2010-10-28: Blah To History Homework


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Summary: Christopher meets the new student Megan who has some interesting powers.

Date: October 28, 2010

Log Title: Blah To History Homework

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

The television is on but ignored for the most part as some programing on the Food Network plays. It's just background noise for Christopher whose busy on his laptop working on some things for his business. It's getting towards the end of the month so he's taking time between his cooking classes to balance numbers for the Salon. On the coffee table in front of him sits a cup of cappuccino with a half eaten croissant as he's munching on either a late breakfast or early snack.

Dressed in an orange t-shirt with a black jack-o-lantern face on the front of it over a black turtleneck, a pair of dark blue jeans, and black sneakers, Megan is clearly in the Halloween spirit! The butterfly winged girl flits through the door, her feet a good six inches off the ground. Looped over one shoulder is a messenger style book bag that's pulled around in front of her so that it doesn't interfere with her wings, a bag of microwave popcorn in her other hand. The pink haired teen stops shord and lands somewhat gracefully when she sees Christopher, blushing faintly for a moment before she heads over to kneel on the floor at the other end of the coffee table from where his snack is, offering in a bright, lilting voice, "Bore da; good morning." A notebook and history textbook are pulled out of her book bag and set on the table so that she can do some last minute homework before class.

"Good morning to you too." Christopher says to her in an equally cheerful voice. "I don't believe we have met yet, I'm Mr. Parker-Mayfair, I'm the culinary teacher here." He says offering a hand. "And wow, naturally pink hair, that's impressive." Being a hair stylist he has the ability to tell when a hair colour is real or fake. "Feel free to put the television on something else, the food network is kind of my default channel here, being the cooking teacher and all. Gives me some ideas for teaching."

The hand is taken and given a quick little shake before it's released again and Megan fishes a pen out of her bag, flipping to the page in the notebook that she'd been doing her assignment on, "Tis a pleasure Mr. Parker-Mayfair. I'm Megan." She blushes, crinkling her nose, at the mention of her hair, "Oh, aye… Used to be more blonde, but it's gone to pink since I grew my wings." She glances at the TV and shakes her head, "Nay… I should really finish this last question first." She shrugs, "I didn'a quite finish it last night."

"Nice to meet you Megan." Chrisotpher says as he looks over to see what kind of homework she is working on. "Well I think the pink is lovely." He says as he makes sure to save what he's working on with his laptop before closing it. "I actually had a client the other day requesting hair that colour, lucky with my power no colouring job is hard for me." He says with a chuckle. "So what homework are you workign on?

Megan blushes again at the complement to her hair color, just a faint splash of color high on her cheeks, her voice falling to a whisper for a moment, "Thank ye." She giggles at the thought of someone wanting hair the same color as what she's been naturally graced with as part of her mutation, her wings fluttering slightly a couple of times before going still again, "At least they got what they wanted, then." The girl makes a face at the question about her neglected homework, "History. I went t'bed before finishing the last question." She sets her pen down for a moment and looks up at the teacher, "Tis a much different perspective than what I was taught at home."

"History was never one of my strong points. I just never have been a history person." Christopher says as he looks over to see what she's studying. "And from your accent I can guess you're not from America so I would imagine that History would be a bit different over here since we tend to focus on different things. If you're having difficultly there are a few people here who can tutor you in hopes the transition might help?"

"Nore one of mine." Megan is obviously eager for the distraction of conversation to put off having to do her homework for another few minutes. Even if it does put her at risk of not having it finished by the time she needs to turn it in. She grins almost smugly and nods, "Oh, aye! I'm from Wales." She glances back down at the text book and shakes her head, "Tis just different is all. And is all here in the book; tis just a matter of finding it." And then remembering all of the useless names and dates for the tests.

"Well welcome to America and welcome to Xavier's then." Christopher says. "I've actually never been to Wales or anywhere in Eurpoe actually. Once of these days I'll see about getting some time off and taking a vacation with my husband and head overseas. I'd love to see some of what there is to see out there. I think I've seen the Statue of Liberty plenty of times growing up around here."

Megan positively beams, "Thank ye. It's very different from Abergylid." She nods enthusiastically, "Wales is a beautiful land. I think everyone should visit at least once." She cocks her head curiously at the mention of the teacher's husband, blinking a couple of times in surprise, "Husband?" It's not something that was entirely expected, though she doesn't seem to find it objectionable or offincive, at least. Either that or she's really good at hiding it. She nods again at the mention of the Statue of Liberty, "I've only seen it from the air and in photos. I should think that I'll try to go at least once before I go home again."

