2011-02-21: Blind Exploration


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Summary: Sophie meets Heather & Hildegarde in the Rec Room.

Log Title: Blind Exploration

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.


Lately, Heather has taken a more laissez-faire attitude when it comes to napping. Instead of actually going to her room, she's been sleeping wherever she ends up sleeping. Today it's on the couch, or at least it was, as she bolts up from the sleeping position on the couch and glances around, drawing her fingers through her hair for a few moments. She picks up her tape recorder and stands up, rubbing her eyes lightly.

The sound of something tapping against the floor can be heard coming down the hallway. Moments later, Sophie steps into view; the tapping sound is the cane held in her right hand that she uses to probe the way in front of her. Her eyes are blindfolded, and in her left hand she carries a book, easily identified as to the contents by the prominent cross displayed on the cover. Once inside the room she comes to a halt; she taps the cane all around herself, finding no obstacles within reach; so she picks a direction, and starts moving towards… the pool table, as it turns out.

The front door to the mannor can be heard opening in the hall. There is the sound of heavy footsteps and then the door closes, followed by someone speaking in German. Hildegarde passes by the door to the Rec Room and pauses, backing up and doing a double take of the room. The woman is wearing a long white duster over a blue dress and has a phone pressed up against her ear. She shakes her head and says something else in German before hanging up the phone. "Good evening Heather, how are you? Is this a new student?"

Heather's eyes seem to adjust to her having her face stuffed into the corner of the couch, and her face shows some compression marks that the sighted might notice. The tapping gets her attention, though, and she walks alongside Sophie to figure out where she's going, though doesn't say anything. When Hildegarde says her name, though, she fiddles with her tape recorder for a few moments and plays, the sound quality being a bit fuzzy and mechanical, "I am doing rather well. I don't know who this is. I don't know if she is lost."

Sophie comes to a stop, and tilts her head upwards just as Heather falls into step beside her. She doesn't get a chance to say anything though, for at that moment Hildegarde makes her entrance. She pokes the ground around her, and the cane bumps against Heather's feet before Sophie steps forwards a couple of paces and turns around, so she can more or less face towards both Heather and Hilde at the same time. "I… yes, I am a new student, Senoritas," she murmurs. She clasps her hands around the cane in front of her. "I am not lost… yet. I can still remember the way back to my room, though this is a big place and I am sure I will be lost soon enough." Sophie speaks with a noticeable Spanish accent. She smiles softly, and bobs her head. "My name is Sophie DeCosta."

Hildegarde has a look on her face that could be read as confusion or concern. Why would no one show this new girl around instead of leaving her to wander blindly through the grounds. "Um..Yes, It is nice to meet you, Sophie. I am Hildegarde. I teach German and History here at the school."

Hilde pauses and gives Heather an odd look. Wait, doesn't Heather travel through time to answer questions on the recorder so she doesn't need to speak? If that's the case why didn't she just find out now who Sophie is and then tell her past self to record that answer…But then maybe she wouldn't have learned Sophie's name in the first place and…The woman shakes her head, having confused herself with such a thought process. "Um…How are you liking Xavier's so far. Have you met many people yet?"

"Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip," replies the other student through the machine, fiddling with the tape recorder slightly again once the message finishes. She glances down at it and plays further, "A pleasure to meet you Sophie DeCosta." She detangles her hair lightly for a moment and tilts her head back and forth, tapping her foot against the ground a few times -very- rapidly. "Are you the blind girl that Mason was talking about? Have you made kissy faces with him yet?" She wrinkles her nose slightly after that message plays.

The blindfolded girl is about to answer Hilde, when Heather's taperecorder spews out a variety of messages. At the last one, her jaw drops and her cheeks drain of color. "I, I, Senorita Heather, I am… Yes, yes I am the blind girl that I am sure Senor Mason has spoken of. And… no, I have not kissed him." She blushes fiercely, and fiddles with the loop at the top of her cane. "I have only been here for a little over a day, Senora Hildegarde, but so far it is very comfortable. I was shown around on my first day, but it is so *big*, and I cannot remember it all. I am trying to memorize how many paces it is from place to place, but it will take time." She pauses, and tilts her head. "What kind of History do you teach?"

