2010-12-10: Bookworm

Players: David, Kaden, Kalindi, and ZOya

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Summary: Those gathered fight Yetis, Godzilla, and the cast of LOTR

Date: December 10, 2010

Log Title: Bookworm

Rating: R

NYC - The Bronx

The Bronx is New York City's northern most borough located on the main land of New York State. The southern area of the Bronx is the tougher neighborhood, where the crime his higher and the housing more for those of lower income. As you go more north in the Bronx, it still has a city feel but the crime rates drop the further north you go. There is a heavy African American and Hispanic population in this borough. The Bronx is home to Yankee Stadium, New York Botanical Gardens, and The Bronx Zoo.

Zoya is out and about today, doing some exploring. This in itself might not be such a sinister act but bad things tend to follow in her wake. In an area like the Bronx the opportunities for such bad things to happen are significantly raised, leading to what could potentially be a very unhealthy combination. So far all she's done on her way out here is smash elbows with a couple of people and intercept a speeding car to claim some of its energy for herself, adding a bit of extra charge to help wake herself up. It's a new world, full of opportunities. How many people does she want to terrorize today?

It's been a long time of studying for Kaden but today is finally the day that he takes his test for his GED. The testing center he got sent to is in the Bronx so he wanders the area of New York he's not to familiar with. He's got his back pack slung over both shoulders and despite the fact that it's below freezing, Kaden's wearing just a plain sweatshirt over a pair of jeans. He doesn't really seem to pay attention to where he's going as he walks, occasionally looking at a piece of paper and then street signs. It's fairly obvious that he doesn't frequent this area of town.

It is a cold brisk wintery Bronx morning. The Borders Bookstore on the Grand Concourse is open early for Christmas shoppers. One of the shoppers is young David Alleyne, a prodigy in his own right. He makes his way into the store trying to get some shopping done for the Xavier Institute. The young African American student, dressed simply in jeans, a sweater, and a long white trenchcoat. Walking into the store almost instantly behind David, is a nerdy little college age Bookworm. A few minutes go by and suddenly the few customers who were in there run out screaming and every window in the store shatters.

Zoya's dark, twisted mind runs through numerous scenarios along the way. Throwing that man with the black hair in front of a moving taxi, putting that brunette through a store-front window… There's not a lot of room for pleasantries when she's surrounded by the species that she's come to despise. Imagine her surprise when a bunch of screaming and shattering glass is overheard. Someone's gotten a head-start on the chaos, and they didn't even invite her! It takes but a moment to figure out where the action is before she launches into motion, leaping out into traffic with no apparent regard for her own safety. Horns blare, tires squeal, and she nimbly leaps from hood to roof, crossing the busy street in seconds. Where others are running away from the action, Zoya sprints right for it. She'll be damned if someone else takes all of the fun.

"Mother fucker." Kaden mutters to himself with a scowl on his face as he just doesn't want to deal with this right now but he also knows that with great power comes that great responsibility bullshit. As much as he wants to just keep walking and ignore it, Kaden knows he can't. He hurries over to where the windows exploded and people are running out, the first thing he's looking for is if there is any sort of explosions or fire as he runs against the crowd of people trying to get out.

At this point, sirens can be heard in the background, New York’s finest are quick to respond, but the chaotic nature of the Concourse causes them some time to get there. As Zoya and Kaden makes her way, she match catch a glimpse of a monstrous white creature bearing a strong resemblance to the Abominable Snowman. David is already leaping into action as he rushes to charge the Yeti. As he is about to make his way to confront the creature, he pauses and freezes as he looks over his body and back at the creature. What he is typically is used to is not happening. The creature suddenly grabs him and young man is tossed quickly and harshly out the entrance of the store and past Zoya and Kaden. A gigantic white bright flash of light can also be seen from behind the GED building as more people scream from that direction and a loud large roar is heard and some Japanese tourists can be heard yelling, “Gojira!”

Zoya isn't expecting someone to get flung out of the store. There's a flash of movement to her side as David comes sailing over. In the next moment her shoulders are rolling across the sidewalk, diving out of the way only to come back around with a sidearm spinning around into either palm. One towards the store, one towards the person that was thrown. Yeah, that's just how she does things. Not even the sirens can deter her, police are dealt with easily enough and the ones out here can't even run as quickly as they could back home.
Things quickly change as a furry white bipedal creature makes its presence known, along with something -else- further down the street. "Am going to need more guns," Zo mutters to herself. And maybe a few extra arms to use more than two at a time, while she's at it.

