2011-06-21: Boring Gatherings


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Summary: A gathering of the minds is quite a boring affair so Tony brought along company to suffer with him. Roxxon Corp is also in attendance.

Date: June 21, 2011

Log Title: Boring Gatherings

Rating: PG-13

A hotel somewhere in downtown NY

Despite the change in climate, the kids being out of school, and the general craziness that abounds in New York, there was a group of individuals that supported scientific advancement who decided it best to throw a get together. Invites went out to professors, business men, inventors and others that would stand to benefit from a bit of face time. It's going to be a dreadfully boring affair as most of the people in the room are shackled to their work in their respective labs and wouldn't know how to mingle to save their lives. The upside was that it was not just the scientificly minded that were going to be present. The shindig committee also sent invites to the rich and powerful to be in attendance. There was an astronomical price on the dinner and the earnings would be put towards various projects.
It's a two day event which meant that one of the invited would rather not have to attend both days. His appearance would hopefully be quick and merciful. It of course won't be. So for the better part of a week Tony's been trying to convince Joan to attend with him. Why should he suffer alone? Misery did love company. It started off as subtle, What are you doing Sunday? questions. Bit by bit working up to the point where he has extended the invite to come with him. Oscar awards finery not necessary as it was more of a business casual affair.

Joan really doesn't have any reason to say no, but she let Tony wheedle her into going. Mostly because it was fun to watch him attempt to ask. Not like it takes a genius to tell he's asking because he doesn't want to go, and really doesn't want to go alone. So she made him work for it. In the end Joan pretended to grudgingly give in. What? Can't be worse than sitting in an art gallery and listening to some idiot artist gush about their own work. When the time finally arrives the woman wears a nice summer dress, since business casual, but her shoes don't match at all. Which was kind of the point. A very pretty pink and purple dress with no sleeves, and then a pair of Converse style sneakers pained with Iron Man and Captain America. Some BAM! and POW!s on them too. "Will this do?" Asked once Tony finally arrives to pick her up. No, Joan doesn't mean the shoes. Complete with tiny purse the woman is ready to roll.

The man known for being fashionably late arrives on Joan's doorstep wearing white pants, thick white t-shirt, white suit jacket and a grey-ish blue fedora. A pair of dark blue tinted shades are hanging off the t-shirt causing the shirt to weigh down at the neck. To complete the otherwise fashionable outfit is a pair of dark grey skater shoes accented with that blue shade and similar colored laces. "Do I pass?" Tony asks at the same time she asks if she passes inspection. With a chuckle he takes in her beautiful summer dress then notices the shoes laughing himself to death outside her apartment door so much so that he lifts a hand up to cover the grin. With tear pregnant eyes he drops the hand and leans in to kiss her cheek. "You're perfect, Joan. Utterly, perfect." Crooks his arm for her to take.

There's a laugh for that you two ask at the same time. Complete with a gaudy costume jewelry necklace that matches the dress, those shoes still clash. Which was the point. There's a grin for Tony's laughter and she links arms. "I thought I would help you turn the fashion world on it's head. At least a little." Can't quite match the Tony fashion clash, and nor does she want to. "We're getting ice cream after this, right? I deserve ice cream for doing this." The kiss was nice though. That part she likes. "Especially since you just paid a few thousand dollars for what probably will be the worst dinner on the year." Not that Joan's ever been to an event like this.

Everything that Joan mentions about the night of dread ahead of them is true. The dinner will be terrible as these sorts of things always are, the conversation might be alright though the speeches will be dreadfully boring, and there will be fashion critics everywhere. "You realize that you might just start a trend rather than being panned," Tony shakes his head with amusement as they head out to his car. Glancing across his shoulder at her, "I'm not enough to make up for the evening?" There's a playful pout that will never work on her unless he throws in the puppy dog eyes on top of it and even then it might fail. "If we manage to survive the event we can go wherever you want. Baskin Robbins, Coldstone, Ben n' Jerry's, or we could get the Golden Opulence Sundae. I think we both deserve the latter to tell you the truth." At the car he opens the door for her then closes it when she's settled and takes to slipping in on the opposite side.

