2010-02-02: Boo... or Something


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Special Guests: AmandaSefton_icon.jpg] and N'astirh (emitted by James)

Summary: The final part of the battle

Date: February 02, 2010 (simultaneously with Bibbidy and Bobbidy

Boo… or something

Rating: R

NYC - Central Park Zoo

The Central Park zoo offers a variety of animals, Monkeys, Birds, Penguins, Snakes, Polar Bears, Red Foxes, fish, and many other animals. There are three zones to the Zoo, the Polar Zone, featuring the Polar Bears, Seals, and Penguins. The Tropic Zone, featuring a variety of birds, monkeys, and snakes. The last zone, the Temperate Territory is where the Sea Lions, Red Pandas, Otters, Ducks, and Swans can be found. It's a fun place for both Children and Adults alike.

Over Central Park, three sigils have appeared. One over the center of the park itself. One over the lake. One over the zoo. Demons are swarming to them from all over. Small demons. Powerful demons. A little bit of everything. The heat is rising. There's a smell of magic, fire, and blood in the air. Something big is happening tonight. Some heroes know what's going on. Some do not. However, messages have been passed through channels that can connect some.

From inside the zoo another portal opens and immediately demons begin to swarm out. But, their flow into the outside world stops and they begin to mill about, almost as if watching the area, serving as lookouts. Then suddenly, a singly green leg adorned with a cloven hoof appears. A clawed hand follows, and shortly a face—a face that belongs to the demon N'astrih. His lips pull back into a grimacing smile and he leaves the portals, "Ahhhh….perfect. Tonight is ours. Our conquest begins here!"

Terry has no real clue whats going on. He was blessed by an angelic being, turned into an angel, had fun, turned into a demon, and stuck with the nagging desire to do things he does not want to do. With no clue as to what is actually going on Terry has been avoiding going out too much, mostly to keep from wanting to rip people in half, but at the instant that the Sigils appear he decides to risk it. Using his powers to keep himself Terry flys in low and lands atop a building near the gateway to watch for a moment before deciding to act.

Maxwell takes a big breath, the young man is dressed head to toe with his full black plate, his heavy shield in left hand, right hand holding onto his flanged mace. Clenching and ready, to protect, to defend ,and attack. He is ready, this is going to be intense. He moves in an assualt from the church in Hell's Kitchen. He has to do somthing after all, the proud Knight standing forward with a heft of his Mace, "All right…give me strength…"

For She-Hulk, it's been a busy past couple of weeks. Between time displaced genetically engineered mutants and rampaging demons across New York, she's hardly had any time to rest. Still, despite her weariness, she finds herself in Central Park, alongside various members of the X-Men and other related mutants as well as the Avengers and Young Avengers looking to finally deal with this threat once and for all. She's dressed for combat: Purple and white one piece suit made of unstable molecules, and purple gloves cover her hands. "Okay. Let's do this. We have a plan or do I just go all 'She-Hulk Smash' on them?"

James comes running down one of the zoo's outside fences, straddling the concrete and decorative wrote iron on all fours. He hops down near the heros and smiles, "Hey, need a hand?" He smiles toothfully, tilting a glance, the feral's face probably an unfamiliar one to the others. He's obviously stolen the top of someone's uniform, because he's no X-men but he's wearing at least part of a discard, probably Hanks "Nada word….I've already earned detention for life. Tonight I get to earn back what these things took from me." His look changes from one of kindness to one of the opposite as he looks out at the amassing forces, "I just spent two weeks doing things I'm gong to remember for the rest of my life. So, as I see it, I start earning back that borrowed time tonight."

N'Astirh looks down as one of the smaller demons begins to jabber incoherently. He "hmmms?" lowering enough to listen to the loud, rather obnoxious noise, "Oh really?" He lets out a dark laugh, "Have they now?" He stands looking over towards the gathering forces and smiles demonically, "I see some of my prodigies have returned. And they brought some new blood with them." He flashes his claws and stretches his wings, "Well then. Let us begin this all too familiar dance." He hisses and throws out his hand, clawed finger pointed at you all, "Destroy them! I must not be interrupted!"

