2010-03-17: Bon Appetite


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Summary: Theo meets Cam, Chloe, and Dunstin. Much tasty food is present.

Date: March 17, 2010.

Log Title: Bon Appetite

Rating: G

Xavier's Mansion - Rec Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Afternoon in the Rec Room. Theo wears nothing other than a pair of school sweats and a school T-shirt. His feet plod through the rec room barefoot. His clothes are in the wash, and he doesn't have any others yet. He has a sandwich in hand, turkey and swiss. The new kid looks like he got beat up. Two black eyes and a bandage over his nose. His hair is wet from a recent shower, and he doesn't look all that comfortable yet. His eyes drift around the rec room as he enters.
"Wow," he says aloud. "This school must be loaded."

As he makes his way into the Rec Room, Cam's arms are loaded. Anytime he comes here around lunch time or after, he tends to bring food. Today's selection? A tray of long-marinated souvlaki skewers, and a tray of handmade pitas with a bowl of homemade tzatziki. As he looks around, he places the three objects on a table for anyone to help themselves to. "Hey, Dunstin? Can you set the paper plates and plastic ware over here?" He calls to the door as he makes sure everything is open and available. "Couldn't think of an irish snack, so I did greek. Irish is supper tonight." He says with a firm nod before blinking. Someone he doesn't know in here. That always sends him into bashfulness for a little bit.

Walking into the rec room with a stack of paper plates, napkins and plastic silverware, Dunstin is following Cam. He's been watching him cook, not helping since that implies that Dunstin has some culinary ability. The boy has never cooked anything before, let alone made a sandwich. He's wearing a pair of khaki slacks with a white and yellow button down shirt. "It smells really good Cam, oh hey Chole." He says waving to the speedster. "Did you see they got the portrait of Xavier back up and repaired?" That was an interesting moment. Spotting the new student, Dunstin puts out his hand. "Hi, I'm Dunstin, Dunstin VonThurston."

It takes Chloe a good long moment (by her standards anyway) to even notice other people are in the room so intent is she on her solo foos ball game, with the occasional shot of a solo pool game she's also playing. "HeyguysandyeahIsaw," she offers, waving. "Givemeasecondtoslowmyself.. down."

The dark haired teen's eyes follow the pair that walk in, and he nods. "Theodore," he answers, taking the hand and giving it a solid, but not necessarily firm shake. "Havin' a party of some sort?" he asks, gazing upon the large amounts of food that just entered with them. He pulls his sandwich up to his mouth with the other hand and takes a bite from it. The sight of Chloe playing games by herself causes him to stop chewing. "Wow," he says with his mouth full, and then takes a couple more slow chews before swallowing. He's staring, but it's clear that he doesn't realize it.

"N… no. I just cook. A lot. And bring stuff up here." Cam says, bashfully as he looks about, blushing. The bigger teenager moves to the side and behind the table to fix himself a plate. "It's just souvlaki. And pitas with tzatziki. Nothing special." He says, biting his lip.
"Cam." he says, moving to the couch quickly.

Dunstin grabs himself some lunch and sits down next to Cam, pushing his glasses up. "Yeah, Cam's a great cook. I think the school is lucky to have him here." Dunstin says with a smile as he goes to eat a bit. Once done chewing, he swallows and speaks. "Nice to meet you Theodore. Are you new here? Or am I still new not to have recognized everyone yet?"

Chloe blinks a few times, her eyes fluttering. "Slowing.. down.. is proving … tricky… today," she says with a shudder. "Enlightenment isn't all roses." She twitches every so slightly, then begins slowly tapping at the pool table. "Sorry about that. Not sure what came over me. I guess I'm coming down with a bug because for some reason I'm /not/ hungry. And I'm /always/ hungry."

Theodore is still watching Chloe. "No, I'm new," he says, not looking at Dunstin as he speaks. "Hi," he then says to Chloe, with a bit less confidence than he gave to the guys in the room. Ahem, he's still staring. "I'm Theodore," he repeats with a smile. He realizes he's still staring, and suddenly snaps his eyes away and then back, trying to make it look like he wasn't staring the whole time. "I guess y'all go to school here?" he asks, as if there was a reason the group would be here if they didn't.

"No, I'm just the school chef, Dunstin is the school delivery boy, and Chloe… well… I don't know what she does." Cam says with a sigh. Yes. Sarcasm. It's only momentary though. He goes back to his food as he looks to Dunstin. "Newbie." he says with a nod. He pulls a piece of pork from his souvlaki skewer and chews on it thoughtfully.

"Hey, we're still kind of newbies too." Dunstin says but smiling at Cam's comment. "Yeah, I'm a student here and they're pretty uptight about letting non-students here so if you seen anyone here, they're more then likely a student, or a teacher." He continues to eat and looks at Cam. "This is really good. And are you sure you're not hungry Chloe? It's Cam's cooking?"

"I'm the sexy shoeless god of war," Chloe informs with a grin. "I tried looking up that geek thingy you talked about, but it was too wordy. So I found comics instead, although very little made any sense." She frowns and begins pacing back and forth. "While I've heard rumors of epic proportions about Cam's cooking I'm really not hungry. But I feel totally amazing so I can't be ill…"

Theo laughs, "I can call you that if you like," he says. It feels good, the first time he's laughed in a few weeks. "I might take you up on some of the stuff there. I'm good and hungry." He takes another bite of his own sandwich. He hasn't even finished his own food and he's ready for more.

"Feel free. That's why I make it." Cam says with a shrug. "Freshman. Cam Phillips. New Mutants." He explains, giving the basic rundown. "Tracking, Clairsentience, Head exploding." He keeps the ruse going on the last part. The clairsentience is new. Those that know him haven't heard that one yet. It's… a new thing. He picks up a piece of pita and dips it in his tzatziki.

