2009-12-28: Bones And Boobs


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Summary: A new arrival on campus gets Sam's attention

Date: December 28, 2009

Bones and Boobs

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Front Gates

Large Iron gates standing twelve feet tall in front of you with an elaborate letter X designed on each of the gates. An Iron Gate stretches around both sides of the school. The gates are usually found closed and open to those who know the correct code to enter in the keypad on the left. Beyond the gates a large statue can be seen in a courtyard and a building in the shape of an X.

A teleportal opened outside of the mansion, depositing a pink-skinned, purple haired young… woman. Carrying a piece of paper, Leighton looks up at the gate. He… She pulls her arms tightly about herself. Knocking on the metal, she asks, "Hello?" Bone growths are sprouted from her back, and a… bone tiara around her forehead.

The one person in the foyer at the time of the knock happens to be Sam, so the blond X-men is the one who opens the door. He looks at Leighton for a bit and does a double take. She reminds him of Sarah, what with the bone grows and skin colour. "Hello, can Ah help ya?" He says sounding weary.

Looking up, Leighton shakes slightly. She nods. "Yeah, I was just dropped here." She says, voice a little bit on the rough side as she holds out the note. "Don't know where this is, but She said this place could help me. Maybe get me back to normal." The note is simply, "Sorry. I didn't know where else to take him. Her. Whatever. I didn't want to leave a confused child in Department H's hands."

"Sorry tah ask this first, but who is She who said we could help ya?" Sam isn't disagreeing with her, it's more he's curious about it. "Ah'm Sam by the what, what's your name?" He asks taking the note from Leighton and reading it. Great they didn't sign it.

"She looked like I do now. Only more graceful. Pink skin. Purple hair. Bones that grew where she wanted them to grow. Worked for Department H in Canada." Leighton says, holding her arms tighter to herself before eeping loudly. "Damn, these things are sensitive. Not used to them. They weren't there yesterday."

Sam closes his eyes and nows exactly who she's talking about. He just can't see Sarah and Graceful in the same sentance. "Sarah…" He mutters half to himself. "Ah know her, we used tah be teammates a while back. So these bones…they just grew on ya?" He asks as he shifts so he can invite her inside where it's warm. "Let's go sit down and ya can tell me what happened from the beginning."

"Sure." Leighton says with a nod. "She just told me Meryl or something like that. I wasn't listening. I was too distracted by bones and… boobs." She says, moving to follow behind Sam. "And yeah, they just grew. I was scared shitless, she came in and rescued me, holding a shield of bone above us, and then… after a couple of minutes, well… I had tat.." She points at a bone, "And…" She points at her chest.

"Marrow, ya that's her." Sam says and as she mentions boobs, he turns a bight red and does his best not to look there. "So what's your name? Ya didn't tell me that." Sam puts an arm on Leighton's shoulder and leads her inside. "Ah think if Sarah sent ya here, we might be able tah help ya. Did she explain tah ya what this place is?"

"You know her, you know what she's like. Do you think she explained anything?" Leighton says with a sigh. "Leighton. Leighton Tanner. And I'm SUPPOSED to be a guy." She sighs deeply. "No clue."

Supposed to be a guy, right, got it. Sam is not use to this kind of thing. "Ah don't know there, Leigh, I don't know what's going on. Well Ah do but not with the sex thing." He says runing a hand through his blond hair. "All right, Ah'll explain tah ya what this place is. It's a mutant haven, we're a school that teaches kids how tah use their powers ontop of given' 'em an education."

"Ah. Makes sense, then. If I suddenly sprouted something, there must be SOMEthing wrong." Leighton says with a sigh. "I should have figured. Stupid genetics. My parents will flip if I ever get a chance to tell them. Or rather… the nerve. They'll never believe it coming from a girl."

"Well Ah don't know exactly what's goin' on with ya, power wise, but Sarah was right, we can help ya here. We can set ya up with a place tah live and help figure out what's going on with your powers." Sam explains to Leighton. "And maybe get ya back tah bein' a guy. If ya like, one of us could always call your parents and try tah talk tah 'em?"

"No. I can't let them see me like this. I'd rather they think I've just disappeared." Leigh says, shaking his head. "I don't remember how they are about mutants, but… I still don't want them to see me like this." Leigh says firmly, moving along.

