2010-08-05: Bowling In The Bronx


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Summary: When there's no disaster requiring immediate action call upon your friends and hit the lanes! Cameo by Anita!

Date: August 5, 2010

Log Title: Bowling in the Bronx

Rating: PG-13

Starscape Bowling Lanes- Bronx NY

Just like it says, the lanes are decorated with an outer space theme. Fully digital systems, large tv's all over the place. There is a gaming room for children, a section of pool tables for everyone to enjoy, and a bar for the adults. Bumper Lanes are available for the kids or those that are absolutely terrible bowlers.

Over on the westside of town near Taskmaster dojo is a very well known bowling alley. The place was remodeled a year ago and boasts large screen tv's hanging from the roof, and massive wall screens. Besides the lanes themselves there is a gaming room for kids, and a closed off bar for the adults. Somewhere in between is a room full of pool tables. The perfect spot for people to gather and have a good time.
With a mass email out to everyone he knew was in town Tony bought out several lanes at the bowling Alley and was already hanging out near the main desk organizing how many people were showing up, and going over what the group would need.

OMGBowling. Teddy hasn't done that forever … well, for quite a while anyway. School is school and a grind even when it's SHIELD training for wanna-be superheroes - and they wanna him to be a spy, imagine that - so he's taking advantage of the situation. He's spying on how well Tony Stark and his friends bowl. And he has the perfect "in" because he got invited. He completely plans to text Kate about this and see if she tries to crash.

The wolf mutant bodyguard is there as well, the human walking up and down the aisles to see which ball he'd like to use for the game. Kaji lets out a soft hm, as he tries to look for a ball that doesn't feel like he's lifting up a bag of cotton. "Really? Am I going to have to watch my strength that much? Where're the really heavy ones," mutters the mutant as he grumbles under his breath.

Stepping in from the outside comes Michael, and a middle teenaged young woman with him. Michael is, gasp, not in uniform at all. He is dressed in a dark blue polo shirt and a pair of jeans, over…gasp…a pair of tennis shoes. Now, the polo is tucked in, and does have a little 'VFW' logo on the left breast, but it does seem to be decently 'off duty'. The young woman is dressed in an aqua blouse and jean capris, although she looks a little bit sheepish as the two of them come in together.

Al is there, in khaki capris and a purple short sleeved button down. Red hair is held back from her face with combs, left loose down her back. She, unlike some people, does not need a heavier ball. A pause, before she's looking over at Michael and his daughter with a smile, waving.

Arriving seperately from the group with Tony, Anita walks in with a vaguely amused expression on her face. Her dogs left at home, for one thing, they wouldn't be welcome in a bowling alley, she's dressed in casual jeans and layered purple and gray tank tops that aren't exactly tucked in, but are scrunched just above the low riding dark brown belt that hugs her hips. The woman pauses for a moment to survey the crowd, a small smile playing at one corner of her mouth, before she heads over to the shoe rental to request a size seven women's shoe. The athletic looking woman takes her shoes and heads to the nearest chair to change from motorcycle boots to rented shoes, still mostly people watching.

It appeared that everyone had arrived from one direction or another. As some were looking for balls, and others were working on the rental shoes, Tony managed to make the rounds saying hello to everyone and telling them what lanes they had reserved. He is wearing jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt that says 'Han shot first,' as well as the sunglasses that are sitting atop his head. When he spots Michael with his daughter he walks over beaming a grin, "Glad the two of you could make it. We're kind of all over the place at the moment but we've got the two lanes down on the end."

Michael gives a smile and a wave to Alessia, leaning over to whisper to his daughter; no doubt giving little introductions around. He gives a nod to Tony with a chuckle. "A pleasure we could make it. Tony Stark, this is my daughter Eleanor Pola. Ella, this is Tony Stark." She, for her part, blushes a little bit but smiles. 'It's nice to meet you, Mr. Stark.'
And, sent, with pictures. So there, Miss Bishop.
Teddy grins in that affably fiendish way of his, and walks over to Michael and the daughter.
With astonishing lack of military manners, he says, "Oh, hi, Lt. Col. Pola!"
A wave to the daughter as well. He has his own bowling shoes because they don't have them in his (apparent) size, and only wishes he had a custom bowling ball made of clear lucite with a skull inside.

