2010-09-02: Boys Are Immature


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Summary: Chloe doesn't exactly agree with Quill's idea of fun. Jinx stops by for short swim!

Date: September 2, 2010

Log Title: Boys Are Immature

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

Enjoying one of the last days of summer is Quill. He's relaxing in the pool and floating around on his back a bit. Sure it's a bit of a pain to get dry later but it's not about the later, it's about the now, and what's fun now. He's in a pair of yellow swim trunks with palm trees on them as he just floats around on his back while singing. "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts…."

Chloe was never really the swimming type and since getting a (admittedly waterproof) cybernetic arm she's been even less so, but that doesn't mean she's immune to the siren call of the hot tub. Especially not with muscles aching from an extended morning run and thus she saunters down in a simple modest black swimsuit, towel wrapped around her waist, barefooted and only pushing fifteen miles an hour. "And if I see them stand in a row you'll be joining the choir!" she chips in, singing too.

Swiming to the side of the pool, Quill rests his arms on the side so he can grin at Chloe. "What's up teammate?" He asks his fellow Corsair. "And nah, I don't have a great singing voice. Though I was in the church choir when I was little." He was that kid that kinda shouted the words instead of sang them. "So ready for the new year to start? I think I am, I gotta check through my supplies again."

Chloe drops the towel down, then hops into the hot tub. "Ready? I've got /ages/ left to prepare. Practically a month and a half," she points out with a grin of her own. "Figured I'd work on my tan and relax a little on the off chance a cute guy with superspeed transfers in. Admittedly knowing my luck we'll get one but he'll only like guys."

"Wow you have high standards. Superspeed -and- good looking. What if he had superspeed but was really ugly? Like he had one eye bigger than the other and did a great impression of Quasimoto?" Quill asks as he pushes himself so he's sitting on the edge of the pool, water pouring off the quills on his head, arms, legs and back while the fur on his front side sticks down. "And not every guy here only likes dudes. I mean that's just kinda…" He makes a face. Not that he's homophobic or anything just Quill can't imagine liking a dude.

"Exceptionally high standards. I want interesting and charming too," Chloe adds helpfully. "And I never said every guy did. There's maybe a half dozen straight guys these days but this school is cursed. The only /other/ option would be for him to be evil and straight, which now that I think about it is pretty likely. Especially as I wouldn't date a guy my own age or younger, too immature." She shrugs, resting her left arm on her towel. "What supplies did you need to check anyway? Maybe I could run down and fetch stuff if you're short. For a small fee of course."

Speaking of interesting charm and immaturity, Quill starts to list off things he has to check if he needs. "I need to see if I have enough Saran Wrap, Clear scotch tape, not the fuzzy kind, glitter, string, rice, rubber bands, shaving cream, flour or corn startch, batteries and a few others thigns." There's definately a michevious grin on his face as he talks about it. "I think I already got on Theo's bad side, he needs to loosen up."

Chloe waves her hand dismissively. "Those I won't fetch. No way I'm getting myself detention for aiding a prankster," she informs solemnly. "And to be fair I don't think many people here would appreciate your idea of fun. Too many ruined home lives, monster attacks and stuff for getting pelted by stink bombs to seem amusing."

"You act like I've only been here for a short period Chloe, you forget, I've been here for quite some time." Quill says as he rolls his eyes. Girls, they never know how to have fun and they're such spoil sports. "First off I stay away from smoke bombs, with this sensitive schnozz of mine they smell -reeeeeeeally- bad. I do know people here with bad homelines, don't you think someone needs to make things fun and give them a reason to laugh? Apparently not because they're too broken to have fun." And he ends his little rant with a raspberry.

"Stink bombs not smoke bombs. Although I'm guessing if you don't do smoke then you sure as hell ain't doing stink bombs!" Chloe corrects, sticking her tongue out. "Pranks are much less fun if you're the one being pranked. As for how long you've been here… it's hard to remember when you remind me of some of the boys from my sisters class." She yawns. "I just meant that maybe you should consider that things like that force people to grow up fast and pranks aren't really as funny when you're more mature."

"I'm sorry Ms. Maturity." Quill says as he is believing that Chloe is one of those pedistal people. Currently he's sitting on the ledge of the pool dripping while wearing a pair of yellow swim trunks with palm trees on them while Chloe is relaxing in the hot tub. "You gotta learn to loosen up, get less stuffy about things. Unless fun hoover, that's another of your super powers."

Chloe sighs. "/Boys/. One day when you're older you'll understand!" she assures, putting her feet up on another seat. "Probably about the point when you realise pranking isn't helping your chance of getting a date."

Quill looks at Chloe and gives her a questioning look. "When's the last time you had fun? Seriously, when is the last time you did something because you thought it was fun or you sought out something fun? Cause I highly doubt whining about boys and how there are no good looking speedsters runing around is 'fun'. And what's the point of dating if the girl is gonna be boring?" Quill asks before sliding back into the water and humming to himself. "Wait…I think I get it now, you're just afraid that you're going to be a target, well I try not to target teammates."

