2020-06-19: Brave and Sure


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Summary: Addison informs Arsenal, Daisuke and Domino of Jericho's passing, footage is delivered of the event.

Date: June 19,2020

Log Title Brave and Sure

Rating: PG

The Future - The Underground - Gathering Area

Hidden in the maze of tunnels is the open area that the mutants have turned into their haven, their home. Not wanting to risk electricity being detected down here, there are battery powered and gas powered lights leaving the place dark and damp. At least three mutants are always on guard down here at the entrance to the mutant camp and secret passwords and codes are needed to get into this room. Theres a large door with a large piece of wood barricading it as those down here dont take any chances..

Things are a little hectic with everything going on and around. Addison himself is… well, not supervising, but talking to no one in particular. "Need more room. More blankets. More space more space. Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the… mate was a mighty sailing man. Skipper… brave and sure. Not enough blankets or room."

With his leg finally healed and his arm in a better type of sling then before, Daisuke comes wandering in with his backpack slung over one shoulder, a katana (that some might recognize as Deadpool's) and a glock holstered under his bad arm. He looks over at Addison and grins. "Shall we name our base the U.S.S Minnow now?" He says as starts going through the bag pulling out clothing, soap, toilet paper and coveted box of twinkees.

"Daisuke." Addison says with a smile. "Nonono. Just not enough room. Lots of people coming. Soon. Very soon. May have happened yesterday. May have happened next week. Or last week. Can't figure straight. Time is a piece of wax fallin' on a termite… that's chokin' on the splinters." He explains. "Oooh, twinky." He says, changing speed and looking down. "Need blankets. Space. Food for more. Shiny happy people. Holding hands. Well, hopefully not making love. Not in public areas anyway. Children would be confused."

Moving quietly through the underground area Arsenal was walking with a large bag slung over his shoulder. This bag was laden with toys he'd collected, components for I.E.D.'s and additional goodies, he figured he'd go set up a killbox somewhere and have some fun, this entire ordeal in aiding the rebels in his mind had been more or less fruitless. Little to nothing on his part had been done lately, finding their small strike force more effective in the past. Recent lack of action was due to his arm having been torn off, but that wasn't the case now; a crude revision of it had been attached, one that should hold, not that it was as efficient as the last. Giving a quick scan of the room he looked at who was in, the creepy guy and an asian he'd seen but not ever spoken to. Where could the others be?

Domino had been out scavenging more wiring from fallen Sentinels as well as smaller pieces of scrap if any were to be had. That was set aside upon entry and from the corner she had kept some of the 'expendable' stored goods of hers she pulled out her cracked HK and a piece she had finally managed to dig out of the armory that would likely bring it back to its functionality. She had yet to have the…pleasure..to meet Addison, or Daisuke and now sitting to the side out of the way of the immigrating masses she began the dis-assembly of her weapon, what did bring her pause in it was the sword Daisuke had, one motion done with a harsh snap. "Where'd you get that sword?" No Hi: My name is:. She had yet to see Jakob step in and was now sidetracked completely.

"I found it at a local pawn shop, great price of about 20 stitches in my leg. Then I found out I over paid by a broken arm." A little bit of sarcasm from Daisuke, hell yea. Since it's always so nice to have someone you've never met demand answers from you. "So…yeah.." He says looking over at Addison as he's just kind of learned that he just doesn't make sense anymore and reading between the lines of his speech…there are no lines. "Well how about the new places Storm found for people?" He asks slowly starting to take off his body armour which covers his chest and neck. The making love is ignored as Daisuke's luck with love is nonexistent.

"Maybe. Maybe not. Don't know. All a rush a blur a lot." Addison explains. He waves a hand at the new entrants. Of course, he knows who they are, even if they don't know him. They wouldn't have found their way in or been allowed in, had he not actually granted them permission. "Horns. Horns are blowing." He says, head suddenly turning Northeast. "Notgoodnotgoodnotgood. Rashmi will not be pleased."

