2009-02-26: Breakfast In Bed


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Summary: After the Battle at the Bridge, Jericho wakes up to breakfast in bed.

Date: January 26, 2009

Breakfast in Bed

Rating: PG

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Master Bedroom

A very large bed dominates this room. The bed itself is apparently a custom made one, because it's quite hard to find beds that size. Like the rest of the house, it's hardly been decorated, since someone else seems to enjoy doing so.

Jeri came home last night, bringing his son and housekeeper with him. It didn't take long at all before he was collapsing into bed, not even bothering with a shower, he was that tired. His clothes even remained on. Well, what's left of them. The clothing was singed quite well from something. Even now, past early morning hours, he's still completely dead to the world in his sleeping state.

Christopher stayed at the school all night since he stayed behind to help with the students as Jericho went with Scott to find Eddie. He heard the news that Eddie and Ricky were safely found and brought home and came home first thing in the morning. It doesn't look like he slept much and there is a bit of scruff on his face as he walks in the bedroom carrying a tray in his hands with some eggs in a basket, bacon, homefries and, of course, cranberry juice. He places the tray down on the floor before going over to Jeri to give him a kiss to hopefully wake him up.

"Mrflcrazywoman anna swords anna flames… flames burning.. at the side of my face." Obviously, while it brought him closer, Jeri's not quite awake yet, though the smell of the food brings a growl to his stomach meaning he'll probably wake up in just a moment or so.

Christopher sits down on the bed and pushes some of the hair away from Jeri's face. "Hey honey, I know you had a long night but I made you breakfast." He says leaning down to give him another kiss.

That wakes him up. Jeri blinks, looking around. Thank goodness he doesn't drool. "Huh? Oh… mussa been dreaming." He says, still a little slurred. "Mmm. Food. Food is definately a good thing after last night." He says,r unning a hand through his hair as he sits upright, pulling Christopher over to him at the same time. "The boys still asleep?"

Christopher is easily pulled over and rests agasint Jeri. "You had a rough night, sorry for waking you up but I figured you'd be hungry." Christopher says and he knows that Jeri doesn't normally sleep this late. "And yes, the boys are still sleeping. I'm just glad that the three of you are home." He says sounding relieved and Jeri would know that Christopher spent most the night worring.

"Me, too." Jeri says, shaking his head. "I'm really not cut out to be a combatant, I don't think." He smirks, slightly, scratching his head as he reaches for… BACON. You can never go wrong with Bacon. "And we have two of their people at the mansion now. Another Emma and someone I didn't know." He says with a half nod. "It was… not fun."

"I know, I was there when they brought them in. I was too tired to drive home last night but I was probably too tired to drive home this morning." Christopher says chuckling. "I could use sleep and a shower, and I don't think either of us are, but I'm happy that you went."

Sniffing himself and smelling both the sweat and the scorched cloth. "Yeah, I think the shower is something I need, too." Jeri says with a smirk. One of his gloves is half-roasted as well. He sighs softly, shrugging. "Ah well. It was for a good cause." He stretches his arms out as he snacks.

"No offense love, but you look like hell right now." Christopher says with a smile leaning against him. "So what happened out there? Did you find out anymore what's going on? I'm just wondering should I go out there and try to do something or just stay at the mansion and look after the kids."

"I think as it comes down to it, we're ALL going to be out there. This… they said something about a Farouk. And I heard the words Shadow King. It sounds like their entire world is being controlled. Most of it anyway, into coming here to take over ours." Jeri says with a bit of a sigh. "But he seemed stretched too thin. That's why he started losing control."

"Farouk?" The name doesn't ring any bells to Christopher. "Well I'll do what ever is needed to protect this place and what I love." Christopher says not being able to stiffle a yawn. "Started losing control? Stretched too thin? What was he doing? And who is he? This Farouk or this Shadow King?" Christopher asks trying to figure things out.

"Warren said the names together. May be the same. We should probably do a little research on it when we go back to the school. Though I think, for a while, we should all travel together, at least in pairs." Jeri says with a nod. "I hate to leave Ricky alone, but… he's not a mutant and I don't know how he'd do at the school." He says, honestly. "But we can at least keep one of us around him."