Jinx did not even know there was a pool. She'd heard legend, but only now has she found her way to the mythical swimming pool of Xaviers. She has a towel slung around her neck, and wears a borrowed school swimsuit, noticable by being a boring tame cut, with a big red "X" on the front. As she enters the general vacinity, she looks casually between the two students. "Hey," she says to both, nodding her head to them. "Not interrupting, am I?"

"He's just trying to preach the virtures of throwing bags of flour over people as a form of fun," Chloe explains, twisting to wave at Jinx fast enough to splosh water from the hot tub everywhere. "As for fun things I've done lately there are tons. I've been learning like a dozen dance styles, I jump off the roof and I free run. Plus I can totally trigger endorphin releases at will, which is fun in full chemical purity. Although the comedown crash is a little iffy sometimes."

Quill rolls his eyes as Chloe says says what she does to Jinx who…is also animilish, like him. "Hey! There's another one like me and Wolfcub!" Quill says as he waves to Jinx. "The last one you said doesn't count Chloe, that's fake fun." At least to Quill it is. "And I don't throw bags of flour over everyone, just Theo and he got me back awesomely by somehow turning all the sprinklers on me. I mean that was cool!" He doesn't mind having the tables turned on him, he thinks it's funny. "Any way, I'm Max also known as Quill around here!"

Jinx throws her towel on a chair and slinks towards the edge of the pool, lowering herself so that her feet dangle in the water. Her tail loops behind her like a black and white ribbon. "Hi Max," she gives a slow blink. "Nice quills. Are they sharp too?" At least she is not asking to pet him.

Chloe shifts seats in search of the hot tub controls. "You threw flour over Theo? Yeah I'm pretty sure you're not going to be on his favorite people ever list," she says, giggling at the mental image. "He seems pretty good at holding grudges. Which reminds me I wonder if him and Kael are going to be okay working together when Old One Eye resumes squad training."

Most people don't ask to pet Quill cause he looks rather pointy. "They can be sharp, I can fire them off and they can stick in stuff pretty well." He then grins at Chloe and points a finger at her. "Aaaaaaand you just have proven my point. Pranks can be funny, you laughed." And that's all there is it, he caused her to giggle. "I still gotta talk to good ol' Goofy Goggles, I got the note but haven't spoken to him much. I haven't met Kael yet I don't think." He looks over to Jinx and grins. "So…you…whose name I don't know, what about you? You have the whole skunk package?"

Jinx casts a sideways glance as they talk. "I think I met Theo once," she sets her jaw to the side, trying to remember. "Hm. Oh well… Kael, I don't know at all. Guess I don't know a lot of folks, really," she lowers herself into the pool, her tail gradually sinking as the fur is saturated. "I'm Jinx… and no, I don't spray nasty stuff… mostly," she swishes her hands into the water.

"I can't remember if we've met," Chloe admits, frowning. "But I've certainly heard of you Jinx, nothing bad that is. I'm Chloe incase you were wondering." At which point she finds what passes for hot tub controls and cranks the bubbles up to full. "It's only funny because I'm pretty sure he'll be looking for a chance to try beat you up. Which given all the pointyness you're packing could make good popcorn viewing."

"I think he tried but I warned him I am quite squishy when punched." Quill says shaking his head but he's not worried about it. He'll win Theo over, somehow…. "And so you don't find harmful fun, fun but you find violent and harmful situations fun, you are a strange girl." Says the Porcupine kid to Chloe. "Oh that's good about the spray Jinx. I have a sensitive nose so smells are blah if they're bad. Like reeeeeeally blah. And the water is great right now, I love that even in colder weather, the pool…it's heated."

"What can Theo do?" she asks, and drops lower in the pool. A wet paw reaches up to wave towards Chloe. "Hey. Yeah, I think I have seen you around… I am not sure if it's been like a formal 'hi' or anything. So, hi," she smiles. "Well, Max, I will try to not make any bad smells, but you never know what might happen if I was provoked," she mentions casually, then ducks under the water then, bubbles rising to the surface.

Chloe gives Quill one of her exaggeratedly slow eye rolls. "Providing it doesn't happen, yes. An idea can be funny when something actually happening wouldn't be," she counters. "But for the record fast worlders are always strange. Some more than others, but it's one of the defining traits of superspeed. You go a little strange or you go totally mad, thankfully I'm yet to meet anyone who has gone down the total mad route."

"Nori wasn't strange, she was really awesome." Quill says of an old friend of his with superspeed, who he had a bit of a crush on but she was with someone. "She wasn't crazy either, she was as normal as us mutants can get." Which isn't very normal at all. "Northstar isn't crazy….okay Northstar is his own breed of Canadian but he's not mad either." He knows a few speedsters. "And there you go! Northstar, the gay speedster you were talkign about!"

