2012-05-02: Birds Of A Feather

Players: Mikhail, Shane, Nicholas, and Cale

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Summary: Seems Nicholas still gets no peace and quiet, because Shane and Cale are in the house…

Date: May 2, 2012

Log Title: Birds of a Feather

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.

Players: Cale (IC), Mikhail (i25m), Nicholas (ZZZ), Shane (i59m)

[Att]ic [El]evator

The dark clouds that hung about most of the morning have finally brought rain down on the grounds of Xavier's. Most of the students have been finding things to do indoors and since the Observation Deck seemed fairly quiet, Nicholas settled down up here. He's sprawled out on one of the couches, sneakers kicked off, and has his laptop in his lap as he figures on getting some homework done, expect that pesky internet keeps on calling so his English homework is mostly neglected. Instead of writing about Ethan Frome he's busy playing Angry Birds, evident by the screams and snorts the animals on screen make.

( One of the benefits to wanting peace and quiet around Shane is, her default state is a large help with that. On the other side of the deck, today's mop of pink and green hair peeks over the back of another laptop. A cord plugged into its side trails up to the large, noise-cancelling headphones clapped mostly over her ears, and now and again a mouse button is clicked. Beyond that, however, the scrawny young mutant might as well not be there at all. )

Cale, of course, is being as lazy as ever. He's wandered up to the observation deck for much the same reasons as Nick, but seems to have left his laptop in his room this time in favor of some portable gaming system or another. There are so many out these days, who can tell which one? It looks new and shiney and he's playing some jRPG on it… while walking. He's practiced at this though, and hasn't run into anything yet. For clothes, he's wearing a simple pair of skinny jeans and another one of those old anime shirts of his. This one seems to have something to do with Cowboy Bebop. It looks like it's seen better days. He seems to be in a good mood, though moving a little slow as he makes a beeline towards a beam of sunlight on the floor and sort of collapses into it, laying on his stomach. After a minute or two, he glances up and notices, "Nick," he yawns, nodding.

A little wet from the rain a yawning Mikhail climbs the stairs leading to the Observation Deck, the reck room and living room are a little crowded so he figured he'd come here. He's dressed in grey jeans, a blue shirt and his usually unkempt hair has been cut to a shorter, tidier length, entering the room he spots Cale, Shane and a boy he has yet to talk to, "Heya".

Looking up from his laptop, Nick gives a casual sort of wave to Cale and Mikhail gets a nod of acknowledgement. "Hey." He says in a greeting back. "What's Cowboy Bebop?" He says reading the other teens shirt. "Have you met Shane yet?" He asks moving his head over to indicate the girl with the multicoloured hair. "You two would probably get along just gotta…" There's the smallest of grins as he puts his laptop down. "She's cool but gets into her zones." He stands up and walks behind Shane so that he can lean down right next to her so his face is right next to hers. He's not really looking at her laptop as much as trying to freak her out. "What's up Shane?"

Tap. Tap-tap. Tap. Click. Tap. Clicka-click. As absorbed as Shane is in whatever project she's working on, she doesn't register the two joining them. Or Nick's progress across the room. Or his assault on her personal space. Or even the question. In fact, it's not until a chance reflection on her screen shows her that she's not alone, that she even notices much of anything… and it's barely a heartbeat later, that everything in the chair goes in all different directions; Shane hurling herself over the side of the chair, the laptop on the ground, the earphones bouncing at a different angle; the music, unpaused, can be heard across the room as though it were playing normally, chugging metal guitars, fronted by a gritty singing voice — One look, in her lusting eyes, savage fear in you will rise! Teeth of terror sinking in, the bite of the She-Wolf! Wide-eyed, Shane peeks over the arm of the chair, struggling to catch her breath—and then, the Filth Kraken is unleashed. "WHAT THE SKULLFUCKING JUMPED-UP SONOFA SHITMOUTHED DOLPHIN-FONDLING *CRAP?!?!*"

"It's a show, it's kinda like, um, I dunno. That Firefly show you were watching. 'cept better… it's got martial arts, and space dogfights, and a genius dog," Cale gives his honest opinion, at least - of course, he's slightly biased towards anime in any comparison. He watches lazily through a curtain of black hair over one of his eyes as Nick approaches Shane… a slight look of apprehension on his face as he pushes said hair out of the way for a better look. Cale JUMPS with a startled squeak as Shane starts yelling, dropping his PSP to the floor with a clatter such that the cover and batteries go everwhere and in a flash he is stuck to the ceiling, visible skin having taken on the color of it. /Stuck./ Pressed with his back flat against it no less, looking down.