Joan makes a rude sound. "No one will be using me to start new trends. Let's be honest with ourselves here." She just wanted to show solidarity with her companion. "Did you think you could be?" Enough to make up for the evening. "Yeah, because bad food, lousy drinks, and long, boring speeches are the perfect way to spend the evening. That's why you were begging me to go from the start, Tony. You knew it'd be awful. I wonder if I'll get a drink spilled on me by some balding scientist who's trying to hit on me, badly." She pauses as she settles into her seat and buckles herself in, then thinks better of her teasing and doesn't finish it. "I like Baskin Robbins." No need for the pointlessly expensive sundae. "Why don't you donate the money it would take to buy one to someone instead. I can get some funky flavor combo cheaply instead." She isn't one for costly things.

"Sure? I saw someone wear leg warmers on their arms and that became a fashion trend much like wearing socks of two different sizes and colors." Tony mentions just to keep conversation going and because both of the above mentioned things are truly fashion horrors. "I should be hurt or at least my ego. Of course I thought I could be enough to make over for that which I'm subjecting us both to." Having settled into the car now he teases that she's become Madame Snark while buckling himself in and turning the car on. "I was kidding about the twenty-four karat gold sundae. I have enough metal in me as it is," which is rather funny now that he thinks about it. "We'll see whichever ice cream shop we come across first after we've made our escape." The shades are pulled off his t-shirt then slipped on before maneuvering the Audi out of the parking space to join the traffic heading north from her home. "I hope the evening won't be entirely terrible. At least we can heckle and hopefully keep to ourselves."

"Very sure." Leg warmers or no. Maybe their arms were cold? "Are you sure the two socks thing isn't just you?" Now that she will tease about. Joan didn't want to compare you to some anti social guy who doesn't bathe and ignores people in favor of science. Even if some of that is true. "Tony, people are going to want to corner you the whole time you are there. That's going to leave me alone a lot." She manages a smile while saying that though. Doesn't know what to say about the metal, so doesn't. "That sounds like a plan." Ambushing whatever shop you two come across after this affair. As there's mention of hope, the woman reaches over to ruffle that mussed hair of Tony's. "It won't be. You'll be here." See, the inventor really does make up for the evening, no matter how she teases about it. "I simply have no illusions that some fund raiser filled with mega geeks is going to be an amazing party. Most the talk is totally going to be beyond me." Since she's neither super smart, nor a mega science geek.

Tony fires a disgruntled look Joan's way. "That's one thing I can't claim as my doing thankfully. Though I'm pretty certain that I've worn socks that are the different length at one time or another. When you have to find something on the fly size doesn't matter." Traffic is moving steadily in the direction they're going so at least that part of the evening wouldn't be a nightmare. As for people wanting to corner him he sighs heavily for that as it will happen. "Why?" Thankfully the car can stop at a light so that he can turn his attention her way. "Don't think for a minute you're going to leave me with a crowd of mathematicians. Affixed to arm, and guide me through the sea of people either wanting to gush, run ideas by me, or ask if I'm in a donating mood."
Light pause over Tony focuses back on the slow pace of driving through the busy city streets towards the hotel where the event is taking place. Ice cream plan is a go, and he smiles softly when she musses his hair up. "So what will be said will sail over your head, and I'll not even be paying attention. This is what I do ninety percent of the time. Grand entrance, schmooze a bit, then vanish before I loose a few brain cells."

Joan's sure Tony has worn mismatching socks too, but this is neither here nor there. Why? "For money of course. Why else would they want to corner you?" Sparing Tony any silly ideas of them being attracted. "Science doesn't fund itself for most people." Unlike the genius who's hair she's petting as he drives. See, it's not all bad. Get head massages, hair petting, even while on the way to some boring affair. "Oh, I have to eat bad food and be attached at the hip with a man I find spending time with enjoyable? You certainly know how to torture a woman, Tony." She thinks she can manage to derail some yabbering mouths and drag you away. That could almost be fun. There's a smile for the leaving quickly. As well as a change of topic. "You know I would have gone to this for simply asking me, right? You really didn't have to attempt to coax me." For all it was sure fun watching Tony try.

