2012-08-13: Birthday Ice Cream


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Summary: Nick and Shane go out for Ice Cream for his birthday and meet up with Soleil and Cale.

Date: August 13, 2012

Log Title: Birthday Ice Cream

Rating: R

Westchester - Cold Stone Creamery

Coldstone Creamery is always chilly inside, even in the winter months, to accommodate for the variety of ice creams they offer. A big sign with all there ice cream specials sit on the wall, and all the different ice creams and toping can be seen in the counter windows. This Coldstone is unlike the rest with its red color scheme. A few tables sit inside the Creamery for customers to sit and enjoy their cold treats.

When he found the box in front of his door containing his birthday present from Shane, it helped Nick deal with the sorrow of dealing with his first birthday without his parents. Since he pulled the suede duster and Definition of Interesting shirt (in-ter-es-ting (in'tri'sting) adj, 1. capable of holding one's attention. 2. arousing a feeling of interest. 2. oh God, oh God, we're all going to die.), he's been wearing both all day, despite the heat. After going to Shane to thank her, Nick's dragged her out to Salem Center for ice cream. "I didn't want cake for my birthday, so I figured ice cream would be okay. Thanks for coming out with me, I need an awesome friend like you." He says giving her a smile, that like usual isn't reflected in his eyes. "I don't think I'm ever taking this fine of a brown coat off, thank you so much."

The sheer enthusiasm with which her present was received has put Shane in what is, for her, an absolutely sunny mood; mumbling a bit less, smiling a bit more, and headphones staying at rest around her neck. When the demand was given to go to Coldstone, she disappeared for roughly half an hour, emerging in an almost note-perfect replica of Vincent Valentine's costume… but with her own boots, still. Once the creamery is reached, and her orders placed, she shrugs. "Hey, 'm I gonna say no? Be kinda shitty of me, wouldn't it? Glad y'like the coat, though." If she notes the lack of smile in his eyes, she doesn't comment; likely because she knows better than most, why he'd be faking it.

"Like the coat, I love the coat." Nicholas says brushing the sleeves in an over exaggerated manor. "I'm glad I waited till my Birthday to open it, if not, I'd probably be driving Ahmed nuts with just lying in bed most of the day." If he didn't have Orion to take care of, he'd probably leave his room a lot less. Nick orders a large cup of something called Oreo Overload, in a waffle bowl. "Seventeen….seems so much has happened in a year."

"God, no shit," Shane says, raking a hand through bubblegum-colored hair as she plops down in a chair near the back corner of the store. While in most places, a tiny, skinny young girl dressed as Vincent Valentine might catch a few odd stares, apparently this counter worker has seen her before, as she simply takes her order and starts scooping out the dark chocolate, and the marshmallows and cheesecake bits to fold into it without comment. "Bitch of a year, no kidding. ….Better'n the last one, though, f'r me at least. How you holdin' up?"

Almost as if he's a match to Shane, is Nicholas wearing a long brown suede duster, in August, in the heat, but his hair is his normal shade of blond. "I guess I'm holding up okay, I don't really know what's okay though. I'm out of my room and actually going out so I guess it's better than how I was at Christmas. Though really Shane, I don't know. Some days I feel like I can manage and other days, it's like it's impossible to get out of bed." He lets out a long sigh and then nudges Shane gently. "Bitch of a year……I think that's an understatement." He says with a short chuckle.

New to New York means…exploration and discovery! Learning…and growing! - Also sleeping in an alley on the street on some rivetting copies of Cosmo and Men's Health…but Soleil hasn't let it get him done. Quick bath in a sprinkler and doing his hair and make-up in the restroom of a train-station…he was all prepared for the day. Mostly and it was this exploration and being willing to spend a few bucks that has led the young Frenchman…to the holy grail. At least that's how it seems he perceives it.

