Robert "Bobby/Iceman" Drake
Robert "Bobby" Drake
Portrayed By Christian Bale
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 13, 1980
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Iceman
Place of Birth Floral Park, NY
Current Location New York City, NY
Occupation X-Man
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities Ice Generation, Ice Body
First Appearance ???

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Born in Floral Park, New York to William Drake and his wife Madeline Bass, Bobby Drake was raised by his parents to be a fun-loving and caring son . They lived a generally quiet life in Long Island like any normal family might, but that soon changed as his mutant powers began to develop at an earlier age than most. He was constantly feeling cold and shaking, and despite numerous trips to the doctor to diagnose the problem, nothing really was discovered…he eventually managed to keep it under control, and life resumed as normal. His powers finally seemed to manifest themselves one day, as he was out on a date with a girl by the name of Judy Harmon. As they were heading home from a very pleasant evening out on the town, the two were accosted by the town 'bully', by the name of Rocky, and his group of thugs and meatheads. The group held Bobby back as Rocky attempted to have his way with Judy, and as his anger rose, Bobby could feel that chilly sensation beginning to quickly grow once again. Finally, once he reached his boiling point…or, freezing point, as the case may be…Bobby freed himself from his attackers, and blasted Rocky with a flurry of ice that emanated from his hand…it completely froze the bully in a solid block of ice. As impressive as this was, Judy was terrified and disgusted by the fact that Bobby was seemingly a mutant, and she fled, much to Bobby's dismay. Eventually word got around town that Bobby was a mutant, and a break in was attempted on his home. Just as some of the townspeople got inside and began to attack him, the sheriff of the town arrived, stopping the mob just in time. Bobby was put in a jail cell for his own safety. That same evening, Scott Summers had found out about the whole situation, and he found the jail where Bobby was being held. He blasted open a hole in the wall, allowing for his escape…yet when he offered the youth a place in his group known as the X-Men, Bobby rather rudely declined. This led to a fight between the two…that is, until the mutant-hating mobs arrived on the scene once again and began to attack the two of them.

Professor Xavier showed up and psionically stopped the crowd…then once again offered Bobby a place in his group, convincing him after a little bit of persuading. He soon became close friends with Hank McCoy, and the two of them were always more than eager to provide the 'comic relief' necessary to keep the X-Men from getting -too- serious. Bobby used this joking around as a facade to hide his own insecurities and poor self image.
During this first go-round with the X-Men, Bobby began to work on controlling his powers better; as a result, he learned to solidify his ice form.

While at the school, Bobby met a fellow mutant by the name of Lorna Dane aka Polaris…and eventually pursued a relationship with her. It unfortunately didn't last very long, as she began to date Havok, Scott's brother. Bobby didn't take this too well. A short time later, Bobby ended up leaving the X-Men altogether for personal reasons..the first time of many that he would leave the group. He did return to the 'biz', however, as the one of the founding members of a group known as the Champions. Soon after, however, this group disbanded, and Bobby retired for a short while, deciding to go back to school and get a degree in accounting, of all things. Unable to really keep the superhero thing suppressed for too long, he soon rejoined former X-Men comrades Angel and Beast in one incarnation of the Defenders. Once he grew bored of this latest venture, he once again retired and spent his time with what he had gone to school for; accounting. After spending some time with this, the bug returned yet again, and he found himself once again a member of the X-Men. Some time later (and a couple more exits and returns from the team), the team was attacked by Sentinels; Emma Frost was badly injured and comatose as a result. As Bobby checked on her condition, a breakdown of electricity…a power surge, if you will…hit the Mansion, with an unknown effect. Emma woke up, possessing Bobby's mind and using him as a pawn of sorts to discover the whereabouts of her students, known as the Hellions. Knowing that Bobby possesses unlimited potential and could be one of the most powerful mutants on Earth, she brought out powers in him that he wasn't even aware he had or was able to reach, and it made him dangerously strong in the process.

To cover her escape, Emma jumped into a river and prevented the X-Men from following by freezing the entire surface; she emerged about 5 seconds later a few miles down the road. It seems she discovered that one part of his power is the ability to travel through any body of water in no time…yet another sign of his potential. Upon reaching her offices, she found out that her students had all died, and thus she returned Bobby's mind to its rightful owner, and joined up with Xavier's cause. Once again after this incident, Bobby left the X-Men, deeply distraught and depressed over what had occured with the Emma possession.

Unexpectedly, he brought himself back into action once again, this time as a leader, as the majority of the X-Men were captured by Bastion. Upon helping rescue them, he went back into seclusion only to reemerge a short time later with his powers significantly improved due to gained confidence in himself and his abilities. This confidence was only temporary, however, as had once again begun to doubt himself once he found a secondary mutation beginning to develop; a part of his chest that had been injured and fixed would not revert from ice back to flesh. After encountering Azazel and his followers, Bobby had his body from the neck down completely shattered while in ice form, and after this his body seemed to be permanently stuck in ice form. Now more than just immature, he seemed to be very bitter and on the verge of just giving up at times.

On the upside, however, Polaris had broken up with Havok, and Bobby admitted that he still has feelings for her…although nothing terribly serious has developed out of the situation. He also had begun to search out ways to be able to revert back and forth between ice and flesh forms, and he seeked out Emma's help in this, since she seemed to know more about his powers than he did due to the earlier possession thing. After quite a bit of time trying to figure things out, Emma managed to awaken the ability in him to switch forms that had been previously been dormant.


He is an Omega-level mutant, his powers always evolving and growing stronger each time…
Bobby doesn't actually emanate cold, however; he absorbs and dispels heat. Since heat is energy, Iceman's power is technically a psionic ability to manipulate energy. He is able to lower his body temperature to minus 105 degrees within a few tenths of a second with no harm done to himself; he is able to freeze any moisture in the air around him to create an extremely hard form of ice, which he can use to form ice slides, ice shields and various projectiles.
He can also summon moisture from the air to form floods.
Bobby is immune to subzero temperatures, and he has thermal vision, able to detect objects by how much heat they generate.
He can manipulate all forms of moisture, and is able to turn his body completely into organic ice, his abilities greatly enhanced.
He can survive as not only as sentient ice, but also sentient water and vapor.


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