Wave watches the other Heroes arraive and is glad he won't be alone in the fight, and really worried that they might forget which side he is on, or worse he might forget it. Dressed in his white leather body suit, with golden sunburst on the chest, altered to let his wings and tail through Terry lets himself fade into view without his customary flash of light and glowing attention grabbing nature. Almost Growling he calls out, "Good thing I have a talent for interrupting things at the wrong moment!" As he calls out the demonicaly altered hero holds out a hand and fires a bolt of light at N'Astirh.

Maxwell steps up towards the group of heros, after all, he's not offically affiliated with anything, just tkaing a deep breath as his shield is ready and strong, "I'm here to Defend against the forces of darkness. I am here, I am a shield" he says with a deep breath as he hefts it again, "Ready to go" says the teen. "He is wearing his white tunic, with the black cross of the Knights poon his chest and Shield, "Here we are! To fight!"

Upon the appearance of the Arch-Demon (or whatever he wants to call himself) and his subsequent order to kill all of the heroes, She-Hulk cracks her knuckles. "Right. She-Hulk smash." She picks up a rather convenient boulder to toss at the incoming demons when Wave appears quite suddenly, and she adjusts her aim to the demonic youth. However when he starts firing at the enemy, she manages to check her throw and gives the boulder a toss with all her might. With a nod to Maxwell she says, "I don't need protecting, but keep close anyway. Don't want them to sneak up on us."

Jame's roars! Exposing his claws, teeth, and rather unusual angry disposition. He blinks surprising himself, "Damn…I not only look good in a uniform, I sound good too boot!" He smiles and says, "Well…lets get this party started!" His toes claws dig into the concrete for purchase and with that the 7' tall hyena breaks out into a flat run towards the advancing hordes, arms outstretched, hands ready.

N'Astirh laughs and kicks a small demon in front of him into the air, letting the small, un-expecting creature take Wave's blast, "Child's play, boy. And play time will be over soon enough." He stretches his wings and with a quick contraction of the large membranes is airborne. He roosts on the red panda exhibit and begins to circle his hands, muttering something under his breath. There's a strange glow that starts out dim but begins to build as he casts some sort of spell.

Wave is a little too focused on the demons, specifically the one in charge, to notice that he was almost flattened by the She Hulk. As his attack is blocked, using an unsuspecting minion, Wave growls and lets out an angered roar. The roar actually seems to surprise him a little, he was not expecting to do that, but he qickly recovers as he starts to glow form a force field he builds around himself just in case. "You want something more complex, fine I can do complex." Wave stands up to his full height atop the building he had coosen, his wings extending to thier max while he takes a deep breath and…vanishes. Seconds later a trio of light bolts seem to fire out of different directions from behind the demon while a harmless bright flash goes off only a few feet in front of the demon.

Maxwell grunts hard, "I think that spell is not going to be good if it goes off!" he says, he looks at the large green woman in uniform and he'll take her adivce. He'll stick close, shield in hand up ready to block. Right now he's certinally going to try and defend everyone. The young man moving with speed, not hindered by his armor.

She-Hulk meets the rush of oncoming demons head on, not holding anything back, and not pulling any punches. She's not much of a ranged fighter, save for tossing the occasional tree, or boulder, or tank. She nods to her companion as she pushes on through. "You got that right. Help me get to him, we'll see if we can't put him back where he belongs."

James jumps into the air and lands on all fours in a small group of demons. He stands, grabs the nearest one and gives it what for! With a punch upside its head the thing cries out, attracting the attention of more than just the ones it was running with. As a result, the Hyena is suddenly dog piled by an additional 4, "Oh crap!" Thankfully for the novice, these things are too small to be a real threat, and the uniform seems to be doing a good job of keeping their teeth off his flesh. As a result, he peels this off one by one, managing to give each one a good thrashing before moving one the next, "The hell!"

N'astrih screams as the blast of light goes off in front of him, distracting him from the oncoming blast. One…two…but the third misses, the former duo giving him enough of a shake up he nearly falls from the display. He GROWLS, "I will crack your accursed bones with mine own talons!" He looks about, giving serious consideration to the whereabouts of the boy that just assaulted him, "Face me mutant, or your friends will pay in pounds of flesh!"