"Because I'm incredibly attractive and brilliant?" Tony offers up to Joan as a reason for cornering and he makes it sound hopeful. The hair pets are very nice and though he grumbles and grumps here and there he's already far more relaxed that he normally would be. He hates these affairs and having her with him was already making the evening shades better. "Yes, you're clearly suffering being attached to me for an evening. I am repaying the favor with lots of ice cream however. I do hope you get a sprinkle covered waffle cone bowl out of the deal at least." Up to the front door of the hotel now where a valet takes over the car and Tony comes around to offer his hand to his stunning date for the evening. "I did ask you in a roundabout week long way. Would you expect anything else?" He grins.

"I was hoping to spare you from getting hit on by people who forget to shower for weeks and have no dental hygiene." She's grinning at Tony though, and the petting continues until the car pulls up before the hotel. "The ice cream will be worth it." A sprinkle waffle cone? "Isn't that more of what you want? I'd rather just have ice cream. Yes, I'm boring." Seems amused at it all. And then Joan accepts that hand out, and links arms with the man who asked her to this horror. "Maybe just asking if I'd go with you to some boring affair because you didn't want to go alone?" Like, you know, the truth? There's that grin again at least.

Tony shudders rolling it from one shoulder to the other. "Eugh, you don't know how true that is." He hates having women, and sometimes men, pawing at him let alone when they smell like cheap fragrances or worse. The sprinkle waffle cone has him smiling over at Joan answering her question though he thinks she'd like it too. "Boring? You? Hardly. Perhaps we can get something massive in scale and share. Sounds better, right?"
At the hotel Tony seems to be hesitating for a moment though it could be put off on the various flashes from around the entrance of people taking pictures of him and Joan. This sort of thing happens all of the time but it is annoying to have the bright lights constantly winking off an on. Hence sunglasses! "Admitting the truth right out of the gate? Impossible." Sounds serious there then turns his head using the fedora to ward off a few flashes, "Where would be the fun in that for you? I'm certain you enjoyed my roundabout inquiries." So did he!

Joan's glad not to know, but is wise enough to understand that it happens to the famous of the world. Some people just can't leave well enough alone. "Not quite sure how I manage, but I'm glad I'm not." Boring. How people from so very different worlds can meet.. she's still wondering about it all. As the man pauses for the cameras, the woman stops and looks to him. Uncomfortable, but trying not to show it, she asks, "Are you alright? Or are you purposely letting them take a million photos?" Which is hilarious in a way. "I suppose photos are better than being pawed at." And it delays the inevitable of the event. "Come on, let's stop showing off and get this over with?" Asked with a smile. "I certainly did. Why else would I have played stupid that long. Listening to Tony Stark struggling in asking me out was too adorable to pass up. You need more practice."

Tony brings a hand across his body to touch her hand at the crook of his elbow. "I'm alright, and yes. If you mug for the camera's a bit they tend to be less intrusive later." To prove his point he turns on the charm greeting various people lined up along the walkway to the door where the doorman greets them and bids them enter. "See? Being blinded by a few flashbulbs is infinitely better than having grabby hands all upon your person." The grabby hands may happen at some point in the evening though thankfully there is a measure of security for the event that could easily back people off if it became a problem. "I need practice in struggling or asking you out? By my count I've asked you out numerous times before now without issue." The lobby is busy, the guests are shown towards the metal detectors at the doors to the massive room set aside for the event. Sotto voce to Joan, "They're scanning for tech more than weapons. One year someone nearly lasered this woman's eyebrows off." When they approach the detector Tony lets her arm go as he shrugs before stepping into the detector setting it off. "Go on, Mr. Stark. Have a nice evening!" The security guard smiles before turning to Joan.

"Somehow I think that's wishful hoping." A smile and for all she's being photographed, Joan doesn't wave. It's not her they are honestly taking pictures of. Or so she assumes. The doorman is greeted in return however, for the woman attempts to be polite. Doesn't change the fact there's relief when the two leave those flashbulbs behind. Phew! "I could have used pathetic, but I opted for adorable." The asking out thing. Tony can decide for which part she means. Mainly because there's surprise about the laser, but she doesn't have time to ask before going through the detector without a beep. Her purse has intimidating things like some keys, some cash, and her ID. Nothing more. So accepting her purse back there's a lingering glance back at the thing. "I'm not sure why that surprises me so. When I think about it, having security like this totally makes sense. A bunch of brilliant minds in one location.. that's like asking for someone to attack." There's a sigh, for that's a shame. Allow, and the woman links arms.

