2009-07-24: Boo


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Summary: Owen drops in on Robyn watching a creepy movie.

Date: July 24, 2009


Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

//What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself. //

"Oof," Owen Folger lets out as he falls out of a Darkforce cloud and onto a couch in the Rec Room. He's dressed in his Corsairs uniforms and fuzzy at the moment, looking a bit tired. Tough training session. "Well…sorry and howdy if Ah dropped in on anyone," he says, eyes closed.

Robyn jumps out of his chair and his hat falls backwards on to the ground, at least his hair is starting to grow back as he's got the dark, almost five o'clock shadow, on his head. "Holy shit Owen, you scared me." He says breathing a bit heavy as someone who was just startled. Robyn was just relaxing watching Coraline, a pair of paper 3-D glasses still on his face.

Owen cracks an eye open and peers about. "Sorry 'bout that, Robyn," he says. "Jus' blind ported mahself somewhere comfy," he chuckles. "What's with the glasses?"

"It's okay I was just absorbed in the movie." Robyn says with a slight chuckle. "Glasses, oh these! I was watching Coraline, it's 3D so you need the glasses to see it. I really liked the movie when it was in the theatre so my Mom and Dad got it for me as a gift. Tim Burton directed it and I love almost anything he does."

Owen nods, moving to actually sit on the couch instead of sprawling on it. "Sorry tah say but Ah got no idea who Mr. Burton is," he admits. "What's it about?"

"Tim Burton, he's done a ton of awesome films like Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissor hands and the new Charlie and the Choclate Factory." Robyn says taking off the glasses. "His films are great and are part of the reason I'd love to go into scuplting for movies when I'm older though who knows now, but they've all got this odd feel about them that's just really cool. I'll have to show you Nightmare Before Christmas, it's my favourite movie." At least he's in a bit of a better mood than of late.

Owen smiles as he listens to Robyn, nodding along. "Now Ah saw that Scissorhand movie. Didn' know there was a new Chocolate Factory movie," he says. "Nightmare Before Christmas eh? Sounds like it might be interestin'."

"It's not as good as the oringal but it's still pretty good, if not for Johhny Depp playing Willy Wonka." Robyn says with a smile. "This movie, Coraline, is about a little girl who finds a parallel world to her own but everything seems better at first, and everyone has buttons for eyes." Robyn doesn't want to give away the whole story. "Sorry…if I've been kind of moody lately, just, trying to deal ya know?"

Owen cringes and reaches up to place a hand over his eye for a moment. "Man…buttons, so not good," he says with a little chuckle. The fuzzy mutant then waves his hand a bit. "Don' worry 'bout it."

"It's just really been a kind of emotional roller coster, still is, but that's why I'm trying to relax with movies." Robyn says with a nod as he finally sits back down. He would probably have gone home if it wasn't for the fact that he needs to learn control still. "Well you should check it out, it's kind of creepy but really good."

"Creepy?" Owen asks, mildly amused. "C'mon…Ah'm a fuzzball with fangs that pops outta the darkness. Gonna take a little more than a movie tah qualify as creepy for me," he jokes. "Yeah…we're all on one roller coaster or another."

"You were the one cringing and rubbing you eye when I mentioned button eyes." Robyn points out with a chuckle. "Just cause you are a monster doesn't mean you still can't be scared by them." He says teasing Owen.

Owen smirks. "That's not creepy, that's painful. Ya ever get hit in the eye with a button?" he asks, amused. "Yeah, yeah…jus' takes a bigger monster."

"Yeah but the…nevermind, I won't tell you. I'll have to make you sit down and watch it with me, 3-D glasses and all." Robyn teases Owen as reaches forward to turn off the movie. "And nope, never been hit in the eye with a button, I don't do to much with them but maybe I should start using buttons on my scupltures for eyes…"

Owen shakes his head. "Then ya never got my Grandma mad. She starts chuckin' her sewin' supplies. Got smacked with a button when Ah was younger for accidentally spillin' cereal all over her slippers," he laughs at the memory. There's then a thoughtful noise as OWen slowly returns to his non-fuzzy form. "Ah dunno. They only really work if you're like…sculptin' Teddy Bears…"

"Really?" Robyn asks sounding a bit surprised. "My grandparents were always nice and grandparenty. My Mom's parents live upstate and my Dad's live in the city. I think because on my Mom's I'm the only Grandson so I never got any buttons thrown at me and I can't see my Grandma Larkin sewing." Robyn says with a chuckle. "And no, you can use it to scuplt other things, it'll give it a strange feel, not a cute one."

Owen smiles. "Yeah, Grandma's nice but get her mad and she's tough as that Hulk fella they made us fight in the Danger Room," he jokes. "All three the Grandparents Ah got left are down at the farm…" he trails off. "Well, guess Ah'll have tah wait an' see what the end result is tah comment."

"I'll definately show you when I'm done." Robyn says with a nod. "Oh man I still have to work on The Bat too. I just… have to feel okay enough to try to scuplt. Today's the first day I didn't feel like moping." Robyn says with a shrug. "I've never been to a farm, or out of state for that matter."

Owen smiles. "And before Ah came here Ah was never outta state or too far from the farm," he remarks. "Maybe ya'll should come tah visit sometime…"

Robyn nods slowly. "That might be kind of neat since I never did travel much with my family. It's not like my parents didn't want to but." He knows his parents never had much money and he doesn't blame them for not having that oportunity. Robyn rubs his hand over his head and sighs. "I really do miss my hair." He mutters. "

Owen lets out some DarkForce and goes all fuzzy. "Ah got some tah spare," he jokes. "It's growin' back though."

Robyn laughs. "Okay well, lets just shave you and glue some on my head for hair and eyebrows." He rubs where one of his eyebrows, glad that's starting to grow back too. "Though I shouldn't complain though, living is worth so much more than hair."

Owen smirks. "Ya come at me with a razor and ya're in for a rumble," he jokes. A quiet nod is offered before Owen smiles again. "C'mon from the guy that wanted tah see the homicidal Bat monster up close…"

"You'd probably win in a fight, I can't 'rumble' at all." Robyn says with a laugh. "Hey, about about I start Coraline from the begining and we can watch it together, then you can tell me what you think of button eyes." Robyn says with a chuckle as he goes to hand Owen a pair of 3-D glasses.

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