2011-12-05: Birthday Vacation Pt 2


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Summary: Day two of Hosea and Sophie's adventure, they try to find a way back to Westchester, but not everyone is helpful.

Date: Monday, December 5, 2011. 8:45am

Log Title: Birthday Vacation: Part 2

Rating: PG

Wharton Forest - New Jersey

The tall evergreens reach into the sky from the lush forest ground, swallowing all that is blue above with a thick green life. Fallen leaves from a variety of other trees litter the ground, along with brush and logs. The sound of wildlife can be heard everywhere, from ground squirrels to birds, filling the undeveloped area with a refreshing sense of life.

The night is long, dark, and cold. Sophie keeps herself awake throughout, and even manages to collect a little deadfall from nearby, when the forest creatures seem quiet, to fuel the fire so as to avoid waking Hosea — though even so, she has had to wake him frantically a couple of times for sounds that turned out to be nothing. By the time the light of dawn pierces the branches overhead, the fire has gone down to a pile of smoldering coals. Sophie maintains her vigil yet, with her cane in one hand and her crucifix in the other, murmuring to herself in Spanish to keep herself awake.

Indeed, Hosea seemed to sleep with one eye open, able to be ready at the moment Sophie called his name each time during the dark hours. He wakes with the first light of morning. "Sophie?" he asks. "You are still awake?" He has actually expected her to fall asleep by now, though he wasn't too terribly concerned about it. He takes a couple of short attempts at teleporting, just a matter of feet, and finds that indeed he can resume his abilities. "You must be vedy tired. You should now rest, while I try to determine what we must do to find our way back home." He walks toward her, placing his hand on her back.

Sophie's soft murmuring comes to an end, and she sighs softly once Hosea awakens. "Si, still awake," she replies, allowing a measure of pride to enter her voice. "I may be jumpy and nervous in strange places at night… but I am not a complete wimp." She drapes the chain with her crucifix back around her neck, then brushes her fingertips through her hair. "Si… rest would be good. But not for too long; we should move while we can, I think? …But you have more experience in the wilderness than I, I think."

"Yes," Hosea agrees. "I do not think dat we shall have too much trouble with da area, Most animals dat would be dangerous would be out at night" he explains. "Maybe we can find our way back to a road to figure out which way we need to go. I will see what I can discover, but I will not go far, fear not!"

Sophie hmmms softly. "Should I stay here?" she murmurs. "Or should I come with you? I'm not utterly done in, just… mostly." Her cheeks color as she blushes lightly. "THough, I do need to rest, yes… I used a lot of energy for my powers yesterday, I need to regain as much of that as I can."

"Rest for a short while," Hosea says. "I must figure out how to get us back home. When I fell, I broke da GPS device dat I brought to navigate wit. So we must find a way to get back where we should be." Hosea frowns, "I feel so foolish for not trying dis by myself before I brought you wit me." He drops the useless and broken piece of technology onto the ground, not much use in tugging it along with him.

"Don't feel foolish," Sophie replies. She pokes about with her cane until she finds the towel, and moves to sit down on it, with a weary sigh. "If you had not brought me, you would still be laying on the ground with a broken collar bone, probably unconscious, and in great danger, si? I am very grateful that you brought me along." She perks her lips upwards in a smile, and collapses her cane into itself as she stretches out on her back. "I will be here," she murmurs. "I don't plan on going anywhere until you come back. Just, do not go far, si?"

Hosea nods, though such is hardly an audible response for Sophie to hear, and he is gone. He is gone for several minutes, leaving Sophie with no sounds but the morning forest noises. Rustling of small animals and chirping of a few birds fills the air.
Before too long, Hosea returns though, having been satisfied with his search. "I have found da road," he announces. "It is a few miles from where we are right now, but it should not be difficult. We will follow da road, and maybe ride in another vehicle to da north, and den I will teleport us da rest of da way, yes?" He bends down to join Sophie's side.

Sophie is, by the time Hosea returns, fast asleep. She doesn't quite perk up right away, either; but by the time his last words leave his lips, she yawns and stirs. Her eyes might even have opened, but behind her blindfold there's no way of knowing. "What? Road?" She sits up slowly, and pats about herself, until she realizes that her cane still dangles by the loop around her wrist. "Si, that would be good," she murmurs. She backs off the towel, and takes the time to fold it up neatly before standing. "Are you ready, then?"

"Yes," Hosea answers her. "I am sorry to wake you, but da sooner we get home, da sooner you can rest in your own bed." He takes Sophie in his arms, and then the sounds change ever so slightly. Then again, and again. There is the sound of rushing vehicles, a highway, and after a few more jumps, they are surrounded by the sounds of a small town. "Mutants," come a few voices from a distance possibly across a street, identifying them. "Maybe we can find a vehicle to join heah," the Nigerian says, not seeming to have heard the quiet sound of conversation amongst people nearby. Of course, his hearing isn't quite as sharp as Sophie's is, given her heightened sense due to her blindness. It doesn't sound like they are comfortable with the idea there are mutants in their town by their conversation.