"Well talk to Scott, explain the situation and maybe he will let us take Ricky to the school when we have to teach. I don't think they're cancelling classes but then again I teach culinary, I can cancel those classes for a week." Christopher admits since he knows his class is some what of a pushover class. "Last time there was an invasion I was out to dinner when they decided to attack." And Christopher still has the scar on both sides of his shoulder from when he was speared. "Today though, let's just spend the day here, all four of us." It'll help calm him a bit from all his worrying yesterday.

"Mmm. Perhaps." Jeri nods softly as he picks up the rest of breakfast and begins to actually eat. "I hate to cancel my appointments, but health and nutrition classes can be put on hold, as can weight training." He says witha nod. "I haven't dealt with an invasion. I've only dealt with being kidnapped." He chuckles lightly and ponders. "Have you checked on your family?" He asks, before something dawns on him. "I remember Jordan's address. He's on Manhattan." Yes, he's a mean bastard. But it is his brother.

"I did, as soon as I found out. They're all safe at home." Christopher says relieved of that fact. "Kathrine had the day off and my parents work in White Plains so they're not usually in the city. And Jordan?" Christopher's learned not to hate Jordan realizing that he is Jeri's brother and Jeri does care for him. "Well, anything you want to do to help Jordan just let me know, I'll help too."

"I'm sure he's fine. With that gift of his. Future-reading and all." Jeri says with a quick nod. "But I do want to try to get out there and check on him at some point." He nods as he hears about Kathrine. "Good. I'm pretty sure Jerica and Jet are fine, but then again, my mother calls at the drop of a hat."

"Well I'll go with you if you like." Christopher says, and he's relieved to hear that Jeri's family is okay. "I wonder if any other kids or X-Men are trapped in the city right now, I think they had a count on most of them. I am so glad Eddie's okay. That kid is a magnet for trouble. I sometimes fear that he looks for it."

"I don't think it's his fault. Honestly. Ricky went shopping and Eddie went with him. Nobody's fault in that." Jeri says with a shake of his head, the breakfast disappearing quickly. Of course, after he finishes, he stands, popping a quick kiss on Christopher's forehead. "Thanks for breakfast." He says before pulling his gloves off. "I think it's just bad luck. Not anything IN Eddie in particular. But then, look at Daisuke. He's got just as much of it."

"I know he doesn't but I guess it seems to happen a lot and you know me and my worrying." Christopher says with a smile as he stays in the bed for now. "I was trying to hard to keep myself together yesterday." He admits as there were a few times he was close to crying with worry. "Those two kids, I don't think I've ever met two kids who run into as much trouble."

"Yeah, but they get OUT of it, too. That's the important thing. Knowing Eddie, he would have found SOME way to get out. Maybe with one of the superhero teams trying to get out. I'm sure they'd be able to find a way." Jericho says with a nod, pulling the shirt over his head as he steps into the bathroom to get the shower started. "You know how Eddie's mind works."

"He's very bright when it comes to anything with superheroics. I was actually telling him that he probably does have what it takes to be a leader after their last runin with that bank robbery in the city. I just worry easy. I lost someone I cared about once I don't want to go through that again." Christopher says as he gets up as well. "Would you like some company in the shower?"

"When have I ever refused?" Jeri asks with a chuckle as he removes more of the clothing. "Hmm. He could do it, I think. He'd just need to be more of a back-lines leader instead of front. Since he doesn't have that active of a power most of the time." He explains, grinning.

Christopher takes of his shirt and sratches at his scruff. "I need a shave too." He says prefering to be clean cut. "Well being a back-lines leader isn't a bad thing, it gives a good perspective and what doesn't he know about Super-Heroes?" Christopher says as runs his hands through his hair. "I think today is just one of those days to take the afternoon off and relax. I can make a nice dinner later tonight."

"I kinda like the scruff." Jeri says with a chuckle. He's always scruffy though. It's impossible to keep a clean shave for more than three hours on him. He ruffles Christopher's hair. "I don't even bother trying to keep mine down. Once a day is enough. And even with that, I stay scruffy." He shrugs, seeing the steam coming from the bathroom, he smiles. "And that's one reason I LIKE this house. Steam builds up."

Christopher sheds more of his clothes and walks over to Jeri, wrapping his arms around his waist, looking up at him. "Sorry love, it's going to go away, but I like your scruff just fine. And also, we can shower together without worrying about anything or anyone." There's just a lot more privacy here so they can be a married couple.

"I know." Jeri says with a laugh. "That's another reason I LIKE having my own home." He stops. "OUR own home." He laughs, dragging Christopher into the bathroom for a shower.

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