2012-01-25: Boys Girls And Everything In Between


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Summary: Taylor catches up with Quenton after their first encounter

Date: January 25, 2012.

Log Title: Boys, Girls And Everything In Between

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

The lobby of the Ramsey Dormitories isn't looking good at all. Well. It's intact, and no furniture is flipped over, but Quenton's there. Hence the no good. He's on the armchair, his laptop being thrown up and down, sometimes crashing to the floor, but it's picked up again. It seems, well, indestructable, perhaps part of that good tech he mentioned earlier. The red eyed boy is mostly quiet, steam still rising from him visibly.

Taylor, still wearing the nice charcoal suit with a red tie from earlier, walks through the front door of the dormitories. Given that it hasn't been much time, this lack of shift in wardrobe is probably unsurprising. The felinoid pauses for a moment upon spotting Quenton, ears flicking every time that laptop crashes to the ground. The felinoid student sits on one of the couches quietly.

Quenton grabs the laptop now and stops tossing it, as if it were a private ritual. He glances over at Taylor and watches him for a while, before grunting, jerking his eyes away. "So. What's your story, Taylor? Huh? You just became this and suddenly everone hated you? Or is there more to it?"

"My story?" replies Taylor, looking towards Quenton for a moment, "Eh, most people hated me before I looked like this, really, at school." The feline student shrugs and says, "I liked my reflection, though. And my sort of boyfriend freaked out seeing me like this, broke up with me and all that, even though I saved him after he was beat into a coma. Talk about fucking ungrateful… and my parents…" The student shrugs lightly and says, "I dunno. They didn't seem keen on it, either. But yeah, that's about the jist…"

"I had a friend who was gay. He was beat on every day, even after we got our powers. We didn't want to hurt anyone, so we… let him get beat on more. 'til once I lost it, hurt someone real bad. That's not the last time I raged on someone who hurt him, though." Quenton shifts slightly, before muttering now, lifting his head back, "The last time was worst. Anyway. I'm Quenton. Call me Q. Don't know if I told you my name. We're not gonna be friends, but there you have it."

Taylor looks down at the last bit of Quenton's story and then says, "Ah, Q, okay… 'm Taylor. You knew that already." The felinoid eyes Quenton for a moment and says, "Sucks that your friend got beat on every day. Fuckers. I can't stand seeing that kind of shit."

Quenton nods his head, clearing his throat, while he shifts slightly. "Doesn't matter. He's dead now. So. Have any friends here at the school?," he asks the cat boy, while he opens the laptop, staring at the screen. "Computer on," he orders it, and it boots up near instantly.

"Oh…" says Taylor, at the casual declaration of Quenton's friend being dead. The felinoid leans back and considers, "I dunno. Not much of anyone really, I'm not good at socializing. Shane. Ahmed. That's about it."

"Shane," Quenton murmurs, the name making the steam eventually dissipate, an odd affect his mutation has as he glances over. "Well. If she's your friend, then… maybe we'll hang out sometime."

Taylor seems rather curious about the last statement, and then shrugs, "I guesso. Why do you say that?" The felinoid shrugs and says, "We did a bit of sewing together, showed her some of my doll collection, I make outfits for dolls… saw one of her costumes, it was cool. She's cool."

"She's my… best friend now. We're close. Very close." He's not sure if she's public with their relationship. "And I have a ridiculously obvious crush on her." He shrugs his own shoulders, clearing his throat. "She's the most awesome person at this school, her and Sage." More steam from Quenton, but he doesn't seem angry.

Taylor nods at Quenton and says, "Oh, then yeah, I guess I'll probably be seeing more of you…" The feline notes, "I like Sage, only met him once. Gotta admire the spirit he's got. I envy that." A shrug is offered and Tay lays down on the couch, "I'm hoping to get along with more people here than at my old school…"

"Sage is awesome, yeah," Quenton agrees, leaning back, now, rubbing the side of his face, before grunting, after a moment; "I'm sorry for what you saw in the library. I just… I didn't want a present from my parents. I just wanted them to come see me." He jerks his shoulders roughly.

Taylor headshakes and says, "I get it. I don't think Jill meant anything by it… I kind of wanted my parents to come see me in the hospital on Christmas, but they didn't show. It's new. It's fucking new to me too. I get it." The feline student shrugs, "I hope they come see you on another day. It'd be cool."

