2010-04-07: Blind Cooking Lesson


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Summary: Tara gets her first cooking lesson from Christopher, Six eats the results.

Date: April 7, 2010

Log Title Blind Cooking Lessons

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It's in the middle of the afternoon, and it's time for one of Tara's private cooking lessons with Christopher. The first couple of sessions where more about figuring out what kind of special equipment they might need, and to get everything labeled so that she doesn't accidentally put coriander in something that was meant for nutmeg. Today, though…. they cook! Tara's here early, and sits at one of the tables with a textbook in front her her, her fingers brushing over the raised dots on the page, reading it.

What's one of the easiest things to start with and one thing everyone finds tastey, chocolate chip cookies. He's actually found a cookbook in braile with the written words to go along with it. "Hello Tara!" He says as he walks into the kitchen with a back with some things they'll need. "I found this for you. We're going to be making Chocolate Chip cookies and the recipe is in here." The book is full of basic cooking recipes for the beginner.

"Cookies?!" There's a thump as a winged teen barges into the kitchen. Sorry, those wings are getting in the way again. Six gets excited and starts running into door frames. Then Six sees that nothing is made and those wings droop down towards the floor. "Aw, man. There anything to eat? Did Rashmi leave left overs in the fridge?" A cheery wave and the young man is making for said fridge. Let's see what's available!

"Christopher!" nearly yells Tara, as she hops off her chair, ducks under Six's wings and gloms herself onto Christopher with a friendly hug. She disengages herself when the man mentions what their cooking tonight and she throws her arms up in the air. "Cookies! Hooray!" She looks curiously at the book offered up by the teacher and she takes it out of his hands, running her fingers over the cover. "Oh! It's braille."

"Sorry, I didn't make anything today, I had work at the salon all day, but Tara has her first cooking lesson." Christopher says with a smile. "Yes, it's both in braille and written so I can read it. Just find the chocolate chip cookie recipe and then read what it calls for, once we know the ingredients, we can gather them together so we can begin." He says as he looks over to Six. "If you want anything to eat, I can whip you up something quick like a grilled cheese and pancetta sandwich?"

There's a grin as he's ducked under, but after that he's wing fluttering at the contents of the fridge. Not a whole lot of free space near him as those arms spread. Christopher has him perking up and looking over. "Really? Could you, please? I'm always hungry." A bit sheepish that, and as he closes the door. "Could I have three?" Those wings take a lot of energy. "It won't be in the way of your lesson, will it?" Speaking of lesson, he's realizing he doesn't know Tara. Huh!

Tara realizes that she doesn't know Six at around the same time he doesn't know her. "Oh!" she says out loud, turning to him, and extending a hand. "I'm Tara. New blind girl in the school."

Christopher goes to the fridge and gets out some cheese, pancetta and butter, then gets the loaf of bread and puts them in front of Tara. "Do you think you can butter six…ten pieces of bread for me?" Christopher asks Tara as he's making her help not only make dinner for Six, but a sandwich for himself and Tara as well. "After that, we'll set the frying pan, and I'm going to have to find a way for you to get it the right temperature and know. I wonder if they make cooking appliances with braille."

"Thanks, sir!" Six gets himself away from the fridge and stove area so that they can be used. Doesn't stop him from shaking that hand though. "You're what?" That shocks him. She's blind? There's a startled look to Christopher about it. That for real? And the shock means his own interruption is a little slowed. "..Um, sorry! I'm Six. As in the number. Are you a new student, or have I just totally missed you?" Considering everything he's missed lately, that's a possibility. His wings lift and partially spread, showing every emotion as they occur.

"I'm blind," Tara says, turning towards the other student, and pulls off her lavender sunglasses to show him her ice blue eyes that have no pupils. While her back is turned, a slice of bread peels itself off the loaf, and a knife slices through the butter. "Yeah, I've only been here a couple of weeks, so you haven't missed much of me."

"So you're having a new lesson today Tara, Grilled cheese. An easy staple of living." Christopher says with a chuckle. "And yes Six, Tara is blind and she was interested in cooking and who am I to tell someone they can't do something just cause they're blind. I am going to see if we can get some talking appliances so you know what temperature to set things to." Christopher says as he plugs in an electric skillet and sets it to the appropriate temperature.