Wave gives into his desire to laugh, and taunt the demon. "I would seriously need my head examened if I wated anything to do with your face." His voice, seems to be comming from exactly where he was earlier since he did not move at all to put on his light show. "What is the conversion rate for pounds of flesh to American Dollars anyway, because better men than you have failed to make my friends pay for anything I did." After yelling the last the mutant master of light falls silent for a second before an almost perfect hologram of himself appears on the same roof as N'Astrih making a rude gesture at the demon.

Maxwell is defending with his shield, x-men, avengers, he is deflecting, and is vrey good at that if nothing else, his flanged mace deadly to anything that comes close and will smash as skull as easily as a melon! He's shouting, almost singing in German, as he willl continue to explode with fevor to beat towards the Demon Lord. "Pound of flesh yon filth, I shall scourge thee from the earth and use your skull for my helm!"

With the help of Maxwell, She-Hulk is finally able to get in close enough to N'astrih. She palms the skull of a hapless demon and shouts him, "Hey, why don't you pick on somebody your own color!" With that she hurls the demon in hand at N'astrih as hard as she can.

James spins in circles trying to dislodge the final demon. He's so busy spinning that he runs right into another monster that dwarfs him by another foot at least. The..thing…which is holding part of a lamp post as a weapon…smiles evilly, "Plaaaay?" James ears go back and the small creature that was so eager to hold onto the hyena vanishes. "Swat you!" is all the giant demon says, and with a swing that looks far too easy, it tries to flatten the wanna-be hero with the post. James was close enough to dodge and gives the thing a good crack in the jaw with a right punch. It turns and smiles, "Plaaaaaaaaay."

N'astrih laughs darkly, "Oh ye of little faith, and of littler merit." He takes off towards the voice, homing in on the sound. With the flash of light suddenly appearing behind him, he turns, seeing the hologram, and banks a hard right. Claws outstretched he races towards the image, a red dusty light emerging from them, "Let's try this again, shall we? You are the puppet, I am the puppeteer. Do try to get it right this time…" And with that he achieves control of…nothing! "Shards! This illusion will not stop me!" He turns his head to hear She-Hulk's taunt, "You, pretty one, shall be tastiest of.." *WHOMP!* He gets knocked off the display, falling behind.

Wave laughs as the big bad demon not only falls for the hologram, but gets nocked off the roof of the Panda House by a balistic demon. Reappearing where he has been the whole time Wave gives She Hulk a thumbs up, and creates the illusion of a handpuppet characature of the demon above the demon waving down at him as he yells out, "I am nobody's puppet! At least not when your too cheep to buy dinner first." With an almost dismissive wave of the hand Wave sends a random series of laser bolts into the thickest part of the hoard of demons near to She-Hulk and Maxwell.

Maxwell grunts hard as he takes a huge heavy mace and he feels the heft of it. Watching the green woman take a huge hit on the demon, "Very good! Follow it up!" he hefts the flanged mace and he does wan to take the demons head. no remorse as he'll leap down, pushing his knees behind his shield to land on it and the demon, and bury his mace as hard as he can't into a demon skull.

She-Hulk has been in enough combats to know that standing around and gloating over your fallen enemies is a flaw that she's exploited in one too many villains. She runs up to the fallen demon, and very unceremoniously aims a kick in the demonic jubblies. She has absolutely no idea if demons have similar anatomy to humans but she's willing to find out. "You'll never get a taste of me, ugly" she growls.

James isn't sure how it happened…but it's a familiar sensation…and an unpleasant one at that?the sensation of forced flight. He comes to a rather hard, sudden stop on the bars of the red panda cage. He rolls off, hitting the ground rather hard, "Twice in one week. What are the odds?" "PLLLLLAAAAAY!" the thing calls after James and body checks the now-standing beast-boy into the bars. It laughs sinisterly and bear hugs, squeezing the not-quite X-man into the bars with such force they bend. James gasps for air, the red pandas behind him rightfully freaking out. There's a look of sadness on the hyena's face…a look that disappears as he gets the nerve to go for the thing's throat. And with that, James displays why he's known as "Tooth." There's a sickening crushing sound that turns into a ripping noise as the hyena turns his head and tears flesh. The resulting blood spray makes the angry red pandas angry wet-n-red red pandas. The creature collapses, leaving the boy, Tooth, standing, shocked. As life

Appearing from nowhere, Amanda Sefton falls to the middle of the battlefield as she sinks her sword into the ground. "Keep them away from me! I have to force Limbo back to itself. Just keep them away from me!" She shouts, erecting a barrier around her body. 5…

N'astrih roars and jumps away, barely missing the foot, and Maxwell, "So proud a boast mortal. Yet words are so easily spoken. The challenge is to back them up…with deeds!" He extends his hand and a blast of light suddenly goes off, hopefully temporarily blinding all who are watching. He roars, this time a trumpeting sound, and more demons begin to fill the area, "Cretins! Do you think I can be stopped by you alone?"