Kaji glances over at the door, and offers a wave to Michael and his daughter. A soft smile on his face as he looks back down at the balls and picks up one of the heaviest balls they have. "Note to self. Get custom ball," mumbles the mutant before he starts to head down to the last two lanes.

"Hi, Michael. Eleanor. Nice to meet ya. Now if Ah'm not mistaken, Tony's gonna need me to help him carry out all the food he loves from this place." Al grins, before she's turning to find Tony.

Michael chuckles and nods to Teddy. "Evening." He greets, apparently willing to let the military protocall go tonight, in a civilian setting like this. "Ella, this is Miss Alessia." He chuckles at the image as he gets them shoes, handing a pair to his daughter.

Having forgotten that food need to be acquired, Tony is standing over at the lanes looking at the setup. "I think, if we set it up like this," he says and suddenly the two screens list names. The one on the left listing Kaji, Michael, and Eleanor. The one on the right has Teddy, Tony, and AL. Of course it looks like the right side is stacked but the masses have yet to see how horrible Stark is at bowling. It will take the combined efforts of AL and Teddy to keep that side alive. His eyes cast about, and he spots AL nearing the food area. "Whoops, I'll be back." With a bounce to his step he heads over to meet AL.

Kaji looks up at the screen with a hmn. "This is going to be an interesting game." He glances back at Michael and his daughter before the wolf himself goes to get him some food and drink so he can munch on something between his turns.

Alessia calls over her shoulder. "Just Alessia is /fine/. Don't pay that miss part any mind, Eleanor." Laughing, a hand out to poke Tony's shirt. "Ah love the shirt by the way, sugar."

Eleanor gives a nod and a grin to Alessia's word, and Michael rolls his eyes a little bit. "Mmm, no one teaches manners any more." He says with a sigh, eyeing the teams. He gives a little bit of a nod, and moves over to get the two of them balls. Light for her, a more professional weight for him.

Impossibly, Tony's grin manages to widen, "I thought you might. Oh! I'm the handicap on your team. Hopefully one of the others will be as /skilled/ as I am." He chortles as the lady behind the counter shoves two trays filled with various foodstuffs to the edge of the counter. When Tony catches sight of Kaji approaching he points at the collection, "Think you can grab the pitchers? I think Al and I can manage the cheese by-products."

"What a great teamup," Teddy mutters. He looks up. Food?
"Hey, food!" he says, and heads for that. Besides it being the usual thing for a big jock type, he's also rather hungry for real for a change. He'll join in to help move things, in order to ensure he gets some.

If only Michael knew how Al really was. But since she works with Michael, in a way, and doesn't want Ella feeling out of place…"Hope y'all are hungry." Food that is bad for you galore!

Kaji laughs. "Right, right." He grabs onto the pitchers, and starts to make his way back towards the tables behind the lanes. "So, do you think these teams are well enough divided?"

It was a big production that everyone undertook to carry the various food over to the lanes. Once the stuff was set out, Tony had to turn to getting ready himself. "I think so but we'll have to see how it plays out. At least I didn't put nicknames on the screen." It only takes him a moment to toe his sneakers off, and stick them under his seat. The ugly rent a shoes were slipped on and he dashed off in search of a ball. Knowing that a 10 pound ball hadn't done him much good he's in search of a 12, that is not hot pink in color.

Michael laughs as he looks over to see all the food, although Eleanor looks like a kid in a candy store. "Your mother would kill us if she saw this." Michael says with a sigh, leaning over to kiss the top of his daughter's head. "So much for eating healthy, hmm? I hope they feed you better than this at that school."

Alessia rolls her eyes. "Have to eat bad once in a while. Makes it so ya aren't tempted so much the rest of the time when ya eat healthy." The redhead is nothing but cheerful, having already picked out her purple and pink swirly 10 lb ball.

A selection of fairly tolerable food (Jock, not Swine) is collected on the tray that goes in the NOT NEAR THE BALL table, and Teddy sits down to wait for the others to finish choosing balls. Because the glare of little old woman/man/creepy creature at the shoe rental if you dare take food near the scoring tables or ball return can melt iron.

Kaji glances over at Teddy as he sets his food down, and he snickers softly while glancing back at the person at the shoe rental desk. "Seems you have a fan," comments the mutant over to Teddy before he looks down at the lanes. "Everyone have their ball?"

