2009-03-29: Boys Will Be Boys


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Summary: Darrell and Jesse enjoy some roomate teasing while hiding secrets.

Date: March 29, 2009

Log Title Boys Will Be Boys

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Hell's Kitchen - Jesse's Apartment

The apartment is a little on the small side. There are doors on either side leading to a bathroom and two bedrooms. To the back is a door leading into the kitchen.
The furnishings of the apartment really don't match that well. There's a very comfortable looking blue couch right next to a tattered plaid loveseat and an old leather rocker. The TV in front of the couch is a 32 inch CRT TV with a PS3 beneath is. The controllers sit on a small wooden coffee table in front of the couch.

Trying times lead to trying homes. Well, it would be if it were family, but as it is, Jesse's just gotten out of his shower, wearing a pair of pajama pants as he walks out into the living room and heading straight for the kitchen to root through the refrigerator or the liquor cabinet. As of yet, he hasn't decided which is the more important.

The door to Darrell's room opens up and with his long hair a mess and a long yawn, he stumbles out of the bedroom wearing just a pair of boxers and a wrinkled, tye-dyed Led Zepplin shirt. "Oh man, I did way too much parting last night." He says as he goes to the fridge after Jesse and grabs out the orange juice and just starts drinking from the container. "What am I talking about, there's no such thing as too much parting. What's up dude?" It's hard to tell if he's been sleeping all day or he just took a nap.

Jesse blinks, looking up. He wrinkles his nose and winces, "Dude! Shower after all that partying. Or at least get some better deodorant." He waves a hand in front of his face playfully as he grabs a glass and offers it to Darrell with a long-suffering expression. He reaches around Darrell, not afraid of getting close to him, to grab a beer out of the fridge. Rolling Rock Red.

Darrell lifts his arm and sniffs his pits and makes a face. "Dude you're right, I am pretty rank. But I don't know, you don't seem to care if I'm all prettied up or not." He says with a wink as he takes the glass and pours it with a fake scowl. "It alway takes better from the carton." He doesn't go for a beer since he's still working off a bit of a hang-over and he does have class tomorrow. "And I use Axe deoderant, is there such thing as better?"

He doesn't actually care, considering how much gym time he spends. "There are much better things. Look for stuff that's not marketed to attract the ladies." Jesse says with an eyeroll. He reaches out and ruffles Darrell's hair with a laugh. "Yeah, everything tastes better from the package, but we're not animals. We can drink from glasses." He shakes his head, going to plop down on the couch with his beer.

"What's wrong with attracting the ladies? You jealous hot stuff?" Darrell teases as he goes to sit down next to Jesse with his GLASS of Orange Juice. "You're not an animal, after a few drinks, I don't think I care what I am." He jokes but he rests back and runs a hand through his tangled hair. He really could use a shower and a brush right now. "Oh man I'd love to get wasted tonight and skip class tomorrow but I think the folks would kill me if they knew I was slacking again."

There's a slightly bitten lip. "I'm not gonna be going to class until Wednesday or Thursday." He received that call in his head. He's going to do what he can to help. "There's something I need to do on Tuesday, and it can't be put off." Jesse chuckles. "No, I get plenty of ladies, and plenty of guys. I just get jealous when -I- don't get you." He teases, winking as he strokes a tongue across his teeth. Of course, he just got out of the shower, so he's rather nice smelling himself. He twists the top off his beer and takes a deep sip. "Well, you know how I get when I drink too much." Like waking up in a bed with twins… and Darrell himself? Was he there? He doesn't remember. He was too drunk even after waking up.

"Everyone's jealous when they don't get me." Darrell says egotisticlly but also playfully at Jesse. "I like how you get when you drink too much." He says as he takes a sip of his orange juice. "What is it you gotta do on Tuesday? Is everything okay?" He asks, and even though Darrell is usually an ass he does care for his roomate and would do anything for him. "I just don't want to go to class tomorrow." He says as if Darrell had his choice, he'd be in college, never go to class, and party all the time.

"You were in there weren't you?" Jesse says, slapping himself in the forehead as he shakes it. "Ah well, it's all good, Bro." He chuckles. "I know you do. You like me losing control of myself." He ponders for a second. "I gotta make a cross country trip tomorrow. Gonna be travelling pretty much all day." He's planning to fly most of it, because he can make it in a day in that amount of time, it's just something he's never done. As long as he gets there in time. He puts his own arms on the back of the couch, not minding that one goes behind Darrell. "Got things to do is all."

"I don't remember you and I have gotten into so much trouble…or is if fun…" Darrell says giving a wink in Jesse's direction. "I like you losing control of yourself so I can take advantage of you." He says with a chuckle before something that Jesse says sounds vaguely familar but he doesn't know why. "Well you'll be missed Jesse, what am I going to do in this apartment all by myself for two days. I guess I'll just have to walk around naked the entire time."

"And that's different from… when?" Jesse laughs, shaking his head softly. "Well, I'd invite you along, but…" He grins impishly. "I think you might be in over your head." Of course, he has no clue about the Darrell's own gifts. He pats a hand onto Darrell's shoulder. The one on the other side. "It'll be alright. And I knew it. I knew you liked creeping in when I wasn't expecting it to get it on." He sighs. "Cause you know you ain't gettin' it sober."

"You know you love it." Darrell says with a chuckle as Jesse knows that he is a bit full of himself. "And in over my head? Jesse, when have I ever been in over my head, okay okay okay there was that one time with the two girls who I didn't know had those huge jock boyfriends and I had to dive out of the second floor of the dorm naked and sneak my way back to my dorm that way but I did avoid them kicking my ass." Darrell says with a laugh before giving Jesse a brow waggle.

*telepathic message sent in regards to the final fight of the invasion*

"Oy." Jesse says, shaking his head lightly as he sips at his beer. He sputters suddenly leaning forward before falling back to the couch. Blinking he coughs. "Damn. I musta shook it. That was all head." He sighs, looking at the beer foam on his chest with a sigh. "Admittedly, you did avoid that one well. But getting out here after was the bigger challenge."

Darrell also get the telepathic message and winces holding his head. "Oh man, not so fucking loud when I have a hangover." He mutters before looking over at Jesse right after he spit out his beer. "What's wrong, your beer skunked or something, we don't let beer sit around that long." He says not registering that Jesse also got the message. "Oh and I know you like it all head Jesse. And yeah it was, something like twenty plus blocks naked."

Of course, it could be played off that he was a little too loud, but Jesse isn't sure. He just knows he got the message. His costume will get its first workout. "Anyway, I gotta get myself to bed. Got a lot of travelling tomorrow."

"Yeah…" Darrell says as he is still thinking about that message he recived. "I'm gonna stay out here for a bit, watch some Family Guy or some shit. Not ready to go to bed yet." He looks at Jesse and smirks at him. "Get your booty rest Prince Charming." Hrm, since Jesse is going for a few days maybe he can find a way to get to Cali quick without him knowing he's even gone.

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