"Huh, Clairsentience and what was the other one?" Dunstin doesn't remember the head exploding part though Cam might have told him. "Which geek think Chole? The whole Quickling thing? They're just a fast fae creature, usually evil and kind of a trickster but I was more referencing the fast thing. And believe me, CAm's cooking is better than what our cook back at home made."

Chloe sighs. "The game itself? There's the webcomic with stick figures and one is a sexy shoeless god of war." She doesn't seem to be aware of it, but her fingers are pushing into her palms so hard her knuckles are turning white. "Admittedly aside from that I know /nothing/."

Theo doesn't quite follow what Cam said at first, and the expression on his face makes it clear. He doesn't realize that he's listing his powers. "I don't really read webcomics I guess. I don't spend that much time in front of a computer. Are you okay?" he asks Chloe, noticing that her knuckles are turning white. He takes another bite of the sandwich.

To Dunstin, Cam explains. "Clairsentience. Now, when I find someone from a distance… I can see them. See what they see, smell what they smell, hear what they hear. Almost like… uhm… Astral Projection. But tied to a person." He says. "And making people's heads explode when I think too hard about them. That one, you knew about." He says with a nod. "Like… majorly concentrate." he doesn't know what they're talking about with shoeless gods.

"Oh that's right, I forgot about that, the head explody thing is kind of..weird." Dunstin continues to eat his food and just listens to people before he swallows and speaks. After all, he's knows not to talk with his mouth full. "That's kind of neat, the clairsentience thing. I just control luck but Chloe and Cam already know that. Chloe's seen the bad and Cam's seen the good."

"I'm wonderful," Chloe assures, nodding. "And that's totally the last time I look up geeky things. You have no idea how long a webpage takes to load at super speed, it's like a form of torture."

It occurs to Theo after Dustin gives his power just exactly what is being talked about. "Oh, your powers!" he says, feeling rather stupid. "So you can change people's luck?" he says pointing to Dustin, "You are really fast sexy shoeless god of war," he says as he points to Chloe, "And you…" he pauses, at Cam. "You explode people's heads? You're kidding, right?"

Cam shrugs innocently. As if he can't explain it any further. "I try not to think about that one. Just finding. And seeing." He says with a nod. Yay for the rumor-mill proving valuable. He doesn't exactly look like a combatant, so he likes to keep himself as that. "Dunstin's luck thing is really useful. When it works right." He grins, bumping the luck-manipulator in the ribs.

"Well if you want books, I can lend you a DnD Monsters Manuel. And really, it takes long? They've got wicked fast internet here." And there's the Rhode Island coming out in Dunstin, saying wicked. "I can only change peoples luck through dice so it's random, I don't choose if it's good luck or bad luck."

"It's fast for you at slow world speed," Chloe points out, finger pressing harder against her palms. "And please stop with the shoeless god of war thing, it takes /forever/ to say."

Theo arches his brow as Dunstin tells of his powers. "So through a dice role you could give good or bad luck? Why not just use a weighted die then? That way you'd make sure you gave the luck you wanted." He takes another bite of his sandwich, and sits down on the edge of the pool table. "Sorry," he apologizes to Chloe. "I don't know your name, still, and what are you doing to your hand?"

"Doubt it would work. Mutant powers are weird that way." Cam says with a shrug, before going back to his food. He's learning. Since he's got to be here, he's going to try to make the best of it. Though, he's still afraid he'll never get out to the real world again. "That, and the randomness can be a good thing."

"I don't know, I just like using my lucky set here." Dunstin says patting his pocket, he's never without his dice. "And she's Chloe, she's seen my bad luck." Dunstin says with a sheepish shrug. "And yeah, are you sure you're okay Chloe?"
"Why is everyone asking me that?" Chloe asks, raising a brow. "I mean I feel wonderful!" Little trails of blood begin to run out from her fingertips. "It was pretty impressive. But anyway what're you in for?" She nods at Theo.

Theo reaches out to take Chloe's hand. "Your hand!" he says. "You're making it bleed." He gives her a strange look, not sure what to make of a girl that drills her fingernails so hard into her hand that it bleeds. "You should go get a bandage or something." He doesn't answer the question about his powers, however. "I gotta go check my clothes so I can change back into my own clothes." He eats the last bite of his sandwich, and hops down from the pool table. "It was good to meet y'all. I'll have to catch you later if you're still here." And with that, and without revealing his powers, he hustles out the door. It's almost as if the question prompted him to leave.

As Theo heads out the door, Cam shrugs and goes back to his food. "Medbay's open. I heard most of the people were getting out." He says simply, not looking at people.
Dunstin walks over and looks at Chloe's hands. "Holy crap Chloe, you can't feel that?" He says going over to get some napkins so she can put them on her hands to soak up the blood. "Cam's right, you might want to head down to the medbay."

"Feel wha… ah. Nope," Chloe says, forcing her fingers open and looking at her hands. "Weird huh? Maybe I will just hit the medbay, get some bandaids or something." If anything she seems unnervingly cheerful about the whole thing. "I'll see you guys around then, have fun!"

Dunstin watches Chloe go, completely confused by her actions but just shakes his head and plops down next to Cam and nudges him. "So, you free this afternoon for doing something? Like just getting out of here?"

"Yes, please." Cam says, almost hopefully. "Anything, as long as I'm not HERE. I just need to get out." He nods, quickly as he finishes up his food. Someone else will clear away the rest of the food. He will clean up later.

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