2009-05-27: Breakfast And Powers


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Summary: Christopher, Jeri and Kael talk about their new powers over breakfast.

Date: May 27, 2009

Log Title Breakfast and Powers

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It's early morning so Christopher's up in the kitchen cooking breakfast for the students. It's his day off at the salon, which has been weird for him having to use chemicals, Jericho's definately heard him complain about it many times. He's also still getting used to the new powers he has which has left him fuzzy a few times when accidentally teleporting, but at least he's gotten used to the teleporting. He's currently humming a bit to himself as he stands at the stove frying a large batch of bacon to go with the pancakes and sausages he's cooked earlier. There's also the smell of potatoes among the various food scents of the kitchen.

Of course, Jericho got a weird power. He's fine with its use, it's simple, it's just not what he's meant to have. He moves into the kitchen, sitting at a counter, shorter and a little slimmer than he usually is. But… even without his powers, Jericho is a big man with a very high musculature. He spent 8 years with no powers, so he knows how to keep himself in shape.

If there is anything on this green earth that would pry and teenager or kid out of their room, the smell of cooking food is definitely one of them. The former wind controller is now a good third foot taller and looks like he's been working out for a good bit. Though, as soon as he enters the kitchen and sees the two adults that he hasn't really gotten to know, he stops in the door. Seemingly at an impasse with himself mentally. Probably on whether or not to go back to his room. He's currently dressed in his squad uniform, the only thing that actually fits.

Smiling back at Jericho, Christopher runs a hand through his hair. "There's some Cranberry juice in the fridge, I made sure of that, and I might make some cranberry muffins as well." Yes he likes to spoil his husband with his favourite food. As he turns back to start putting the bacon on the plate he spots Kael and smiles. "Hey there, you up for some breakfast?"

"OH thank goodness." Jericho says with a deep laugh as he shakes his head, moving to the fridge for juice. "It… feels so strange to be this small." He says softly. "After eight years without my powers, then one year with again, to have something different…" He reaches out to ruffle Christopher's hair before he pours himself a glass. Turning to the new entrant, he tilts his head. IT takes him a moment, since he's not a student that comes to Jeri's sessions… or isn't yet. "Kael isn't it?" He asks.

Offering him food? That made the impasse much easier. "Uh… sure. I could use some." A hand brought to his stomach as it lets out a gurgle is a more definitive answer, and Kael looks over at Jericho; nodding softly. "Yeah… That's me." He lets out a soft laugh, a weak smile accompanying it before he gulps a bit; looking back at Christopher as he starts to head into the kitchen some more. Mainly to the middle island to get a seat.

Christopher chuckles at Jericho and shakes his head. "Well you were this size when I met you love." Which it's hard to believe that's it's already been one year. He puts some pancakes, sausage and bacon on a plate and hands it to Kael. "The potato cassorole will be done in a few minutes." He says as he also gets a plate for Jeri as well before starting to cut up a few cantalopes.

Jeri eyes the Cantaloupe and shivers. None for him. Bleah. He tilts his head looking over Kael as suddenly things click in his head. "You got your powers stolen and got someone else's, didn't you?" Kids don't just grow like that. And there really aren't that many mutant with a mild megamorphing added into their other abilities. "Strength. Running. Power sharing?" He asks, sliding into another seat at the table. "Oh, and if you hadn't known yet, I'm Dr. Jericho Parker-Mayfair. This is my husband, Christopher Parker-Mayfair. I teach Health, nutrition, and weight training as well as serving as the school's psychologist and psychiatrist. He's the Home Ec teacher amongst other things." He says it all with a smile.

Kael starts to dig into the food, it's hard not to when it looks as delicious as this! Well, it does beat cereal for breakfast. He gets a good few mouthfuls in before he looks over at Jericho. Just swallowing for a bit before he nods and says, "Yeah… it crashed down, and I got my powers taken along with my boyfriend's… How'd you know?" Sure, the muscle mass so doesn't tell the first guess. He blinks a bit says, "Oh! Eddie and Jared told me about you two!"

Christopher smiles and would offer a hand to Kael but the boys eating and Christopher does hate to interupt someone when eating. After all he is the culinary teacher. "It's nice to meet you Kael. We know because our powers were taken as well and switched with someone elses, I think I have Owens." He says as he remembers the fuzzy mutant from that one incident. "But yes it definately seems you have my husbands powers."

"Because… yes." Jeri says, nodding to Christopher. "As he said, I think you've got my powers. I don't know whos powers I have yet." He says with a shrug. "Weird cloth-making powers." He nods lightly. "Yeah, those are our sons. I have two and Christopher has two. Jared and Eddie are mine. Eddie and Ricky are Christophers." He says, just to up the confusion a little bit. He loves that fact. "I just wish Eddie and Jared would get back soon, and get back safe." He says with a solemn nod, but he does trust his boys to do things properly.

Confusion not work well with Kael's mind right now. And he visibly boggles at that part before he just shakes his head, giving up on trying to decipher it. Too hungry. He looks back over at Christopher and says, "Do you turn fuzzy at random times?" Yes, that's totally a sign of Owen's powers. The comment from Jericho gets his attention and he says, "They've been gone for a while… where /did/ they go?" Kael doesn't pay attention to a lot of things.