An expression that Joan is all too familiar with appears upon Tony's face when she mentions pathetic and adorable as the only two reactions she could have had for his attempts to ask her out this evening. It should be impossible to wrinkle up one's face to appear like a disgruntled Kermit the frog but he pulls it off. "I'm neither!" Once Joan's been cleared through the checkpoint he grumps at her though it is in a playful manner. "My image is ruined isn't it? Adorable? Bah! Adorable is a Build a Bear Koala." Takes a quick gaze about the room adding, "In a Batman costume." The collection of famous rich socialites are mingling about already and the scientists are congregating in their own cliques before everyone is shown to their assigned tables. "There's not been an attack before though there have been protesters off and on through the years and sometimes one company that is present has a grudge to wield against another. It's truly a soap opera sometimes, Joan."
Walking with her over towards an employee who is apparently directing traffic. "Oh! Mr. Stark, sir!" Now the man is a touch nervous and summons one of his crew immediately. "Gregory will show you both to your table, sir." Gregory of course looks a bit like a startled sheep. "Thank you, gentleman. Gregory!" The kid nearly jumps out of his skin which amuses Tony who had taken a much deeper tone in addressing the youth. "We're depending on you not to loose us in this crowd," Gregory babbles nervously, "Oh, no sir! I'll get you to your table. This way, please." And so begins the call of his name as many people realize he's there and he waves with his free hand while slipping his other down to hold Joan's.

But she loves the Kermit face! "But you are." Adorable. "Especially when you make those puppy dog eyes of yours. And don't even attempt to deny it." Joan already knows better. "Pepper warned me about your puppy eyes." Which was hilarious too. "Why Batman? Is there something wrong with Batman?" As she asks, there's a good deal of looking around. Sadly brilliant people often look no different from less brilliant people so she's a little disappointed. Off in the corner is a man with wild hair though, so there's at least something to look at. "Think there'll be any spats this year?" What else does one call a grudge you bring to a party. And then there's Greg. Hand taken, Joan's expression creeps back into a smile. "That's the expression I wore at first, isn't it?" Knowing all too well how Gregory feels. As an aside to Greg in stage whisper, "Just think of him as a teddy bear wearing a Batman costume. It gets easier after that." Hand to mouth and everything. The other hand is busy holding Tony's of course.

Tony has been ratted out by his best friend. "I am not adorable. I merely mentioned Batman because I've seen children with various super hero outfits on their stuffed animals. I should really see if someone has allowed the Avengers costumes to be used. I would make one of those red and gold colored bears, put it in an Iron Man costume, then leave it in Steve's room at the mansion." Cap would have to love that! "Of course there will be spats. That's the entertainment for the evening." Also, people who look like they rolled out of bed then ironed their hair in six different directions. Tony softly smiles over at Joan about the scared sheep expression that Gregory is still sporting. "Yes, a bit. You wear it better however." There's a shake of Tony's head for the stage whisper." Gregory however splutters and nearly collides with a nearby chair. Nervous anxiety bubbles out of the young man in laughter as he turns to see Tony rolling his eyes heavenward. "I don't think he'd want me cuddling on him but thank you for the image." Gregory shows them to the table and pulls out Joan's chair for her before departing. Tony slips his coat off to drape it on the chair back. "Well done back there. Though you loose points because the poor guy didn't land in someones punch."

Joan's look says it all. Tony is adorable. "Tony, there are dozens of artisans in the city who would trip over themselves in their hurry to agree to make you that bear. You could just casually mention it on a tweet and watch the packages pour into the Tower. 'I wish someone could make for me a teddy bear in my suit.' and see what happens." That hand she holds is gripped warmly, for all they are teasing one another quite often. It sure beats being bored and unhappy here. "Thank you." That she wore it better. Joan is sure she looked entirely in over her head, because that's how she felt. "How do you know?" That Greg doesn't want to cuddly on Tony. "Who'd pass up that chance?" Then Greg is pulling out her chair and he earns himself a bright smile. "Thank you, Gregory." Purse tucked beneath a leg and she's at the table, laughing. "I'm new at this. I'll improve." At landing people in punches. "I wasn't the one he was awed by however. That's you. And you totally didn't answer me about why people suddenly look nervous." Don't think she didn't notice that.