Hearing the retort from Daisuke, Arsenal's head turns to look at the man then Domino. Unsure how to take Addison's words, that knife spine shiver effect he gets around the other redheaded man was ever present. "The intel if possible could be helpful, we're all on the same side here… Sarcasm and non-communication is only going to be a pitfall." His lips curl as he feels that bit of annoyance at yet another rude instant fire off from this crowd, he can count on one hand the amount of rebels and refugees this place hosted who have shown much on the level of common curteousy, Addison, Bruce and Vincent being those few so far. An exhale came from him as he turned around and sat down on a knocked over crate, beginning to sort through the bag where some bit of light existed from a burn barrel. Wanting to ask what Addison was saying but having the inability on knowing how to approach the question, he waited figuring someone else would ask.

"If you took it from who I think you may have, you got off cheap considering you are breathing with it on." Domino's own voice was rich with sarcasm in return and even lit up at the edges with a small smirk though it was all song and dance; beneath she was truly curious to a point it would nearly seem pushy and her trained motions of tearing down the HK seemed snappy, she really tired of the communication skills with this group, or lack thereof. A pause was given when Addison started talking again, but not looking up, just hesitating a moment and shaking her head only to pause once more and lift her eyes to Arsenal. One hand gestured to some of the smaller bits of scrap she got with wires. "Maybe something you can use there.." Her voice was low and trained to an even tone, not showing anything in the words she said, returning to the work at hand at a calmer pace now.

"We ran into the hunter Deadpool, he didn't like me apparently and decided I was good to be nice and carved up. Theo was down for the most part and Chloe, the Goddess of Speed, was able to come to the rescue. I killed one Hunter with him and Theo and I got the other one though Deadpool….I'm not itching to run into him any time soon." Robyn looks over at Arsenal and gives him a confused look. "There's not much more intel besides….I got stabbed in the leg by Deadpool and all I got was this katana? Really, I just prefer someone introduce themselves before demanding to know where I got something." He says not rudely but more just being honest before opening up the box of twinkees he got and tossing one at Addison, Domino and then Arsenal. Then he focuses on Addison and sighs. "Okay…what won't Rashmi be happy with?"

"Rashmi will not be pleased at all. The walled city is falling falling. It's drawing it's power, and making an impact, but the horns are blowing." Addison explains, a worried look on his face. "The city shall never return. And the city knows it's time to go." He scratches his arms as he looks around. "I feel it."

Arsenal was unsure who they spoke of but Domino's return fire got a grunt 'play nice', feeding into the tension was something he was trying to avoid but the woman was the obviously more passionate of the two mercenaries. Trying not to mind the atmosphere he picked up another conversation" Deadpool? I have him on file. Didn't know he was a Hunter… figures. Plenty of initiation systems lots of wiring from the Sentinels and I can make pipe matches if we must, lovely explosive fillings were golden on too, detonators are easy to come by, it's power supplies for those we need. Trying to make these remote, I want at least a dozen… the containers, that'll all be in the terrain not a major concern there. I'd like to see if I can't make someone 'bounce' from one to the next, just like in the East Rutherford camp. " Behind the glossy helmet Arsenal was smiling, memory of a hunter who had deemed himself indestructible playing through his mind. One explosive hop to the next like some hot-potato proved that claim was rather on the side of false. Leaning forward he began to rifle through the additional pieces of scavenged goods. As he was going about this he spoke, "I'm Arsenal, this is Domino and do you know what he is saying? As in can you translate and is it important? What city is falling?" indicating the psionic mutant.

Silence, long and priceless silence. Domino was not staring at Daisuke but the sword. It was all fun and games when it was an assumtion, but now that it was confirmed it was no longer amusing. "So he's alive…Hunter…huh." The HK about slipped from her lap, her hand catching it and the other part to reset them back in her lap before continuing on, her face clean of any emotion. When she was introduced by Jakob she did not look back up to Daisuke or Addison, still trying to correlate what code the odd man was speaking in and not wanting to possibly catch a wayward glance from Daisuke that reflected the sarcasm, she was in no mood. A subject she had been toeing around with Arsenal now was brought up since they were near the topic. "I am trying to get the pieces together to recreate the laser blasts the Sentinel's put out, considering anything I did to the one who got you… But the Sentinel blast did. Just hard to get those pieces in tact."