His heavy duffel bag is strapped to his back and he has his golden backpack hanging from his shoulder as his messenger bag bumps against his thigh as he enters the Creamery, rubbing his hands together at the change of temperature and just staring with wide eyes as he looks around as if…looking upon a holy sight. His hair is worn in braided pigtails and he has a dark blue knit cap worn on his head…simple over sized dark blue hoodie zipped up and worn with a pair of jeans that are at least two sizes too big.

"Well yeah, birthdays ain't good times f'r goin' into detail," Shane answers, nodding slowly. "But yeah, I get you. Least there's some days y'gettin' outta bed. 'S a start, right?" As Soleil enters the little shop, Shane nudges Nicholas's shin under the table, because heavy boots get noticed quickly when employed that way. Once done, the pink-hairel girl flicks her chin the new boy's way, to call attention to him, but says nothing else.

"It hasn't been all bad, I mean, I met you and the others and at least I've made some friends." Nicholas says before a small frown creeps over his face. "I just wish I knew what happened to Jill…" He says as her disappearance just bothers him. The nudge shakes Nick from his thoughts and he looks over a Soleil. "What, that chick?" He asks quietly to Shane not sure why she nudged him. "Anyway, yeah, happy birthday to me." He says before looking over at the clerk. "This is together." And he goes to pay for his and Shane's ice cream before she can protest.

It's not uncommon for Xavier's students to be seen out and about in Salem, nor for them to run into each other. Really. And Kaylee has been out and about today! After all, there won't be TOO many free days before school starts up again… not that she really minds that, neh? The skinny girl comes trotting into Coldstone, wearing a pair of flip flops, a knee-length green skirt, and a snug fitting blue t-shirt with some old version of Gundam on the front.

Soleil sighs softly and just holds up a one moment finger as he steps out of the way so he's not in the line or anything just yet and he's just looking over options and choices and he turns away slightly to steps further out of the way as Kaylee makes her entrance, then in his oh so graceful…way he weeble-wobbles as he pack makes him lose his balance and he tumbles backwards onto his back, doing his accidental impression of a turtle on his back.

"Yeah, happy bi— wait what the hell?" Shane starts to get up as Nick pays for them both, then sits down, eyebrows drawing together. "…Okay seriously what the hell, dude." Subsiding into inaudible, and not terribly vehement, grumbling, she turns as Kaylee strolls in, lifting her chin in the very classic California Hello, and blinks as Soleil falls over onto her back. "…Um," is all she says, glancing about to see if anyone intends to help her up.

"You already got me two awesome birthday presents." Nicholas says to Shane as he takes a bite of his oreo filled ice cream. "Consider it a thank you for being the one person who somehow manages to put up with me and not making me feel like I'm doing something wrong." He says quite earnestly. "Hey Kaylee." He says with a wave to the girl who just walked in. "Come join…" He's about to pull over another chair when he spots Soleil's less than graceful fall and jumps up to offer him (or her in Nick's mind) a hand up. "You alright?"

Kaylee just kinda blinks at Soleil for a moment, pausing awkwardly as if she doesn't know what to do. "A-are you okay?" she stammers, leaning over and offering the… boy… girl? A hand up. "Oh! Hi Nick," she smiles widely, also spying Shane. "And Shane, too! Nice coat."

This is getting old…fast but Soleil just sighs, rubbing a hand over his face and giving a couple of sit-up like attempts at getting to his feet. Then there's a hand being offered and he blinks, tilting his head to the side and his lips curve in a small smile. "Ahhh…Merci Monsieur…" And he does accept the hand up before there's another hand being offered and he stares at Kaylee as well. "And Mademoiselle…I must be looking very foolish, forgive ahh…pardon me." He accepts both hands up mind you. His accent…yep, unmistakenly French but that smooth purr in there softens the words. "Cest ne-eh…I am alright."

"Hhhhhhuh," Shane says, leaning back in her chair and poking at her ice cream as Nick helps the poor kid up. Kaylee gets a second reverse-nod, this followed by a brief "'Sup?"

