2009-03-28: Breakfast Conversation


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Summary: Pallaton and Leo make some conversation. Leo admits some things.

Date: March 28, 2009

Breakfast Conversation

Rating: R for Adult Conversation themes. (They talk about sex)

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

It's morning at the Xavier Mansion, so Pallaton's down in the cafeteria getting breakfast. What does a giant wolf-man have for breakfast? Cereal, it seems. He's sitting there taking the occasional spoonful and reading a book propped between two glasses at the same time. Looks like he's brushing up on his medical skills, even this early.

For the past few days, Leo has been a very different person in his actions. He seems to have calmed down a lot. The energy is still there, still shuffling beneath the surface, but it's as though he's just content with everything. Taking his double-tray of just about everything offered for breakfast, he moves over next to the wolfen one. "Mind if I sit here?" He asks, politely.

Pallaton looks up then nods, shifting the book so it's not in the way. "Oh, sure, yeah. It's fine." He seems cheery this morning, more-so than usual. As Leo sits down, though, Pallaton gives a few sniffs. "I didn't know they were making hash browns today…" he comments.

"Oh, they are?" Leo blinks, looking down at his plate. "I'm kinda like breakfast ninja. Grabgrabgrab, oh look! Toast." He snickers softly. "I eat so much it's not even funny." He runs a hand through his hair. "So, I've decided. If Mr. Summers lets us, I'm going on Tuesday. Daisuke said he was, and Nathaniel said he might."

Pallaton nods. "If I'm ready in time, I'll be going too. Of course, I helped out with Memphis, so I don't know if that'll work against me or not. But we'll see. The sooner the lockdown is removed, the better. I'm still surprised nobody's snapped here."

"They're getting around it in other ways." Leo says with a chuckle. "Believe me. Having the scritchy day with you really relieved some of my stress. Uhm… sorry." He grins impishly as he begins inhaling his food, pausing for words here and there. "If it ends then, we'll be back to normal."

Pallaton chuckles. "Well, it doesn't seem to be all doom and gloom, then. It's no problem, really." Then he takes another spoonful. "I never thought I'd say it, but I kind of miss classes. Not just the Danger Room, though, I mean all classes. I guess that's because it's my last year here and I want to make the most of it…" He sighs, then returns to his breakfast.

Grinning, Leo nods. "Well, I wouldn't mind doing that again, because it was really relaxing. But, I promise I won't scritch so hard next time." He laughs, nodding. "So do I. Mainly, I miss shopping. Sure, call me shallow, but I miss going out and getting new stuff. Ever since my room was destroyed, I haven't had a chance to go buy." He sighs softly.

Pallaton nods, looking glum. "A lot of stuff in mine was irreplaceable. I had some research notes, not that I need them anymore, and things from my parents. Right now, all I've got it what the school was able to salvage."

"I'm sorry." Leo makes a pouty face. "I wish I had noticed what she was doing… I could have stopped her." He couldn't, really. He did take down one of them harder than anyone else could have, but…

Pallaton raises an eyebrow. "She?" He hasn't heard any of this. He was out of the school when it happened, after all. Well… on the grounds, but still out.

"I was there on the night of the attack. It was the other world's version of Storm wrecking the mansion. The other me was there, too." Leo winces at that one. "He was Dagger. Which means it was random luck that our Dagger is Dagger here."

Pallaton nods, although it looks like something's come back to worry him. "I still haven't seen the other me, so I'm getting worried. Maybe I'm just paranoid and he's not here, but if he is, I want to be the one to defeat him."

"I… I don't think he'd be alone, dude." Leo says softly. "I think he's with the feral pack that was roaming around New York." Leo saw some of them on the internet. "There were like… four werewolf types. Someone said one looked like Ms. Sinclaire. Mr. Logan was definately in there." He's seen their pictures around here.

Pallaton nods, but then something seems to click. "Oh! So maybe they were behind the attack on the college in the city? What do you think?"

"Quite possible." Leo nods quickly. "I mean, there's like… a whole pack of'em though. That only sounded like one." He scratches his head lightly. "I dunno."

Pallaton nods, but doesn't seem convinced. "Probably not, then… packs act as one, I know that. To sent a lone one out isn't how packs work. Unless it was a trap to lure them out, but I don't remember any mentions of that." He shakes his head, then goes back to breakfast, changing the subject. "Come to think of it, I should decide what I'm going to do after the semester ends."

"Oh, are you graduating?" Leo asks. After all, with Pallaton's appearance, it's hard to tell an age. All he knows is that anyone here is pretty much over puberty because of the mutations. "I'm staying here, if I can, after I do. I can't pass myself off as human, even with an image inducer. I'm too bright."

Pallaton nods. "I hit eighteen in the first week of January. I want to stay here, but at the same time, I want to give something back. But to do that, I need to do a teaching course. I'm not sure if anywhere would even take me, but I can at least try. And once that's done, I can come back here and teach something."

Pallaton nods, smiling. "Shame. It would have been interesting to have you in a class of mine." Then he munches on another spoonful of cereal, looking through the book on the table. Seems to be a medical book, of some sort.

"Well, there's also doing things outside of classes." Leo says with a nod. "People work together on stuff all the time. I mean, I'm gonna try teaching some students yoga. Though, Vlad wants me to teach NAKED yoga. I wouldn't want to do that with everyone though." He snickers.

Pallaton nods. "That's true, but I don't think that's the same thing. I want to give something back to the mansion. Sure, I can teach the students just now and I'd be happy at doing that, but there's not a lot I know. First aid and that's about it. Still useful, but not hard to pick up."