Mikhail looks round at Shane just as she starts freaking out, he winces a little as Shane shouts, "Do you always shout?", she did the last time they spoke. A little apprehensive he picks up the dropped laptop and PSP before looking up at the ceiling, "Huh".
Nicholas instantly rushes over to Shane since it seems Mikhail is gathering up all the dropped electronics. "Christ…I'm sorry Shane, I didn't realize I was going to scare you so much." He sounds like he feels quite bad about it. "I was just trying to startle you but…I'm sorry." He says offering a hand to help her up. "I was just trying to get your attention and introduce you to my friend…Cale?" He looks around and doesn't see him at first. "Cale?" He asks again sounding confused until he spots him on the ceiling, mostly his clothing. "Cale?" He repeats again but with more confusion in the tone. "How..uh..are you okay?" Now he feels horrible. "Damnit." He mutters to himself, frustrated that he turned something simple into something complex.

Shane looks down at the hand, then up at Nicholas, then down again, and for a moment she seems perfectly content to stay right where she is. One hand creeps into a jacket pocket, squeezing something carried inside, and only then does she allow herself a sigh of relief. "Dammit, Nicholas, you fuckbacon…" Shaking her head, she grabs hold of the offered hand, pulling herself to her feet — aided by the fact that her oversized, armored clubstompers seem to provide roughly as much leverage as a pair of ski boots. "Got my IM, doncha?" As Nicholas hunts for Cale, Shane's eyes lock onto her laptop, and the older mutant holding it. Her eyes narrow, and she holds out a hand. "Give it here."
Cale gently lets himself down from the ceiling, hanging from one hand for a moment before he drops the last few feet to the floor. "Sorry, it's a… reflex or something, I dunno," he mumbles, skin returning to its original tone except for a face somewhat red from embarassment. "It's not like I would run off and hide normally… well not quite like that anyway…" He glances at Shane nervously. She seems more scary than anything else. /Scary./

Mikhail is watching Cale climb down from the ceiling until Shane demands her laptop back, "Oh, yeah here", he hands it to her outstretched hand, to Cale, "I don't think she was gonna hurt you, seems a little high strung though", oops, did he just say that out loud?

"Fuckbacon?" Nicholas echos and can't help but chuckle. "Actually I don't have your IM, I don't really do much with social internet anymore. I have the school email and that's about it." He's actually afraid of someone back home finding him. "Besides why am I going to IM or text you when you're five feet away from me." He says walks over to take the PSP pieces and put them back together before handing them to Cale. "I'm sorry, just…forget that people sometimes are more jumpy about things when I shouldn't forget it. Anyway, Shane, I wanted to introduce you to Cale. I figured he fit in just fine with your crew of friends." He doesn't say his group, or our group, but Shane's group. "I'd give you a hug of apology but I'm afraid you blow me to bits." Mikhail on the other hand gets a look of 'shut the hell up' from Nicholas.

Beware what stalks you in the night, beware the She-Wolf and her bite, her mystic lips tell only lies! skirls from the headphones, until Shane can tab over to her playlist and pause it. Hooking the semi-rigid loop between the oversized cups on the toe of her boot, she lifts it up far enough to take in hand, waggling them in front of Nicholas, eyebrow raised. "…Cos I can't hear shit when I got these on?" Shaking her head, she glances Mik's way, cheeks starting to burn, then turns all of her attention toward Cale, drawing in a deep breath. "…Sup."
Cale gingerly takes his scratched up game system back from Nick. (It's not the first time it's been dropped, or even hurled across the room for whatever reason, hence why it seemed to fall apart so easily.) "Hi," he blinks, green eyes first going to her hair, and then trailing down eyeing her clothing for a moment before back up, "I'm… um, Cale," he nods, reiterating what Nick said.