"No problem, probably forgot to put a wet floor sign up or something." Nicholas says before grinning to Kaylee. "Thanks, it is an awesome coat thanks to Shane. It's my birthday present from her." He says going back to sit down at the table. "So we never did get around to bad game night Shane, how about tonight once we get back?"

"Eh," Kaylee replies to Soleil, "I'm used to looking foolish! Don't worry about it," she laughs, nodding at Shane, "Nammuch!" she answers. She seems to be in a good mood today. Maybe 'cause the weather is starting to cool off a little finally…

Soleil lifts an eyebrow as he gets a good look at the threesome and he dusts off his jeans with a soft chuckle before giving a small nod to Nicholas. "Is possible, oui…but Merci Monsieur…I overhead words similar to birthday and such, you should go to celebrate with the young fetching mademoiselle who waits for you." And Kaylee gets a small bow where he almost falls over…forward but he catches himself. "Foolish? I tink not…Mademoiselle, never in my…eeh last 5 days I have a seen a beauty so radient and fair…" He makes a shooing motion towards the gaggle of friends. "Merci for your kindness, I do not wish to interrupt your celebration." Then he turns to peer back at the options.

'Fetching' causes Shane to raise an eyebrow, and glance down at her costume. Heavy red mantle covering half the face, check. Loose black top and pants secured with too many buckles, check. Off hand covered in painted-foam clawed gauntlet, check. "…Fetching, huh…" she murmurs, slightly suspicious, but shrugs as the pair are shooed off back toward her table, bobbing her head to confirm Nick's statement. "Yeah. Dude's been wantin' one ever since he saw Firefly, figured a proper Browncoat'd be a good present."

"Shane, you look awesome, I think you're the only girl I know that can pull off the Video Game look when it's not Halloween." Nicholas says to her before looking over at Soleil. "Huh, don't worry about it, there's really not much of a celebration to interrupt." Though he does enjoy hanging out with Shane. "All I need to get is a new, good, cowboy hat, they don't have any good ones out here."

The girl just kinda blinks, face turning red, "Really? Um… Um…" Kaylee stammers, "Thanks!" she finally manages to spit out, glancing at Nick and Shane somewhat nervously. She's not really used to being complimented… in that way. Though, she can't tell whether or not Sol is serious…

Soleil looks towards Shane and Nicholas with a wistful smile before turning back to Kaylee with a blink and a nod. "Oui…and je vous en prie…I mean, you are welcome." He gestures towards the options if Kaylee is still near. "Ehhh…Sweet Cream with the mixing in white chocolate chips and diced roasted almonds…and a bite of cinnamon. Oui…that'll be delicious I be thinking." He peers at Nicholas once more before looking back to Kaylee. "Your friend…he is looking like…the captain from the TV Show with the sexual professionals, space ships and western themes, non?"

Shane bobs her head at SOleil's question, speaking up as much as the collar will allow. "Yeah. Firefly." Answer given, she glances at Nick, lifting a shoulder. "Be a helluva lot harder to pull it off, 'f I didn't make th'costume better'n most. Most of it's jus' clothes, rest's not givin' a fuck."

Nicholas almost chokes on his ice cream at the phrasing of 'sexual professionals' as he'd never have used those words to describe Firefly. "Firefly is space and cowboys, best combination ever. And Mal is awesome." He says looking at the sleeve of his coat in admiration. "Shane, you can hardly tell it's not store bought, I really do love this coat, and the fact that you made it, makes it even more awesome. I think this has to be the best thing I own now." And he's quite serious about that. "My name's Nick by the way." He says to Soleil.

Cale just kind of nods along with the conversation, "I just like the mint one with the little bits of chocolate in it," she nods to Soleil, ordering that. A nice big scoop on a waffle cone, which she licks at once its in her possession. Her tongue looks slightly off from normal, however.