Since she's pretty much standing at ground zero, She-Hulk gets a face full of blinding light. "Augh!" she cries, bringing a hand to her eyes to try to get some vision back, but she's then blindsided by a six legged demon who barrels into her, knocking her through a nearby Gyro cart.

Wave notices the woman appear out of nowhere and ask to be kept safe, well he can do that. While she is knealing with her sword a bubble of light forms around her. For Wave it is not a boast when he calls himself the master of light. When he is in battle mode his mind moves fast enough to actually perceive photons in movement. Which is why the blast of light form the hands of the demon does not go more than a few inches before disipating. "You think I am not ready for my own tricks demon? I am Wave, master of light and the best looking Super Hero your ever gonna see. Not to mention, the last." That said he reaches with his powers and starts bouncing the photons headed for the demons eyes away, hopefully blinding him.

Maxwell grunts hard as his visor suddenly goes flamining white, he lifts his arm up to shield his ees but it's too late, his vision blurred and blinded by the light, holding his shield up, "Damn…" He continues to try and get his siheld up, but he cannot see and is blindfighting.

Maxwell uhs a moment as he lifts his shield up, and he shakes his head a bit again as he gets the cobwebs out, his shield p, he ries to defend against the incomining attack, if the demon will asualt She-hulk, he'll ry to protect her, try to defend and he keeps hs shield up afte the assault failed.

James runs to defend the familiar face, Amanda, from the onslaught of demons, "Oh dear god, am I glad to see you again." He doesn't hesitate of give a greeting much more than that. And after his last experience this is nearly old hat. He swats the smaller creatures back, sending them into hedges, garbage cans, and fences. He roars! One of the things bites his hand. He peels it off, flings it far away, and goes back to keeping Amanda defended as the oncoming forces begin to grow in both size and strength, "We're gonna have company!"

Staying in her position, Amanda begins chanting. And apparently speaking to someone. "Yes, I'm serious." She says with a sigh. "Eleka nahmen nahmen Ah tum ah tum eleka nahmen. Eleka nahmen nahmen Ah tum ah tum eleka nahmen." 4…

N'astrih hisses and deflects the blasts with his wings and fires another volley at Wave, "You are a fool to challenge the great N'astrih!" He screeches when he sees Amanda, his greeting one of worry, "I will rend you asunder, witch!" He starts to run towards the woman, forgetting about the other heroes.

Wave is a cocky teen, of course he is a fool to challange the demon directly what else is a glow in the dark target supposed to do? The blast from the demon hits him in the right hand wing, and tears a hole through it causing the photo kenetic to drop out of flight to the ground. "Oh great and powerful mister unpronouncable name, you can bite me…if you can find me." That said he reaches out with his powers to pull all the light from around N'Astrih's head and plunge him into total darkness. Wave really hopes the other heroes are gonna hit the bad guy, cause right now he is trying to keep up the forcefield around Amanda and does not want to risk the very bad things that can happen if he pushes his powers too much.

Maxwell pants hard again, and he tries to focus he takes his shield p, and he sees the woman, the woman with the sword, and he takes a deep breath and lifting the shield up he will plunge toward her too knowing that he's gotta protect her, and try to fix this. His armor sheems and he almost slides towards the woman as his heavy armor shield holds up, "you shall no harm her!"

Fortunately, She-Hulk's gamma-altered metabolism allows her to blink away the spots in a matter of seconds instead of minutes like a normal human would. Just in time, too, since the demon that waylaid into her is busy breaking it's teeth trying to chew off her arm. Her response is to just drive it's skull unceremoniously into the concrete, squishing it like a grape. She takes a few seconds to gain her bearings, and seeing that she's pretty much the only one facing N'astrih, she does what she does best: She-Hulk smash. (Or serve him papers. Take your pick.)