Chatsworth, New Jersey

A little town in the middle of New Jersey, looks like they stick to themselves for the most part. Not much is here worth noting. A run down gas station, a white shop that used to sell tires, but has been out of business for years, or at least it looks like it. The town looks like it is stuck in the past.

Sophie clings tightly to Hosea's chest as he teleports about, until after a short time the rapid movement stops. She relaxes, but only for a moment; and then her arms are holding tightly to the tall Nigerian once more. "Hosea, be careful," she whispers urgently. "I heard them saying 'mutants' like it was a bad word, Hosea." She shifts to stand at Hosea's side, and flicks her cane out to full length before clinging to the Nigerian's arm with her other hand. "We should be ready to go quickly, they might try to hurt us," she adds.

Hosea glances around to spot the people who are watching. "Do not worry," he says, "Dey are vedy short." Somehow he must intend that to indicate that they pose little threat. "Maybe we can get a map, den we can figure out which way we need to go, yes?" Hosea says. Holding her arm, he leads her in through a door, and warmth washes over them as they pass through the threshold. There is an immediate response. "Hey, what're you doin' to that girl there?" the store owner announces, "I am helping her," Hosea can be heard answering. "Yeah, how come you have her blindfolded?"

Sophie follows alongside Hosea, and bobs her head once. "Alright," she murmurs. "Just, be careful, si? We are not invincible." The edge of worry never quite leaves her voice, though she falls silent upon passing through the doorway, into the warmth of the… shop, store, or whatever it happens to be. While the verbal exchange is going on, she takes a moment to adjust her blouse, doing her best to conceal the soft glow from her chest; though she can never hide it fully, as it shines through the cloth.
"Senors, please," she pleads, once she has a moment to get her voice in edgewise. "It is as he says, he is helping me, si? The blindfold is my choice; it is because I am blind." She holds up her white cane for emphasis, before letting it drop back to the floor, and sweeping it in a circle around herself.

"Please, we just need a map," Hosea says. "And den we will be on our way." The owner grunts, "You mutants? We don't want any more trouble from you types." There is a mechanical click that can be heard. "No, we are not part of da Mutant Liberation Front," Hosea tries to explain. But then he stops, "Okay, we shall leave," he apologizes. Apparently something has visibly happened that has caused the larger mutant to pass in front of Sophie, and start nudging her backward slightly.

Sophie gasps softly upon hearing the click; she doesn't need to see to giure out just precisely what it was, and takes the hint front Hosea to edge backwards. She taps her cane behind her as she reverses, probing for the door while she keeps her other hand on Hosea's side. "Si, we will leave," she murmurs. "But we are harmless; I am just a blind girl, what harm could I possibly do?" She takes another step back, and then her hand leaves Hosea to fumble at the door, seeking the knob or whatever to open it.

Hosea thinks it fortunate that Sophie cannot see the the double barrel shotgun that is pointed at him, and Sophie's hands find a pushable door. The girl's glowing chest has drawn more onlookers. "Stay close to me," Hosea says, "We shall get a map and den we shall leave." As some of the more aggressive members of the community approach, Hosea holds his free hand out, other hand on Sophie's. "We only wish to find our way back to New York," his think voice says. "If you can tell us, we will be out now." The exchange is short, but the others seem to have had a bad experience with another mutant recently, and so the townsfolk are unwilling to comply. Suddenly there is the sound of a punch connecting, and Hosea shoves Sophie back against a cold brick wall.
The fight is quick. Three brothers seem to be eager to put a mutant down from an earlier exchange, and one punches Hosea. There is a crack as the large African grabs the offending arm and twists, and a growl of pain. A knee shoots out to connect with the second who makes a dive for Hosea, and then is shoved back powerfully with both hands into the street. The dull thud of a car hitting the man is followed by squealing wheels. Hosea quickly uses the distraction to scoop Sophie back up and teleport them to the top of a nearby building. "Sophie, dis is bad. Dey will not help us." There is a panicked sound of people rushing around the accident. "He's hurt bad, that no good mutie shoved him right in front of the car!" Hosea winces at the declaration of what happened in the exchange, knowing that Sophie surely heard it.

