2009-05-31: Book And Chain


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Summary: Rob pays Stephen a visit.

Date: May 31, 2009

Log Title: Book and Chain

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Greenwich Village

The lower West Side of Manhattan is known as the Bohemian Greenwich Village or just The Village. Unlike most of Manhattan, the streets here are not in the usual gird that the rest of the island is. Most the streets here are named rather than numbered as well. The buildings here aren't as tall as high rises of Manhattan as they are the 19th century row houses and occasional one-family walk up apartments.

It's been a couple of weeks since the book has been thought about by most people, though Stephen's been trying to get into it to figure out it's strangeness. His spells have come to nothing. But then again, he's not that strong of a spellcaster. Sitting in his shop, he's doing a little jewelry work right now, minding his own business.

Since he was getting bored sitting around the Xavier Mansion waiting for the perpetually busy headmaster to give him some time, Rob decided it was time to go see that 'Fetish' guy and see if he could find out more about that book. Dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, and a leather jacket, the invisible man makes his ways to the shop and steps inside. He pauses a moment, remembering that this guy can actually see him and drops the illusion. "Hello?"

It takes him a moment to realize who's speaking as he shifts his eyes slightly. "Oh! Big man. Hi, what's up?" Stephen asks as he adjusts the jeweler's loupe he's wearing over one of his eyes. "Come to find something new and interesting, or something else?"

Rob blinks a few times and then looks down at himself just to make sure he remembered pants. "Well, I came by to find out about that book now that the brat ain't here and well…new and interesting works too."

"Ooooh, yeah. That. It's strange. Very strange." It's a good thing that the shop is fairly empty, with how forward Stephen is being about it. "I've done ritual after ritual to try to see through the spell of concealment on it, but I can't get anywhere."

Rob frowns. "Well. That's…unhelpful to all of us," he sighs. "Any plans?" he asks. "Or can I take it?"

"You're more than welcome to, but do you know anyone with the mystic skill to break through powerful spells? I mean, I'm no MAJOR mage, but I've got some strength. Though… my strength lies with animals." Stephen says with a shrug as he looks over.

Rob blinks a few times. "I have no idea. I was just gonna hand it over to the guy I'm gonna be applying for a job with. He leads one of those superhero teams so I figured he might know someone or something…"

"Ah, fun. At that school, I'm assuming. I won't ask. I don't want to know." Stephen says bluntly as he digs into a backpack he has under his counter. He slides the book out and places it on the counter.

Rob arches an eyebrow slowly at the bluntness. He was expecting to get grilled on the school. Shrugging, the normally invisible man, walks over and looks the book over. "So…you know any magicy types that I might be able to reccomend? Maybe one of those Avengery guys or Fantastical Fours?"

"Not particularly. I've always been a solitary." Stephen says with a shrug. "Never had the need to seek outside help, though this has me wanting to." He admits, taking the loupe off, finally. On the pad in front of him is an intricate silver necklace. Only half-complete.

Rob nods. "I'll ask around before giving it to the guy…or maybe I'll just go up to that mansion," he says, stuffing the book into the bag he'd brought with him. "Just hope I don't run into those idiots that tried to steal it again," he mutters. Pausing to glance at the pad, the invisible man nods. "That's pretty nice."

"I haven't heard anything else about them. So odd. Stealing books." Stephen says with a shake of his head. Grinning, he chuckles. "Yeah, this is a piece I've been working on in my spare time for a few months. No casting. Pure physical work."

Rob makes a few notes, having written up what passes for a standard military 'after-action report' he looked up the format for in a book on the initial incident. The man figured it'd be good to let 'Summers' have it. "So you make jewelery?" he asks. "All kinds?"

"That, I do." Stephen nods. "Most kinds. There are a few things I'm better at than others. I'm amazing with cast-work, but I'm trying to teach myself to do carving and other types. By the way, you can call me Stephen." He says with a grin

Rob nods. "I'm Rob," he says, offering a hand. "Sounds like you keep busy," he remarks, considering something. He has been wanting something, having lost what he had when kidnapped by the people that turned him invisible.

"To an extent. Most of the stuff I make is simple. The casts are long
lasting and people want the same things. Cast-jewelry is easy." He says with a shrug. Stephen tilts his head.

Rob nods. "So…you have a price guide handy or is this one of those, price per piece things?"

"Depends on what I make and how long it takes me, how complex, that kinda thing." Stephen says. "You got something in mind, big guy?"

Rob smirks a bit. "Well, I'm not lookin' for a c-ring or anything like that," he says, stretching his neck. "I was thinking, a gold chain. For around my neck."

"I'm better with silver than gold, but… I could do it. And probably rather well. If you wanted something unique, it'd cost more, but it would be all YOU, too." Stephen says with a quick nod.

Rob smiles. "Nohing too fancy or over the top. Just a simple thing. I used to have one awhile back but it got taken from me," he shrugs. "Figured it might be time for a new one."

"Oooh, well if you tell me what, I'll be more than happy to help you out. For a cost, of course." Stephen grins, winking. "What was it, if you don't mind my asking?"

Rob smirks at the wink and shakes his head. "It was a gold chain, small links. Not very expensive gold either. Had a small plate on the front with the word 'Live' carved in. How much would something like that cost to make?"

"Hmm. Not too much. Lemme get things together for it and I'll see. I just gotta see how much time it would take me to do it." Stephen says with a nod.

Rob nods and lets out a thoughtful little noise. "That's good to hear," he says. "Been awhile since I've had it…"

"Well, I'd be honored if I could remake it for you, then, big guy." Stephen says with a grin as he taps the book. "If you think you can find someone to break through the spell, you're more than welcome to take it."

Rob looks at the book and then smiles. "Well, then I guess I'll place an order for that then," he says. "And…I suppose I'll make an appointment with those Avengers types, see if I can get some help out of them with tht book."

"Aight." Stephen says with a big grin. "And that sounds good to me. It'll take a little while to make, because I'll cast part of it and wind part of it."

Rob nods. "Great, need any contact information or upfront payment?"

"Nah. Something like that, if you don't like it, I can still sell it." Stephen says, "Though I WILL take information."

Rob nods. He reaches into his jacket for a pad and pencil. Scribbling in his name and two numbers, one for his cellphone and the other for a computer-based line he's got an acount on. Pulling the paper from the pad, he slides it over to Stephen. "Alright, here ya go."

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