2010-02-02: Bobbidy


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Summary: Another part of the battle.

Date: Ferbruary 02, 2010. Simultaneous with Bibbidy and Boo... or something


Rating: R

NYC - Central Park Lake

Bethesda fountain sits at the edge of the lake with a large terrace for people to hang out and relax. Benches sit under the trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. A dock stretches out into the lake for people to rent row boats to enjoy the entire lake. In the distance Bow Bridge can be scene crossing the man make lake.

Over Central Park, three sigils have appeared. One over the center of the park itself. One over the lake. One over the zoo. Demons are swarming to them from all over. Small demons. Powerful demons. A little bit of everything. The heat is rising. There's a smell of magic, fire, and blood in the air. Something big is happening tonight. Some heroes know what's going on. Some do not. However, messages have been passed through channels that can connect some.

Among the demons is Kryst'fyr, with his dark blue, scaled skin, tail and only wearing a pair of tight black pants. He looks different, a lot different, than those who remember the teacher from Xavier's. For one his smile is, malicious looking. To say he's gone over to the dark side is an under statement, it seems he's risen up fairly well in it as he is commanding a small group of demons. "No matter what happens, we must not let ANYONE breech this line." He commands in a loud, firm voice.

For once Mikhail is in the city and not looking for a fight, hes dressed in black jeans, a black button up shirt, a black tie, black sneakers, sunglasses and his dyed blond hair is gelled into casual disarray. He is here just to learn more about people, thats until he spots the sigils, out of instict he starts running towards the clostest one, the lake.

To'fyr is standing in the line of demons beiing commanded by Kryst'fyr, his skin is dark red, his fingertips are black and he has gained serious muscle, hes wearing black jeans and a baseball cap he took from one of his "pets", hes looking at the chaos around him and laughing joyfully, "This is absolutly delisous!"

The war is not over just because the soldier is wounded, and the name Kazhurr, "Bringer of Righteous Vengeance", was in part for his tendency to ignore his own injuries. It helps, of course, that he now has a song in him that makes him MUCH harder to hurt, because in the skirmish three days ago, he was nearly taken out by friendly fire - Pete Wisdom's solar-plasma hot-knives across his back. Without a healing device, he has to rely on his own recovery, and it's not that far along.

That doesn't seem to stop him though - he came at the authorities' warning and is here, for whatever it's worth.

It's been a few weeks of hell, and Green Man isn't having it. He's not happy. His body is currently covered in a very thick green skin… Thick and moist. Almost like a cactus's skin. He carries with him a VERY large bag. That bag has pockets all over it. Needless to say, the Green Man is not happy with what's going on. In his hands, he has a very thick vine that seems to be nearly dripping with moisture. He's not sure how well he'll do out here, but with the NYPD virtually useless, and all the Avengers busy, he's going to be here.

Christopher spots the golden boy, leafy wonder and feral lad and smiles, raising himself up into the air with a corona of light surrounding his body. "Keep them busy till everything is complete. Let them play at being hero." He flies down, fast, right in front of Keld and stops. Right as he stops though he lights of a blinding flash of light aiming to blind the hero and throw him off, to give himself the edge before laying into him.

Mikhail eyes widen in a mixture of fear and primal rage when he sees the line of demons in front of him, he regesters the man who helped him in his last fight and grins, cool backup, he also regesters the weak scent of the school coming from at least two of the demons, he grins widely, baring his fangs, "This should be fun".

Topher licks his lips, "Heroes, yum, i call the green guy", he charges towards Green Man, while running he blends in with his surrounding, all that can be seen is his eyes and the five foot radius of dying plantlife surrounding him, as he charges at him he pulls his fist backwards for one hell of a punch.

Blinded by the light- er, not as much as it would seem. Keld is aware now that the demons with the extra powers are most likely possessed humans, and that would be something he would be careful about except that he has no intention of letting whatever this ritual is, complete. If that means casualties, then he will mourn the dead later.

His engineered vision is keen, invulnerability is not immunity to all things, and the flash unexpected, which means he is blinded for perhaps 5 seconds, since he hasn't got the armor he would normally wear to battle. And that would be a bad thing if he weren't trained to fight in the worst possible conditions. A flat-hand snaps out directly in front of him in a chest-high strike that could turn into a feint or a grab if it hits.

Keld's other hand remains tucked in to a fist, ready to turn into a second strike, a parry, or a grab based on his 'feel' for what his attacker is doing. As yet he's not unslung the crowbars from their makeshift scabbards on each leg.

Planning is one of Aaron's strong points. Creating new plantlife is another. If it would only last outside his range of power. But whether or not it does, he can use it for now. He reaches into a pocket and flings out a handful of spores at the oncoming horde of demons. With a push from the Green Avenger, they begin to grow, very rapidly, forming into black and red plants shaped very much like Venus Fly-traps. It's one piece of his arsenal for now. He bred these particularly. But he hasn't had any true field trials. With his powers on them, they'll digest much faster than usual.