"I meant, I could teach you that, sinceyou said something about having classes together." Leo chuckles. "Uhm, check with the staff. Dr. Reyes has Eddie working with her. Maybe they'll let you work through some medical classes and help her down there." It's an idea.

Pallaton nods, looking interested. "Oh, I didn't know that. I'll look into that. Both the Yoga and the helping out. I mean, maybe if I do well enough there, I might be allowed to teach a class." He nods to himself as if confirming it to himself. "Yeah, I'll do that. Thanks, Leo."

"You're welcome, fuzzy." Leo says happily as he finishes inhaling his breakfast. Yep, he's just that fast with food. And he never gains a pound. But then, he's also about half the size of Pallaton, or so.

Pallaton nods, looking quite surprised that Leo can eat that fast, then chuckles. "I didn't know you had super-eating."

"My energy levels are so high I burn through it." Leo laughs softly. "That's why I'm always so bouncy, like the other day… That was fun though." He wrinkles his nose as he moves to get rid of his plates and whatnot, returning with another glass of juice.

Pallaton nods, munching on the cereal before the flakes get too soggy in the meantime. "Ah, right. So it's sort of like a very high metabolism and your body's functions are sped up somewhat?"

"Yup. Pretty much. That along with the light stuff and lack of sleep." Leo is up at all hours, after all. "I spend a lot of time outside, down by the cove. IT's where I practice my yoga."

Pallaton nods. "I see… I don't fully understand the benefits of Yoga myself, but then again, a lot of people don't understand the religious dances, rituals and what-not I do out there, or why I like heading out every now and again to rough it in the woods." He chuckles. "Although that last part's more of a 'me' thing than being how I was brought up.

"Flexibility. I mean, there are things I can do that most guys only dream of." Leo snickers softly. "But then, from what I've heard, you don't have any trouble with that at all." He blushes suddenly, touching his mouth. "Sorry… I shouldn't have said that. It's just, I assume because you're so big and… I'm digging myself deeper aren't I?"

Pallaton stops dead, spoon-in-muzzle and just stares. Then chuckles. "Another curious one? Don't worry about it." He lowers his voice to a whisper, leaning towards Leo. "I've been told it's proportional." He leaves at that, though, finishing the last of the cereal, leaving Leo to think on that while he heads off for some bacon. Of course 'some' does mean 'about half of what's there'. It seems his size also reflects on his appetite.

"Please. I'm open about my tastes." Leo grins sheepishly. "How could I NOT be curious?" He says, biting his lip. He does keep quiet about exactly WHAT he's heard, but that's because he's polite… right now. "And with the school on lockdown and not being able to go DO anything, I have to think about something during those late night hours."

Pallaton nods his head, munching on some bacon. "Well, we have to do whatever we have to do to keep from going crazy in here." He seems to be focussing on that bacon, right now, tearing it with his teeth. "And that comes in many different varieties."

"Well, if you wanna hang out sometime." Leo says, batting his eyebrows in a horrible flirt. He snickers softly. "Yeah, I know. That's why I've been really working on my yoga. It's relaxing and keeps my mind off of trouble."

Pallaton nods, swallowing the mouthful of bacon. "I'll probably try it out. I feel like I'm working myself into a rut, with this. If I'm not in here, I'm out there. And I'm starting to know the grounds like the back of my hand, now." He then pauses, thinking. "Do you talk with Nathan?"

As Nathan's name is mentioned, Leo's face turns instantly red. "Yeah. I do." His voice comes out much softer with that, and a smile begins to cross his face. "He's a nice guy." Is.. yes. Leo is drawing shapes with his fingers on the table top.

Pallaton nods, and watches Leo's fingers a few times before speaking again. "Right… I thought he must've told you. How much did he say?"

"Huh? Oh, Nothing really. He didn't give me any details. And, really, it came from other things." Now Leo's extremely embarassed about something. "I was just talking about my friends, and he sensed feelings and stuff. And I kinda asked him if he knew you, and then I misunderstood something and thought something else had happened and I kinda… yeah. I'm sorry, Pallaton. I just… I'm curious. I can't help it. If someone knows something and won't tell me, I do everything I can to find out." Oh no. He feels like he upset someone. Oops.

Pallaton just chuckles. Looks like he doesn't mind. "Don't worry about it, it's fine. Since Nathan picked up on it, I guess that tells me something about you." He chuckles again, lifting a hand and ruffling Leo's hair playfully. Thankfully, he did wipe those large hand-paws before doing so. Nobody likes bacon-grease hair.

"Like I'm not obvious." Leo says with an eyeroll. "I just was… " He pauses. "AM intrigued." He looks up at the wolfen one with a grin at the hair ruffle. "It's ok?" He asks, making sure again. Unlike Nathaniel,he can't tell emotions.

Pallaton nods. "Just between us, though. Last thing I want is the whole school finding out. After all, we're not supposed to on school grounds."

"I haven't told anyone. I think Nathaniel only told me because I pestered him and because… well… he kinda likes me, too." Leo says bashfully.

Pallaton nods, smiling. "Ah, I see. He did say I owed him, if I remember right, but I didn't really do much then. He was just, uuuh… 'petting', shall we say." He scratches the back of his neck with a chuckle, leaving the mental image to Leo.

"Sounds like… fun." Leo admits. "I have no problem petting someone that likes being petted." He nods firmly. "Or scritching. Or whatever." Hey, he's never denied what he's been called.

Pallaton chuckles, finishing off the rest of the bacon. Mmm, bacon.

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