"She probably didn't. I hurt her feelings alot. Shit. Nick is probably gonna leave 'cause I hurt her again." Quenton knocks on his temple, chuckling humorlessly. "I'm kind of the school's biggest screw up." He tilts his head back. "Oh well."

Taylor watches Quenton for a few moments and shrugs, "Eh, so long as you aren't meaning to screw up I couldn't hold it against you… I'm not used to dealing with people social like… so I fuck up a fair bit."

Quenton shrugs his shoulders now, silent himself for a while. "Some of the stuff I say I'm not pretending." He grunts. "I'm an asshole. Just… I don't know." He decides not to explain himself further. "So why the social issues, do you think?" He finally wonders.

Taylor looks back towards Quenton and says, "Social issues? My social issues are you asking, or you asking about your social issues? I barely know you, can't answer anything about you, if you've got any or what they are."

"Your own," Quenton replies, easily, shrugging his shoulders while he rolls one of them.

"Got picked on a lot, people didn't know if I'm a boy or a girl, people don't like that. I'd rather keep to myself than be fucking tortured, so I always did," says Taylor, staring up at the roof. "Didn't learn to deal with people. That's all."

"I guess I could understand how you'd be mistaken. You must have been a pretty boy before uh…" Quenton cuts off. He's sounding like a jerk again. "There's a guy here who looks straight up like a girl, too." He shifts slightly. "I don't see him often."

"A pretty boy?" repeats Taylor, seeming somehow perplexed by the statement, then shrugging, "There's a guy who looks like a girl? Who's that, may want to look them up, compare notes." The student peers towards Quenton and says, "Also. My room's across the hall from Shane's."

"A pretty boy," agrees Quenton now, before shrugging his shoulders. "I only heard about him, to be honest. Don't know if I seen 'em. Not sure." The tall mutant releases an exhale. "Yeah? That'd be nice, to have a room across from her." He jerks his shoulders up. "Sage and me are roomies."

"Yeah, I guess it is," says Taylor, glancing up towards the separate halls, and then back towards Quenton, "I just mention it because-" The felinoid student sighs and says, "Nevermind. Anyways, I don't have any roommies at the moment. Don't expect I will."

"You just mention it because of what?" wonders Quenton, glancing over to Taylor. "Because you're a boy?" He asks, while he sets the laptop down, then moves off the chair, grunting and ticking his chin to the door. "Let's get outside. I want to fly."

Taylor blinks a few times and says, "Uh, there's the girl's hall and the boy's hall… Across the hall, I mean, I can open my door and look at her door. We're in the same hall…" The feline sighs and then says, hopping up, "Yeah, okay, let's go outside, it's warm in here anyhow…" Pause. "Wait. You can fly?"

"So why do you have a room in the girl's hall?" wonders Quenton, while he shoves the laptop under the cushion of the armchair. "And yeah. She probably doesn't talk a lot about me," he admits. "Not that I mind. It's better that way." He begins to head to the door, wondering, "Have any powers other then looking like a cat?"

Taylor heads outside and says, in response to Quenton's first question, a resigned, "Nevermind…" The student headscratches a bit awkwardly and then answers the second, "I dunno. Cat powers. I can like, hear good and sniff good. I can tell how people are feeling by smell, even. I can jump. I dunno. I have claws? It's pretty much looking like a cat, I think."

Quenton steps outside, drifting off the ground now, glancing aside at Taylor as he rises, shrugging his shoulders now. "Mind hopping on the roof so we can still talk then?" he wonders. "And why do you think you're not gonna get any room mates?" he asks, while he stays hovering just a foot off the ground.

Taylor nods at Quenton and, looking up to the roof. The student wets their lips and then leaps up to catch the edge of the roof in a single bound, falling short of actually landing on it, and then scrambling to get up onto it. "Whoo… this building's so tall…" The feline sits down, brushing off some snow, and says, "I don't think I'm gonna get a roommate 'cause nobody knows if I'm a boy or a girl."

"So when you said no one knows, you meant it. Not just school," Quenton murmurs, after a long while, staring at the feline now, tilting his head to the side. "What do you feel like? Prefer? I mean, they put you on the girl's side, so…" He shrugs now, while he floats off the ground, the cold not bothering him.

