to notice and become attracted to Hulkling. The two bonded and formed a very close relationship before the newfound team began to show up in the papers. The original team consisted of Patriot, Hulkling, Asgardian, and Iron Lad. Things changed in a hurry.

Iron Lad had called them together to fight Kang the Conqueror and stop him from taking over. After a rough save, they were retiring to stand outside of the mansion, when Iron Man, Captain America, and Jessica Jones showed up, trying to stop them from doing what they did. Outside, Billy and Teddy were trying to stop Cassie Lang (who had some of her father's powers) and Kate Bishop (the girl they tried to save who ended up saving them) from going inside.

One thing led to another, and Kang actually showed up, after Iron Lad revealed himself to be ayounger version of Kang. After a tough fight, the Young Avengers came out victorious, though Cap still tried to shut them down. He did tell them that their parents were going to find out who they were if they didn't stop the super-hero vigilantism.

Slightly threatened by this, Billy kept trying to tell his parents, who walked in on him arguing with Teddy about it. When he told them that he had something to say, they simply assumed it was about the boys relationship, and immediately accepted Teddy into the family. Not quite what either boy had in mind.

They continued doing the right thing, despite Cap's warning. During a fight with Mr. Hyde, Billy discovered that Patriot had no powers and was addicted to the drug MGH. He told the others, and they asked him to stop. Patriot quit… which wasn't at all what the others had in mind. However, Eli quickly changed his mind when things went crazy for the teenagers again.

While the others were trying to come up with a plan to get Eli to rejoin them, at least as a tactician, Teddy was called out by the Super-Skrull, who declared that he was the child of their dead Empress. Billy helped Teddy escape and dragged him to his house, where Teddy's mother was waiting on them. Teddy's mother was revealed to be a Skrull as well, though the machine used to force the natural form left Teddy still as a human. The Super-skrull killed Teddy's surrogate mother.

There weren't enough of the young Avengers to fight. To get another member, they recruited a young man named Tommy, who was being held in a federal institution. Tommy, despite white hair, looked identical to Billy, so much so that even Captain America had trouble telling them apart. After saving the Super-Skrull, he pointed out that he believed that Tommy (Speed) and Billy (Now Wiccan) were the children of Scarlet Witch… which led Billy to begin questioning everything he knew. However, it would have to wait.

Shortly after fleeing again, a Kree troupe arrived, to declare that Teddy was the son of Mar-Vell. Things just got better and better. After a lot of fighting, Avengers and New Avengers, side by side, they ended up hiding Teddy amongst them and sending the Super-Skrull… shapeshifted into Teddy… to spend half a year amongst the KRee. During the battle, Eli took a bullet for Captain America.

After a transfusion from his grandfather (and some healing), Eli rejoined the team, who had officially been recognized by the New Avengers. Since then, they've simply been doing what they can to help out. Billy's parents offered a home to both Teddy and Tommy if they wanted to accept. Billy's own mind has been out of sorts. Ever since the discovery of the Super-Skrull, he's wanted to know the truth. Are he and Tommy the children of Wanda Maximoff, or is it just a supreme coincidence? He believes it to be truth. He wants to find out…



September 4 Billy has a discussion over cooking with his suitemate. Cooking, Baseball, and Heroes


  • "I said it!"


  • Billy temporarily held half of the Soul Gem.


Lightning Generation - Though it's linked to his spellcasting, Lightning generation is second nature to Billy, and he can call up lightning without using verbal components. He simply has to imagine the lightning coming to him and it will. Billy's lightning blasts are just like the standard ones that come from storms. However, they will hit even those immune to electricity, due to the magical nature of them. They are not any stronger than those created by nature, just dual-elemented. Billy does, however, have a little trouble controlling his lightning without something to help him guide it in the right direction, like his staff.
Flight - Much like his lightning, flight has become an ability that requires little concentration or preparation for use. Billy can call up the winds to lift him into the air and carry him along at no more than 115 miles per hour. He can also carry another person, as long as it's someone that he can physically lift. However, with carrying another person (other than someone very small) his speed is cut, based on size. Another person his own size would cut his speed down to 57mph at most.
Spellcasting - Billy's mutant abilities are linked, much like the Scarlet Witch's, to magic energies. He's a natural mage, and could become much stronger than the average spell-caster over time. However, as it stands, for the majority of his spells, he requires a few things. He cannot cast a spell if he cannot hear himself saying what he wants. If he's deafened, his powers simply will not work. Secondly, he has to truly want the effect to happen. If he doesn't really, in his heart, want it to happen, it will not, no matter how hard he tries. Over time, the use of his spell-casting causes him to wear out. The stronger he's casting, the faster he tires. The effects he's done so far include:
Healing - Billy can accelerate the natural healing process within a body. He cannot heal what cannot naturally be healed, i.e. he cannot force someone to regrow a hand, as that's not in human ability. He can accelerate the natural healing process to about twenty times the natural rate. For example, a broken bone would take a couple of days to heal after the spell was cast. Cuts and bruises vanish within moments. The more serious the wound, the longer it takes. Needless to say, his healing is not the best thing for the battlefield, but for after.
Teleportation - Billy is able to create teleportation discs to carry himself and others across the distances instantly. The discs he can create are, at maximum, about fifteen feet across. At current ability, he can only teleport about ten miles at a time.
Defensive Shields - Billy can create domes of protective force to protect himself and others from physical and energy damage. However, the shields are very short lived. Though his fields can prevent fire or energy from coming through, he cannot stop the heat or air-usage from affecting those within his field. Physically, his shields can stop about five tons of damage at a time, before breaking.
Tracking - Billy is able to track the location of people he knows through his spellcasting. While he may not know just where they are, he will find out a direction to go in. The better he knows the person, the more easily he can find them. There are things that can block his abilities, but at present, he doesn't know that, and has not encountered them.
Force Blasts - When not using his lightning, Billy can level bolts of force upon his enemies. Much like telekinetic blasts, they are invisible but strong. The blasts are quick and firm, but still require his verbal components, so they're fairly obvious to those that can hear him. They can create no more than 2 tons worth of strength.
Illusions - When in need, Billy can create illusions, however, they're usually only for two senses at a time. Sight and sound, Sight and touch, etc. If he puts more time and effort into it, he can make them better, but he is unable to create the smell aspect regardless of what he does. His illusions can either be free-standing or placed over people and things. He must be able to see what his illusions are going to be on and remain seeing them for the illusion to remain. I.e. he has to be able to see a person he's cast it on, or see a part of himself to keep the illusion in tact. Those with super-senses can easily break through any illusion he creates with no problem.


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