2010-06-30: Bouncing Baby Avenger


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Summary: Speedball comes to visit the Avengers… and leaves as one.

Date: June 30, 2010

Bouncing Baby Avenger!

Rating: PG

NYC - The Avenger Mansion (Kitchen)

The kitchen is oversized, preparing for the possibility of cooking for large numbers. All the appliances are silver and black, lending to the sleek design for the kitchen interior.

When you're a child of the city, there are certain things you notice. Certain things that just don't seem quite right. For example, to Robbie Baldwin… the Spectacular Speedball, there don't seem to be enough Avengers around lately. Thus, he has taken it upon himself to go pay a visit. Of course, he goes in costume. It's the fastest way. Bounding around the city, he makes his way to the mansion itself, crashlanding in the pool behind the mansion. He lets out a blistering curse. "&$%# PIGEONS! You threw off my bounce!"

It's early evening at the Avengers Mansion and Jessica has been back and fourth between helping at Barnes, working with SHIELD and doing her Avengers duty. She always likes being busy but sometimes the needed moment of relaxation is welcoming. She's sitting at the counter eating a salad, grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, sesame dressing while enjoying a bottle of sparkling water, lemon flavoured. At hearing the crash there's a perked eyebrow as the alarms start to go off. "Not even thirty minutes, that's all I ask, thirty minutes to enjoy my dinner, what's so wrong about that?" She says throwing up her hands as she runs upstairs to do a quick change with her exit plan being her bedroom window to the pool below once she's changed.

Upstairs in the living quarters at the very end of the hall Tony is laying face down on his bed. After staying up all night working on various communications devices he eventually ran out of energy and crashed hard. It is long past noon but the Avenger hasn't moved until the alarm system goes off. "Its either another robot pizza delivery man or Hulks broken something again." With great reluctance Stark rolls out of bed to head toward the source of the commotion.

Carrying a paur of boxes in his hand as he gets out of the pool, Speedball shouts, "I'm ok! Nothing's broken! Nothing's hurt… except the pizzas." He says, "WAy to ruin a classic thin crust straight from Connecticut." HE says with a sigh, bubbles bouncing around his body agitatedly as he shakes, becoming instantly dry. Well, he does. Not the pies.

Spider-Woman comes flying out of her bedroom just in time to hear pizza's and see a man in a costume. A costume she has seen before as Speedball. Floating down to the ground, feet touch down and she crosses her arms over her chest. "You do know there is such thing as a doorbell? Is there something we can help you with besides pizza?" She asks as she presses a button on her com. "False alarm, just Speedball down here." There's no amusement to her voice, more like it's an annoyance.

Tony had been talking his sweet time to make his way downstairs. Now that he was passing through the main part of the house he hears Spider-Womans message. With an aggrieved sigh he shoves his hands into his pockets, deciding to at least see what all the fuss is about. When he comes around the corner to see Jessica standing in front of Speedball his eyes fall to the limp boxes of pizza. "I'm not paying for that," he tells Speedball.

"What? I just wanted to bring something to the understaffed Avengers and see what was going on? Is that so wrong?" Speedball makes a pouty face. "I was aiming for the front. Until some guy threw a spear at me and made me bounce the wrong way. Don't know who he was aiming for. I'm no great white whale…" HE says shaking his head. At Tony's announcement, he makes an indignant noise. "I wasn't askin' ya to, Mr. Money. I was just bringing something because I wanted to."

Jessica takes off the mask and lets it dangle in front of her chin, brushing her hair back in her face. "I'm sure the boys will enjoy some of that pizza, I'm in the middle of dinner already. I got a salad." She says it like heaven forbid she'd eat anything with that much grease and fat in it. Blame it on her living in California. "So besides Pizza, what else brings you here?" She asks as she starts to lead the way inside, though once at the door she looks back. "What kind of pizza?"

Ignoring the comment made by Speedball, Tony steps forward to open the mushy cardboard box the man is holding, and drags out a slice of pizza. Regardless of whether or not it tasted like chlorine he walks over to lean up against a wall nibbling away as if nothing was amiss. "I'd like to know myself. I've given up thinking that anyone will be actually using the front door. Its the third time this week that someone's landed in the yard."