"Well I figured with my face right next to yours you'd at least spot me and jump a -little- not off the whole freggin' chair. And I didn't realize you wouldn't be able to hear what I said even when I'm right next to your ear." Nicholas says shaking his head in amusement. "And I said I'm sorry." He says defensively cause he is sorry he scared her that much. He walks over and plops down on the couch. "So what game are you playing Cale?" Trying to start up a semblence of normal conversation again.

"S'fine," Shane grunts, looping the headphones over her neck and giving Cale the quiet once-over. Hesitant voice, skittish, jumpy, anime fan… There's a fractional nod as Shane recognizes a kindred spirit, and her sullen demeanor softens slightly. "…Shane," she says in reply. "Bebop," she goes on, nodding at the shirt, "Good stuff."

"It's, er, Persona 2…" Cale trails off, rubbing one arm with the other nervously. "Y-yeah!" he nods brightly. "It's a classic. I mean, I figured everyone'd seen it…" he replies to Shane quietly, glancing at Nick. Yeah, horseboy, why haven't you? WHY? "Likewise," he smiles, nodding at her choice of clothing. Though he's not really as familiar with American comics at all.

There's a faint smile on Nick's face as he knew Shane and Cale have friend potential between them. "Never heard of it. I played God of War all the time on my PSP back home." He says as he loves video games just not a lot of the rpgs are his thing. "I swear, am I the only one in this school whose unfamilar with most of the stuff you guys are into?"

Shane bobs her head knowingly. "Heard it was out. Don't got a PSP though. Prolly still got the old one onna computer somewhere." Glancing at nicholas, she arches a purple eyebrow. "Spent most of y'time outside. S'what happens. S'fine. Catchin' up's no biggie. Finshed Firefly yet?"

"Yeah," Cale nods, glancing over at Nick - of course he didn't finish Firefly, 'cause everyone interrupted it and he got mad at walked out. Cale lets the other boy explain that for a moment, eyes wandering elsewhere in the room, like towards the forest which visible outside.
Nicholas shakes his head. "Not yet, I still have the last disc to go. Mal is awesome. Next to Han Solo, he's the coolest space captain ever, but then I'd rather have Inara over Princess Leia I think. Or even Kaylee. River's awesome but just to crazy and Saffron…she scares me, so does Zoe but more because I think Zoe would knock my teeth out and Saffron would give me twelve space STDs while leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere. Though I need to get one of those brown coats, I'd look awesome on Orion wearing one of those."
Shane's eyebrow twitches up again, the corner of her mouth rising for a moment. "…Yeah. They're pretty cool. Lemme know when you're done. Got Serenity in my closet. Best they could do, since they hadda stop the show. Sucks, but oh well." Glancing at Cale, the young mutant tilts her head for a moment. "…Subs or dubs?"

Cale seems to glance at Nicholas for a minute as if he just heard his name, then gets a look of recognition on his face. Darn his habit of zoning out of conversations on accident. Then… he just kind of gives Shane a /look./ Is that even a question? What kind of question is that? He may not be the most confident socially, but anime is his territory. "Subs," he blinks. "Of course." Who would watch anything else? Why WOULDN'T you rather hear the superior Japanese voices? Anyone who doesn't must just be illiterate. Yes. Thoughts go through his head like that "

Nicholas nods to Shane as he stands up. "Sure thing, I'll make sure to finish it by this weekend so maybe we can get Taylor and others together for a movie night to watch it. Anyway I gotta head out and check on Orion, make sure he's okay in this cold. I'll leave you two to talk about..stuff." He has no clue what they're talking about with subs or dubs. "I'll see you all later." He says picking up his laptop and sneakers and heading down the elevator.