"Yes, he's actually a teacher here as well. Dr. Parker-Mayfair." Christopher says with a grin as he's not really shy about admiting that. "So I'm sure you'll run into him, he's hard to miss as he's seven feet tall." And he's not joking about Jeri's height. "New York City isn't that far from here and several of the students like to go in to hang out during the weekends. I'd suggest it, the city is a lot of fun and there are some neat resturants, parks and whatnot."

"Oh!" If possible, Megan's smile gets brighter. Seems like the girl really isn't bothered by it, "That's immense!" She sounds like she really means it, too, "I'll definately look for him." And hopefully he's just as nice as the cullinary teacher seems to be. Her eyes widen slightly at the mention of his height, "Seven feet tall?" Wow. Sne nods, "I think I might try to go down there this weekend! Mum gave me a little extra on my allowance when I left, so I could pick up a few things when I got her." Beat, "I just haven't been able to really go anywhere yet."

"It'd be a good weekend to go into the city with Halloween too, there's a lot of events going on. I'll be doing something the kids here on Saturday where they can carve pumpkins if they wish." Christopher says as he thinks the students deserve a little fun. "Yeah, I always thought I was tall at six feet but he makes me feel short." He laughs. "Well if you need anything school related, let us know. The school doesn't mind providing notebooks, binders, pens and such."

The bewinged girl sits up a little straighter and nods eagerly, "Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It's the one time of year I don't have to worry about my wings getting too much attention." Since she can't just hide them like some other winged mutants can. Megan grins, "Carving pumpkins could be fun!" And she could put it on her desk in her room! Hopefully her roommate won't mind too much… The colorful teen nods, "Thank you, Mr. Parker-Mayfair. I'll keep that in mind." There's a small pause, "I don't suppose the school would have camera film I could use?" So apparently she's a photographer.

"Honestly I'm not sure about film but there are probably digital camera's that you can borrow unless you're not looking to take digital pictures." Christpher suggests. "If not I'm sure we can find a way to scavange up some film so you can use it to take pictures. Do you have family back home you want to send pictures too?" He asks as he'd go out and get some film for a student, he doesn't mind. "And I thought pumpkin carving would be fun too, I'm going to be going to pick up a couple dozen pumpkins from a nearby farm tomorrow."

Megan nods slowly, a thoughtful expression crossing her face for a moment, before she shrugs, "Arri… That and I just like to take photos." She shrugs one shoulder at that and picks up her pen again, turning her attention back to her homework for a moment and chewing on the end of the plastic. She looks back up at the mention of going to a farm tomorrow, "If you need some help, I'd be happy to fly along." And she likely does mean fly if the way she entered the room is any indication.

"If it doesn't interfer with your classes maybe I'll take you and one or two other students to help. I just don't want to do it too late but I don't want to drag anyone away from studies." Christopher shouldn't abuse his teacher power like that. "Oh so you're a bit of a photographer, that's wonderful. How much film do you think you would need?"

Another bright grin lights Megan's face when she hears that she might get to go pick out pumpkins and she nods, "I'll be happy to help if I can." She couldn't really care less if going to help with the pumpkins takes her away from classes. They're just school, after all. She nods, perking up a little, "Not anything special, mind, but I like it." She frowns thoughtfully for a moment, the tip of her tongue peeking from between her lips, "Maybe two or three rolls to start?" That should last her at least a week as long as she doesn't go crazy with it.

"Well maybe we'll go after school gets out around three pm. I'll be borrowing one of the school vans since my car is too small to hold a lot of pumpkins." Christopher is probably getting about fifty pumpkins of various sizes and a lot of apple cider. "Anyone here you can think that'd like to help out with that?"

The teenager thinks for a moment and slowly shakes her head, "Not right off the top of my head, no… I really don't know anyone yet." She pauses for a moment and suddenly brightens, "Maybe Kisha? We're in the same room." Not that she's really talked to the younger girl that much as of yet. Megan nods, "I'll make sure to be ready to go then." So no changing clothes after school, in that case.

"I'll see who I can find, maybe Cam would like to go." Cam is Christopher's culinary protege. "I can see if Kisha is available, I don't really know her that well as she's not in any of my classes. I believe she's seen more in the garage than in the kitchen." He says with a grin as he doesn't exactly think women belong in the kitchen it's just he spends most of his time in there. "It's about a thirty minute drive away depending on traffic. So how long ago did you arrive here Megan?"

Megan nods, cocking her head curiously at the mention of an unknown name, though she doesn't question who 'Cam' is just yet. She crinkles her nose at the mention of where Kisha spends most of her time, "I wouln'a want to be in the garage more than I have to. Grease and oil aren't very friendly to my wings." Plus, she's kind of girly, anyway. She giggles softly and nods, "No, I wouldn'a imagine she would spend more time in the kitchen than it takes to make a sandwich." The girl nods at when she hears how far away the farm is and shrugs when asked about how long she's been at the school, "Not very long a t'all. Maybe a couple of weeks." It took some time for her to get the appropriate paperwork to be able to come to the country, after all.