"Blame the guy that hit me with a spear a few blocks back. I was heading for the door. Or through it. Or something of that nature." Speedball sighs. "Uhm… one meat pizza and one margherita." He says to Jessica with a grin. "And… well, I did have a MINOR ulterior motive. Uhm… need any help? The streets have been too quiet lately. The Warriors are all doing their own things. It's just me at the crash pad and… yeah. That's about it."

After hearing Robbie's request, Jessica turns to Tony and raises an eyebrow. "Wow, I guess since classes are out all the kids are looking for summer jobs." Her tone is very dry so it's hard to gauge annoyance or amusement. Going back to her Salad, Jessica takes a few bites. She'd eat the margherita pizza but one wonders how soggy it might have gotten. "So Tony, what do you think? Should we give him the test?"

A spear was probably an embelishment on Speedballs part. It had to have been a kid shooting a nerf dart or something; Tony has decided that this had to be the truth. As he polishes off the piece of pizza he considers Speedball's offer to assist the Avengers. He was, after all, seeking to strengthen the ranks again. "Hmm, after suffering through the last test we would have to come up with something different."

"Hey! I'm legal for everything but running for president." Speedball says with another mock-pout. "I can actually legally drink now. Not that I have any desire to. I'd be scared of my bubbles then. Hmm… I don't know if it'd even affect me. WHo knows?" HE says with a shrug. "Test? What kind of test?" He asks, intrigued by the idea. He opens the box with the Margherita. "Not too bad. Just half got wet on this one." He says with a grin.

Jessica takes a drink of her soda to wash down some of her dinner and nods to Tony. "And at least Speedball here has a history where the other kid didn't." Granted she hasn't met Kaji yet but she's heard about him and their little test. Which is needed for someone so green, Speedball on the other hand, not so green. Taking a slice of Margherita pizza, slides it to a plate and starts to eat it with a fork and knife. "How about I take him to Barnes with me, have him go for my next class if he can survive the kids?"

Tony shudders at the thought of having to be in a room full of kids for hours on end. "That's torture, pure torture." He sends a pitying look Speedballs direction. "If you survive that you've got my vote. Just saying." Tony seeks out something to drink to get rid of the aftertaste in his mouth. "In all truth, I'm not going to turn away anyone that has showed that they can handle themselves appropriately and I think you fit that bill fairly well."

"Barnes?" Speedball asks, reaching down to pat his pockets. Wait. In costume… there ARE NO POCKETS! He sighs. A flash of light and the bubbles vanish, leaving the slightly smaller Robbie Baldwin there. He pulls an ID card he was given the other day out of his pocket. "This Barnes?" It's labelled Potential Instructor. Damage Control. And has his name and picture on it. His codename and costumed picture that is.

"Yes, that Barnes. I guess you can already deal with the little….aspiring superheroes there." Obviously Jessica is trying to be polite. "Well if you're a Barnes teacher that means Sam vouches for you and Sam's word is close enough to Steve's word to me so…what do you think Tony?"

"Hmm? About Speedball or about Barnes? I have to appologize, I've been awake all of about five minutes and probably won't even remember thsi conversation till I get a few gallons of coffee in me." Tony walks over to stand closer to the others. "In all seriousness, I'm fine with you," he says pointing a digit at Speedball, "joining the team."

"Late sleeper, Mr. Stark?" Robbie says with a grin. "Or napping between business meetings?" He asks with a bit of a chuckle. But then he pauses and blinks. "Wait. That was easy. Am I on candid camera? Are there pod-people here?" After his full reject years ago. But then, he was only 17 then.

Jessica looks at Tony for a bit with a raised eyebrow. "I would just guess that he had another late night with the ladies." She teases as she finishes up the slice of pizza and puts the dish in the dishwasher. Hey she doesn't leave a mess for Jarvis. "Pod people? And yes maybe it was that easy because…well our roster needs more able heroes." But is Robbie an able hero? His experience with The Warriors might suggest so.