"Hunter and batshit crazy. I wouldn't want to fight him again anytime soon, not unless I was with at least five other people. That's why Volk got me this." Daisuke says in regards to the armour next to him. "PRotects my throat incase someone decides to hit me there again so I can't use my powers." He then nods to Arsenal at the introduction. "Daisuke, or Howl. But I don't really think codenames mean shit anymore. That was for when I was a kid with dreams of being a hero." He says with a shrug as he starts to eat the twinkee. "And if Addison is saying it, it's probably important. Just translating…only other language I speak is Japanese not his language. But I can just say something serious is probably going down." He looks at Addison and shakes his head wishing he knew.

"The city. The great city of walls. The horns are blowing, and they'll make the walls fall!" Addison says, slightly exasperated that nobody's understanding him. "Without the walled city, what will stand guard?" He asks before sighing. A vague flame crosses his eye before he rubs the bridge of his nose and yawns. But then, he hasn't slept in… uhm… yeah.

Victim activating this daisy-chain of explosives wouldn't accomplish what he wanted, he'd already picked out a prime location to set up a nice AO, it was almost like a ravine of decrepit buildings. The vantage point offered would be sufficient should they get one of these teleporters around here to act as bait, at least that was the first idea. If no bait was to be had in that way there was always the more dangerous route, he'd have to discuss that one with Domino or maybe even a speedster. Holding up a small metal box he peeled it apart, tearing out it's multi-colored guts,"There we go, this should work good."Holding up an old AA battery socket. A suitable power supply for one of the remote detonators. Speaking towards Domino and Howl he carried on, his mind obviously bouncing back and forth between his own musings and their conversation, "Going to be hard to find, Dom." He agreed with her, frowning as Daisuke's words sunk in,"I'll call you Howl, codenames are less personal and it's easier to deal and move on when someone dies." Addison was drawing his attention, making him lose focus in task at hand. "What walled city and what horns? Can you show us somehow?"

The twinky had landed at Domino's feet and when the new piece slid into place on her HK and was a near perfect fit she could successfully split her attention more effectively. Especially to the grating hunger in her stomach that now growled out its desire for the food that lasts through anything. Years ago she wouldn;t have considered the puffy yellow confection. But now the way she looked at it told of the debate winning out to just eat the damn thing and not think on it. The final piece clicked into place and she swung the HK back over her shoulder, pushing to a stand while sweeping up the twinky and shifting. "Much more comfortable having it back.." More spoken to herself as her shoulder rolled beneath the strap that held her weapon. "I'll take Deadpool, its been…" She stopped and her brows creased in thought and she let it fade off. Make him change sides or kill him were the options now, fun and games were over with the past. When Addison spoke of walls she looked from Arsenal to Dai and then to the red headed man. Only walls I know of worth that much exasperation are the encampments." Her upper lip drew back in a sneer at the mere mention of those. Glancing to Arsenal at the thought and as he went through the items to salvage detonation supplies her brows lifted in unspoken inquiry, but instead of splitting the attention, she waited to see what Addison's words defined to or if they could be shown.

He ponders for a moment. "The city of walls. The city of palm trees. On the Jordan river…" Addison says, trying to figure out how to get it out a little bit easier. He can't put things into words. It's just how he is.

Daisuke puts his hands to his head and sighs as Addison talks. "I just don't understand it. It's as bad as a riddle….riddle…Shit! I need to talk to Chloe as quickly as possible." He says standing up as he goes to look for a piece of paper while eating from the MRE. "So what is it you're planning to do, make some sort of explosive down here to use up there?" Daisuke asks as the two, Domino and Arsenal, seem to work together.

"The city of walls.. on the Jordan river."Arsenal was silent, his hands not moving for several moments as he peeled open more wiring setting aside certain parts while 'junking' others. "The Bible and the original city of Jericho? Is that what you are trying to say?" He questions, his hands not moving, his mind scanning through in thing including Palm Beaches, Jordan Rivers, or Cities known for their Walls. Only remembering the part including the city of Jericho on behalf of his birth name, Jakob and it's origins. "And they burned the city with fire, and everything in it… " Looking at Daisuke his eyes having shifted from Addison, "Configuring the parts for now, they'll remain separate down here so they're not a danger. My plan is to try to take out as much of them as I can when the time comes by setting up a battlefield we have control over. I have seen most fights done on their grounds or as encounters. Would be nice to lure them into a trap of our own design."