Hildegarde chastises heather quickly, "Heather, do not pester your fellow students. Especially one so new." She shakes her head and looks back to Sophie. "Yes it was difficult enough for me to find my way around when I first came here, I can imagine how difficult it must be to have to count the steps." A short pause, "Oh? All kinds of History. I specialize in Ancient History, but I teach World and American History as well." A smile is offered to the girl even though it cannot be seen. "Heather, you haven't heard any of the other students talking about going into Mutant Town recently, have you?"

History being Heather's worst class (not because she can't memorize, but because she tends to just make things up), she falls silent at the discussion at the matter. Her grade level in history is about fifth grade. That being said, anything involving military tactics seems to capture her attention. "I haven't heard anything about Mutant Town lately. I heard about that whole kerfuffle before, but nothing recently. Maybe I have something written in my journals, though?"

The blind girl grins, and lets her hands drop back to her sides. "That will be fun," she replies. "I don't know much about American history, but I have learned some of the Ancient World. I wouldn't mind learning a another language, either; I hear German is quite similar to English." She perks an eyebrow, and tilts her head to face in Heather's general direction. "What is… Mutant Town? And…" her brow furroughs, "What is this… ker-fuffle? I do not know that word."

Hildegarde smiles, "Oh yes. German is…Not terribly like English. I believe Spanish is a little closer. But it is good to see enthusiasm for History. I also teach a small class on Mythology and ancient religions if you would find that interesting." She frowns at Heather, "Hmmmm…Well try to avoid going there if you can. There is something going on with the police and it is just a big mess right now. Granted, Magneto promised me himself that it is safe to attend the peace marches going oon there but…I'd feel safer if you stayed indoors until it gets cleared up." She glances at Sophie, "Mutant Town is just a section of the city with a large Mutant Population. The Genotian Embassy is there as well."

"I'm supposed to have someone escort me if I go out so far, because I am 'unstable'," plays Heather, rolling her eyes in an exaggerated way at that, but paranoid schizophrenia is on her records as being the reason. She scratches her scalp lightly for a few moments and then adds, "I guess I'll avoid going unless someone brings me, as it usually goes. And a kerfuffle? A kerfuffle is like a scuffle, but it has expanded like a kernel of popcorn and becomes fluffy. So a kerfuffle." This origin of the word is very fake.

Sophie ahhs, and nods quickly. "I am sorry, Senora Hildegarde; it is only what I have heard." She taps around herself once more, and again encounters only Heather's feet. "Oh! Sorry, Senorita Heather. Please understand, I get anxious if I don't know what's… around me, if you see what I mean." She pauses, and shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I don't think I'll be going to this Mutant Town alone, either, or… really anywhere for that matter, certainly not in a strange country." She shifts her hold on the book she's still carrying, and crooks it under her right arm. "So… do you mind if I ask what it is that you… uhm… do?" She blushes fiercely, and tilts her sightless gaze downwards. "Your… gifts? I don't know what you call them here."

Hilde nods to Heather. "Well if you see any other students please relay the message. If you go into the city with a group I feel less worried, but still…" She trails off and turns back to Sophie. "What is my gift? My mutant ability? I suppose mine would be summed up as superhuman strength. I'm…Not quite sure how much I can lift, but I have no difficulty picking up a semi." She picks up a foot and puts it down with a loud clang. "A side effect is that I weigh nearly a thousand pounds, but I look the same as everyone else."

"You hit my foot?" plays Heather, looking down at that. She makes a high pitched squeak at that and then plays, "It's difficult for me to tell small tactile differences like that. My ability is temporal in nature. I experience time differently from others here. You are a slow worlder and I am a fast worlder. For every second passing in slow world, five pass by in fast world. This has a lot of implications, one is that… I experience momentum as being less than slow worlders do, hence a tap to my shoe is much lighter than a tap to anyone else's." As she gives this long explanation, she starts to fiddle with her cellphone as if taking care of something.

Sophie nods her head as she listens, and her eyebrows rise at hte claims made by Heather and Hilde. "I am… suitably impressed," she replies. "And I will try to make sure I never cross anyone with gifts like yours. For my part… I heal. When I touch people, I can make their wounds knit and their illnesses go away. Though I am not very god at it yet." She shrugs her shoulders lightly, and allows a smile to come to her lips. "Still. It is a gift from God, and I will do as much good with it as I can."

Hildegarde is silent as she hears Heather explain her power again. She always gets confused by exactly how and what is going on with Heather's ability. Perhaps she'll have Jasmine try to explain it later. "Oh you can heal? That is a wonderful gift. You have no idea how useful such a gift is! Why I was shot several times a few weeks back in Africa. A healer from another school was able to make me better again." Her smile falters at the mention of God. "Oh." That is all. She apparently has no comment to this.