"I think I met him once. Didn't really like him to be honest," Chloe admits with a wave of her arm. "Was this Nori girl /always/ sped up? Or just some of the time? Because that's what the real weirdness comes from. You're totally disconnected from everything and everyone else simply by virtue of velocity. Tv and movies are unwatchable, music sounds strange and conversations take so long you can end up playing guessing games between each word someone says."

"She wasn't always, most speedsters I know aren't always speed up." Quill has met a few from being around the X-Mansion for a bit. "So if I talk really slowly I can annoy the ever loving hell outta you?" He jokes with Chloe as he's not going to that…yet. "Northstar's a bit….he's a jerk."

Chloe nods. "Yes, yes he was. And don't worry about speaking really slow to annoy me," she replies. "When people do that I just stop paying attention. Nothing personal you understand, but I don't have the attention span to follow conversations which are any slower than they normally are and it's not like anyone talking that way would be saying anything important!"

"Honestly, I wouldn't do that cause it's not that creative and like you said, you would stop listening so what's the point then?" Quill says. "Honestly though, I don't wanna prank the team cause I gotta work with ya guys, I'll just be a smart ass to Goofy Googles cause it's fun." There's that grin of his again, that's almost too wide to be safe. "So how do you like the new uniforms Chloe?"

Chloe pauses for a few seconds, then shrugs. "Colours are much better. I'm going to modify mine quite a lot though," she admits. "I like the smaller gloves the boys uniform has and I want tight sleeves to cover my arms. Plus I'll be swapping the boots for a lighter more flexible set of shoes like you'd use for parkour. Better for running and climbing in. Also thinking of adding velcro around my wrists so I can attach bright silk-esque scarves for distractions in a fight fight. Makes it even harder for people to follow where my fists are going to strike if their eyes are distracted by swirling lengths of cloth." She pauses then adds "Was the old uniform the same one you used to have? Or was there an even older style when you were here last?"

Quill nods. "No, no, I had an ever older style. It was blue and white and lightblue, mostly blue though. I'm gonna be styling my new one kinda similarly without any sleeves and with a belt. Carrying lock picks, always handly. Good old Remy" Quill misses his X-Idol. "But that's cool, using your uniform to an advantage, I just need to leave as much firing space as possible. I can't fire quills with spandex covering them.

"Makes a lot of sense. No way you can be poking holes in the fabric every time you wanna shoot something," Chloe agrees with a grin, splashing around as she switches seats at random. "Mine unfortunately also needs to be kinda snug or else it'll slow me down. Skin tight unstable molecules might rock for aerodynamics but I'm going to be utterly doomed if we ever go up against a mutant with the power to induce modesty in people. I'd probably drop dead of embarrasment."

"You know who you should model your costume after? Ms. Marvel." Max grins as he says that and even though he is saying it for childish reasons it's not the only reason he's saying it. "No, no listen though, the less fabric the easier it is to move right? And ya gotta admit, her costume would be /real/ easy to move around in."

Chloe sticks her tongue out. "Not a chance in hell. I want my costume to stop me leaving any DNA evidence around the place," she declares. "I've seen enough CSI to know I don't want that. Don't even get me started on how bad things could get if someone stuck your hair in a voodoo doll!"

"I guess it's good I don't really have hair then!" Quill says with a laugh as she sticks her tounge out. "Well I do have some fur but I also have the Quills. I dunno how my DNA they carry, I never checked." He doesn't really care either. "Fine fine, no Ms. Marvel…mabe I'll try with Jill then, maybe Theo would!" Obviously he's joking at this point. "Oh god, I think I just threw up in my mouth at that mental image."

"I doubt you'd get to peek at much with Jill in the costume. The unstable molecules adapt to the wearer right? Meaning they'd be slime-y too and the gap would be seamless," Chloe points out, wincing at the mental image of Theo in Ms Marvels costume. "As a joke to weird Theo out I bet Kael might try it. Although… Can you imagine One Eye's reaction if someone came in that style costume? I think he might have a rage induced aneurysm."

There's a grin from Quill as he nods. "Yeeees…imagine." Did Chloe just give Quill a bad idea? Possibly. He slides out of the pool and flexes his quills a bit to get rid of the water as he goes for his towel to dry off. "I'll see ya later Chloe but I gotta run, gotta make sure that everything is set for the new year with schedules and such!"

"Cya in the distant future then! I think I'll soak for a little longer and then maybe work on my tan," Chloe says with an innocent grin. "And no doubt use the tailoring facilities. Just promise you'll get yourself properly tidyied up before wearing anything that clingy. Wouldn't do to be accidentally indecent while you're being… uhm intentionally indecent."

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