Tony takes awhile to find the right ball. Some were the right weight but the finger spacing was either too tight or too loose. It wouldn't be amusing to have the ball take off and jump lanes because he couldn't hold onto it properly. Though, the ball may jump the lane anyway! He returns to the lane placing his ball in the return area before taking up a seat between Al and Teddy. "Balls acquired, foods acquired, people accounted for. Well, lets get this show on the road!" Cheerfully he reaches out to snag the Fiesta tots to toss into his mouth while its not his turn.

Michael gives a shake of his head as he watches Tony trying to get the ball. "You mean you don't have your own, custom crafted ball from the finest bowling artisans of the Old World?" He says, clearly teasingly as he moves to his side after snagging some of the food, which Eleanor is still hanging out at.

Alessia rolls her eyes, a wink for Tony, before she goes to bowl. She's not bad, but she's not OMG Amazing, either. She snags some nachos on her way back to sitting next to Tony.

"A fan? I'm not sure what you mean?" Teddy is apparently completely baffled by the suggestion that he's being watched. Not that he's never been watched, after all. But… oh, wait. Who's up?
"Who's up first? Ohcrud, it's me." He picks up his ball, addresses the line, one, two, perfect hook, perfect roll, strike. (Luckout or ringer?)

Kaji chuckles a bit as he shakes his head, going back to chew on his food as he watches the people bowl. On his side, it seems he's the first one up. And he lets out a soft mutter as he steps up and picks up his ball. He even shoulder it for a second before he walks onto the lane. He's bowled a few times, but not the best as he lines it up the best he can and lets it fly! A bit too strong the release as it seems to just glide down the lane to hit the pins and causes a near impossible split.

"Well, now that you mention it, I could make my own. What do you think, blinking lights or glow in the dark? Both!" Tony stuffs his face with the rest of his tots as AL bowls, and Teddy as well. "Oh dear," he mutters when its his turn. Stepping up to the line with his electric blue ball, he sends up a silent prayer to Odin then launches the ball. It sails about a foot in the air, thunks down, and wobbles its way to hit the far left pin. Not bothering to look at the peanut gallery he takes his second shot and clips the far right one. "Snake eyes!" Tony returns to sit between his team members with red tinging his ears.

Michael steps up to the line when it is his turn, and pauses. He may only be human, and in strength a middle aged man; but when it comes to aiming, including arcs and curvature, he is at the literal top of the human ability spectrum. Of course, that is only /partially/ related to bowling, and if he were more practiced he could be devastating. As it is, he is just really good at putting the ball where he wants it to go, and neatly picks up his spare. Eleanor, for her part, steps up fairly confidently to the line, and bowls a strike, turning to look back at her father with a grin. "Guess I still remember." She says happily as she moves to sit down.

Alessia gives Tony a grin, waiting for her turn to bowl. A kiss to Tony's cheek, before she's bowling. Still not bad, but not pro bowler type. Then she returns to sit next to Tony, having some more lovely junk food.

Returning from a slurp at his drink, a high-five to Eleanor, and a grin at Aldewolf, Teddy waits for Alessia to finish. He's a bit surprised at Michael "holding back" here. Sadly, his second run at the lanes leaves the 2-pin standing, but that's not terribly hard to hit, and he smiles on his way back.
"You ever heard of Del Ballard Jr.?"

Kaji quirks a brow at Teddy as he grins at him before the mutant gets back up and picks his ball back up. "Let's see if I can't get this down better." He steps up to the lane, and then bowls another split. "Goddamit…" He shakes his head with a laugh before he goes back to the junk food. "And Tony, if you get one for yourself. You best talk with me about getting one for me too."

As Tony waits for his turn around, he rests his arm along the back of the chairs behind AL. The lure of the cheese fries wasn't calling yet. While Teddy is up at the mark Tony asks Eleanor, "School's out for awhile? Done anything interesting?" One of the guys who walks the floor to check on the lanes stops by. "Oh, yeah bring the pitcher of beer over whenever, four cups I think." With the man gone, Tony's turn has come up. What worked last time? Taking the cautious approach he walks up to the line, and keeps his wrist straight when he releases the ball. There was some power behind it but nothing fancy. He does manage to hit a few more pins. Victorious after his second ball, and a score of six, he slumps back down in his chair, resuming his previous relaxed state and talking to whomever. "Don't I always give you whatever I cook up, Kaji? Sigh."