Shane lifts a shoulder. "Hey. Never know," she says in reply to the look, moving back to her chair and plopping in, armored boots *thud*ing onto the floor a moment later. Hunting for her power cord, she takes a moment to plug it back in, frowning in momentary concern for its well-being. "…Anyway. Bebop's cool. Like the mind-fuck shows better, though. Higurashi. Death Note. Lain. Rozen Maiden. That kinda stuff."

"Er," Cale squeaks, "I didn't mean it like that." Or maybe he did but it had a greater than desired effect. "Yea, I liked Lain a lot, I'm pretty into computers, anyway… sort've inspiring… Death Note was cool too. I liked L." Obviously, they have something in common, judging by Cale's constantly bare/sandaled feet. Of course, L was also just hilarious. He sits for a moment, thinking. It's cool to have someone else to share his interests with - but at the same time, it's like his personal world is being invaded. Since it's never really happened before, he's not quite sure what to make of it. "Like Furi Kuri?" Yeah, that's about as mind-fucky as you can get. At points.

"Naw. FLCL was just batshit. Mean like… 'Kay. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. 'Bout this little village, 'n these kids that live in. Problem is, one of'm completely flips their shit and starts murdering everyone. Then at the end, 's like time spools back, and starts over. 'Cept it's a different person that flips out. 'S pretty massively fucked up. Found it cos of AMV Hell." Poking at her keyboard, Shane turns her laptop around to show what is apparently promotional art for the show. "Here." ( http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/rayneholde/higuhigu1.jpg ) "Aaaaand then it goes…" A tab is flipped to, revealing a less…. sunny ensemble. ( http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/15200000/Awesome-Higurashi-Pics-higurashi-no-naku-koro-ni-15288609-1024-683.jpg )

"Wow…" Cale trails off, looking at that. "That's crazy," he notes, tongue hanging out just a little bit, which is promptly fixes. Stupid tongue! "D'you… have that? Or should I just torrent it?" he wonders. He's not sure on the rules on torrenting at the school but DID happen to notice that they had a veeeery fast internet connection…

Shane shrugs a bit. "Got th'DVDs. Leave'm out in the Rec Room tonight. Slap a Post-It on'm when y'r done. Fuck'm up, you're buyin' new ones."

"I woooon't," Cale assures Shane, shaking his head and holding up his hands a bit defensively. "I'm really careful with my stuff. Er, well, cept for this thing," he holds up the somewhat battered PSP, "It got pretty banged up from people at my old school tossing it around…" he rolls his eyes, "I don't think it could get anymore damaged." It's a miracle it still works.

"'F it still plays," Shane notes, something in her voice suggesting long familiarity with the ordeal in general, "then it could get more broke. …..Mnh. Y'look like you scare easy. Dunno 'f you wanna watch that. I mean it ain't Gunnm, but people get killed pretty horrible. …Mebee should just leave out Paprika. Good movie. Trippy, but not so gory."

"Naah, it's," Cale fiddles with his hair nervously, "Stuff on a screen doesn't bother me at all. It's way different," he scratches at his ear, "Sides, I've already seen Paprika. It was very Miyazaki-ish." And anything by that guy Cale is pretty much all over. "You're right though. I did like it a lot."

Shane nods. "'Kay. Just sayin'. Don't wanna get yelled at f'wreckin' your sleep, is all. Gets worse if you watch AMV Hell. Part where th'girl stabs herself in the neck, can't keep from hearin' the Night at the Roxbury song."

Cale laughs, "Yeah… THAT'S why it looked so familiar…" it suddenly dawns upon him. Yes. Watching stupid crap on the internet finally paid off! He made a friend. Maybe. Shane? Friend? Hm… "I wouldn't yell at anybody anyway," he grins a little. "Honestly, I've been sleeping better since I came here." It's probable that not having to wake up and be tormented at school has something to do with that.

Shane's eyebrow rises at this statement, and for a moment she seems perfectly ready to knock that bright spot to school down. However, she seems to think better of it, and simply nods. "You wouldn't. Sure. School might. Just makin' sure. …Also. Guy here, Quenton? Kind of an asshole. Like, superbig time. 'S part of his power, actually. He starts givin' you shit, push back. He'll leave you alone. …Or lemme know. He's my boyfriend. I'll handle it."