Sam squeezes Leigh's shoulder slightly and nods. "Well we can get you set up with some clothes and stuff you need for school. Right now the school is on a holiday break and it'd be a good time tah get ya settled. We'll have tah go talk tah Scott, he's the headmaster here. We won't push ya tah do anything in regards tah your parents."

"Alright. I'll give all my info. I'm not afraid to hide who I am, I just… I can't face them like this." Leigh says with a nod. "Not until I know for sure." She bites her lip. "Alright."

"Understandable, it's not easy breakin' it to your family, lettin' 'em know what's going on." Sam says, he's already explained to her a bit about what's going on but then he thinks like his Mama taught him. "Have ya had anything tah eat recently? Ya hungry at all?"

"Tired more than anything, I think." Leigh says, honestly. "My body feels exhausted after… after all of this." She says, waving a hand over her body. "The changes. I just want to rest. Sit. Whatever."

Sam nods and understands. "How about we get you set up in a room to relax in and in the meantime Ah can talk tah Scott and we can get ya settled up in here. And when you're less tired and when ya can think straight, we can go over more about what's goin' on with ya."

"Sounds workable to me." Sure, Leighton is scared on the inside, but the roughness is how he's showing it. "It'll work, I guess."

Sam rubs Leighton's shoulder. "Ah'm sorry this is all so confusin' and Ah'm not that great at helpin' ya but Ah'll show ya to your room, where ya can get a nice shower, maybe relax there for a bit. There are other kids here who'll be able tah help ya too."

"Alright. If some of them are as confused as I am… it'll be easier to deal with. Just to be honest." Leighton nods, running a hand through lengthened hair. "How… many students are here?"

"There are probably close to fifty right now." Sam explains to Leighton. "Ah think everyone is confused when they first delveop their powers, Ah know Ah was. And Ah think ya might want tah talk tah one student here, Skyler. His powers are kinda like yours if your sayin' that you are really a guy. And Ah do belive 'bout that."

"Why that one in particular?" Leigh asks, blunt and to the point. "Not that I have any right to argue. Beggars can't be choosers after all." He says, scratching the back of her head.

"Skyler's power is to copy people and he changes from male to female from time to time." Sam says being honest about it and he thinks it might help. "Well you have a lot of rights to your own opinions about things, we're not some crazy boot camp here. Most of the kids have quite a bit of freedom."

"Ooh. Ok. That makes sense, then." Leighton supposes, considering the whole thing. Then, considering himself. "I'm just… confused right now." He says… SHE says. Reaching back and scratching around a handle-shaped bone poking out of her back.

"Ah know, it's perfectly fine tah be confused. You're going through too many changes, and Ah wish Ah could help ya with your bone growths as Ah don't imagine they can be comfortable." He remembers Marrow always having bones showing and never being able to keep them in. "Do you have any other questions Ah might be able to answer for you?"

"As long as I know where to sleep and where to eat, I'll survive." Leighton says. "She must have gotten used to it. If this is what hers was like at one point. She only had them on her head all the time. The rest of the time, just when she wanted…" She says, looking in the direction the Dept. H people should be. Way out there.

"So where are you from Leighton?" Sam asks trying to figure out which area of the country Sarah might have picked her up from, or might be for that matter. "Ah haven't seen Marrow in a long time, since after she left here. But like Ah was sayin' earlier, this is a haven for mutants. Xavier's has helped many people get back on their feet."

"Toronto." Leighton says with a nod. And the message did say Department H. "She was there with some others, fighting something. But she got me here before they saw me. Calling in a favor from someone." She looks up at Sam. "I think she works with them."

Sam nods and smiles. "Good for her, finding a place somewhere. I hope it's working out for her." He really doesn't know the details or much about Department H, just the bits he heard. "Well Ah think she did right bringing you here, she was lived here, quite some time ago."

"Which would probably explain why she sent me here. Anyway…' Leighton says, punctuating with a yawn and a stretch. "So… do you have anything that might fit better than this? These jeans don't fit me right anymore…" She says, blushing.

"Yes, yes with do, follow me." Sam says as he takes her through the hallway and down to the basement to a locker room of sorts. "We have some Xavier's tshirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, help yourself to what you need for now. Sorry it's all one colour but it will also help to sleep in. Tomorrow Ah believe someone will take you out clothing shoping and shopping for anything you need." Christopher is one of the teachers that's good at that, not Sam.

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