As he's running towards the store, Kaden notices that there is also that gibberish that the damn tourists are yelling but he can only pick one of out the two things in the area to check out. He pushes past the people running out of the store the best he can so he can get in and see what this white…thing is. "Fuck!" He says as he realizes it's a book store, that's so not good for his powers. He drops his backpack and hurries to see what's terrorizing the place.

All that is left in the store is a little nerdy bookworm reading some sort of comic book, seemingly acting unaware of what is happening around him. David makes his way to his feet and shaking his head as he was hit hard. He gets up as he spots the Russian girl with the guns and the Yeti stepping out of the store. Its roar matches that of the Godzilla making its way up the street and towards the bookstore flailing its tail about and breathing fire randomly at the fleeing New Yorkers. David looks up and whispers a curse, "Are you kidding me, Godzilla?"
The Yeti leaps out and makes it way towards David, but spotting the girl with the guns leaps out at her grunting. The Yeti itself is larger than a polar bear and has claws and fangs ready to rake out at anything and everything, which for now means the gun wielding Zoya and the backdropping Kaden. David stands simply stands a moment and then smiles as he gets what may be a useful skillset and runs away from the Yeti and bounds onto a car and then almost gracefully up a series of fire escapes and open ledges parkouring his way away.

Zoya may have a problem on her hands. Sharp pointy stabby things? Not so good against her abilities. With the yeti's attention on her she worries more on getting away from it before doing anything else, she disembowels as well as any person out there. If it's done right. For now she shoves herself into a backward roll, hopping back to her feet and turning around to make a run for it. A car stalled in the street serves as temporary shelter, as she jumps clear of the hood the Ruskie woman twists around and almost seems to flick her two pistols towards the white behemoth, a single shot cracking out from each barrel. Someone..might have spent too much time watching 'Wanted.' The crazy thing is, she can still hit what she's aiming at. More or less. Precision shots they most definitely are not, but she's not for precision. She's all about lightning fast speed, and being flashy to boot. Right now she also wants to give that yeti something to think about.

Good there is someone here to take care of the Yeti thing so Kaden just ignores it for the time being as he feels that there is fire in the area before he even sees it. He leaves Zoya to do her thing as he rushes over to where the fires are. "Hey! Big ugly lizard!" Kaden yells trying to get its attention as he puts out a hand toward where one of the fires is, willing it to go out with his powers. After all Kaden is fire so he has unbelievable control over the element.

Parkouring his way up the side of a building with bounds and leaps, David makes his way up quickly and leaps across the building towards the fire breathing monster, landing on its back and grabbing fiercely onto one of its protected scales and holding on for dear life. Godzilla all but ignores David as it finds its power is suddenly extinguished and turns down to the tiny man (in its eyes). Godzilla lets out another loud roar and lets out another blast of fire at Kaden. Zoya, on her own, right now finds her aim to be true as the Yeti is struck in each of its hands by the bullets. One in its left hand, the other in its right hand. He causes the creature to reel back and look at the blood pouring out of its hands. He looks at Zoya and lets out a roar at her again seemingly ignoring the pain from the bullets.

Zoya looks, for a moment, surprised. Not that the giant creature could shrug off the attack but that she managed to peg each of its hands, of all things. She just has to look down at the guns filling her own hands, randomness played a big part in what area of the intended target she hit but the chances seemed, as they say, one in a million. Maybe two in a million, in this case. But, it doesn't change the fact that the attack did squat against the 'squatch. At least there's a bit of distance separating the two, giving her time to aim a bit more specifically. Up comes her right arm, flicking the brushed steel pistol around in her grasp until limb and sidearm can level at Whitey's head. One shot to the noggin should put down anything. Time to find out if she has a chance to land that shot.

Just because Kaden is immune to the effects of fire, all types of fire, it doesn't mean his clothing is not. Once the fire dies down, the redhead is left standing there with just fire covering his body. "Oh fuck you stupid dragon wannabe. I'm gonna be fucking late to my test now." He yells out to Godzilla as he puts out a hand and concentrates. There's gotta be something creating the fire that Godzilla breaths so he's trying to find that and reverse the flow of the flame to inside the large beast. If there's nothing inside he's gonna wait for the beast to breath before forcing the fire to go backwards into him instead of shooting out over the streets.