"Really? I dunno…" Cale trails off. His way of dealing with jerks is to just avoid them as best as possible. "I guesso. I'm just not really good at that kinda thing. I've always been pretty worthless in a fight. 'n why would you," he starts in, wondering why she'd choose to go out with someone she recognized as an asshole, intentionally. He thinks better of it, "Eh, nevermind."

Shane snorts, a sound of dry amusement, and sits back in her chair. "…Cos he acts like an asshole. But he ain't one. 'S just 'is power. Hard t'explain. I trust'm, though. Ain't easy for me t'do, but, him I c'n manage. 'N he trusts me t'give him a punch when he deserves it. 'Bout the only one who could, really."

"Oh, I kinda get it… maybe," Cale nods, rubbing the back of his neck. "Like Tay's power makes 'em go to sleep all the time. Kinda like that." Except with anger? Sounds about right. He sprawls out on the couch in the sunlight again, soaking it up as much as possible. "I guess I'll meet him at some point. He sounds a bit like my sister, kinda. She talks a lot of stuff that she doesn't really mean." He flicks the PSP back on, slapping it a couple times until the screen lights up.

"Mmmn," Shane replies, staring at her screen and poking at a couple keys. "Just givin' you a heads up, is all. Like I said; kind of an asshole, till you push back. Then he's cool." Pursing her lips at the screen, the technicolor-haired girl huffs. "The *fuck* am I gonna wear this year…"

"Wear this year?" echos Cale, his top half hanging off the couch while he places the game on the floor, poking at it with his index fingers. "Whaddya mean?" he asks curiously, trying to think about what kinda upcoming events there could be. Not being really socially aware, however, he draws a blank…

"Comic-Con," Shane grunts, not looking up. "Won one of the cosplay contests last year. Gotta figure out how t'top it."Cale looks up, "Really? I always kinda-sorta wanted to go to that… Was sorta far away though. I guess it's further now," he grins a little; though, certainly, his parents won't be able to say no this time… "Cosplaying looks pretty fun. Never really had the courage to actually do it though." Well, in a manner of speaking, of course…

Shane blinks, peeking up at Cale over her laptop. "Uh… New York? Just a couple hours down the road? Biggest con on the East Coast, October?"

"Oh, you mean the East Coast one…" the boy trails off, "My bad I guess." Now Cale feels pretty dumb. "Still," he perks up, "That's pretty cool. Nowhere near two days' drive…" Yeah, he could actually do that.

"Helps, 'f you don't think of it like it's you," Shane says, returning her attention to her laptop. "Mean, always liked sewin'. Like anime. Put on th'costume, try'n act in character, people ain't talkin' t'me. 'Sides, there's enough shitty Squalls'n ManFayes out, figure 'f I make somethin' *good,* people ain't gonna laugh so much."

Cale scratches his cheek, "ManFayes?" he asks, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah I 'spose. But I mean, isn't that the whole point of cons, to enjoy stuff you like? Why would people laugh anyway?" he knows the answer to that all too well though, so it was almost a rhetorical question. "What did you go as last time? I'm not even sure what I'd go as…"

Shane snorts, shaking her head. "Tried makin' a Lulu costume. Halfway through, realized ain't no way I'd be able t'wear it right. Ain't got th'curves. So, carved some armor bits outta polystyrene, coated'm with resin t'make'm hard, painted'm chrome. Slipped by callin' myself 'Any given fantasy JRPG character.' Got enough of a laugh, let me enter the contest. Good times."

"Yeah, I 'spose," Cale nods, grinning a little. "That's pretty clever, honestly. You guys got a group that goes?" he asks hopefully, "'cause I'd really like to. I mean, if that's okay. I dunno if I could do some fancy cosplay or anything," he scratches his cheek, "But just goin'd be fun."
Shane lifts a shoulder. "Not really a group. Just people that go. Daisuke drives me, 'f I ask, mebbe talk t'him and see'f he'll take you too? Iunno. Not hard t'catch the bus either, 'f you don't got a ride."