James sees the blinded N'astrih racing towards Amanda. For the hyena, the world vanishes. Without thinking, he cries out and begins running towards his former master. With hands outstretched, he sprints as if all that mattered was stopping this creature. And after serving N'astrih for the last 2 weeks, stopping him is all that DOES matter. He roars again, the shrill sound of a hyena replacing the beast's originally more human-like call. And with that, he jumps, aiming to tackle the creature with every ounce of strength and momentum he has.

N'astrih nears the group blindly but is suddenly flattened by the hyena. He thrashes about, claws aiming at anything he can rend, "By the abyss, you will pay!" He squeals like a stuck pig, "By the maker, you will pay!" Teeth flash as he bits randomly, aiming for the one restraining him.

Hoping her shield holds, Amanda focusses on her spellcasting. The others will have to keep her safe. "Yes. You must. And whether you think it's real or not, Billy, all magic words have a ring of truth to them. Hocus Pocus." 3…

Wave gets to his feet, and by dy dent of the shield of light around him pushes through any of the demans he can to get near to Amanda. Sure, its putting all his eggs in one basket if something makes him drop his shielding, but its easier to keep one wall of light around two people standing near each other than two compleatly seperate walls. "Shoulda husbanded my powers, waisted way too much earlier today." he mutters to himself as he gets to where he can more or less lean on Amanda's forcefield and put his own around it and him. "Lady, please end this soon before my prefontal cortex explodes."

Maxwell is now a shield for Amanda, the armore clad knight keeping ot focsed, keeping it ready, cleching i, and simply attempting to defend every last bit, from demon to dmeon, his mace just in his han,d gripping it hard, twisting it in his hand as he works over to keep the shield lifted. "Come on, almost there!"

Jennifer is quick to act when the demon is on the ground, pouncing on him to keep him down. She uses her considerable strength to try to keep him pinned with one arm and her legs, wincing as his claws manage to break skin. With the other hand she aims a blow for the head, again, not pulling any punches. The shockwave, should she miss, would be enough to knock nearby demons off their feet, or hooves, or whatever they ahve.

James has what he wanted, and it's fighting back, which he wants even more, "I bet you never screwed with someone from Indiana before!" With Jenn lending a hand, he pulls the demon's arm towards his mouth, going after the bicep. If he's successful, he'll use all that crazy hyena jaw strength to lock his mouth in place, teeth and all.

N'astrih shrikes! And tries to toss the beast off of him. His claws dart straight for the target. Blind or not, he knows exactly where his prey in now. Both of them. He turns his head towards She-Hulk and tries to bite her, pinned wings flapping wildly,

Smiling that the demons are going away, Amanda continues, this time with a very florid "Spells take time, kiddo. I'm going as fast as I can. Fighting the spells of master demons isn't easy. Alakazam!" 2…

Wave nods, not sure if Amanda is talking to him or not and betting she can't see it. As the demons start to disapear he smiles but does not say anything. He is buisy keeping up the forcefields, keeping the demon's head in compleat darkness, and hoping that when everything is righted he at least gets his normal looks back. "Rip his wings off, cut off his head and put it on a pike!" He spits out as that little vice of evil that has been in the backof his head for a while gets a little bit of a foot hold.

Maxwell admits he dosn't really know anyone from Indiana either…" he will lift his shield up once more, and he shifts, adjusting himself, to settle in front of Amada, right between th demon and the woman, just in case of any final retaliation, he'll keep himself right between him nd her, his shield up.

She-Hulk doesn't let up on the demon, gritting her teeth as she gets a chunk taken out of her by the beast's teeth. "You're going to pay for that," she yells and slams her fist down, again, but this time at a much larger target: The demon's stomach.

James keeps his mouth locked, twisting his head now and again as he starts to pull back. He feels some bone under there somewhere, so he bites harder, trying to drive his teeth deep within the meaty demon flesh! "MMmmfhhfg mghgghty befferthtty! Feeeeee!" An eye darts over to Jenn—he's glad his mouth is full. Such language isn't acceptable around women.