Two shots in two million, worked the first time, not this time. The creature adapts and in an acrobatic display dodges the bullet, bounds to the ground and back up and lets itself get within a few feet and lashes out with its claws toward Zoya.
Hanging on for dear life, David uses a parkouring skill to leap up from protracted scale to protracted scale to try to reach the back of the monster's head just as it lets out another flame, but it finds the flame moving backwards and into its own mouth. It roars back in pain and nearly knocks David off. It teeters to the side and knocks over some of the roof of a nearby brownstone.

Zoya doesn't have long to be surprised that something that large can move that quickly. As the missed slug completely obliterates a book further inside of the store she gets a couple of bright red lines slashed across her cheek in thanks. Not..quick..enough. With the yeti right on top of her now she swings her arms around and lets go of the pistols, dropping them across the hood of that car where they scrape off a few lines' worth of paint as they come to a stop. At this range she needs her hands free of obstructions, watching and waiting as thin crimson lines start to roll down the side of her cheek. Insert one challenging stare and the muttering of "Ya sobirayus' nogoi' tvoyu zadnitsu." It's fast and it has claws, but does it know proper fighting tactics? She doesn't either, but she's willing to bet that she does know a bit more than it does.

It's not easy to hold back fire like he's doing, but Kaden is trying to make sure the damage stays to a minimum. He doesn't want to see anyone die because of this. "He kid!" He yells at David. "Watch the fuck out, my fire gets hot!" He says as he aims a fiery blast at the monsters feet to try to melt a bit of the pavement and cause a great hurt on the monster. He doesn't let it burn as hot as he can since that would be very dangerous for those in the area.

As the shot obliterates a book in the store, the nerd stops reading his comic book and stares out the window. Both Godzilla and the Yeti flicker, like images from a TV show. The bookworm scowls and returns to reading his comic book.
The Yeti having raked Zoya's face, the Yeti sneers and almost grins at the sight of Zoya's blood and then small chuckles can be heard. It sticks its tongue out and appears to lick its lips as if it is hungry and it once again leaps out to slash at Zoya.
As Godzilla flickers, David literally falls through the creature and luckily catches onto a fire escape. Noting the creature's momentary flicker and fizzle David ponders silently until he is snapped out of his thoughts by Kaden's shout. The blast from Kaden works and as the pavement begins to melt and the fiery blast causes Godzilla to teeter back some more and all but knock down the thankfully abandoned brownstone.

Zoya is expecting it this time. With nothing else to interfere she can respond best to the incoming attack. Rather than retreat from the creature she swiftly approaches it and darts an arm out to block its next strike, inside of the arm and away from the claws. All it takes is a moment of contact to steal all of the energy from its swing, stopping its arm cold. Rather than give the creature time to recover she dumps all of that strength, and what was taken earlier from her form of a traffic stop, into an open palm driven towards the yeti's chest with a nice and loud yell for emphasis. If she can land the hit it would be akin to getting nailed by a speeding car, the white-furred one may soon find himself sprawled out back inside of the bookstore.

Kaden notices the flicker of the big monster but since he's not in the bookstore he doesn't notice the kid at all. He then starts to try to suppress all the fire around the monsters feet and then draw all the heat out of the pavement, hoping to get the monster stuck in the melted pavement if possible. "Come on you big fucking lizard, you know you wanna fuck with me! You've really pissed me off asshole so bring it!"

The punch connects and the Yeti does indeed going flying into the Borders bookstore. The nerd looks up at the flattened Yeti and closes the comic book. He adjusts his glasses and reopens the comic book. The Yeti disappears and it reappears no worse for wear. A new Yeti leaps out of the store and runs, bounding off the street and once more going to attack Zoya.
Godzilla leaps up as if stepping on hot ground, when it lands in the same spot, it begins to sink into the now molten tar that made up the street. It again only for a millisecond. Screaming and flailing about, its tail whips about breaking up the street, causing small tremors and flinging a car towards Kaden. By the fire escape, a holographic keyboard seems to appear before David as he stands on the fire escape and begins typing at something. His shades flicker abuzz with activity.