There's a laugh of something akin to delight at those eyes, and he says, "You certainly don't move like you're blind." Six is smiling, and he stands safely (For other people) out of the way to let the two cook. "I'm afraid my power is very easy to guess." Wings flutter a little as he speaks. Then as there's talk of appliances he asks, "Can't you mark the knobs for her? Or even just use dots of super glue?" No clue what it's like being blind, but he knows what Braille is. "Until something better is found?"

Tara chuckles at Six, turning back around and grabbing hold of the knife to spread the butter on the piece of bread. "You're Batman," she says in a mock, gruff voice. At the mention of moving like she's not blind she just shrugs. "I've just got an advantage most blind people don't have," she explains, waving the butter knife in the air. "It's kinda like a sixth sense. But I'm missing one. So it's a fifth sense." She puts the buttered bread aside and pulls out another slice to butter. "We've got some replacement knobs for the oven on the way."

"Oh that's good, I'm glad they have replacement knobs coming. Right now, we'll have to be careful." And Christopher is going to be going online and see what's good for culinary with the vision impaired. "So when you have those pieces of bread, come over here and I'll help you with putting the the cheese and pancetta on and then on the griddle. I just don't want you to burn yourself."

He's what? That earns Tara a cheesy grin as Six spreads those wings properly. Even in the large kitchen they cover nearly most the space. "I'm Batman." Does a pretty lousy imitation, and laughing the teen folds of those wings so that he doesn't take up a ton of area here. "That's cool." Not worried about the knobs. Just making a suggestion. Not having anything further to add, Six merely watches. His stomach does audibly growl during this, and he suddenly finds the ceiling very interesting.

Tara giggles at Six's growling tummy as she finishes buttering up the rest of the slices. "Tell it to be patient," she says to Six with a grin. To Christopher, a different question as she brings him the slices. "What's Pancetta?"

"Sorry Six, we'll get the sandwiches done soon. Once they're on the griddle, they'll be cooked quick." Christopher says as puts the cheese and pancetta in front of Tara so she can put them on the bread. "Pancetta is like a bacon, but round. It goes really well on grilled cheese sandwiches and I like to keep some precooked for this occasion."

Wings droop to the floor as the teen looks briefly dejected, "I tell it every day." Six is hungry a lot of the time. Of course his demeanor was a joke and he's soon back to smiling. Those wings shift and rustle in an animated manner, echoing his good mood. Omg.. bacon? His stomach rumbles again and Six looks sheepish, wings tucked in against his legs. "That sounds great." His stomach thinks so too. "It's okay, sir. You're doing me the favor after all."

Tara leans over the counter to sniff at the cheese and the pancetta, to tell which is which. She shifts the two piles to be within easy reach and, in due time, has a small assembly line going for the sandwiches. Deciding to show off a bit, she turns around again to talk to the other student as her telekinetics expertly place the various ingredients together before placing them in front of Christopher. "So, Six, how long have you been here for?"

Christopher watches Tara carefully before directing her to place them on the skillet carefully so she doesn't burn her hands, cause that wouldn't be fun. "Grilled cheese is always my default 'easy meal' made quick, nothing fancy but it's always good. And the bacon just makes it that much better." He says with a chuckle as he goes to get a spatula to put in Tara's hand. "Now this is gonna be the hard part, figuring out when they're done."

Having no 'funky' powers as many others do, Six watches in fascination as things move around. "Uh, what?" A blink, but then another smile. "Oh, sorry. A couple of months now. Not too long. I don't remember exactly. My sister teleported me near here by accident and I got to stay." The teen looks to Christopher as the man speaks, and he falls silent so that he doesn't interrupt the lesson.

Tara has an advantage with her spatial sense in that she knows where the griddle is at so she doesn't have to worry about accidentally touching it. "Bacon makes everything better," she says matter-of-factly, and grabs the spatula, poising herself over the griddle like a cat waiting to pounce. "Is she here, too?"

"Okay Tara, flip 'em." Christopher says as he's still trying to figure out how she will be able to tell when they're getting close to being finished. He always goes by site. "That's quite the interesting way to discover Xavier's, so are you glad you got to stay here or do you wish you were back home already?" He's heard that from several students lately. "And Bacon does make a lot of things better. That it does."

"Bacon is awesome." Hands are clasped behind back to keep himself out of trouble, but Six shakes his head. "No." His sister isn't here. "She should be though, but my parents were too freaked at me being here to let her." He shrugs, wings echoing the motion. Until Christopher's question. The teen brightens and wings lift, "I love it here. Don't want to go back home." One of the few, but then he hasn't had bad things happen yet.