N'astrih, still thrashing about, begins to change his tune. He looks around blindly, "Mercy! I beg of you!" he struggles, "Spare me and I will serve ye!" Ther'es true panic in his voice as he feels the tide turning, "Your faithful N'astrih shall obey your every command. My word is my bond." He huffs and huffs, hands not free enough to cast spells, nor body free enough to escape, "Please, I beg!" She-Hulks punch lands unrestricted. The sound of escaping air can probably be heard two blocks away! He gasp and gasps and gasp…mouth agape!

1… Amanda looks up. "Yep. But I just needed to channel it all somehow. Make everyone focus together. Bibbidy. Bobbidy. Boo." She says, raising the sword from the ground. A portal forms over the castle, pulling at all of the remaining demons. The castle in the park and the mountain rise into it.. The demons also leave the minds of the remaining posessed.

As Amanda manages to finish things up, and actually undo the magic Wave grins and lets his forcefield around them drop. He also lets the darkness around the demon's head go. He is not gonna cut off all use of his powers till he is compleatly sure he is safe, but as it is just being able to watch whats going on is all he is gonna do. "Bibbidy, Bobbidy, boo? Really? That is an actual magical phrase?"

Maxwell continues with his shield up…the demon isn't dead, it hasn't gone, the main demon is still ther eand his shield is clenched, "he's still a threat, he is not dispelled or dead…we need to get rid of him, do not let your guard down"

Green blood runs rivulets down She-Hulk's arm as she stands up off the demon, to let it get sucked back where it belongs. She grins at it's wheezing, "You talk to much, you know that?" Once satisfied that it's safe to take her attention off of it she looks around, "Is everybody okay?"

James…Tooth…finds what he was looking for and makes his best try for breaking the object his teeth have found. He's far from successful?it is a demon lord…god…dragon…croc…thing…after all?but he preys it hurts as much as he hopes. He lets go and rolls away, watching events unfold.

N'astrih, still recovering from the punch lays there, the fight gone. "….urk!" There's a wet sound that always seems to accompany being punched by the Hulk's relatives: the sound of something, several things, broken. Still unable to see he weakly turns his head towards the portal he knows is there regardless, "….nnnnnnoo…" His voice turns into a slow hiss. Involuntarily, his body slides over the zoo's concrete floor. At first one might mistake the movement as something he's doing, but with him barely able to hold his head up, it's unlikely. The unseen force pulls his body away. It actually begins to float a little. He inhales a sharp breath, looking at one of the two that holds him, James as a matter of fact, "A battle is not a war, mutants. Savor your pathetic little victory while you can." His lips pull back into a sneer, "For you have not beaten me! I will return again." He's now several feet off the ground and rising.

Wave gives the demon another rude gesture. "Yeah yeah yeah, the bad guys are never gone forever, you'll be back, curse you meddling kids, and out little dog Toto too. Wev'e heard it all, save your breath."

Maxwell watch the figure drift away and he lifts his visor up to show his face, and he puts the mace back into his hip belt, "Ah…look at that…" he sas and he takes a deep breath, "I think it's over…isn't it…yes it's over…" he mummers as he stands, shield still in hand.

She-Hulk stands and watches N'astrih rise up and start to float away. Once it's clear he's not going to be causing any more trouble does she finally notice that she's bleeding. "Oh, ow," she says holding up her arm, scowling at the damage. "Anybody got a towel?"

James…well…he walks over into the bushes and YACKS! After a moment or two he weakly calls out, "Oh god, how disgusting!" There's another moment of silence, "I can't believe I had that thing in my mouth. You…oh gawd…no!" HORK!! BLARGH! "You guys have no idea how bad that tasted." His ears are flat against his head as he peeks out from behind the bushes, "Anyone have a breath mint?"

N'astrih has vanished!

Terry shakes his head and does not want to know what the demon tasted like. "Oh thenk the Gods, I don't have wings anymore. Sorry green lady, no room for towls in the costume. Best I could offer is to aurterize the wounds and pretty sure they are not bad enough to need that.

Maxwell takes a deep breath.and he looks down at his armor and he removes his helmet and looks over at She Hulk, and he offers a bit of cotton tunic and he nods to her "Here you can use this, Is everyone all right?"

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