Michael looks over to Alessia for a moment as he waits to bowl. "You seem to know your weapons pretty well, Alessia. Can I as what your background is?" He asks; which means he was polite, and didn't just try to pull up information file. Eleanor gives a smile. "I went to a camp back in Colorado, and visited my grandparents." She explains to Tony, before Michael steps back up to the lane. He rolls his head around a little bit. "Been a while since I've bowled." He says dryly. The first shot was a practice one, it seems, as Michael establishes a much more natural curve this time, and brings down 9 with an easy spare afterwords. He nods. "Next one's a strike." He brags to his daughter, who gives a long suffering sigh like she has been expecting this.

Alessia lets Michael bowl before she answers. "My father was a State trooper in L'siana. Ah grew up around guns. An' Ah'm a cop, here in New York." She has a soda, that she's sipping at. "Ah kinda have to know about weapons."

"I'm cheating," Teddy says to his teammates. "I watched the last six of Ballard's championship games. I barely remember how to do this, but it's kind of a knack to watch someone do something and then copycat how they move. Bowling is all about moving right. Course I'm nothing like that Taskmaster guy."
And that's suddenly an interesting idea to Teddy. Huh. Wonder what the guy would be like as a trainer.

The one that Teddy would have to ask for that thought would be Kaji, as he's training under him for the next five months, or even more if that so happens. He glances over at him with a chuckle, "Trust me, nothing like that." He looks back at his teammates, and then up at the scores for a moment as he waits for his turn to go.

Eleanor steps up, and it is clear some of it is genetic, as she is homing in a little bit too. She doesn't get a strike, but it is a well thrown ball. Michael steps up to the wood with the ball and proceeds to move in a weird, closed in kind of style. But when the ball hits the wood, it is curving in perfectly for the sweet spot between the head pin and the one next to it, for a strike. "Told you." He says with a grin to his daughter, as they high five. He nods to Alessia. "How long have you been on the force?"

Alessia takes her turn bowling, managing a strike. "A few years, now. Ah just am on protection duty to Stark, but still a part of NYPD." A shrug, before she's picking at more junk food.

Teddy manages another 9/1 pick-up and nods, watching Michael's movements. Competitive? You betcha.
"We're gonna have to start being amazing, Officer Al," the occasional hero and not really practiced bowler says. "We're gonna lose to the Pola family."

Kaji looks over at the Pola family and chuckles. "Now I feel like I'm being carried." He rubs at the back of his head for a moment as he walks past them, picking up his ball. He steps up and and bowls~… A strike! He hms a bit, and turns back with a smirk before he moves to sit down behind the monitor on the floor.

Michael grins as he looks to Kaji. "She was on a junior bowling league." He shrugs, offering no explanation for himself before he steps forward with his ball again, spinning it around in his hand for a moment before he slips his fingers in to it. A couple of steps, a swing of his arm…and he is running on a double. He steps back to the Nachos, as Eleanor steps up. She doesn't get another strike, but a 7, and leaves just one pin behind the two up. She shakes her head, sighing.

Alessia sits quietly, munching away on some french fries. Sipping at her soda, watching the teenager. "Yep, her experience shows."

Teddy manages a strike when his turn comes, punches the air, and swaggers back to the food, grabbing a handful of corn cheeze puffs and engulfing most of them in one bite. Don't try this at home, kids! A swig of soda and a well-disguised belch (wiping the orange dust from his mouth and hands) before returning to the lanes to sit at the table. Someone, somewhere, is keeping score, but it isn't Teddy.
Kaji looks over at Eleanor and says, "Don't worry about the little things. It's just for fun." The mutant stands up and moves over towards his ball, picking it up and bowling a rather spectacular gutter ball! Then he bowls a rather pitiful three pin down. "Sometimes I wonder if those balls have magnets in them to draw them to the edge…" He smirks a bit as he goes back to his seat.

Tony has severely crippled the team, as was expected. Now to the final frame of the first game where the boxes really mattered. No pressure! He waves for the other team to go ahead of him. With a terrible score of 32 he had to do something to redeem himself. Standing in the middle of the floor marks he transfers the ball into his left hand then lets it go. Surprisingly he manages to hit half the pins. So, he tries again with the same tactic, and even more amazingly a spare! Of course the next shot knocks down two but hey, a spare!