"I've been out of commission for a bit, but with my leg healed and this protecting my voice, I should be able to go back out. I don't need my arm to use my sonics." Daisuke says with a grin as he looks over at Addison. "City of palm trees? Malibu? Palm Beach?" That's all that Daisuke can think of with that but then there is so much in reference The Bible that just goes over his head. "I…DAMN IT! I wish I could speak Addison!"

Addison places a finger on his nose and points at Arsenal. "BEEEEEEEP! Walled city on the Jordan river. The horns are blowing. It will fall!" He nods quickly. "Rashmi will not be pleased. For her shoulders are ever full." There. That wasn't so hard, was it? "And when the walls come crumbling down, so shall we grow."

"My arm will suffice for now, when the time comes if I can manage to set up this surprise I'd gladly have more people involved. Sonics? "Arsenal began shuffling through the bit of database he had, trying to seek out Howl's face and profile. While he considered what the psionist was saying or at least trying to talking to Addison seemed to be like decoding cipher. The buzzer action on the nose said he was right in the last statement though, his hand rose up and taps against the faceplate before his knuckle is rubbing there. "None of this is ringing a bell to me location wise, not that I have seen at least."

Domino just listened. She was still lost and Biblical references did her no good. She managed to at least know what he was saying in reference to Rashmi bearing the weight of the world on her shoulders. But, when you assume the position as a leader there's going to be a crushing force, it was in the fine print. Unwrapping the twinky she looked off in silence as she took a bite. If you don't look at it it doesn't matter. Right? right.

Daisuke nods to Arsenal. "Yeah but that's not my most important power. I can detect weaknesses. It's great against Sentinels." He says with a grin as he pushes his hair back, it's gotten long over the years. "Domino, just eat it and enjoy the little things right now. When's the last time you've had something that wasn't in a can?" He says as he looks at Addison and tires to figure it out. "Walled city on the Jordan river…So something is happening in the Middle East?"

Addison sighs. "The city named by Arsenal is falling… falling… no. He has fallen." Addison says, before looking down. A flame bursts from his eyes in the shape of a bird before vanishing. He stands and moves towards the living areas. "I should clean the bedding for another. Make use of what we have." His voice is soft and serious.

"The question should be is: When's the last time I've had something outside of an e-rat box or cooked. Right now I appreciate life, that's enough for me." The twinky that sustained life and ended the growling stomach was finished off and the wrapper tossed in the closest trash bin. Her eyes followed Addison as he went to make preparations. "Seems whatever is going on we're getting bodies to replace the ones leaving." A gallic shrug lifted Domino's shoulders before she glanced to Arsenal in his rummaging for more pieces for this bombardment plot, lowering to a crouch to push through the pile as well and start stripping at wires. "Cities fall all the time, it no longer bothers me. Maybe Ghandi can tell when we will finally be able to rebuild, eh?" A small wavering smile came at that but quickly faded.

Trying to figure things out. "City named by Arsenal so the city of Jericho?" Then Jericho….Jeri…and his face grows with worried. "Wait…where is Jeri?" Daisuke asks as Jeri is a man who isn't just the leader of the resistance to him but someone who has been a significant father figure in his life. He stands up quickly and looks around. "When is the last time anyone heard from Jericho?"

"His spirit has left." Addison states simply. "There will be less sentinels." He explains. That's the only way to put it. "All will be made clear soon. He had a watcher."

As if on time, a younger mutant known only as Jughandle appears, tears in his eyes. He holds a CD burning camcorder. He places it on the ground, and walks away. "Useless power…" He mutters before vanishing.

"Eh?" One brow lifted as a name unfamiliar passed between the two or at least not one of too much significance to her. Domino simply listened to the exchange between Addison and Dai, understanding what Addison meant for the second time. Perhaps she was getting better at this, but what she understood she did not voice, it would be figured out by Dai soon enough on his own. The entry of another so abruptly has her muscles recoiling beneath the sturdy yet pliant attire of black, only to relax once he left, leaving his gift on the ground before them. Looking back to the pile of rubble a smal "Ha!" Is let out as she finds another small connector that would suit for a detonator, placing it in her lap.

