2012-03-01: Breakfast Of Chimpions


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Summary: Some folks are up early for Breakfast at Xavier's.

Date: March 1, 2012

Log Title: Breakfast Of Chimpions

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

It's early and most kids aren't even awake yet or are just getting up. Nicholas is already showered and dressed for the day and one of the lone kids in the cafeteria eatting breakfast. Well, if having food in front of you is called eating breakfast. He sits at the table with his head in his hand and pokes with a spoon at his cereal long gone soggy. There's a plate of bacon that's untouched next to him as it seems like Nick is miles away, deep in thought.

Still in fuzzy blue pyjamas, Taylor stalks into the cafeteria, sniffing the air lightly. The feline student is actually walking on all fours, and seems to have that kind of inhuman expression that Taylor sometimes gets when running more on instinct. It seems that the student's fur has a few patches missing, singed off with fairly light burns underneath.

Nicholas doesn't even notice Taylor crawling along on all fours as the spoon starts to hit the bottom of the bowl repeativly with a 'dingt' 'dingt' 'dingt' noise. He lets out a sigh and looks over at his plate of bacon frowning before pushing it away from him so he can rest his head on the table next to his cereal.

Taylor climbs up onto the chair across from Nicholas, and conveniently close to the bacon, and then peers up towards the boy. One of the pieces of bacon is swiped and promptly devoured. There's a few moment's pause before Taylor seems to become more conscious of what's happening here and Tay says, "Hey, Nick… you're up pretty early."

Nicholas looks up at Taylor and nods. "Yeah I am." He says before his eyes glance to the plate of bacon. "Eat it all, I'm not hungry. Haven't really felt like eatting." He says sitting up and pushing the bowl of cereal away. "Haven't felt like sleeping either, well, more I can't sleep. I just lie there and toss and turn and when I finally do fall asleep I have so many nigh…dreams that I don't feel like I slept at all."

Taylor frowns slightly and pulls the bacon a little bit closer, nodding slowly, "Sorry t'hear that… I've been a bit on edge too." The feline student sighs softly and then says, "Is it anything in particular bugging you, or a whole bunch of things? I've heard that some other students have vanished… a friend I made outside the school did, too… sorta…" Another strip of delicious bacon is munched on.

"Jill's one of the ones who vanished and I watched that blind girl get taken." Nicholas says frowning. "I'm also worried about Ahmed, he got his throat bitten real bad." He then looks at and blinks at Taylor. "Oh, I'm really sorry Taylor. I hope they're okay. What happened?"

"Well… I tried to help her, you know? But… but it was a dragon. A fucking dragon, Nick! With firey breath and wings and… and… huge!" says Taylor, gesturing to indicate bigness, "I have some burns, but it took her away… I wish I could have done something…"

"Same thing with the blind girl, Sofia." Nicholas says. "I tried to help her but they…wait did you say dragon?" He looks up at her with a surprised look on his face and the monotone volume to his voice stops. "Dragon, like in Lord of the Rings or Skyrim or or…like a real dragon?!"

"Well, yeah, like a real dragon. Like… terrifying, giant, firebreathing dragon…" says Taylor, frowning and looking down towards the table, "I dunno what else to say about it. It was… really scary."

Nicholas just stares at Taylor for a bit. "Dragons are real?" He finally chokes out as he always thought they were a creature of fantasy. "I heard Evelyn got taken by giant wolves, that's how Ahmed got hurt, and Sofia got taken by these Captiol One Braveheart guys in a bus. Jill…I don't know what happened to her." His voice filled with worry.

"I was… surprised as you are to find out that dragons are real. But like. Holy shit, giant dragon right in front of me, that's hard to deny…" says Taylor, frowning slightly at that, "I've had nightmares since then about that dragon. Anyways, it… it sounds pretty scary how people are disappearing… I'm glad Ahmed is okay now, but I'm worried about the ones who disappeared…"

"I am too." Nicholas says as he reaches over and grabs a slice of bacon and starts to eat it slowly, taking more time that most people to chew each bite. "I've had nightmares since I got here but instead of them just being about my Parents and Bodie, it's also Jill, Sofia and Evelyn. Everytime I can't do anything but just watch."

Taylor listens to Nicholas, ears flattening slightly when he describes the nightmares. The feline student sighs and then says, "It's scary stuff. I mean… all these girls have disappeared… I've been told that the staff here knows how to deal with that kind of situation, but it's still really worrying… I'm sorry about your nightmares, though. I know you've had a rough time of things lately."