Michael chuckles a little bit as he watches Tony, shaking his head as he moves back up. "What made you pick New York?" He asks Alessia as he goes, and brings back up his ball. Now that he has practice again, his natural talent comes through in finishing out the first game with a third strike in a row, then a 9 with a spare pick up. He steps back and smiles to Eleanor as she goes up to bowl, finishing out with a 7, spare, 9.

"Major city, north of the Mason-Dixon that wasn't Philly?" Al counters, a shrug before she bowls, only making up for Tony somewhat. "Truth is, Ah worked in New Orleans for a couple years, then came here. Ah just wanted somethin' different, an' New York seemed it."

Teddy does pretty well, having strikes on the 9th and 10th frame, he gets a strike and an 8 on the two "extra" rolls. A grin is aimed at Alessia. "You and Monica Rambeau, huh? Something about New Orleans makes the policewomen come here to be heroes."

Kaji seems to be getting into the swing of things as he grabs his ball from the resting spot, and strolls up to the lane. He bowls another split, again impossible for him to finish it out, but he does get one of this pins out.

Tony is up at the line again and watches Kaji start the new game, "What's with the splits?" At least the wolf was doing better than he was at the moment. Tony tries the left hand again, and hangs his head when it winds up in the gutter. So much for that theory! Switching back to the right hand he stops thinking about the game and manages a 7. Returning to the table where the food and beer is at, he pours a plastic cup full for himself and leans back against the edge of the table.

Michael gives a little bit of a laugh. "Well, fair enough." He says simply, as he and Eleanor both get some food while waiting for the next round. He does, in fact, pour himself a beer, although he doesn't exactly slam it down afterwords.

Alessia doesn't respond to Teddy's remark, choosing to have some more french fries. A shrug given in answer.

Teddy grins and whispers to Eleanor, "Don't tell him that he's still throwing too hard. He's the anchor for your side."
A break for … isn't there any meat here? Vegetarian junk food, yarrr. OK, popcorn with sugar on it, that's pretty awesome. Lucky he doesn't have to worry about getting fat. He also doesn't have a beer, because, not really legal yet. Soon, but still a bit over a year away. So no idea whether it would help him bowl.
Kaji looks back at the beer with a smirk before he looks back at Tony. "The splits are just kind of annoying. I can't get 'em both down so I gotta choose just one." But he does go back to attack his fries! Chili cheese fries are godly.

"Plastic cups leave much to be desired," Tony says to Michael when the man arrives at the table. His turn is up but they were in no rush to move from frame to frame so he sits back down next to Al and offers her his half full cup with his far hand, "Its not bad." He returns his arm to rest behind AL, and watches the others go about eating whatever is suiting their fancy. "Police officers are heroes anywhere they are, Teddy. Food for thought man," Tony says as Teddy passes him.

Michael mms. "Well, bowlers can't be choosers." He says dryly as he watches Eleanor eat some of the fries, and grin at Teddy. He looks to Tony at the man's words, and gives a nod, as he leans against a pillar mounting one of the little tables.

Alessia is quiet for the time being, a distracted look in blue eyes as she sips at her soda. No beer for her!

"Good point, I meant super-heroes, though." Teddy waits for Tony to do his set. That being the thing with bowling, that you're not supposed to go out of order or it draws the ire of the little men and the next thing you know, it's 20 years later and you have beer-beard and Rip-Van wrinkles.

Kaji sits down at the table, just eating his fill right now… albeit a bit slow so he can talk. But he doesn't have much to talk about right now. Seems that the side of the Pola family has been paused for food and drink! A noble cause!

Tony pulls his beer back toward himself, drains the last bit of it before going to take his turn. He doesn't do all that bad. When he returns to his chair he sits sideways with a hand reaching out to cover one of Al's. He noticed that she had fallen silent and asks in a voice that could only be picked up by Teddy, if he were paying attention, "Everything all right?" Whatever else is going on is temporarily ignored as the pins keep cracking in the distance.

Michael gives a grin as he moves his way back to the bowling. "Sorry, didn't realize we were holding everybody up." He says seriously, before he moves to grab his ball again. "Let's see if I can roll another perfect, hmm?" He asks to his daughter as he moves up to his bowling. He certainly sets it up well, what with a strike and all.