Zoya might have completely missed it if she hadn't been looking right at it. Something happened back there, inside of the store. Something involving the youth sitting there, completely oblivious to the world around him.
And now there's another Yeti coming right for her. "Do not have time for dis" she hisses to herself, clambering over the hood and snatching both of her pistols along the way. The beast is too large for her to jump over and trying to duck right beneath it is asking for a smooched head, she has to get around it and into that store. Bullets seemed to slow it down the last time… There's nothing nearby to use as a launching point beyond a lamp post, which somehow doesn't strike her as being a particularly safe option. What's a crazy, armed woman to do? Flick the trigger groupings to full auto and go to town. With the albino furball charging her she sweeps both arms around and holds, emptying handfuls of smaller caliber bullets at the large target that makes up its center body. Before either weapon can fall silent, she's running for it. Duck around, dive inside. No fancy stuff, just haul tail.

"DAMN IT!" Yells the teen dressed in flames as he sees the Giant Lizard wreck shit up. This isn't good, that might mean there are people who need help and are injured. He continues trying to draw the heat out of the pavement to lock Gojira in place but before he can do much he notices a car being flung at him. "Shit!" He yells as he doesn't have super speed, agility, durability or anything. Just lots of fire. He sends out a just of fire to engulf the car hoping that it can stop the momentum from hitting him. At least he knows the car won't kill him.

Hails of bullet after bullet strike the Yeti. Each shot penetrating the creature's white fur and with each shot a it falls back until it lies on the ground a streams of blood flowing the now dead Yeti. It flickers and then is gone replaced by a new Yeti, which is up and chasing after Zoya as she runs the previous one and is about to make her way into the store. To Bookworm standing by a pile of books and a smile on his face as he opens "Lord of the Rings." And a flash of light fills the bookstore.
Godzilla continues to thrash about more and more until half his body is submerged having sunk into the ground. The car is slowed down and then explodes from the heat before reaching Kaden. David noticing the fire covered naked man, uses the parkour skills mimicked from Zoya leaps off the fire escape and acrobatically bounds towards the bookstore manages to take off his trenchcoat mid flip and toss in on the ground towards Kaden,"For when the fire show ends, we don't need to see all that."
Landing near Zoya, David nods to catch the blink of light from the bookstore.

Zoya still isn't used to seeing other people move like she does. Really she only now caught anything to that effect as David is ..well, right there. Yeti #2 down, and now a third one?! Whatever, she has her window, that's all she needed. As light floods the inside of the store she knows that she's onto something, sprinting through the shattered windows to approach ye olde bookworme. First instinct, that twisted little thing that guides her actions more than not, leaves her flicking a pistol up to level it -on the kid.-

No. Mutant.

With a deft motion she twists and drops the outstretched gun just to the side an instant later, instead trying to snatch the literature out of the hands of he with an overactive imagination. Hopefully Yeti 3 hasn't had a chance to come up behind her and beat her to death with her own spine by then.
It's hard to tell what's going on in the bookstore as Kaden's too busy out on the street and doesn't have a good enough angle to see what's going on inside with Bookworm. So for now his focus is on containing the explosion as he doesn't want it to cause too much damage. When the car explodes he uses his powers to muffle the flame and draw what he can towards him so that pedestrians still in the area aren't hurt by it. He acknowledges David with a grunt of thanks for the jacket.

Godzilla and the Yeti flicker and then disappear completely only to be replaced by The eye of Sauron. It appears above the bookstore and shines its light onto Kaden. A red beam of heat appears and like a magnifying glass aims down on Kaden who stops the explosion of the car from harming any passers-by. Unfortunately, Orks appear in the street and begin to run rampant attacking passers-by.
Inside the store, David shouts, "The nerd is using his powers to create these creatures. Take the books from him and I will take him down" to Zoya in a Russian. Just as she is about to reach Bookworm an arrow shoots out passing directly in front of her as Legolas in his golden elf stance appears, "Thou will not touch our lord." David noting the characters that appear and his shades flicker with information as he gets a crash course on Lord of the Rings.