Christopher uses that five seconds to get the edge, as soon as he blinds Keld with a flash of light, he's not sticking around in front of him. Kryst'fyr flies back and sends a beam of light at Keld, 35 tons of force in one solid beam of light, aiming at him. He's been trained, he knows how to fight and now that the inhibitions have been removed so he's not holding back. Aerial combat is his forte, so he doesn't land, but sticks to the skies to execute his attacks, using his light's range to his advantage. The punch from the Topherdemon does hit Aaron and causes him to fly forward. Fortunately, his form is durable right now. And the plants are still there around him.

Mikhail growls when Keld is attacked, he takes an offencive stance and runs full pelt at Christopher, dropping the sunglasses to the floor as he runs, when hes close enough, he leaps into the air aiming to land on his back.

Five seconds is a long time in close combat, but trained maneuverability is also a powerful tool, and Keld's attempt to move toward the air-pressure front simply doesn't get him there in time; he sees that Kryst'fyr is now out of reach, and really wishes he had a blaster. Unslinging one crowbar, he starts to weigh it for a throw when

WHAM! Solid Light! And they said humans were primitive! Unfortunately, that's rather more force than Keld can just shrug off, and even as a glancing blow it tears a hole in his arm…no, just the uniform. The gold skin underneath is unmarked, as Keld goes flying/rolling/up on his feet 20 feet to the side.

Topher laughter as Aaron is knocked backwards quckly turn into a roar of pain as the plant begin biting at him, "You are so dead!", he starts ripping the attacing plants out of the ground, trying to ignore the acid coming from bites and focus on revenge.

As he lands, Aaron scours the ground nearby, since he doesn't have time to search his back. He grins as he finds a few spores and seeds in the dirt. He blows them at the demon's face, forcing their growth. Yes, he's feeling sick. But he's NOT going to let it get to him. The spores and seeds are random. A little ragweed. A little dandelion. A little this and that. As soon as it hits, he starts growth, hoping some of it was breathed in. Maybe it'll work.

Kryst'fyr gets ready for a second attack on Keld when he feels something jump on his back, well, that's just annoying. He grabs Mikhail with his tail and wraps it around him and his body, trying to hold the teen there as he turns around to fly backwards into Keld, using Mikhail as a meat shield. Kryst'fyr is coming in fast too at about seventy five miles per hour, he isn't using his full speed but he's trying to hit him hard, killing two birds with one stone.

Mikhail grins as he makes the landing on the demon-teacher's back, when his tail wraps around him pinning his arms to his sides, he snarls and struggles to free himself, trying to kick and bite at the demon, cursing loudly.

Topher grins as he rips his way through the plants, but is met by a handfull of spores and seeds thrown by Aaron, something in them triggers an allegy, he begins coughing as his throat closes up and his eyes become aggitated, he blunders forwards and takes a blind swipe at him.

Quick tactical assessment… GreenMan, otherDemon, weirdplantslikebackhome eating demonlings, sigil, line-they-don't-want-us-to-cross, lightblasting demon using familiar-sounding blond kid as ablative shield in rocket death attack… "Schmegt! that kid will be PASTE if he hits me at that speed!" Keld doesn't say that in English, it would take far too long. He jumps up, because if the demon is indeed committed to his attack and has to obey inertia, then Keld can try … a kick or openhand strike to the head, but he's really most hoping he can grab that tail and use it to redirect that momentum, throwing the kid free. The kid? Hope he's tough.

The allergy trick worked. Green Man is definitely happy about that. But the swipe scores a rake across his face. Fluid leaks from beneath his green, prickly skin. It's not blood, but… it's something organic. "Ok, now that was just rude. I could have exploded all of that in your chest, but I didn't figure that would be a good idea." He says, ducking back. Seeing what Keld's doing, he tries to follow where the kid may land and thrusts out towards some of the trees already there. Their leaves begin to bloom in heavy amounts as the branches spread to cover more area, giving more soft leaf growth. Yes, he turned his back on Topher to do this.

The tail is wrapped around Christopher's body so Keld really can't get a grip on it as it flies past. He stops himself as there is no impact and Keld is now in front of him. The fist strikes but the scales protect him from the force, being able to protect to upto 20 tons of force. He grabs Mikhail with his tail and tosses the teen off of him, if he can. "Trying to play hero, all you big guys are alike. Thinking you can keep me down. All under estimating me, well you under estimated the wrong guy." He says as he flies right up to Keld and without pausing, as soon as he's a foot away from him, he fires a point blank light blast at the Alien's chest.