Taylor just nods when Quenton speaks, confirming that he hit it right on the money. The feline headtilts in return to Quenton and says, "I dunno, it seems like a big decision, doesn't it? To decide on one or the other? Legally, I'm a girl though. They've gotta put something on the birth certificate. Suits me fine. Girl's washrooms are cleaner. Myth fucking confirmed." More snow is brushed off until the feline in a suit doesn't have too much snow nearby and can sit comfortably.

"I wouldn't know," replies Quenton, while he leans back, now, drifting through the air and facing the sky, lifting a hand to brush his hair from his eyes, causing it to fall back. "You like boys, but I know boys who like boys. Really, I guess you don't have to choose. But you might feel better if you do. This school, well. It doesn't judge people much. Maybe judges people by additudes. I'm the biggest criminal here of that. But not by sexuality. Or birth defects. Or genetic mutations."

"I like -a- boy," corrects Taylor, seeming for a moment kind of confused, "but he isn't so into me anymore… I'd date a girl, though. Maybe. Might be weird. But so was sorta dating a boy." The feline student fiddles with some of the snow on the roof, brushing it from side to side, "I'm on something that keeps me from hitting puberty, an injection. I've gotta choose something eventually. Anyways, yeah… I guess it doesn't judge people much. Nobody's made fun of me for this. Cat jokes, I've heard a fucking million. But then, you're the only person I've told about… this."

"Like a boy," echoes Quenton. "So you still like him. He rejected you outright? He said he doesn't like you anymore?" He wonders, quirking a brow while he turns upside down, hair falling a little, but he doesn't care, hovering in front of Taylor some feet away. "And you haven't hit puberty yet? Huh. You seem pretty mature for someone who hasn't. Guess it doesn't work emotionally."

"I'm still fifteen. I just take injections so my body doesn't change. It wouldn't change right anyways. I'd just be more in-between… I guess cats all look the same to me, though," says Taylor, flatly, before looking down, "Yeah, I still like him… he's my guy, you know? But he said… we can't be together, he's not into beastiality, it was too much, he liked how I was before…" The student pauses, staring down, "I'm still a person, y'know? Still fucking hurts."

"I don't get it," admits Quenton. "I guess after becoming a mutant it becomes easier to accept other mutants, so I don't see you as an animal, which would be beastiality. If it was, you know, with an animal. Which you're not one. You're a person." He sighs. "Just with a lot of body hair." He turns rightside up.

"Heh, yeah, I guess I don't have to worry about shaving anything… it'd just be too much work," says Taylor, with a soft chuckle, "B'yeah, it wouldn't be beastiality is someone was with me… he wouldn't have it, though. Thought he was the only person seeing me for who I am…" The feline student sighs and says, looking back up towards Quenton, "Being too sappy, I guess. Fuck him."

"No thanks. Sounds like an asshole, and there's only room for one in my bed," Quenton jokes, or tries to, anyway, while he hovers there, fists at his sides, watching Taylor now. "I'm sorry. We'll… we'll get you fixed up with pals here. I'm not liked but I know the people who are cool. Most of them don't like me but I'm sure they'll like you."

Taylor laughs softly at Quenton's joke and then stands up. "Thanks, that'd be great… like I said, not used to… social stuff…" The feline approaches the edge of the roof and looks down, "Thanks for listening to me. I owe you, if you ever need a listener. I've got great ears now… but I should head back in to bed."

"Alright," Quenton grunts, before rubbing at his head, glancing down at the ground below as well. "If you ever need uh, someone to lift things, or punch things, or fly somewhere…. I'm your guy. And stuff." He shrugs his shoulders.

Taylor chuckles at the offer and nods, "I'll keep that in mind. It's pretty cool that you can fly by the way. I know I'm new to the whole mutant thing but like, holy shit, you can fly. Goodnight, Q." The feline hops off the roof if and when the farewell is reciprocated, landing gently on the ground below.

Quenton nods to Taylor, grunting now. "I can fly." He freefalls, dropping to the ground and landing, the air around him rippling with the force, but no damage or shockwaves erupting for someone so strong. "Good night, Taylor, and uh… don't let it get to you. The whole… beast thing."

Taylor looks back towards Quenton as the boy lands, and then nods at him once acknowledging the reassurance, repeating, "Goodnight." And then the teen heads on back inside.

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