"Because Pepper and Bambi would kill me for the influx of stuffed animals. I'm sure Build a Bear could come up with something useful to do with the sales if the Avengers agree to something like that." Tony waits for Gregory to leave before he pulls out his chair and seats himself beside Joan casually draping his arm along the back of her chair. "Did you ask me why people are nervous suddenly? I must have missed that." A quick glance around their sparcely populated table and the surrounding before he leans in close to speak softly. "I seem to engender certain responses. Either someone is a nervous mess, wants to kill me, or get into my pants. It's pretty much how events go."

The idea of Pepper killing Tony has Joan laughing. Mainly because she can so picture it. "I'm surprised there isn't someone out there already with the rights to make Avengers bears. Are you sure it isn't you?" Leans somewhat to see someone with rumpled clothing and outrageous hair pass through the crowd, but soon rests back and against the man who puts his arm around her chair. Lifts a hand to grip his. "Liar." Tony doesn't miss things. He ignores them. "We are also being seated separate from others." Didn't miss that either. "Are you quite sure they want you here?" A curious, wry look for that one. "I know I sure was a nervous wreck. We'll see if the other two develop later on." The urge to either strangle or bed the man. Joan hasn't decided which yet. "You know, I've never asked you.. Are you working on anything 'cool' lately. Anything you can tell me about anyway."

Tony shrugs about the rites to anthing having to do with the Avengers. "I'll have to have Pepper pull up what the deal is with that sort of thing." The table they are seated at has little folded cards with various guests names scrawled on them. The table itself is off to the side instead of in the thick of things. "Hmm?" Gives her hand an affectionate squeeze as he leans over a bit to snag one of the small cards then holds it in view for her to read: Anthony Stark- Stark Enterprises. Every card at the table reads the same. "I'm quite sure they want me here. I merely took control of my own fate before agreeing to appear." Sets the card down on the table and waves off the server who is seeking to fill the flute in front of him. The glass of water will be enough for him. Joan can have her glass filled with bubbly or not then the man moves off to the next table.
"Either in any particular order or both at the same time is possible." Tony teases back as he reaches for his glass of water. The guests are all filling in at their table and a speaker is talking with others up at the small stage. "Do I tell you my amazing project or not? You could be a corporate spy sent to ruin me."

That all the cards at the table read Tony's name has Joan looking at him. Really? "How are you going to be entertained here if we are alone at this table? We can't even start a proper food fight now." Joan mock sulks over that one. She too waves off the alcohol. More for Tony's benefit than any dislike. "Could I have some coffee, please?" Asked with that warm smile of hers. "And the water." Which is awesome. "You.." Want her to both strangle and.. Joan doesn't finish that and gives Tony the strangest look. Like she just ate lemons or something. Ew. Easier to deal with being a spy. "I suppose you'll have to take that risk." Neither denying nor admitting whether or not she is one. Idly twines fingers she points out someone with the other hand. "Who's that? He seems to have a lot of people gathered around."

"Don't think that won't stop people from sitting down." Tony knows all too well that someone or someones will eventually sit themselves down at the table to try and chat him up for one thing or another. When Joan seems to struggle with a particular subject making the most adorable expression Tony laughs using his free hand to pull his fedora off to sit it on the table. "What? You could be infuriated with me at the same time. I truly hope not but it is possible." The speaker finally takes to the podium welcoming everyone to the event's second day and gives the obligatory thanks to whomever was funding the gathering, and all of those gathered. The first presentation would begin in fifteen minutes while dinner is being brought out for everyone. "I've dated a spy before more or less." Tony smiles as she threads fingers with him then he follows her gaze towards a man with quite a gathering. "The head of Roxxon Corp. August D'Angelo," he all but seethes the information.

