2009-03-20: Boys Need Money


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Summary: Jeri pays Jared a visit to give him his first allowance.

Date: March 20, 2009

Boys Need Money

Rating: PG

Coming up to the door, Jeri knocks. Since things are going well, Jeri needs to give some fair treatment. He's not in any hurry, but he knows how kids are and how they like to be able to have a little to spend with. So, after knocking, he waits outside of Jared's new school door.

There is the sound of movement behind the door to Jared and Daisuke's room as Jericho knocks, and after a second a slightly out of breath voice calls out, "Its open!" Jared does not go to open the door, but there is a reason for that. Once the door opens he is revealed to be in in the middle of a yoga pose called the Downward Facing Dog.

As Jeri peeps in, he chuckles. He has no problem whatsoever with people working out. Admittedly, flexibility isn't Jeri's thing. He's strength, of course. "Everything going alright, son?" He asks, casually as he steps around the door. "Had to come and check on you and make sure to arrange a time where we can head somewhere for a trip."

Jared nods at his Dad before he straightens himself up and shrugs a little. "Yeah, things are pretty much all right, little strange but…not that much stranger than sleeping in Eddie's room was. I was just streatching and trying to think, not much to do since classes here aren't going to start again till after the whole invasion thing is over so any time you wnat to arrange a trip you can bet I am free."

"Good. We need to get you set up with a bank account for a regular allowance." Jericho says with a firm nod. One son gets it, the other does, too. "With Eddie, we just used my bank, so that I could set up a recurring transfer." He says, moving over to sit on a desk-chair. "And as soon as the invasion is over, we'll see about custody, as long as that's alright with you."

Jared nods at Jericho and reaches over to grab a towel he has laying on his bed to wipe some sweat off his face. His breathing is not labored, but going stronger than normal and with the sweat it is possible he is not being entierly truthful on the just streatching a little thing. "Sure. An allowance is not really that neccisary, I mostly have what I need…just a little short on clothes is all. As for custody…I would like that."

"Son, I spoil Eddie. Now, I have TWO children to spoil." Jeri laughs. "And if I give him an allowance, you get one too. That's all there is to it." Of course, Eddie freaked a little when he first got his. He pulls an envelope out of his pocket and offers it to Jared. "Since we won't get there for a bit, andI know a boy has needs, here's your first." He chuckles, just placing it on the bed that he assumes is Jared's. "Anything you need, just let me know, of if you can find me, let Christopher know. He's just as excited as I am about having another son."

Jared blushes a little at all the paternal affection. Sure his mom would have those random moments of coming up behind him for surprise hugs, or saying things like that but he was used to that…having a guy say he wants to spoil him is still way new for him. "Umm…thank you. Other than a few extra shirts and stuff all I realy need right now..um..is a new jock…but that I can probably wait till the whole thing is over and hit a Wal-mart or something to get."

Jeri doesn't know Jared that well, or he WOULD offer him a hug, but Jared's still too new to his affection. "Buy what you want, son. We can take a trip sometime in the next day or two. There's some small clothing shops and sporting stores in Salem, I think. I've not really explored. Christopher would know a lot better than I do." He laughs, rubbing a hand over his face briefly.

Jared nods at Jeri and tosses the towel over his neck and sits on his bed near the envalpe of money. There is a part of him that is just curious and wants to pick it up and count the cash, and there is another that is not going to cause he thinks it might be rude. "Right, ask Christopher about shops and where to get a jock…" Somehow, Jared can see that conversation being as emberassing as possible.

Jeri can't help but laugh. "That's why you ask where there's a sporting goods store that carries sportswear. There are ways around everything, Jared." He shakes his head softly. "That's where you get the best workout clothing. Or jeans with gussets in the inseams. Flexibility for y'all. Me, I just rip mine if I can't stretch'em."

Jared grins a little at his Father as he laughs. "Well that would be a much less emberassing conversation. Once we get the whol custody thing sorted out I can just get stuff from Cali sent here. I left most of my practice stuff, and the competition clothes I had there."