Zoya is spoken to, in Russian. Who -is- this guy?! Did he just say he'd take -down- the kid? She's about to snarl back at the guy that he wouldn't dare before an arrow goes sailing past her. That's right. ..An arrow. Zoya's not a big fan of having projectiles slung her way, as soon as she can dart one hand back she spins about in place and sweeps her left arm out towards where the reenactment of Legolas is standing, snapping off another shot right back at him. She's not aiming for a distraction. Hopefully it hits as well, the slide locking open with the last round spent. Another problem is that she now has her back to the mutie kid, gods know what else he'll try to summon up. To hell with the rest of the city, it can burn for all she cares. Right now she has two priorities. Saving herself, and protecting the fellow mutant. In that order.

When people run away, Kalindi usually takes that as a sign to investigate, especially if she was heading in that direction anyways. It doesn't look like her meeting with a contact will happen today, and she'll have to reschedule that. While she rides on her golden disc, she pulls out her cellphone and sends off a text message as she happens upon the scene before also taking a picture of what's happening and slipping it away. While Taskmaster had asked her to incorporate her powers less in her fighting style, she figures this particular level of chaos is exactly when to ignore that, especially because she's wearing an outfit that she really likes today. She opens her bag and reaches her hand inside, gold seeming to envelop her body in elaborate and heavy gold armor before her disc forms into a cape. Her eyes flash and glow black as she takes hold of her powers, seeming to pull light out of the air, and Kalindi floats towards the ground. In her thick and very distinctive demonic/Hindi accent, she says,
"Who is it that is interrupting my meeting?!"

As the eye shines down on him, Kaden just knows it's a big f'ing eye. He flips it off before the Orcs appear as he's just really pissed off with the situation. "What the fuck?! Seriously?!" He yells as the teen covered in flames is -not- happy with the situation. He takes a deep breath and walks over to the nearest group of orcs and starts slinging fire balls at each one trying to just take them down before they can go after too many pedestrians.

Elvish armor is not bulletproof and as such the bullet fires out and into and through Legolas, “You killed Orlando Bloom?” David says in Russian as he moves closer to try to take out bookworm, but as he slides across the form, he is halted by the glowing white form of Gandolf, “You shall not pass!” Gandolf hits the floor of the Borders which caves in and takes David down falling into the unknown. Gandolf turns his attention to Zoya and a blinding glowing light surrounds him attempts to blind the Russian girl. The beam of red heat moves from Kaden towards the arriving golden heroine. The eye of Sauron shifts its gaze to Kalindi, sending a beam of pure red heat at her. As Kaden attacks the orcs, his fire sends a small group of orcs running off. A leader shouts out commands in orcish and suddenly all the orcs in the area stop attacking the passers-by and turn to charge at the hero. Around ten form a circle about the fiery hero, clubs in hand and all flank him at once.

Zoya no longer knows what's real and what's being manifested by this youth. Who's that yammering about outside now, anyway? All of these self-important people, makin' a scene… She just wants to cull the mindless herd, and people call -her- a bad person. Finally responding to David she simply calls out "Who?," likewise in her native tongue. Before a response gets back to her he falls through the floor. She has to hand it to this kid, he really knows how to light up a town. Fire outside, wreckage everywhere, people running in terror, and all he has to do is sit there and enjoy some literature. Nice trick! In her case, she doesn't have time to reload the one weapon as the sight of an armored beastie with no visible face up and blinds her. Intense light, not something she has a defense against. For what good it does her she tries to shield her face with an abrupt yell, but it only does so much at that point. She had done well this far… For the moment there's nothing more that she can do.

Kaden notices the beam of heat switching from himself to Kalindi and yells out to hear. "Watch out!" Just cause he doesn't have issues with heat doesn't mean she doesn't. "God I'm fucking ready to kick someone's teeth so far down their god damn throat they choke." He mutters as he continues to fling fireballs at Orcs, trying to aim for the ones that seem to be attacking pedestrians and/or harming them in any fashion.

Kalindi flies upwards to avoid the beam of heat at Kaden's warning. She's not really particularly interested in burning her flesh off today, so it's best to keep away. She floats up towards the eye, moving as fast as she can, and grabs her cape, splitting it into several thin strands and reaching them out to try and slash the eye that's attacking her. She doesn't know much about literature, so she just tries whatever has worked for her in the past: gouging eyes.