Christopher can't help but laugh and shake his head at Jeri. "Jeri has his son Jared and Jeri and I adopted Eddie so he became our son and I have custody of another boy named Ricky. We're just one big happy family. You can always add on Eddie's half brother Wesley and the fact that Jared's dating Daisuke." He says but his face grows serious at the mention of the missing boys. Christopher's a worrier and Jeri's had to deal with his worrying a few times over the last few days. "I hope they get back soon too. And I'm not sure where they went Kael." He says as he's not about to say much to a student. "And yes, I find that when I teleport Kael, I to turn fuzzy."

"And that Eddie and Ricky are a couple. And Wesley's living in our other property." Jeri adds on with a chuckle. He shakes his head softly at Kael. "We… we don't know. All we know is that there' not anywhere we can get to them. We can't find them. And with Addison lacking his telepathic powers right now, he can't search for them." He sighs softly. Sure, he's been told they're 'in time' but…

Kael nods a bit. "Hopefully they'll back soon." Then he snickers slightly as he has the fork in his mouth, smiling slightly over at Chris when he says that. Jericho's words cause him to look over and he asks, "What powers did you get, Mr… uhh…" There /has/ to be a simpler way to say it. "Parker-Mayfair." Failed.

"Hopefully." Christopher says as he doesn't want to depress himself and get into it too much. "And Kael, I already told you, I got Owen's powers. This weird Dark Force stuff, I'm used to light and colours, not black." The power is pretty much his oposite. Once the potatoes are done he finally serves them out and gets himself a plate of breakfast and joins Jeri and Kael.

Jeri eats away happily, not bothering to respond, since Kael directed the question to MR. Parker-Mayfair. They finally, after all this time, have their distinguishing naming. "You're still beautiful to me, love. Even when you're furry." He chuckles, winking at Christopher. "And, from what I hear, the other light kid has dark powers, too. Haven't seen him, though."

Kael blinks a bit, confusion setting in once more as he shakes his head. "No, I meant to ask you!" He points over at Jericho and then looks over at Chris for a moment before he just shakes his head and goes back to eating his breakfast.

Jeri looks up. "Oh, either call me Jericho or Dr. Parker-Mayfair. IT's the only way we can tell it apart." He chuckles. "Like I said, some weird cloth creating power." He demonstrates by sending a wave of suddenly created cloth out from his hand to wrap around the handle to the refrigerator. He whips it one direction and it opens. Whips it the other, and it closes. "Strange."

Christopher chuckles and blushes a bit at the compliment. It's hard to tell if he did that on purpose or if he's just used to answering to 'Mr.' as his husband is 'Dr.'. "You can call me Christopher as well, I don't mind. And that is a strange power love." He says in between bites. "Well I'm just glad the fur is temporary, can you imagine if it was all the time now much shampoo I go through, I mean I can get it form the salon but it'd be a lot."

Kael watches the fridge open and then close with the cloth and he takes another bite of his breakfast. "I used to control wind, but then I got your powers," He pauses a bit and then finishes with, "Jericho." He looks back at Chris and laughs softly. "Alright, I guess. I'm just not used to calling adults by their first names."

Christopher chuckles. "Well I'm not really that old Kael so don't worry about it." He's still in his later twenties after all. "It might just make it easier unless you want to try to remember which of us is the Doctor and which of us is the Mister, because you can't doctor in being a stylist." He says with a grin trying to make a joke.

"Well, you can have a doctorate in design, which can lead to either fashion OR styling." Jeri says with a laugh. He shrugs lightly as he leans into the chair, breakfast already devoured. "I just miss my running. SO much." He says with a soft laugh. "Have you found out how fast you can run yet, Kael?" He says with a grin. "Now, your body doesn't move at super-speed, so you have to pay attention, but you can run somewhere near 200 miles per hour."

Kael slides off of the chair, heading over to the fridge to get out some apple juice and he lets out a laugh. "Funny thing is that I tried to go fast through the forest, I don't know how fast I got but I think I tripped over something and fell into the lake earlier this week." He looks over at Jericho after he gets back to the table and asks, "Do you mind if I come to talk to you after we get our powers back to normal? I… need… to just talk about something."

"Then why don't you ask Kael to power share with you honey? At least then you can get a run in for a bit." Christopher offers as he remembers when Christopher used to power share with him. "Well Jeri's a good person to talk to." Christopher says as knows his husbands good at his job and really good with the kids.

"That's if HE chooses to. I'm sure we'll all get our powers back to normal sometime soon, too." Jeri says with a nod as he listens to Kael. "Of course you can. That's the main reason I'm here. The classes I teach are only secondary to my training. I'm here to help ease the minds of the students and teachers. Come by my office and we'll set up an appointment." He says with a nod.

Kael just reaches out; after he's poured his juice of course, to touch Jericho's shoulder; splitting his powers with his own. "Can I come by later this afternoon to set it up? I need to get through some of my classes first." Then he just takes a drink of his juice.

"I'm sure we will too love, and I'm sure the boys will come back safe and sound." Christopher says finishing up his breakfast. "And I expect the hordes to rush in here for breakfast any minute soon. I really do miss my powers though, I can't wait to stop having to use the chemicals in the salon, it's getting stinky in their."

Filling out his clothing a little better, Jeri sighs happily. "Thank you. And yes, come by later and we'll start setting up an appointment." He says with a chuckle. "I have classes in about a half hour, but that's plenty of time for a good run." He laughs.

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