"Oh, I'm sure if we threw food at people they'd stay away. And you're suppose to be the genius." Psh! Yes, she's mocking poor Tony, even as she grins. "You are certainly infuriating. Now I see what Pepper was talking about." Joan is never telling him what Pepper said, and really, she could totally be making things up. Even if she isn't. The man up front is paid idle attention, for he's not saying much of interest, and she's hardly the only one there ignoring him. "I'd claim not to be one, but all spies would do that, wouldn't they? At least in movies." Nor has there been any neat things told Joan notices, but this time there's no calling Tony on it. Especially not after that seething tone. "Okay, not someone on your Christmas list." Like Duh. "Is he someone I should politely ignore, or can I throw the food at him first?" No, Joan has no shame about such things.

Tony snickers, "Last years steak could have been considered a blunt force weapon to be sure." He's amused and enjoying himself even though she keeps poking at him to get him to give her more ammunition to use. "I'm going to have to have a little chat with Pep about this. She normally scares women off and now she's giving you trade secrets about me. Not a good." In truth he's thrilled that Pepper is getting along swimmingly with Joan. It's probably nice for his best friend to be able to relax a bit on that front until jealousy rears it's ugly head at some point. "You need to wear more leather to be a true spy. Leather or a dress that has a slit all the way up to the hip on one side." Tony's always helpful with strange information such as that. As for the Roxxon table across the way he can't quite wipe the sneer off his face. "These people have been seeking to monopolize global energy since they've existed and their not above acting illegally to reach their ends." There's a touch of sadness in his tone though the anger is far more obvious. "It would take me ages to explain what they've done. If anything steer clear of them. Nothing ever sticks. Not even what appears to be mash potatoes." Nodding in the direction of the meals being set out.

On the subject of Pepper, Joan notes, "Of course she isn't driving me off. I asked her permission to date you." Kind of like asking one's father, just not. Totally serious about that too. "We talked about it in depth." Which really should scare Tony. Honest. "To be honest she didn't tell me much." The smile says she could be lying however. For Joan it was a good thing. Very good. She'll keep enjoying it as well. There's that sour look again for leather and high cut dresses. "Do my cycle outfits count? That's like full body leather." Without being revealing. She's far more curious about the Roxxon table, and glances to her companion. That look is kind of nasty. "That's quite the glowing report." Wry that one, but Joan hasn't seen any reason at all to doubt Tony. "I'm sorry you've had such trouble with them." Her attention brought to dinner, the woman sits up straighter in her chair to get a look. "Doesn't seem too bad from a distance." Not holding her breath here.

Tony's eyes go wide behind his shades. Pulling said shades off to fold the arms up against his chest, "You what?!? And she didn't unleash claws? And you asked …" This is certainly different for him as he sets those glasses down atop his hat to keep them from rolling around and getting the lenses scratched up. The women talked in depth about him? There's a pityful sound emitted a moment after that revelation. "Right, and when I believe that two women didn't gossip like mad about me I'll have ocean front property in Wyoming."
Roxxon Corp is a sore spot for Tony on many levels which would bring the semi-date to a disastrous end if he had to speak about it. "Ask me later," he says softly as they gaze over at the dinner. "You know plastic food looks great from a distance as well." Their plates arrive in short order and Tony eyes his dubiously. "I'll give you your hand back if you're brave enough to sample their wares."

"Please, you probably do have ocean front property in Wyoming." Because Iron Man can ignore things like geography and physics, right? Right! "Of course I asked her." Joan claims. "She needed me too." The woman lets the topic of the other company slide away to ease the meal, and grips that hand before bravely letting go. "We could wait and see how the other tables react." Not that there's much waiting. Spreading a napkin over her lap as plates are laid down, Joan thanks the serving people, and takes up a fork. "You know, you could have brought food with, or even had some delivered." Said with a wicked look. "I suppose that would be really rude however." Even if you bought the several thousand dollar plate and such. Never mind that Tony bought eight or more of them to be able to sit alone. "Order and have it delivered to Roxxon's table?"