The young Frenchman if allowed does step aside to gesture for Kaylee to go ahead of him as he smoothes down his hoodie and nods a bit at the clarification. "Ahh, yes…the Firefly. Really a show that is ever so interesting from an historical point of view. Oui…it is something that is eh set in the future and the technology is at a level that allows for the space travel and the colonization but it is a universe based view of what if cultures had to develop over a larger expanse of reality. Advanced in technology and some culture building on that and others still living with a more primitive and elementary culture but benefiting from the verse wide tech…" Soleil tosses his hands up.

"Imagine, you can be having a wife that is a robot and /not/ lose your penis during coitus but you still can pay for highclass companions that seem to be a marriage between the priestess of love goddesses in history and the geisha…courtesan and concubine aesthetic but with independence and choice given to those who service others." He sighs and places his hands on his hips…then in 2 seconds he's leaning backwards almost falling over again before catching himself with a flail of his arms. "…Eh, what I mean is…Mint! Chocolate? This is a hint that you are appreciative of more complex flavors…a sensitive tongue, oui?" He coughs and makes his order.

Shane's spoon freezes in its mauling of her ice cream, eyes locked on the ranting and gesticulating person in the mismatched clothes, eyebrows slowly climbing toward her hairline. "…Kinda fixated, ain't she?" she murmurs aside to Nicholas, giving Soleil the sort of watchful gaze typically reserved for times when you need to make sure the sedatives have kicked in. "….Again. Glad y'like the coat. but um… huh. How bout that."

Nicholas has to stop eating his ice cream other wise he'll choke again on it as Soleil goes on his explanation of Firefly. "Uuuh, I just like the whole Space Cowboys, smuggling goods, sticking to your beliefs, the freedom of the skies, that sort of stuff in regards to Firefly. Besides, I'd rather have that one girl who means the world to me than…than…a professional companion and a robot…whatever." He says turning an interesting shade of pink. "But Mint Ice Cream…sounds…kind of gross actually. Like toothpaste flavored ice cream or something, no offence Kaylee." He gives Shane a look as if to say 'this conversation has gotten to strange'.

Kaylee is, in the mean time, standing there with her face getting redder and redder as Soleil continues ranting on and on, pausing with her tongue wrapped about a quarter of the way around the cone. "S-something like that! I just, I just like mint!" she giggles nervously, glancing over at Nick, whom she sticks said tongue out at. Is that a threat? It could be!

Soleil does squint at Kaylee as he accepts his ice cream, somewhat amazed by the waffle cone…cup as he holds it up to peer at it curiously and then he lowers it, using a spoon to take his first bite, eyes closing as he groans softly…happily at the taste. "Ahh, mon dieu…" Then he blinks and lowers his spoon, shuffling away from the counter after offering his money and sighing softly as he tabulates in his head how much he has left. "Creativity…and modesty…" He nods towards Shane. "Wholesome Values…and handsome." He nods towards Nicholas. "And Beauty and…good taste." He nods towards Kaylee. "I am pleased to having met you. I am Soleil…" (Pronounced: Sol-Ley…like the circus) Another spoon of ice cream and he would do a happy dance, but all he manages is a hip wiggle before he starts leaning to the right and has to catch himself.

Shane is silent for a bit, staring at Soleil, then glances aside to Nick, lifting a shoulder as if to say 'I have *no idea dude,*' and clears her throat. "…Shane," she says simply, then taps her cup against Nick's. "Year 17, lessee 'f it's weirder than the last."

Nicholas just wants to crawl under the table and hide at the moment, the only good thing about this embarrassment is that it's causing him to forget about his depression for the time being. "Shane, I don't know if that's possible. But let's hope not." He says raising his eyebrows at his friend and giving a forced smile. "Like I said before, I'm Nick, or Nicholas."