Heather continues tapping on her cellphone call pad before looking up for a moment and playing on the tape recorder, "Healing? That seems like it would be useful. Should I become injured, I'll know where to go." She glances over towards Hilde and notes, "Oh, that whole Africa thing seems like it was a real kerfuffle, too…"

Sophie's eyebrows rise sharply, and she 'ohs!' as she sucks in her breath. "You were shot? That's awful!" She fidgets where she stands, and ends up shifting her book back to her left hand. "I am glad you were tended to, Senora Hildegarde. Do you need any further attention? I… I am not sure about gunshot wounds, I have never had to heal anyone with such a thing. But if you still feel pain, I might be able to help." She backs away a step, and flicks her cane around behind her to tap about. "I… is there a seat nearby, or a table? I would like to put my book down for the moment."

Hilde smiles, "Oh no, I am quite alright now." She is unsure about this word Heather keeps using. Perhaps it is some American slang she is not used to. "And yes, that was the least fun Field Trip I have been on. Oh yes dear, there is a pool table about a meter behind you."

"You do look like you're okay now," says Heather to Hilde, nodding once, before she taps her nails a few times on the plastic of her recorder. She crosses her arms and glances between Hilde and Sophie for a moment, "I have never been shot in this setting before. What is it like?"

Sophie nods her head slowly. "Thank you," she replies. She turns around, and her cane precedes her as she walks towards the pool table. The cane completely misses any of the legs though, so she just ends up walking into it, and she nearly drops the book. "…I found it," she murmurs. The book is placed neatly in the middle, and she turns around to face back towards Hilde and Heather. "I have no urge to find out what being shot feels like," she adds. "I… I cannot imagine it being anything but very painful."

Hildegarde nods, "Um yes. Well it was painful. And very unpleasant. And it ruined my shirt." She pauses for a moment. "I had never been shot before that little war Magneto staged in Mutant Town. And then multiple times in Africa…I hope it does not become a common occurrence for me." She sighs and glances past the girls to the window behind them. "Well, I should probably head upstairs. I have to teach a class early tomorrow. I hope you enjoy your stay with us Sophie."

"Oh, it is. It's painful in other settings anyhow, I can't imagine it being very good in this one!" Heather smiles in return to Hildegarde when she says that it was painful and unpleasant, which corroborates what Heather thinks it's like. "Have a goodnight, ma'am. I am not sure if you're providing the audiotapes for my latest history class, but please let me know if you know or when you know."

Sophie humms softly. "I should probably consider some sleep for myself, as well," she admits. "I have to choose classes in the morning, I think? Or be assigned them. I am not sure which." She picks up her book and hugs it against her chest, displaying the crucifix on the cover just below the one on the chain around her neck. "Err… also, might I ask, is there a chapel nearby? Do either of you know?"

Hilde glances at Heather. "Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. I posted the recordings online." She pulls a paper out of her pocket and jots down an address, taking it over to Heather and handing it to the girl. "I'll upload them the night after my lectures, and if you have any questions please come to my office." She shakes her head at Sophie, "No sorry. I do not know of any within close distance of here. There are quite a few in the city though. But I must be to bed. Goodnight girls." And with that she heads out the door.

"I have no idea. Hosea might know that, if you happen to meet him. He is all about that kind of stuff," says Heather, nodding a few times rapidly at that, if only to agree with herself. She scuffles her feet slightly and notes, "Well, I should make breakfast if you're both going to bed." It might be a weird time to make breakfast, but Heather is not keen on following norms.

Sophie hmms softly, and her cane dangles from the loop as she lifts her hand to tap her lips lightly. "Well…" She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I suppose I can see if anyone can make me a proper crucifix. Though I'll need to go to church properly sometimes, for confession and prayer." She blushes softly, and taps in front of her with her cane. "But, I don't need to worry about that now, I suppose. I think I know my way back to the dormitory; I am about to find out." She smiles, and bobs her head. "It was good to meet you both."

"Yes, it was nice to meet you too, a pleasure as always, and I'm sure that I will cross paths with you again here, one time or at another," plays Heather, nodding once at that, "Farewell." With that, she zips off to the kitchen, leaving a gust of wind where she was the moment before.

~ Fin ~

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