Alessia flashes Tony a smile, eyes coming back into focus. "Ah'm fine, sugar." She whispers in return, head tipping to rest against his for the merest of seconds. "My turn." She murmurs, getting to her feet, a glance at Teddy. "But Ah'm not a superheroine." Shrugging before she bowls, picking up a strike.

"Oh, it's challenge time," Teddy mutters, when Michael and Al both strike.
"You sure about that, you seem like one to me," Teddy says as he passes his hands over the dryer. "Not all of us wear costumes all the time, some never do."
He gets a strike, but it's got the wobbly ten-pin. Almost doesn't count but it falls just before the pinsetting machine starts down.

Kaji snickers a bit, watching both Michael and Eleanor roll their turns and he slides out of his seat to get his ball. "One of her powers is being able to survive in an apartment with me and Tony," quips to Teddy as the mutant picks up his ball and bowls a strike on the first try. "Hm, maybe beer does help."
"Of course she's a superheroine, she has to deal with me all the time… what Kaji said," Tony says to Teddy with an infectious smile. Sadly it happens to be his turn again, and he levels a pout at Al before he gets up to pick up his ball. As he passes Kaji he snickers, "Well, you'll know if it works in a second. I may have found something I'm pants at." With that he steps to the line, and manages a 7. Cutting up with the furball might be working better than the beer as he laughs up to the release and manages to take down the other pins. One would think he'd just saved a building full of people by the way he's heading back to his seat.

It seems the Bowling Polas do a pretty good job, at least at first, as Eleanor starts off with a strike as well, and Michael follows his up with another. The two chat for a moment, before he raises an eyebrow. "Pants at? Haven't heard that one."

Alessia looks at Teddy wide-eyed. "How on earth do Ah seem like a superhero?" Tony gets a long hard look, with blue eyes that express some displeasure at the billionaire. Bowling, her concentration is complete as she gets another strike, just barely.

"I think it's a British innovation," Teddy says, making his second strike. Of course, the glare gets his attention.
"Hey, I was the one who said it, and I'm an expert, right? Do you know anyone who's more of a super-hero geek than I am?"

Kaji chuckles to himself as Tony gets the glare for a comment that he and him made. Then he looks over at Tony with a smirk as he says, "I think you and I should go bowling with some harder liquor sometime. That way we can see if the strength of it increases our game." He looks back at the Polas finish and he gets up and stretches. He walks over towards his ball and picks it up, this one was a rather lazy one as he only knocks down a few pins and then on the second go around knocks down a few more.

"It means I'm terrible, just don't let that get around," Tony says to Michael as he's standing nearby wondering why Al's looking at him like she is. "Don't think my comment came off the way I intended. I just think you have super powers to put up with me," he says to her and quickly adds, "you're the boss outside the boardroom." To Kaji he'll get back to him.

Michael chuckles. "Not the last time I was with Englishman. Maybe I was with the wrong Englishman. I had a friend who was from Yorkshire…he was basically unintelligible to us…but /every/ single one of them knew exactly what he was saying." Michael shakes his head as he goes to bowl. "It was like having to have a translator, for /English/."

"You know I'm signed up for a couple foreign language classes … Japanese, Chinese, Russian, British?" Teddy deadpans as he moves forward. Roll, a bit clumsy… and it's a seven-ten split, and he demonstrates how to pick it up, hitting the seven-pin HARD and bouncing it off the wall to spin around into the ten.
"Woah. Almost blew that one," he says on his way to snacks.

It would seem that the food was more entertaining than the bowling as was the conversation. That was really the draw to going out and lobbing balls down a lane for hours. "Well, considering I've killed my team for a game and a half why don't we just put them out of their misery and finish off the food. Maybe head over to the pool tables for a bit.,” Tony offers up as an idea.

Looking over from the food, Teddy smirks and relaxes a bit, letting go of his competitive streak long enough to realize that the Polas both trounced him by almost 10 points in the previous game, and there was no way after that 7-10 that he'd be able to keep going.
"Hey, is this seven-layer dip, or did it separate?" he asks, skeptically, looking at one of the junk-food items that had just rotated into service from the backup table.