Tony rolls his eyes, "I'll get right on building a small sea around a property to simulate the effect." Waiting to see how others react to the meal sounds like a good plan. "I should mention that I rarely eat at things like this. It's not that the food is too terribly there are other reasons." Reasons he doesn't go into because he can't tell Joan everything about him. Others seem to be managing the meal of steak and potatoes, vegetables and bread. Joan appears to be ready to take a bit of something though Tony is still reluctant. "I've done that before. Had someone bring me a pizza once. I've even had Happy ferry in a chilli dog during a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff." People seem to pass the behavior off because it's Tony Stark. As he glances over towards the Roxxon table he smirks, "Do you think they'd like Chinese?"

Joan pokes at the plate before her and regardless of Tony's reluctance she samples things. "What? Are you expecting someone to poison you?" A dubious look, and yet it shifts. Maybe someone would try. Huh. "Well, the potatoes taste pretty good. If I die horribly, you'll know." And so other things are sampled. Not great, but she can live with it. "It's too late to order that." A sad tone. "Dinner is here and it'd arrive long after everyone is done. Something to remember for next time." Would have been fun to do, but far too late now. "Really." Putting the fork down, Joan looks to Tony full on. "Would you rather I held off and we got something later?" Hasn't eaten much, and it won't do her any harm to wait a while longer.

Poison could be possible as could food poisoning but the real reason is actually something that many others experience on a daily basis though no one is aware of Tony's particular issues outside of Pepper and perhaps Kaji to some extent. "I'm not in a James Bond film or the Game of Thrones, Joan. It's not something that I talk about much if at all." There's a hint of a smile creeping back in, "It would be a terrible shame to have you die at your first real boring event." For there are people droning on about quantum mechanics at the moment on stage. Others at various tables are hocking their own scientific advancements to those in the area which is another reason Tony's table is nearest the wall. "If it's edible go ahead, Joan. I truly don't mind. Besides, if someone asks you about the event you could tell them that the only thing worth remembering was the water."

Reaching over, Joan seeks to take Tony's hand. "I don't really think anyone is going to poison me." Said with a little smile. "I'm worried about you though." Yet she doesn't ask why Tony isn't eating. "I think I've more chance of dying from the boredom than the food." Not eating, an empty table, back to wall.. there's a math going on inside her head that worries her. Leaving fork on plate the woman rests back and against Tony. Into that arm if that's still there. "I think you'll be worth remembering." Padding the ego is free tonight. Then after a moment she asks, "Do people crash this event, trying to get funding for things?" Since the meal is something she feels she shouldn't talk about, it's time to change subjects.

"Are you certain?" Tony's eyes dart over to the Roxxon table for a moment then his eyebrow lifts for her to follow his meaning. Holding her hand he rubs his thumb back and forth gently. She's worried for him? That expression turns from hinting at the evils of Roxxon to confused. If there's one thing that Tony can do well is change expressions at the drop of a hat and he has quite the arsenal to work with. "That's exactly what I fear at these things. The food is terrible, sitting around listening to speeches bores me to tears nearly, and this guy? He has no idea what he's talking about. If he does manage to gain funding for that particular project I'm certain the news will report a building having blown up somewhere when the fool reverses the polarity." Some scientists were simply crazy and not brilliant as is the case with the man currently speaking on stage.
Joan leans into him so he places his arm back along behind her chair again. "Well, I was a given. I was merely pointing out the only other good thing in this entire situation," he laughs tipping his head down so that their conversation is not drifting too far. "To answer your question, yes. It's part of the purpose and most of the inventions or advancements are alright. There are a few that clearly won't fly nor see the light of day. I should consider putting an exposition together when I'm ready to reveal my hand to the world. It would be a better venue for creative minds than this." There are a few more speakers for them to heckle, and or actually appreciate before someone from Roxxon corp starts heading towards the podium. Tony's brows lower, "And thats our que to head to the festive sector of the evening." Sunglasses are attached to the neck of his t-shirt then he puts his hat back on. "If that's alright with you that is."