Appearing from nowhere, Illyana Rasputin falls to the middle of the battlefield as she sinks her dagger into the ground. "Keep them away from me, please! I have to help Amanda free the earth. Just keep them back while I channel her spell!" She shouts, erecting a barrier around herself. 5….

Mikhail falls to te ground luckerly landing on the soft patch of leaves created by Aaron, he still takes a hit but is relitivly unharmed, thats when he sees the woman, "Okay, i'll help her", he gets to his feet and rus towards Illyana.

Topher puts a hand to his throat as he continues to choke, but then Aaron turns his back, idiot, if Topher's going down hes taking this guy with him, he tries to use the limited mastery of his telekenisis that he has to pull Aaron towards him, aiming to take hold on the mans throat.

Psychological battle tactics? Is this one a part-slave like the collared one was, or a full slave like the exploding boy-who-went-vargr? Nevermind. Keld uses the time as Kryst'fyr approaches to map the movement, get into the flow.

Anyone who has seen aikido would recognize this move, even though it had alien origins: the movement in is an attack, the hand striking with solid-light is chi (or whatever they call it on Dakkam) and the best way to deal with that is to simply not be where it is, a sidestep, and to assume control of the attacking weapon if possible. The alien moves aside just enough.

There is a counter-move: to stop the attack. But if it isn't stopped, the alien will step closer, one hand to slide down the inside curve of the arm with the weapon, the other to strike up towards the face, a feint that normally becomes a push-backwards. The movement is almost seductive.

If it works, or not, Keld will answer plainly, "I do not underestimate you. But I will protect these people. I won't let you harm them."

Laying there on the ground, Aaron calls out. "Kazhu*HACK*" He turns around, feeling the pain in his throat. Fortunately, his throat is very touch, but he still has to breath. He reaches for something, anything and can't quite reach his seedbag. He's just not able to, though he does finally rip it enough to get it to spill.

Kryst'fyr's attack may be side stepped but Keld faces the same problem he did before, even when he it's him, Kryst'fyr's scaly skin prevents any damage from actually happening to him. "Oh the hero, how romantic." He says, voice dripping with sarcasm as he uses his light as more than just a beam. He manipulates it so that he wraps it around Keld's body like a band and then starts to constrict it. He hasn't once stepped foot on the ground, staying in the air the entire time.

Illyana sighs. "If you insist. Eleka nahmen nahmen Ah tum ah tum eleka nahmen. Eleka nahmen nahmen Ah tum ah tum eleka nahmen." She says, speaking and then sing-chanting into the air. 4…

Mikhail positions himself in front of Illyana in an offencive stance, "What ever your doing, do it quickly!"

Topher begins choking Aaron and brings him face-to-face with him, looking him in the eyes, "you… will… pay… for… that…", hes still choking from the spores, and if hes gonna choke, so is Aaron.

Keld swears to himself as the light-demon evades, somehow flexing that light into bands that start to wrap him. He's unable to break them, without changing his song, which would likely mean he would be crushed in the transition time. He's held in place, but the bands can constrict only so far, then it's like trying to crush neutronium.

Aaron is strangling, but he did manage to get one seed. That seed is in his hand. He lifts it slowly, struggling to maintain focus and breathe. He holds it up at eye level with the demon and forces it to begin to grow. IT's a rose seed. An old type of rose, before they tried breeding out the thorns. The thorns on this one are nasty. Sure, they may not pierce demon armor, but surely, if there are enough of them, it'll find SOME weak spot. Ears. Nose. Eyes. He's trying whatever he can.

Christopher can't quite get Keld to 'crush' like he's trying, but again, he's not trying to kill, just injury horribly. It's more fun when they're still alive to play with after all. Instead he uses his light to raise Keld into the air with him, about twenty feet off the ground. "Can you fly Golden-Boy?" He asks before letting the 'band' around him disappear and hoping that Keld just falls to the ground.

"I'm simply a channel. Just letting her magic flow through me." Illyana states before she scrunches her face. "MUST I?" She sighs. "Fine. Hocus Pocus." 3…

Mikhail decides that for now the woman is fine, so he takes a running jump at Christopher trying to knock him off balance long enough to help Keld.

Topher lets Aaron go as he tries to protect his unarmored face from the stabbing rose, he throws a fist forwards in an attempt to knock him away.

Hit the ground from 20 feet up? Not really a problem for someone who can do a 30 foot vertical leap. And Keld can breathe again, which is nice, even though with this song playing he doesn't actually need to. Alas, cannot share that with Green Man.

He hits the ground with a slight crouch to absorb the shock and not sink in too far, and is glad he hasn't opted to change that song. Hitting the ground without it would have hurt his back again, and that's something he doesn't need - the crushing of the light bands having shredded parts of his uniform, and the bandages underneath, and the not-really healed burns show across his back as the shreds fall off him. Seeing the blond kid leaping at the light-flyer, he doesn't want to reveal that fact, so he snarls, "Why, afraid to come closer, oh high and mighty too good to touch the earth?"