Kaji chuckles a bit as he gets up and says, "I'm game with pool, or just eating for the rest of the night. I don't think I can take another ga— I am not going to finish that sentence." He shakes his head with another laugh before he picks up the bowling ball and bowls his last frame. Ending it with a 7-10 split, and knocking the 10 pin down at the end.

Michael gives a smile as he moves back over to the food, although he is just grazing at this point whle Eleanor goes back for more cheese fries. "If you didn't like me in bowling, I'm not sure you'll like me better in pool…"

"At least I have a shot in that game. I'm pretty good," Tony comments as he walks over to stand next to Eleanor and steal some of the remaining fries before they completely vanish. "No comments to be made that are even remotely near the gutter gentlemen, there is a young lady present."

Teddy tries hard and fails at not-smirking. "Not a problem, my mind, unlike your bowling, does not tend toward the usual gutters."
This will make an interesting report to the spy-teacher. Who may well be present. That would be disturbing, if he had to give his risk and threat assessment of Miss Eleanor Pola, to her father.

Kaji smirks a bit, coming back with a basket of chili cheese fries once more as he says, "I'll just sit this one out, I'll let you all play pool." He really doesn't want to risk getting too competitive. Hence why he sat in the back for a bit.

Would it be better to report her as no threat, or high threat, one wonders? Michael chuckles and moves over to rack the balls with a practiced hand, smiling as he looks to Tony. "Want to put money on it, Mr. Stark? I can't offer up a building, but I can put a c-note on it."

Tony chuckles as he searches for a que, "Betting, now that's something that could get me into a whole lot of trouble, but you're on." It wasn't like he was gambling away his flying Ferrari. "I believe I've all ready lost the bet, but the game will be fun no matter what happens." Tony glances over at the others to make sure they are still having a good time before he turns to see how bad Michael is going to crush him.

Wisely, Teddy also sits out this particular game, leaving it to Alessia to play against the girl if she needs a partner. It's not just that he'd be beaten, it's that nobody would believe him when he said "Oh, I let her win."

Michael grins and grabs the cue stick after he has racked. "Why don't you start." He says, as he pulls out a wallet and sets the hundred dollasr bill in a little tent on the side of the table.

Tony chuckles as he pulls his credit card out from his back pocket and sets it down on the table near the money. "I'll have to use the atm, but you know I'm good for it." Tony breaks the table and has a good run before he finally misses a shot and steps aside for Michael. It would seem that everyone is sort of winding down and changing back into their street shoes.
Michael is…not going to lose this game. Once Tony misses…Michael doesn't. "Did I mention I used to hustle pool when I was in College, when I needed some extra money?" He comments dryly as he runs the table. "8 ball, corner." He mentions, sinking it before he stands up. "Oh, you mean I don't get to keep the Iron Man Logo AmEx?" He says, smiling as he picks back up his money. He looks over to see Eleanor starting to fall asleep in the corner. "We should get back."

Tony has to agree as he follows Michaels gaze. Tony quickly handles the lost bet, and dashes over to the counter to return his shoes and pay the bill. In his socks he jogs over to the group, and steps into his sneakers. "Thank you all for coming. We'll have to try to do something else soon," Tony smiles at all of them as he lowers his shades into place.

Teddy watches the game, and when Michael gets his turn, it's already all over, so he offers a fist-bump to Kaji and says, "I have to get going, I have an early class and my guy is waiting for me."
Of course, that's enough time for Tony to lose, and give his good byes, so Teddy answers, "Thanks for the games, and the snacks, Tony. I'd like to do that. Have a great night, peoples."
His bowling shoes morph into regular street shoes and he heads for the door, deciding on the way down the stairs whether to walk to the train or grow wings and fly home.

Kaji had already returned his bowling shoes, he was just relaxing and watching the game. He was pleasantly surprised from Michael winning and he smirks. "I agree. Was rather fun." He stretches once more before he heads out to Tony's car for the drive home. "See ya'll later."

As everyone says their goodbyes, Tony calls the afternoon a success! People had fun, large amounts of terrible food were had, and no one was set on fire. He waits for Al to be ready and wraps an arm around her as they head out of the sliding glass doors at the front of the bowling alley. Halfway out into the lot Tony flips the electrical locks on his car, "Impatient fuzzball." With that the group heading to Stark Towers piles into the car and drives off into the sunset, if one could see it amongst the skyscrapers and overcast sky.

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