"And I'm Kaylee," the pale girl offers, "You should've told me it was your birthday, Nick," she admonishes him, "I would've gotten you something! But happy birthday, anyway. I'll think of something, I'm sure," the young mutant grins lopsidedly. "Anyway."

"Mmhm, Mademoiselle Shane, Mademoiselle Kaylee and Monsieur Nick." Soleil chuckles softly. "Joyeux Anniversaire!" He lifts his ice cream…cup cone to the group of friends. Then he works on eating his ice cream with a soft hum.

"Off to a helluva start already," Shane murmurs into her ice cream cup, rolling a marshmallow around her cheek until it's soft enough to chew. "Anyway. Yeah. Clover Game Night tonight. Dunno 'bout Viewtiful Joe, tho… Gonna hafta see if they got an old Gamecube somewhere."

"I had an old Gamecube back home but a lotta good that'll do." Nicholas says taking a big spoonful of his ice cream, so large that he has trouble swallowing it all. "It's okay Kaylee, I pretty much let Shane and Ahmed know, that's about it. Not really into the whole celebration thing yet." He admits. "Just Nick is fine, I don't speak French."

Kaylee continues licking her ice cream. For now. "Well, yeah, but…" she trails off, looking somewhat disappointed. "Birthdays are about letting your friends do nice things for you. Or something," she murmurs vaguely. This is going to bother her now, apparently! "Anyway. I have a Gamecube! It's just… in storage… in Colorado… but um…" Headscratch.

Soleil just chuckles softly and nods as he nibbles on chocolate chips and mms happily before blinking. "Just Nick then…but forgive my attempt at respect…the Monsieur and Mademoiselle just comes automatically." A pause and he shakes his head, turning back to his food so as not to interrupt the conversation.

Shane shrugs. "S'fine. Just means I'm'a hafta do some sorcery on m'laptop, dig out th' USB controller converters. ANyway…" The last of her ice cream is spooned up, an eyebrow rising at Soleil. "…Guessin' y'new here?"

Nicholas finishes his ice cream and stands up. "Shane, I'm gotta head back soon, check on Orion, make sure he's all feed and everything for the night." Standing up he grabs both his and Shane's empty cup and throws them away. "Actually I'm just gonna call Mr. Guthrie and see if he can help out, I'll be out side. Enjoy your mint ice cream Kaylee and it was nice meeting you Soleil." He says heading outside to make his phone call.

"Yeah, we just do… you know, first names, around here," Kaylee confirms that, "So you can just call me Kaylee. It's not, like, disrespectful or anything," she muses.

Soleil offers a small bow to Nicholas as he makes his exit. "…au revoir…" He chuckles softly as he scoops more ice cream into his mouth, chewing/sucking softly as he nods in agreement to Shane. "New, oui…I am coming to New York, thought I'd give this place a visit in my exploration." Then he looks to Kaylee with a small smile. "If it is what you are preferring…the simply Kaylee, I can oblige."

"Helluva wandering trip," Shane murmurs. "Figure y'got another hour 'r so 'fore the last bus leaves f'r Grand Central. Just sayin'."

"Or are you staying around here?" Kaylee wonders, countering Shane's comment idly. "Salem's kinda boring though. I mean it's basically just another suburban town. The real interesting stuff is in the city itself," she nods.

"Non…I am staying in the main city, Madmoi-ah, Kaylee." Soleil explains as he lowers his cup and squints at Shane once more before giving a small nod. "Oui…it will be difficult I suppose but I will have to catch it." He turns to eye the exit with some concern.

Shane lifts a shoulder, levering herself up from her chair. Her boots *clump* onto the floor, as she finds her balance, and wiggles the fingers of her foam-gauntleted hand. "Mh. Well, g'luck. Gotta get back, so I c'n have shit set up 'n time f'r Nick t'get done with his horse. 'F you wanna drop by Rec Room, Kaylee, s'cool. Later, Soleil." And with that, the pink-haired young student begins to clomp her way toward the door.