Sophie isn't idle during the fight; she shrieks loudly as the first punches are thrown, but otherwise does her best to stick by Hosea. She gets the wind knocked out of her when her back hits the brick wall, but she retains her wits and keeps a hand on Hosea's shoulder. Her other palm takes on a bright, incandescent light; just as Hosea is being shoved out the door she thrusts her hand out, the cane dangling around her wrist as she aims with her best guess towards the man with the shotgun, and a sound like steel-plated nails raking across a chalkboard splits the air as a brilliant beam of energy lances out towards the man; enough to cause painful burns, but nothing life threatening. And then the tall Nigerian scoops her up and they are away.
By the time Sophie's feet find the ground once more, she is relaxing her arm, and taking hold of her cane once more. "Si," she murmurs. "I would offer to heal them, but I think they would only try to hurt us again. Thank you for protecting me, Hosea

The shotgun man yelps, but whether he is hit or not, it is hard to tell. His hands had been struck by the blast from Sophie, and the shotgun went scattering across the ground. The man simply clutches his hands now, growling at his injuries below. Hosea glances back to Sophie, and back to the crowd. "How long do you think dat it would take to start da healing? He is hurt badly. If you want to, I can put us next to him and point you toward him long enough to heal him, and den we can be gone. He was hit by da car driving past. I did not intend for dat to happen."

Sophie shakes her head slowly. "I am not sure I could do it," she murmurs. "My healing does not have the same… range, as my neutron blasts do. I would need to be nearly touching him." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Unless they let us come close without attacking… I want to help him, Hosea, but it was his fault, not yours; they attacked us, yes? We were leaving, like they wanted us to." She sucks in a deep breath, and lets it out slowly, to control her nerves. "I want to help them," she repeats. "But… I am not sure they will let us."

"If I get you close, den we could heal him and be gone again before dey could respond." It occurs to Hosea that it is a rather peculiar proposition, trying to find a way to hit and fade their enemy in order to heal the people who want to harm them. "Den we will find another town, and we can figure out how to get back to New York City." The African looks down at the group. "Would it take you long once you were near him?"

Sophie pauses, and nods her head quickly. "Si, we could try," she replies. "How long it would take would depend on how badly he is hurt… but even if I cannot heal him fully, I can at least make things easier for him. Maybe help his bones to repair themselves faster, so perhaps he is only laid low for a week or two, instead of months?" She snaps her cane into itself, and spins around, to stand with her back towards Hosea. "Put my hand on him," she murmurs. "It will be up to you to decide when we shall go, right?"

"Good," Hosea says, "We shall go den. On three. One. Two. Three." It is that soon, and they are in the midst of the crowd instantly. Hosea drops down to a crouch with Sophie, placing her hand on the ribs of the injured man. "Now!" he commands in a powerful voice. "Back away if you want him to live!" he shouts, causing the crowd to jump back a few steps. "We wanted nothing but to know how to get back to New York City! Was dat so much? Now your friend is hurt, and for what?" He's hoping that the attention he draws can buy Sophie the seconds she needs to heal the damage.

By now, Sophie is well used to teleportation, so she gets straight to work the moment she is in position and her hands are upon the man's ribs. A soft glow emenates from her palms, as she radiates the healing energies into the man, inducing his cells to repair the damage on their own. "Shhhh," she murmurs, while Hosea is busy shouting at the crowd of people. "Hush, and lie still," she all but whispers. "I will not harm you. You can feel the pain leaving you, si? We shall have you good as new in a moment." She puts on a pleasant smile, and as she heals, she waits; either for her task to be completed, or for Hosea to whisk her away.

Hosea buys ten precious seconds, standing and providing bravado before turning to Sophie and taking her by the hand, teleporting away again. "Thank you Sophie, your bift is a greater blessing den mine, I think, dat you can heal da hurting," Hosea says. His embrace reaches around to encompass the girl. "We will find someone to show us da way back home, it just might take us a little while, yes?"

Sophie does her level best for ten seconds, and then they are well out of range once more. "Si," she affirms. "We shall find someone, or at least a landmark, I am sure. …But, Hosea." She turns around in Hosea's arms, and rests her hands on his shoulders. "Your gift is wonderful, si? Without it I could not have helped that man." She smiles warmly ,and leans forwards to rest her head against the Nigerian's chest. "You are a gift, too, you know," she adds.

Hosea smiles, "Thank you, dat is important to come from you," Hosea answers, stroking Sophie's hair.

It is a long trip. After another hour, the two are able to get their bearings. Another hour is spent on a train until they get closer to New York, at which point Hosea finishes the trip in the way that it started. It most certainly wasn't the birthday present that he had planned to give Sophie, but it's certainly a vacation that neither will forget soon.

By the time they are home, Sophie is quite exahusted, and eager only for a trip to the girl's dormitory so she can sleep in a real bed, that doesn't have twigs underneath of it. But before disappearing into that part of the building, the tapping of her cane stops, and she tilts to face in Hosea's direction with a big grin plastered to her face. "That was quite the adventure," she affirms. "And… perhaps next time, we might actually make it to the beach, si?" She giggles softly. "But maybe next week we should just go to the pool. …Thank you, Hosea. Even if we didn't reach the island, I still had a wonderful birthday with you."

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