"And honestly, Christopher wouldn't be embarassed about things. We're both quite open about things." Jeri grins, reaching out to ruffle Jared's hair. "As long as you're happy, son. That's the important thing."

Jared stiffens for half a second, and then relaxes as his hair gets ruffled. "Yeah, not exactly talking about emberassing him. Heh, he is a bit like Leo from the little I have talked to him, absolutly impossible to emberass and as bright and happy as possible to be around without wanting to reach for the prozac."

There's a burst of laughter from Jeri. "Oh, he gets his depressing moments. Believe me." He shakes his head continuing to laugh. "Yeah, no embarassment there. None at all. Though Eddie… VERY easy to embarass. He comes out to the hot tub and regularly blushes because he forgets that Christopher and I relax there naked. It's clothing optional out there."

Jared nods at Jeri and smiles a little to himself. "Yeah, I noticed the whol easy to emberass thing. He went red when he caught me in the towel on laundry day, and I thought he was about to pass out when Nova decided that we were not paying enough attention to him. Heh, Daisuke looked about the same too."

Jeri laughs. "Well, there's nothing to be embarassed about around me or Christopher. There's a reason we teach. We can put up with it." He laughs, standing up and stretching. "Anyway, We'll get you set up with the bank account soon."

Jared grins mischeviously at Jeri, "Gee, and I thought the saying was that those that can do, and the ones that can't teach." Jared at least is starting to get where he can joke a little with his bio-dad.

Raising an eyebrow to Jared. "What was that, son?" He says, standing up and picking up the chair (yes, he'll replace it) and squeezing it between his hands like a soda can. "I think I'm just fine at DOING." He laughs, smacking himself in the chest and duplicating. Yep, duplicating. There are two Jerichos standing there. "Or I should say… WE are fine at it." He winks.

Jared makes a noise rather like Eddie doese as Jericho picks up the chair and squeezes it. Good thing he is not attached to physical possesions. The duplication gets a blink and a stare form Jared as he narrows his eyes. "Does that have something to do with the odd…something that I feel when I use my powers to sense you?" Jared asks his question without thinking while staring in surprise at Jericho..and then suddenly has a thought all because of Leo, "I bet Christopher loves that."

"Yeah. A Madrox attacked here, I absorbed him, and ended up with part of his powers. And half my own strength." Jeri says with a sigh but shrugs. "Ten tons just isn't what I'm used to." He reaches out and absorbs his other self. "And yes. Yes he does. Though, usually, I share my powers with him and we're both… wait. You don't need to know all of that." He says, laughing. "I'll send another chair this way later."

Jared snickers a little and grins, "Your right, I don't need to know that. Ten tons is a whole lot comaed to most of us. I mean, given I can bench way more than most people with my body shape can but I am still inside human possabilities."

"It's alright. Anyway, son. I'll let ya go, and I'll see you around." Jeri grins. Though, he hopes Jared isn't upset by the amount. Of course, Jeri and Christopher DO spoil, and they freely admit it.

Jared nods and stands up as he sees Jericho ready to leave. He starts to hold out his hand to offer it to Jericho…and then mentally says screw it and up and hugs his father. "Sure thing, you take care too. I hope you don't mind much I think I am gonna stay here over the weekend…see if I can meet some of the other studnets and find the people on my squad since I have not met a one of them yet."

"That's always your call, son." Jeri says, returning the hug without too much force. AFter all, he couldn't hurt the kid. "Just remember, if it gets too much… on your senses… you're more than welcome to come home. Christopher and I just like our quiet home time now that we have it." He laughs as he gets on his way back home.

Jared grins a little at Jericho, "Yeah I know, just telling you. Its not that bad really, I can control it most of the time, and only moments the whole sensory thing goes off wweird is just before I pass out or just after I get up…and so far my room mate has been the only one near enough to get a real clear read on. Although taking a nap in the woods is a really weird experiance."

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