Kaylee gives Shane a wave (along with Nick) as they both wander out, but stays to finish her ice cream. It's not like she really has too much to do, you know? "Well, if you're gonna spend time in the US it's best to drop that sorta thing. Well, here in New York it's not so bad but… some of the rest of the country. Best to keep your head down, yanno? 'specially lookin like you do," she smiles a little, "Just, from experience. That's all."

Soleil gives a small nod and a hint of a bow to Shane as well, eyeing her boots with a lift of an eyebrow and an impressed expression. "…now that…is the fashionable…" He hmms and then turns back to Kayle, listening closely as he takes another spoon of ice cream. "Looking as I do? I do not understand…" He trails off. "It is very curious, many people give warnings."

Cale smiles a little, "Well, it's sorta, I mean. Hard to tell, if you're a girl or a boy, you know? And the piercing. It's just, if you go out into the country, there are a lot of people who don't like that sorta thing. You know? They're old fashioned, so. Well. Yeah. I mean, surely you're…" she trails off, "I mean, you're from France, right?" she wonders. "They just kinda… wish physical harm upon people who're different. Because they're afraid."

Soleil stares at Kaylee for a few moments, mouth opening and shutting before he continues to stare and just has to smile softly as he gives a little shake of his head. "Mon petite…you eat the mint ice oui? Because you are liking the taste. There are many who cannot appreciate the taste and others who despise the taste. They will never be liking the mint ice cream. But you do." He worries his bottom lip as if trying to think how to explain. "I was born in Paris, oui…but I have lived here long enough to see…and to witness how shallow people can be but also to see how deep the heart goes. It can can be filled with hate, fear, and dark things or hope and light and kindness…" He shrugs and flashes a grin. "I cannot worry about such things, or my own heart will become full of fear and there will no room for love."

"Well, I do but - oh… I just…" Kaylee rubs the back of her neck a little, "I don't want you to worry. Just, people sometimes get killed out in the country, if someone thinks they're gay, or… whatever…" she trails off, "Anyway! Sol-ley," she pauses, "… You're a boy right? I think you're a boy. You seem like a boy to me," she nods.

Soleil sucks some ice cream off of his spoon before stirring the leftovers as it melts but he's listening and he hmms softly. "Oui. I am cautious." He assures Kaylee. "I have been…being cautious for a long time." Then he has to snort-giggle at the question, tossing a pigtail braid over his shoulder. "Oui…I am as you say, a boy…but it is good to know I am seeming like I am." A small nod.

Kaylee smiles, "Sorry! But I have a good eye for these sorts of things," she smirks just a little. "Anyway. That's good! It's not something you really have to worry about around here, anyway. People're very accepting of… everyone! Even mutants," she nods just a little, chewing on the edge of her cone once the icecream gets down to that level.

Soleil just gives Kaylee a look for a moment, lips curving. "As do I." That's all he's going to say about that as he nods firmly. "I am returning back to New York City this night, so it…is something I will have to worry about." At the mention of mutants, an eyebrow lifts slightly. "Many people accept those who are different if they are good hearts, it is true."

"Well then," Kaylee smiles, eating the last bit of her cone, "Was nice meeting you, neh?" she nods, scribbling down something on a napkin with a pen that seems to appear out of nowhere. (It actually came out of her bag, though.) "Call me sometime, neh? It sucks being in this city without knowing someone, trust me," she smiles lopsidedly, before skipping out the door.

Soleil stands there for a moment with his spoon sticking out of his mouth being held in place by his teeth and he watches the number being scribbled down before he carefully reaches out to take the napkin and fold it neatly with a small nod. He awkwardly tugs the spoon out of his mouth to wave after Kaylee with a soft chuckle. "Ahh…oui…be safe Kaylee." A wave of a hand is given before he looks back to his ice cream cup…cone thingie. "…brilliant."

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