Nicholas manages to eat about half the strip of bacon before looking at it with a frown. "Well I don't expect things to get any better. They don't seem to be at least. Anyway, I've heard the same and I told staff exactly what happened with Sofia. I don't even know what to do, apparently I'm not as awesome with my powers as I thought."

Taylor nods and looks down at the bacon, "Yeah, I guess not. I just hope things don't get, I dunno, worse and worse…" Another strip is picked up. "You should be glad I'm here. This much bacon is too much bacon for one person. More than recommended anyways. Though… It seems like everyone around here eats a ton."

Looking at the bacon, there's a shrug from Nick. "I don't really feel hungry and everything I eat just makes me feel sick. I just know I should eat." He says looking at the plate. "I miss my Mom's cooking. This time of year she'd make knoephla, one of my favourites. It's like a chicken and dumpling soup, there's nothing better than German food."

Arriving a little late to breakfast, Kevin slips into a seat near where Taylor and Nick are talking, giving the other two students a halfway shy little smile as he digs into a breakfast larger than any one person should be able to eat. It's a wonder that the tall boy manages to stay so skinny if he eats that much everyday… He can't help but glance over at the mention of a specific kind of food, "Have you tried asking Mr. Parker-Mayfair if he can make it for you? Dad-two is awesome in the kitchen!"

Taylor nods at Nick and says, "I kind of miss my dad's home cooking, actually… I mean, it was nothing fancy, but it was home. He's a stay at home dad." There's a brief pause and the felinoid student says, "What the heck is he doing now if I'm not there?" Taylor headshakes and says, "Sorry… um, and yeah, you should probably eat a bit." The teen looks towards Kevin and headtilts slightly at the statement about Dad-two, but doesn't comment.

Nicholas looks over at Kevin and there's a look of annoyance on his face. "Dad…two? Are your parents divorced or something?" After all that's the only reason to have a second Dad, your Mom got remarried. He then realizes something and his face relaxes into a worried expression. "Sorry, I didn't mean anything bad just if Dad One passed away and you now have Dad Two…I'm really sorry." He says before looking over at Taylor. "I took after my Dad, can't cook. My Mom was the cook and as for stay at home, their work was our home. The stable was the back yard."

Kevin blushes and ducks his head, pretending to focus on his meal, "No, I'm adopted. Dad-one is Dr. Parker-Mayfair and Dad-two is Mr. Parker-Mayfair." He shrugs one shoulder, as though it's not a huge deal, "They both work here for the school." He takes a bite of scrambled eggs and swallows so quickly that it wouldn't be surprising to find that he didn't chew at all, "I've lived with them for a couple of years now." He perks up a little at the mention of a stable, "You grew up with horses? That's so cool! I really wanted a horse when I was little, but all I ever had was a cat."

"Mom works for Staples. You know. The people who sell paper and stuff. Dad just… looked after me. I begged him for homeschooling since he was home anyways, but he turned me down, said that valuable social skills would be learned at school," says Taylor idly, sniffing the air lightly and then looking between Kevin and Nicholas. "I wanted a horse when I was younger, too. We didn't really have pets at all."

"Oh." Nicholas says at Kevin's explaination and it's bit of an awkward oh. "Uh yeah, my family owned a horse stable back in North Dakota. My horse is in the stable here." He says before frowning at Taylor. "Well hopefully this place is better than your last school. Did..uh…jerkface ever contact you back after that phone call?"

"That's really cool that your dad stayed home with you." Kevin nods once as he lifts his fork again, "I always wanted to go to school, but my father insisted on a tutor. It's so much better with my dads!" For one thing, he gets to talk to kids his age, now. He doesn't seem to find the questioning about his dads awkward at all, "I'm really kinda used to people getting confused when I talk about my family. I'd be confused, too, if I didn't live with them." He can't help but grin a little at that as he returns his attention to clearing away breakfast as efficiantly as possible. He glances over curiously again, though, at the mention of a 'jerkface', his expression curious.