Gandolf literally walks on air above the whole created from his staff and moves still glowing brighter as he walks towards Zoya ready to strike at her with his staff aiming to hit her in the chest with a swing of the staff. Orc after Orc run off screaming as they are hit by fireballs, but more continue to descend on to Kaden, “Shouting, kill the human!” On all sides, he is rushed by them, “Rip his head off!” They shout. The strands of the golden cape which Kalindi wields simply deflect by a field surrounding the eye. It attempts to catch Kalindi in its gaze to literally cook her on spot. David is nowhere to be seen, but with each page Bookworm turns more and more orcs appears, mostly aiming to kill Kaden, but some move out to continue attacking passers-by.

Zoya can't see. This means she can't tell when she's about to get clubbed in the ribs. The nice part is what Gandolf doesn't know, when he hits her it's a nice, solid, and entirely blunt staff. That energy goes straight into her reserves, the strike only aiding her cause. And now she knows where he is. With a sudden flurry of motion she tries to latch onto the end of that staff and use it as a means of guiding herself right back to the wizard. While she hasn't had any training in blind fighting she's hoping to land the heel of a palm right under the nose or chin of the character that should not exist within this realm. This fight's not over yet, damnit..!

Kaden just stands there and lets an orc pile build up on him, not really caring if he gets injured in the process. He doesn't regenerate and sure it hurts but he wants to do what he's going to do right. "Fuck. Off." He says once he has a decent pile on him and with that Kaden concentrates so that a the fire around him explodes outwards trying to light all the orcs on fire and fling them away with the flamey blast with a scream of annoyance.

Kalindi reels back but drops down once the eye turns its attention towards her. She keeps track of the motion of the eye, because being cooked does not really suit her current agenda. The girl falls lower and lower towards the ground before turning her strands into a very long, thin blade, trying to slice the area on which the eye rests. The black aura around her eyes intensifies, as she strains with keeping this particular weapon solid and moving.

Zoya is able to use the staff to lands a blow on the wizard. Not much a physical fighter himself Gandalf is launched by the blow into the whole in which he knocked David. Once he enters the room itself seems to flicker, Gandolf, the glowing light, the whole and apparently David are all gone. Bookworm looks up and scowls, "How dare you!" He screams Zoya and Shelob a VERY LARGE spider appears in the bookstore between Bookworm and Zoya.
And suddenly an explosion rips out from Kaden and the streets are lined with fried Orc. Suddenly a very large and very angry and burnt Uruk-hai runs up from behind and charges toward Kaden knocking him and himself into the brick wall of a nearby building, knocking the fiery hero out. And then turning his attention. It lets out a loud roar and points to Kalindi, whose strong swipes have been nearly knocked one of the stands holding the Eye of Sauron up. The stands fall over and the eyes implodes into itself.
The Uruk-hai charges at Kalindi, "Die, human!"

Kalindi turns the blade back into a more manageable hammer and says to the beasts wanting to attack her, the strain aura from around her eyes becoming less intense, "If you engage me, there is a good chance that I will make you dead!" To gain a more tactical position, she slams the hammer into the roof of the building, in order to drop down inside.

Kalindi turns the blade back into a more manageable hammer and says to the beasts wanting to attack her, the strain aura from around her eyes becoming less intense, "If you engage me, there is a good chance that I will make you dead!" To gain a more tactical position, she slams the hammer into the roof of the building, in order to drop down inside.

Zoya knows how to fight other people. It's not so tough. Giant spiders, though..? Um. Right. Can't get to the dropped gun, time to reload the other. It doesn't help that now she's just a little bit unnerved, and a LOT unnerved with that kid. Maybe she should have taken the shot after all and damn the consequences. Too late for that. Right now she's in a slow backward retreat from the multi-legged beastie, flicking the empty magazine into her opposite hand while trying to pull out a loaded one. "Are starting to piss me off, put book down or will deal with you like have everything else." If she can get past the big, freakish arachnid, of course.

The Uruk-hai laughs and grins, “We shall see who dies.” The creatures takes a stance like a rhino and charges into the building breaking through the wall and straight into the store to crush Kalindi as she drops into the store. The spider remains where it is, but it starts to spit out an adhesive type liquid trying to catch Zoya in its webbing. David suddenly appears on the ground near Bookworm. He is shivering and appears almost catatonic and holding his head mumbling something about the Mindscape.
Kalindi swings the hammer at the Uruk-hai, using her powers to swing the weapon at a speed and strength that is absolutely unnatural, "Get out of my way so that I can restore order." That is really all that she cares about. Things operating according to her schedule. Everything being smooth and orderly. That's the perfect world. "Die."