Tony manages to good naturedly accept the barb from Jessica. He wouldn't be able to dispute that either. 95% of the time it would be truth. "Years ago it just wasn't a good fit," Tony tells Speedball. "Now? You've got experience under your belt, if you wear one, and as such you're in much better shape to be able to handle what being an Avenger will bring to your doorstep. You're never going to really have a moments peace ever again if you accept. I'm just giving you fair warning."

"My mother is a soap star. My father is a district attorney who works against costumed vigilantism and costumed heroes in general. I've been a part of the New Warriors, and I've worked for Damage Control. I don't have a moment's peace ANYway." Robbie says with a bit of a grin and a shrug. "The only difference is… well… It's not smalltime anymore."

The smell of pizza is good at attracting all sorts of beings. Flies, rodents, dogs, cats and She-Hulks. Jennifer follows her nose into the kitchen saying, "Mmmm. I smell pizza. Is there any left?"

"Lets not get into my parents." Jessica says with a smile before holding out a hand to Robbie. "Well it was a pleasure meeting you but I must be on my way. I look forward to working with you. Tony, well enjoy your morning." She says as she starts to walk out of the room almost bumping into Jennifer. "Jennifer yes you do. It's good to see you but I have to run, call me soon and we'll catch up." She says as heads out of the room.

Tony wishes Jessica a good day as she leaves. When Jennifer comes in he manages to say hello, with out a smart ass comment attached and waves towards the pizza boxes. "Speedball delivered. Its much nicer than the last time pizza was brought over." When Jarvis appears in the kitchen Tony feels a sense of relief. Now he might be able to get a pot of coffee in him so the day can begin, even though its long long past mid-day.

"Only slightly soggy." Robbie calls up to the Jade Giantess as she enters. "Some Spearthrower hit me and knocked me into the pool instead of the front yard. Two kinds." He explains. "Thin crust. The only way." HE nods. Considering what's been told to him today, he has to start planning a costume update. Whee. Of course, he's not in costume at the moment.

Jennifer quirks an eyebrow and wanders over to the pizza, sniffing curiously at it. Deciding that, all in all, this pizza is better than your average Pizza Hut pizza. "Thank you, Robbie," she says taking a slice of the all meat one.

"What brings you around the mansion today, Jennifer?" Tony is just trying to strike up a conversation with her seeing as she normally doesn't stop by unless she needed something. He thanks Jarvis for making the coffee, and is now leaning up against a counter sipping away at the steaming mug he's holding. "Also, Speedball here wants to be an Avenger. I'm thinking you could roll him through an obstacle course, break a few windows, you know…standard operating procedures."

"Obstacle Course? That sounds like fun." Robbie says with a grin. "And breaking things is what I do best. And… thus why I'm trying to teach the kids NOT to break things." He coughs slightly before grinning up at Shulkie. After all, he's one of the few people that can actually work out with her and not be hurt.

"Mmmm," Jennifer says around a mouthful of pizza. "If we have to. I think Kaji proved that we need to rethink our tryout process." She wanders over to the fridge and starts to dig around for a bottled water. "I think Robbie would run us out of Mandroids."

Tony agrees and wasn't really serious about running a test. "Never mind anything I say as I'm not entirely awake and I can not be held responsible for anything other than welcoming Speedball into the mix." Tony salutes Speedball with his coffee mug, "Welcome to the team, please deposit your remaining sanity in the comments box out in the main hall."

"Yeah, I'm a bounding ball of energy." Robbie nods quickly. "Now I gotta figure out how to work the A into the costume without getting rid of the W. And not have it look like Awwwww or WAAAAAA." He says, impishly. "I haven't had sanity in years. Not with my cat."

"Put a bar across the bottom thingie of the 'W'," suggests Jennifer, finding what she wants out of the fridge. She turns and leans against the counter as she takes another bite of the pizza. "That could work."

Tony can not believe that this conversation is starting to leans towards fashion. "I don't think I can take it if you two suddenly whip out a pad and paper to sketch out some ideas." Tony offers up a grin to the newest Avenger. "Welcome aboard. If anyone needs me I will either be in the lab or returning to the land of Nod." He sets his now empty coffee mug down in the sink and heads out of the kitchen. "If the alarm goes off again, I'm not here!"

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