Then Jughandle comes in and drop something before going off on his way. He picks up the camera and looks at it. "What the?" He says as he's not even sure if it works or not. "Shit…" he says as Addison's words sink in and he just sits down on the cot staring at the device in his hands. "You're just fucking being nuts right Addison? Please tell me this is you just being off your rocker and lying."

"I'm insane. I'm not crazy." Addison says, in a moment of clarity. He points to the device. It holds about an hours worth of video. All of it what just happened. "I need to prepare. We'll have more visitors soon. Some injured. Some not. We need places for them to sleep. I will clear his area." It's the sanest moment Addison has had in years. But then, when one hasn't slept for… yeah. That happens.

Arsenal having heard plenty and completed some of what he had intended to do. Piece by piece he began collecting up the parts he had just sorted out, leaving the junkpile of discarded parts off to the side near the barrel. Three smaller bags were sorted out, then tied together. So a man named Jericho had died, that made sense. Not as cryptic as he had thought originally but it made sense. Seeing the camcorder dropped off and hearing Daisuke's comments, he hesitated in getting up and departing, now curious what was on the footage. "Got something that can play that, assuming theres something there?" Idly taking the connector from Domino as she discovered another usable one. Plenty enough for his plant to be pushed into fruition. "Thanks." He gave her in his usual somber manner.

Domino had no words of comfort, it had been too long since she knew even where to begin on that note without it seeming false anymore. War wounded many in different ways, and despite her passion she was colder in areas she was not before, and death was just that area. Glancing to Jakob as he took the connector she offered only that look and then rose, palming the rest of the wires she had found. "If any help is needed let me know, otherwise I am getting out of the way." With that she headed for the tunnels to at least wander and stretch her legs, something aside from the brooding silence she sensed was on the horizon.

Daisuke just stays sitting and nods to Arsenal. "Yeah…play it…we lost the leader of the Rebellion today. RAshmi…she needs to know." All of Addison's words make sense now. "You know, this is one of those times I wish I could scream." He says trying not to let it hit him to hard but then Daisuke is one who can cry and still fight on five minutes later. "Addison…sorry." he says but he doesn't say what he's sorry for. Maybe for the fact that he's gone insane.

Addison shrugs. "When one has been connected to the primal force of the universe… the force of life and death, destruction and creation. When one has not slept in years, one's only response to everything is a resounding "HUH!?" He says, going back to his normal sense of being. He points at the camera. "Keep it secret. Keep it safe."

"Was un-aware there was a leader, since my time here I haven't even heard a name mentioned beyond Rashmi's claim to being a leader of a squad." Arsenal, thumbed thoughtfully at one clasp on his LBV, flicking it up and down before the bags were hoisted up over his shoulder. "I'll catch up to you soon Dom," He speaks towards Domino in her exit. The camera he looked at curiously no one seemed to be jumping to turn it on, moving over he flicked the panel open and lit it up. Addison's words got him a mild grunt, the reactions to death from others all varied but huh was probably the most sensible, after all these years and watching others around you fall dead after a while you treated them like a dead soldier, pour some beer on the ground in their honor and carry on, simple acronym of FIDO worked best in such cases that and a mantra he always carried with him, ~Pacification of the emotions, acceptance of the inevitable…~ Buddhism, lovely stuff.

Daisuke stands up and nods keeping the camera with him. "Well if she likes it or, Rashmi's gonna be leader of the rebellion now. It was…nice to meet you Arsenal. If you ever need a hand with anything, let me know." He says as the death of Jericho hurts, a lot but he's just gotta deal with that grief in small doses, and by himself. "I will Addison." He says before going to walk off. "I..I'm gonna get some air." He says as he goes to leave the base for a bit with the camera in tow.

Arsenal watched the footage a second then plugged a small cord from the camcorder into his forearm, downloading the feed for himself before handing it to Daisuke. Jericho and the Omega Sentinel's battle stored, "Nice to hear. I imagine I'll be around." Turning he departed the direction Domino had.

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