Zoya would have been seriously worried if she got pounced or something. At a range? Spiders can't do ranged attacks, can they? Turns out they can. Part of her gets hit with sticky gunk in a way that's both revolting and a hindrance, taking a second to recompose herself. Alright, that does it. She tried to be nice, she tried to warn the kid. Rather than turn around and walk away she triggers a three round burst at the arachnid, flicks the weapon around in her hand, relevels it in the general direction that kid with the powers is sitting and spits out three more. Hopefully one of them will at least disrupt his focus on the book, if not outright kill him. She's done playing, clearly this guy's not on her side.

As Kalindi yells “Die!” That is exactly what happens to the charging Uruk-hai. The hammer swings and the fearless creatures charged and was struck head on. His head crushed in, the body falls to the floor and then flickers out of existence. This occurs while Zoya’s shots ring true and three hit Shelob. The spider does not die but howls in pain. And three reach towards Bookworm, one hits his arm, the other knocks the book from his hands, and another knocks his glasses off. The illusions disappear and Bookworm curses and tries to reach for another book. David knocks over the stack of books to keep Bookworm from reaching the next book.

Kalindi stomps towards Bookwork, seeing the correlation between the shots and the disappearance of the illusions, her hammer reverting to the cape it was before. "If you make a move to touch another book, it is very likely I'll break your spine and gouge your eyes. You will not read another book ever again, either for being dead because I did it wrong or a blind quadriplegic," threatens the demonic sorceress, turning her black glowing eyes towards Bookworm. "Would you like to test me? Because it makes no difference to me." As she says the last words, her demonic accent is emphasized and the Hindi one is almost disappeared.

Zoya is apparently very, very lucky today. The Bookworm, not so much. Free of the illusions and with more than enough bullets left in the stack she storms toward the kid and once more moves to level the gun at his forehead. The other Russian speaking free-running maniac has the books covered, which conveniently gives her a proper one on one moment with the bookie. "Are you mutant?" she pointedly asks, her own approach to the situation much more blunt. Her attention is pulled in two directions with the announcement of an unfamiliar voice nearby, now there's no telling if the Ruskie's threat will be able to carry through. Not that it stops her from trying.

David shakes off the effects of his momentary trip to the Mindscape and looking up at the golden heroine, he blinks a moment and suddenly shivers. He holds his head and steps back as he suddenly feels something akin to what he felt when he was in Tegu-Haaz near a demon. He says nothing and just holds himself as he shivers appearing confused and scared. As sirens can be heard in the background and cops are finally making their way through all that has happened. David slips out and away.
Bookworm suddenly very frightened by the two powerful and intimidating women standing before him. He lifts his arms up as the are about to enter, "Arrest me! Save me!" He screams past the women. He is too scared to answer Zoya's question or respond to Kalindi's threat as the trickle running down his pants suggest.

Kalindi stops her approach when Bookworm demands that he gets arrested. Because her mouth is not visible behind her armor, her smirk at Bookworm's cowardice is kept to herself. "Do not cross me again," she suggests quietly, "Or I will bring to you nothing but regrets."

Shit. Sirens are close. Too close. In fact, unless Zoya wants to turn this into an all-out slugfest that would be all over the news then it's time to get the -hell- outta Dodge. For one precious second she debates putting three through the kid's forehead on her way, but with too many authorities in the area she'd be hunted down for years for murdering a minor. The idea is abandoned, the lost pistol retrieved, and—what the hell, who is that other woman?! Gah, time to run, not ask questions; She takes off in a dead sprint. Not enough bullets left to take on the NYPD.

Upon Zoya’s exit, the police arrive in and with assistance from SHIELD whisk Bookworm away. Far far away. “Get me out of here and away from them!” Bookworm takes one last look at Kalindi and almost cries as the image of her and her threat will remain with him forever. News cameras arrive on the scene and begin to report what has happened here. Ambulances help any injured people. And Damage Control is already on the scene to help rebuild.

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