Tara flips when instructed, nostrils flaring as she catches the scent of cooking butter and bread. "My mom didn't want me to come here," she says. "She didn't think this place would be a good influence on me. She thought she could try to convince me to not use my powers, but there's no way I'm not going to use 'em." She leans down closer to the griddle to get a better sense of the subtly changing scents that rises from it as the sandwich cooks. "She thought that 'responsible use of natural talent' that was mentioned in the brochure was a code for 'how to hide you're a mutant'. But this is the best place on earth! I'm so gonna be an X-Man when I graduate."

"It's very hard not to use your powers, I use mine everyday at my other job." Christopher admits with a chuckle. "I love my powers. I honestly do. And it's great here. I always thought. I was actually a student here many years ago." Christopher says as he reaches behind Tara to turn the skillet off and gets some plates and puts them next to her. "So three for Six, one for Tara and one for me." He says as he shakes his head. "There's not really hiding your talent more….learning to use it responsibly."

Six snorts with laughter at the idea of hiding that he's a mutant. "Not all of us can hide." Not like his wings disappear or anything. "I'm with you both. I love it here, and I wouldn't change my wings for anything." The young man doesn't want to be a X-man, but that doesn't mean he isn't glad to be here. Should a plate be offered he accepts it eagerly. "Thank you!" Wings flutter in a distressingly cute manner. He'd be embarrassed if he knew.

Tara walks over to the cutting board and draws a knife out, and proceeds to cut the sandwiches into triangle halves, placing six halves onto a plate and carries it over to Six. "I don't know why you'd want to hide them anyway," she states, holding out the plate to him. When he takes them she asks, almost bashfully. "Can I touch them?"

Christopher watches Tara carefully with the knife, and yes there are a bit of nerves at a blind girl with a knife but he lets her do her thing as he takes a sandwich for himself. "Okay, once we clean up with this, you still up for trying cookies or is that going to be the next lesson?" He asks to see if Tara is still up for some baking or not. "Well, I don't think mutants should hide, I mean, we are people too just with unique abilities is all."

Yum! Plate taken, he's bitting down into a half as Tara asks to touch the wings. Six grins around his mouthful and nods, wings spreading. Oh, wait, right. It's not completely clear, but he manages, "Sure." No hesitation, and certainly not shy. A wing is extended to her for examination. In reality an altered human arm, the wing feels like it. The fingers are extended to make wing struts, and the skin stretched out between them. That skin feels leathery, and is easily folded if there's give. "Couldn't hide anyway." Six repeats between mouthfuls. He scarfs down sandwiches as Tara examines.

Tara runs her hands along the upper part of the arm, feeling it's bicep, first before moving down the arm until she gets to it's modified hand. "Coool," she says as she follows one of the finger struts to it's tip, feeling the leathery patagia between her fingers. Hearing Six scarf down the sandwiches makes her own tummy make a little rumble of it's own. "'Scuse me," she says, blushing a little as she moves back to where the sandwiches are cut, passing one to Christopher and another to herself. She eats it with about as much gusto as Six does and says between mouthfulls, "I think this is good for now, It'll give me something to look forward to next time."

"Okay, well we have the stuff to make chocolate chip cookies so that'll be the next thing we cook, I promise." Christopher says to Tara ruffling her hair. "And I think your wings are incredible Six." They are something that is just so fascinating looking to the stylist. "Okay well I think I'm going to start cleaning up after I finish eating this and then head home to spend some time with Jeri for a bit."

The exam tickles here and there, for he twitches and makes the occasional little sound for it. Six still doesn't seem to mind it though. "Thanks." He blushes for the compliment, "I can't really take credit for them though. Just something I was born with." Released the wing settles back down at his side, held low instead of high. "Good night, sir. Thanks again for the food." His stomach very much approves. Tara is also a tease, but he doesn't say that. "It was nice meeting you, Tara. Thanks for cooking for me. I should get back to my home work." He's put it off quite long enough.

Tara helps Christopher clean up once she's done scarfing down her sandwich. "I'll hold you to that," she says to her mentor. She can't help but sound disappointed when Six mentions his intention to leave. "Aww," she says. "Homework is lame."

Christopher waves to Tara and Six. "Thanks for the company tonight and you two take care. And homework maybe lame but it's still necessary." He says to Tara before he gives a final wave and heads off.

"Lame, but necessary." Six grins. "Night!" He waves both wing and normal arm as he scampers off. "Was great meeting you, Tara!" Sure he's awkward inside, but he manages to clear the doorway this time.

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