"Well, yeah, it was cool of my dad. We didn't have a lot of money or anything, but I'm an only child, so it kind of evened out I guess," says Taylor, smiling slightly at that, ears flicking a few times. At the mention of jerkface, those ears droop back a little bit, and Taylor says, "Yeah, he got back to me. I mean, it wasn't a very civil conversation. I think at first he thought you were my boyfriend or something, but I guess he was out and he was being interrupted by the call. Out with a girl! I hope he was saying that to make me jealous, he can't already be out with someone… and he was so low on the social totem pole, who the hell would date him at that school?" The student huffs angrily. "What. Ever."

Nicholas looks at Taylor and then gives her a hug. "Well you're probably a better girlfriend than that hose-beast that he was with." He finally finishes the piece of bacon he started munching on a while back. "I went to public school, I liked it. The school was a lot smaller than this one." He then nods to Taylor. "Yeah, I was an only brat too, but there was Bodie who was like an older brother though he wasn't related. He was the stable hand for years."

Kevin lapses into silence, his full attention apparently taken up by trying to finish eating as quickly as possible. The conversation between the other two isn't really any of his business, after all, right? He doesn't even really know either of them; he just sat down to eat his breakfast.

For some this might be considered the crack of dawn, but for Chloe it's just about at the end of her morning training routine and time to stock up on energy with a hearty breakfast. Which is why she ambles in wearing her workout clothing with a shinai tucked under her arm, rolling her head in a lazy circle. Given the speed she ambles, still faster than most people can run, she quickly assembles a tray piled high with enough food to feed four hungry people.

Taylor returns the hug to Nicholas and then says, "He's probably just trying to make me jealous or something, 'cause he was jealous of you who he thought was my boyfriend, apparently." The feline rolls their eyes lightly and then sighs, "I swear, I was a rocking significant other." The feline then looks in Chloe's direction and considers for a moment and says, "Almost everyone around here eats so much. Is that just how mutants eat?"

Looking between Chloe and Kevin's lunch, Nick just shrugs. "Who knows, all I've eatten today is a piece of bacon. Probably won't eat anything else until I bring Ahmed down some real food. And by real food I mean Kosher food which is just weird having to check the lables for him." He's never had to deal with Kosher before. "I wish there was some effin' way we could find Jill and your friend and everyone and just do something. But I don't know where they went and the best I can do with my powers is lift things. Whoopie."

Chloe slows when mention of mutant eating habits comes up and coughs slightly. "And the worst part is this is my diet breakfast," she admits, claiming a nearby table for herself by spreading out the trays contents. "A lot of powers run off your natural energy supplies and the more energy intensive the ability the more food people have to take to keep it going." Very carefully she props the shinai so it'll be within easy reach if disaster strikes, evidently not taking any chances despite the schools defenses.

Taylor headtilts slightly at Chloe and then nods, "I guess… I know I've been eating a bit more, but I'm trying not to eat too much more, 'cause I don't want to put on weight…" The feline then frowns and nods at Nick, "Yeah… I wish there was, too. I dunno. I was pretty ineffective with that whole… dragon… thing. I couldn't even track her, because the dragon was flying…"

"I don't really require anything for my powers, they're all brain powers, I guess that's different." Nicholas says before looking at Taylor with an elightened expression on his face. "Wait! You can track stuff, Ahmed said there were wolves and then with Sofia there was a bus, do you think you can still track that stuff?!"

Chloe tilts her head at Nicholas, then shrugs. "Yeah everyone is different I guess. I've known some people with mental powers that needed more food, but it could be they had less efficient mutations. Who knows…" She idly consumes an entire apple in the gap between sentences, before adding. "The latest series of attacks? I don't want to be too negative, but I think some of the school security staff has scent tracking abilities and they might have checked already. Still it can't hurt to look yourself, providing you go with a group….." At which point she facepalms. "Oh god I've seen the school disaster warning messages enough to know them by rote."

Taylor blinks a few times quickly at Nick's question and then says, "Hmm, so long as the scents haven't faded away too much. I could give it a shot, I've never really done anything like that before…" To Chloe, The feline student in blue fuzzy pyjamas says, "I might go and get dressed." There's a pause, and Taylor looks towards Chloe and frowns slightly, "Well… in case they don't have trackers on it…"

There's an audible sigh from Nicholas as he rests his head on the table. "Because some negativity is just what I need right now. You know, any light at the end of the tunnel to be extinquished, that's great, just great." He says knowing that Chloe is probably right and it irritates him. "Congratulations, you're a pro at this." He says dryly looking over at Taylor. "She's probably right, though..I dunno. I just hope they're okay."