"I can imagine, so are your wings the same texture as a butterfly wings, cause I would wonder how fragile they are." Christopher says not shy about asking. "There aren't many kids here who have had wings, I've seen a few come and go but I think you're one of the few right now. I can fly but I have to use my powers to do so." He says as he loves being able to fly but it's his light energy that allows him to do so. "I wish I had time to plan a costume party for Halloween but I think with so many students away it wouldn't be as fun."

Another nod meets this question and her wings fold together for a moment, "I can damage them if I'm not careful, but they recover fairly quickly most of the time." She pauses for a moment, "Ye know that powder that ye get on yer fingers if ye touch a butterfly's wing? Mine are a lot like that. It's almost like little tiny feathers." Megan's shoulders rise in a little shrug, "It's a courser dust, but it's real similar." A mischievous little smile blooms on her face, "I can throw dust at people and they see things, too." And it sounds like she thinks it's at least a little bit amusing. Her expression turns curious at the mention of students being away and she cocks her head once more, "What's happened? All I can tell is that everyone's frightened and worried and that something odd happened."

"Okay, I was just being curious is all. I'm not about to reach over and grab your wings but I be that's happened a few times already." Christopher says knowing some of the students in the school. "Throw dust and make people see things? Like…how so?" Not that he wants a demonstration just more of an answer. "And I don't really know, none of us do. Just several students and teachers went missing and we're trying to find them and bring them home. I have faith that they'll be okay and we'll find them."

Megan crinkles her nose and nods, "Used t'happen a lot at home. Mostly the boys that would pull the wings off of flies." She shrugs a little at the question about how her dust works, "I don't know… They just sort of act like they're on something." She makes a small doodle in the margins on her paper, "I don't know what they see, but there was one boy back in Abergylid that thought his hair was on fire." And that was really funny because he was one of the ones that was the worst about touching her wings! When told what's going on with the missing students and teachers, the girl sobers quickly, "Oh…" There doesn't really seem to be much more to say to that, though she opens her mouth a time or two to try, but is unable to find the the words and so just goes back to doodling instead of actually doing her work.

Christopher makes a face at that. "Yeah, I was never one of those boys that would pull the wings of flies, or bugs. I really dislike bugs." Which probably sin't a big surprise at all. "Oh so…like a hallucinigen. That's…well we'll make sure to keep you off the black market then." He teases her as he has no intention selling her powers to the black market. As she sobers he reaches out a hand to squeeze her shoulder gently. "Don't worry about it, I have complete faith they'll return home soon and that they'll be okay. This weekend we're carving pumpkins, it's so that we can have fun and maybe stop from worring for a few minutes as well. Take our minds off the bad." He says with a smile.

There's a little giggle at the thought of Christopher not liking bugs and Megan nods, "I didn't really like them either." Not until she, sort of, became one, anyway, "At least butterflies aren't creepy like some are." She giggles at the thought of being sold on the black market and nods, "Aye! I'm sure there are some people that would love a hit of Pixie dust." She sighs and nods, "Least there are other things we can do." She grins again, unable to really stay serious for very long, even when talking about such a sobering subject, "And there's sure to be a nice big mess when we're all finished."

Christopher raises his eyebrows as he's found she's named her dust. "Pixie dust huh? Well don't let me catch you trying to make money off of your hits of Pixie dust." He says with a chuckle. "And yes, there will be a nice big mess but I'll probably be cooking up a bunch of pumpkin seeds afterwards too. I also plan on cooking a nice lunch and some halloween type snacks and have a few punches for the kids to enjoy as well." He doesn't bring the subject back up of the missing kids more to try to keep the mood light and he doesn't want the students depressed.

Megan shrugs, "Dim… I wouldn't go selling bits of me." She might throw it at people, but she won't sell it. She grins at the thought of pumpkin seeds and Halloween treats, "I might put off my trip to New York for something like that." Her first real American holiday isn't something she really wants to miss, after all. She glances at the clock and blinks a couple of times before grimacing, "And I am going to be late for class if I don't get moving." She looks at the page she'd been doodling on and wrinkles her nose again, having not finished with her homework while talking to the teacher. The girl closes her books and begins pushing them into her bag so she can stand, "It was nice to meet you, Mr. Parker-Mayfair. Hwyl!"

"Sorry for distracting you Megan, I'll let your teacher know I kept you from completing your history home." Christopher says giving her a smile and wave. "It was nice meeting you." He says as he also then realizes the time and that he should hurry up and start getting ready for his other job.

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