There's a chuckle for whether or not she's certain. "And what? Give away that someone here did it?" Joan really has no idea however, so leaves it. This whole Roxxon thing seems to be setting Tony off, and in bad ways. Better to let things lay and cool off. "Tony, reversing the polarity is a bad Star Trek tech concept. I'm no genius, but please. Still, I get the point." As the inventor speaks in general about the concepts here, Joan can't help but pity those trying to earn funding. "Not everyone can made the advancement you have." For all those people are bathering on here now. "Although I shouldn't chide. You did buy an entire tables worth and are sitting here making a showing of it." The idea of an expo appeals to her. "That's a wonderful idea. It's sure to bring out more people than this thing too."
As the Roxxon people start heading up, Joan merely nods. "Fine by me. You said this would be short." to be honest she's amazed the man lasted as long as he did. "Why don't we get something you can stomach, and somewhere quiet?" Purse plucked from beneath thigh, the woman rises to her feet as Tony does. Not really caring who speaks about it. "We could get Chinese if you wanted."

There's a chuckle for whether or not she's certain. "And what? Give away that someone here did it?" Joan really has no idea however, so leaves it. This whole Roxxon thing seems to be setting Tony off, and in bad ways. Better to let things lay and cool off. "Tony, reversing the polarity is a bad Star Trek tech concept. I'm no genius, but please. Still, I get the point." As the inventor speaks in general about the concepts here, Joan can't help but pity those trying to earn funding. "Not everyone can made the advancement you have." For all those people are bathering on here now. "Although I shouldn't chide. You did buy an entire tables worth and are sitting here making a showing of it." The idea of an expo appeals to her. "That's a wonderful idea. It's sure to bring out more people than this thing too."
As the Roxxon people start heading up, Joan merely nods. "Fine by me. You said this would be short." to be honest she's amazed the man lasted as long as he did. "Why don't we get something you can stomach, and somewhere quiet?" Purse plucked from beneath thigh, the woman rises to her feet as Tony does. Not really caring who speaks about it. "We could get Chinese if you wanted."

Tony waves the free hand, "Geek? You've no idea how much so. I should let you poke around my movie files and you'll see how bad it is." It is however true that no one present in this room has achieved what he has. Sure there are notable contributions from a few over the years but for the most part the organizers dragged him here to raise money for the scientific community. "If you're interested some time I can show you the exposition my father pulled together. I remember going to it but not well as I was fairly young at the time and far too busy blowing up toasters."
Roxxon is about to make their speech slash presentation though which means that's Tony's cue to get out of the room. "Yes, mercifully short. We'll stop to chat up a few people then take off before someone moderately important realizes I've left entirely." Rising from the table Tony slips his coat back on then seeks Joan's hand when she's ready to slip out of the room. Of course people notice that Tony's leaving as Roxxon is preparing to speak though not many are surprised by this. "I would be amenable. If you're in the mood for Chineese that'll be fine." Skirt around the edge of the room and out into the lobby where there are a few reporters and smatterings of people talking about this and that.

Joan thinks she has an idea, and merely smiles at the claim one look through the movies would prove it. "Why would something that happened thirty years ago be relevant now?" Asked not to diminish that expo, but because she's confused by the suggestion of seeing the original. What does that have to do with starting a new one? "But sure, I'd be glad to see it." And to also hold hands as they are leaving. While Joan knows almost nothing of the history between Stark and Roxxon, she's willing to let Tony flee without issue at this time. "Chinese sounds great." The reporters take her by surprise. Expected them coming in, but not going out. There's a surprise hand lifted as lights flash and temporarily blind. Grah! Some rapid blinking goes on, and she lets Tony do the talking, and the leading. Makes her very glad she didn't wear heels tonight. "Not sure I'll get used to that." Claimed with a smile as the two finally win free. The warm air of the summer night is almost refreshing.

"Because," has to stop in his explanation a moment as someone comes by introducing themselves and is easily brushed off after a quick shuffling of feet moves them away from the man. Tony peers around the room, "Because I've not shown anyone else?" It's not the grounds, or the events, or the news reels of the time that are important but the footage of Howard and a very young Anthony that is. "It's a bit dodgy but it still can be viewed."
More flashes, a few people scrabbling to ask questions as they pass through the lobby towards the doors of the hotel. "No, can't stay I'm afraid. Gotta jet, big meeting going down in a few, enjoy the night!" He sounds rather happy complete with the fake grin that he uses when cameras are about. "You never get used to the mob, Joan. Trust me, been dealing with them since I was knee high to a grasshopper." The doors part and the air outside is welcome. It doesn't take long for the valet to bring the Audi around and they can get out of there!

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