Having sat silently while the others talk, Kevin finishes his meal in record time, "Time to go get ready for class. Have a good day, guys." He rises, puts his dishes away, and slips back out to go back to his room.

Chloe shudders. "If it's any consolation pretty much every disaster I've seen has ended up far worse for the people kidnapping students than it has the kidnappees," she offers, mushing various bits of breakfast into a sandwich Heather would be proud of. "I was thinking maybe we should get together some groups and go out search the city? At least then we'd be doing something instead of sitting here worrying. Either that or if people want we could get together some extra self defense training sessions." Not that little miss up at five am to learn sword fighting needs extra classes!

Taylor gets up and then says to Chloe, "Well, like you said, there's nothing wrong with double checking, and it's at least doing something that could lead to being productive. I'm worried for my friend…" The student says, heading towards the exit, "I'm going to get dressed. If I'm not back soon, then… I dunno, I probably fell asleep or got distracted by something…"

Nicholas raises a hand to Taylor and nods. "See you later Taylor." He says almost sounding disappointed by her leaving. He then looks over at Chloe and shrugs. "Whatever, but it helps that from what I've heard noone was taken in the city. At least Evelyn and Sofia weren't. I don't know about Jill or Taylor's friend." He then sits up and streches. "Well sitting around and moping and doing nothing is what I'm best at." He says rolling his eyes.

"Have fun," Chloe offers, pausing in her meal long enough to wave. "Upto you. I'm going to try talk my roomie into going out on some fw-trawls, providing she isn't busy pretending she's Blade. It's a little worrying they're bold enough to strike so close to the school though, implies the security doesn't threaten the bad guy much. You don't know if anyone has been seriously hurt yet do you? I'm a little out of the loop after… well it's a long story."

"Ahmed was." Nicholas says. "He's my roommate, got his throat bitten really bad by a wolf. He's still recovering." He says not sounding like he's as talkative now that Taylor has left. "Whose your roommate?"

Chloe nods. "He's on my squad, hope he's recoving okay. The medical technology here is great," she says bitterly. "They'll even stick on new bits when your original ones get ruined…. But anyway Heather is, she's helping out staff these days. Just graduated last year, which apparantly means investigating the mob and fighting vampires in warehouses. Go figure."

There's an obvious look of disqust on Nick's face at the talk about 'replacing new bits'. His noise crinkles a bit just thinking about it. "Oh." Is all he says before looking around the room. "I just wish I could go home right now. Just…crap like this happens often here?"

Chloe glances around, then waves her hands. "Depends on your perspective. For me it's only every few years… But for everyone else maybe once every eight months?" She drums her fingers on her table, then adds "Not long after I came here a bunch of former students attack and one cut my hand off. We got kidnapped by a demon and then there was the thing with Heathers supervillian parents… There was also some crazy messed up people from the future trying to alter history thing…. You probably think I'm making it up, but seriously if I was lying I'd pick something a little more plausable."

"No, I don't think you're making it up." Nicholas says with a hint of anger in his tone. "It's just a wonderful thing to hear, that your new school faces supervillians bi-yearly. It's more common than effin' Christmas!" He says with obvious false cheer in his voice. "Sorry to hear about your hand."

"It's… old enough news that I don't mind much these days. Because of my mutation one month feels like six for me which means it happened the best part of a decade ago for me at least," Chloe says distantly, food forgotten for the time being. "This topic really isn't something I should be talking about given all that's happening is it? And I didn't mean to imply you wouldn't belive that sort of thing happens, it's just even when I say it to myself it sounds crazy. Despite the fact I'm wearing a watch taken from a future which may never occur… Anyway there are plenty of great things about this place. I've met some really great friends and to be honest I wouldn't trade knowing them for any amount of personal safety. It's why I've been trying to train until I'm strong enough to keep the people I care about safe from…" She shrugs. "All the fucked up things."

"Then you should know that there is not such thing as strong enough to keep people you care about safe from all the effed up things." Nicholas says pushing himself up from the table. "I'm gonna get going, class and all that." He says starting to walk out of the cafeteria. One might get the feeling that he's just not interested in conversing.

Chloe laughs. "Of course not. But I refuse to not try," she states. "Yeah it's pretty soon in slow world isn't it? Tell Ahmed I wished him a speedy recovery when you next see him." And with that she returns her gnat-like attention to her food.

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