"Oh," Cale nods again, "That'd be cool. You know, whichever way." Of course, Cale's got no idea who Daisuke /is/… "Does he go here too?" he wonders. Sounds Japanese and all. "Yeah, I guess it wouldn't be too hard to just do that, either, me and Taylor did that earlier to go down into the city. Well, train, but same diff…"

"He's a TA," Shane confirms, nodding. "Japanese. Nice guy. Good friend t'have. Brought me some catalogs from Harajuku when we went'n saw his family last."

Cale lets the conversation lapse for a few minutes, poking at his PSP some more. After a little while, he looks up again, "So what is it that you… you know, do? I mean, mutant wise. Is it rude to ask that? I'm still not sure about the etiquette around here…" Come to think of it, she's probably the only person he's outright asked.

Shane is silent for a moment, then lowers her eyes, poking sullenly at the keyboard. "…I blow up," she says finally. "Dunno how else t'say it. "Dr. McCoy says it's somethin' like what Mr. Summers got, 'cept all over m'skin. 'N when it comes out, 's basically an explosion. Pissed me off, couldn't wear anything I gave a shit about for a year or so, 'cos it'd only happen when I got pissed."

"Uh, wow," Cale breathes, "I'm not really sure what Mr. Summers does, 'cause I mean, I haven't met him, but… that's pretty effin' crazy. I just, I dunno, stick to things. It's pretty boring. Sometimes I stick to things I don't to stick to. 's kinda boring," he reiterates, sensing that maybe Shane doesn't wanna talk about things along that line. He continues poking at his game quietly for another minute or so after that.
Shane grunts. "Boring's good. Boring means y'don't gotta put y'r life on hold 'till y'figure y'powers out. Nothin' wrong with that. Hell, y'lucky that way."

"Eh, I guess," Cale shrugs, "Soo lucky…" he trails off, shaking his head and breaking his normally fairly cheerful (if very skittish) demeanor. "I mean. Yeah," he forces a grin. "I suppose it's a /lot/ better than randomly blowing up my wardrobe. I mean, my powers haven't really ever… concerned me that much. You're right. I suppose that's a good thing."

Shane looks up again, eyes narrowing slightly. For a long moment, she's silent, peering at Cale, then shrugs. "Powers, mebbe. Everyone here's got a hard-luck story though. We're all broken, I guess. Anyway…" Closing the laptop, she leans over the side of the chair and starts unplugging her things. "Should stop fuckin' around and do some homework. 'N 'f anyone ain't told you 'bout the Danger Room yet, don't worry. 'S a hell of a lot better'n gym, 'n usually it's th'jocks end up fucking it up."

The corner of Cale's mouth curls up slightly, "Yeah. Sorry, I didn't mean to be a downer," he smiles, "And, not broken! Just… scuffed up a little," he tosses his PSP on the table beside the couch he's laying on, staring up at the ceiling. "Nah, nobody told me anything about a Danger Room," he pauses, furrowing his brows, "What is it? I know there're some kinda squads, or something… I haven't been put on one yet." Maybe he's gone to class, though. Maybe not. Given by how he always seems to be laying about.

Shane tucks her laptop under one arm, levering herself to her feet. "Like I said. S'like gym, only better. 'Magine a buncha you're in a video game. Only 'steada gettin' hurt, 's like paintball or laser tag. Weird alien tech shit, 's pretty awesome."

Cale perks up a little at that. He's excellent at video games! "That /does/ sound pretty awesome." This time, his emotion seems a little bit more geniune. "When do they do that? Just like, instead of gym?"

"Basically," Shane grunts, tugging her jacket more comfortably over her shoulders. "Just remember. You ain't playing it. You're onea th'party members. Looks a helluva lot different from that side o'th'screen." Lifting a hand, she turns to clomp off. "Later."

"Later," Cale raises an arm to wave, and then continue falling asleep in the warm sunshine. Like a cat. Or maybe some kinda lizard…

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