Aaron takes a deep, sudden breath as he flings the growing bush at the OTHER demon. "Eat it." He says with a bit of a snarl. Along with that, he… goes flying again. Damn punches to the face. He's gonna be all bruised up. At least the cactusskin can take it.

"Not afraid, as yes, I am too good to touch the Earth. Hell is a much better place for me." Kryst'fyr says with a chuckle as he brings his hand back to try to hit him with another beam of light, but before he can get it off, Mikhail jumps on his back and distracts Kryst'fyr. He doesn't fall, but he does loose altitude, twisting in the air to try to grab a hold of the kid.

Illyana is still focussing as best she can. Just concentrating on keeping the energy flowing. "Alakazam." 2…

Mikhail grins as he lands on the Christopher's back, right so this guy has armored skin, can i choke him?, lets give it a go, he wraps both arms around his neck and squeezes as tightly as he can.

Topher goes to attack Aaron again, but then finally becomes aware of Illyana, turning his back on him he starts charging towards her.

THAT was what he was waiting for. Keld does that leap thing. He's going to try to grab the demon as hes distracted, and maybe this time get a grip on him, since the kid's been able to hobble him somewhat earlier.

As he leaps he notices the wind across his body, where half his torso has been left bare by the costume shredding. "What is it?" he asks himself, "with demon types trying to take my uniform off me? Every time!"

Of course he's airborne by the time he sees the OTHER demon heading for the sorceress.

Aaron's just waiting, trying to see what happens next as he waits, taking deep breaths.

The hands around his neck are just annoying, but don't choke him. He reaches a hand back and tries to blast Mikhail off of his back with one of those light beams of his that hit /hard/. Keld is ignored at the moment as the kid is just annoying. That is until he's grabbed by the Avenger.

1… Illyana looks up, suddenly, and with a grin. "Ok, now I know you're just channeling power with mumbo-jumbo." She says with a laugh, "Bibbidy. Bobbidy. Boo." She raises the dagger skyward, and a portal forms over the castle, pulling at all of the remaining demons. The castle in the park and the mountain rise into it.. The demons also leave the minds of the remaining posessed.

Mikhail is blasted off Christopher's back and falls to the floor with a crack, "Ow".

Topher is just about to attack Illyana when the demon leaves him and he returns to his origanal state, he falls to his knees as the sudden pain from his powers returns, "W… w… what have i done?"

AND, that was what Keld was waiting for. Song shifts. Invulnerability switches for flight, and Keld is now holding the ex-demon in the air, but not restraining him. Because, when he saw it before, that demon being extracted was very painful to those affected. Snow starting to drift around them, he waits for the de-possessed man to finish doing whatever it is.

Aaron looks around as it all fades away. "Wow… it's over." He says, looking at the park, back in Pristine condition as he sighs. "Oh crap. Cold. This isn't gonna work well." He looks at the kid. "Hey, Kid. You need a ride? Just tell me where to take you. It's alright. I'm an Avenger." He offers with a grin.

There's a scream of pain from Christopher as the scales seem to retreat back into his skin, the tail slides into his body. He twitches involuntarily a few times and the pain in the change causes him to fall limp in Keld's arms. He's just wearing a pair of pants, the ones he was wearing as a demon. "Oh god.." He says as everything comes flooding back to him, he attacked these people, he attacked his husband, how could he have… He looks at Keld and nods. "Thank you and…sorry. Where was that kid I blasted, we have to make sure he's okay."

Mikhail is lying on the ground, hes unconscious but theres no serious damage that he can't heal from.

Topher has expirienced pain before but nothing like having a demon removed, he screams in pain, its like being burned from the inside out, when its over he falls to his hands and knees, tears streaming doen his face.

Keld lowers to the ground next to Mikhail, since that was the first one that this fellow asked after. "My name's Keld, by the way, not 'Golden Boy'. Or Kazhurr when I have enough of a uniform to be in it." He reaches a hand for Mikhail, to touch him long enough to tell if he's still alive.

"Khaz. Let's find out where they live and take them home." Aaron offers. "Green Man. Officer Aaron Simmons. We're Avengers." He says with a chuckle, not bearing any ill will.

Christopher doesn't have time to feel bad for himself, there are people here he should help with. He kneels down next to Mikhail and picks him up. "I think he's a student at the school, along with Topher." He says as they were there long enough for him to know before this whole mess started. "My name is Christopher, or Shine. They live at Xavier's, I can take them back there, if you trust me to take them. I understand if I royally screwed things up, but I'm sorry, if that means anything. I'm nothing like…that thing was."

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