2011-09-15: Breakfast Sympathies


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Summary: Quenton confesses a few things to Christopher over a homemade breakfast.

Date: September 15, 2011

Log Title: Breakfast Sympathies

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

The wonderful armoa of bacon fills the kicthen and wafts out to the hallway. Inside the kitchen a huge platter of bacon sits on the counter, along with a few trays of various types of stuffed french toast and a large dish filled with a sort of potato and cheese cassarole type dish. Standing over the oven is Christopher, dressed in blue button down shirt over a pair of khakis looking clean cut as ever. He adjusts the flame on the burner as he turns over more bacon, this time of the turkey variety, with a pair of tongs.
Quenton had been drawn by this meal, the young mutant hungry. He's been hungry since the day before, where he tried to eat some apples. But couldn't. Figures. He had came on in, wetting his lips. He used to be able to cook. Stuffed french toast is what draws him here. He pauses at the sight of Christopher, and hesitantly speaks. "Cooking for anyone in particular, there, champ?" Probably not the best greeting.

"Not in particular but if you're hungry and wanting breakfast then you're one of the students in particular." Christopher says with a friendly smile. He puts down the tongs and wipes his hands on a nearby towel so he doesn't offer a greasy hand to Quenton. "I'm Mr. Parker-Mayfair, the culinary teacher here. Pleasure to meet you. Feel free to help youself, there's bacon, stuffed french toast. That's blueberry, that one is strawberry, that is a mix of raspberry and blackberries and the last is peaches. I tend to cook breakfast on my off days for any student who wants it. What's in the cafeteria is good in all but it's not my cooking." He says with a chuckle.
Quenton watches Christopher uncertainly. "The Guidance guy has the same last name as you," he remarks, moving towards the table and dropping down into it, using his weight instead of his strength. He sniffles slightly, before moving some slices of french toast to him. A lot, actually. He just stacks a plate. He clears his throat and wets his lips. "Is there uh… any syrup?" He glances up at the man, from behind his dark sunglasses.

"Yes he does, he's Dr. Parker-Mayfair where I'm just Mister." Christopher says. "Unlike my husband, I don't have a doctorate. Besides I don't think you can get a doctorate in culinary or hair styling. That would just be strange. Is anyone here a doctor? Yes I am! I'm a Doctor of Hair Styling! I can give you the most fabulous highlights while you're having a heart attack." He jokes before shaking his head. "Syrup…yes..there should be…oh!" He says going over to the microwave and pulling out a small pitcher of heated syrup. "Sorry I forgot to take it out when it was done, it's nice hot syrup." He says putting it infront of Quenton.

Quenton nods slightly, shifting as he deduces that this nice culinary teacher is gay. Jake was gay, Quenton doesn't mind. He might be a jerk, but he hates equally. Still, Christopher is oddly nice, the kind of nice where if you're a jerk to, you'd want to hurt yourself. Still, he watches the man before clearing his throat, wondering, a bit sheepishly to the man, as he eyes the syrup, "Can you take the cap off for me?" An odd request.

"No problem." Christopher says as he takes the cap off the syrup for Quenton. "So what's your name? I am going to assume that you're one of the new students here since I haven't met you yet, but then again I could be wrong as well." He says going back to the stove so he can remove the turkey bacon that's been cooking.

"My name's Quenton," Quenton murmurs, after a moment, grabbing the syrup. If Christopher was watching, he'd see that the plastic handle of the pitcher had been crushed by Quenton's grip while he drowns his french toast in the syrup. "Uh, yeah, new." He glances up at the man a moment, before grabbing a fork as delicately as he could and cutting the toast slowly.

Christopher looks at the handle of the syrup and sighs. "You think with all the kids that have come through with super strength the school would invest in more durable kitchen ware." He says as he goes to move the syrup back to the island with the rest of the food. "That's something I'll have to discuss with Emma." He says figuring they can find someone or somehow to make something. "So how are you settling in so far Quenton? I hope things have been okay so far."

Quenton glances up at Christopher, them down at the syrup, before clearing his throat. "Sorry. At least you can still grab it?" he wonders, before cutting into the french toast once more and forking a peice into his mouth. His mouth makes easy work of the toast, and he groans with pleasure. Sex in your mouth in the non grossest way possible. Mmm. He shrugs his shoulders at the teacher's question, swallowing before he answers. "It's been okay. I've noticed the last generation of students are a LOT different then the old one."

"That is true and I guess it adds a bit of personality to it. I bet you could sell it on etsy and call it modern art or something." Christopher says as he grins once he notices Quenton enjoying his breakfast. It's a good feeling to know people like your food. "What do you mean? I haven't noticed that much of a difference between the various classes of students. Things have changed signifcantly since people like Scott and Bobby were students here."

Quenton nods slightly, while he takes another bite of his toast. Chewing, he swallows, before glancing up at the teacher, wondering, "Well, what's your power? So far, of the current generation, I've met someone with hair that can pick things up, someone who turns into a cat, sometimes without meaning to." He clears his throat. "The last generation? I've met a guy who can control Dark Matter. And a guy who can absorb the skills of everyone around him."

"Well the first bit will probably make you lump me in with the current generation." Christopher says. "I can change the colour of anything I touch. It's wonderfully helpful for my career and business." He says with a slight shrug. "Now my main power is light generation. I can emit light as an energy." He explains as he goes to the coffee maker and pours himself a cup, drinking it black.

Quenton nods slightly as he takes another bite of his toast. "Well. I can't control my powers. So… at least there's that. And I don't know if I ever will," he says quietly, taking another bite of his toast, before glancing up at the man. "Have you ever needed to use that power to defend yourself?" He takes another bite, chewing and swallowing.

"My light powers?" Christopher asks. "Oh all the time. You'd probably be amazed at what I can do with light. I can fly, create energy blasts, sheild, make solid constructs from light, and a few other things. Any sort of energy power has almost unlimited potential but it's what you do with the power and how you use it that makes, what some students might consider, a good power or a bad power. This girl that can turn into a cat, you never know what she'll be able to do with it someday. Right now she might not be much but one day she might be one of the greatest spys. Imagine the places a cat can sneak into, what they can hear and find out when someone believes they're just a cat."

Quenton nods slightly, glancing up at the ceiling. "Yeah. You guys sound badass," he admits. "I'm glad a lot of teachers here can put me down. I need to be.. contained." He sniffs a moment, before moving to take another bite of his toast. The boy could eat. "Maybe she'll be a good spy, yeah," he agrees. "Maybe Sage will… grow up to be some kind of… cool hero that people find endearing. I don't know. Maybe he'll acheive world peace."

Christopher laughs. "I don't anyone's called me badass before. Really I'm just a culinary teacher and a salon owner slash head stylist who just happens to have an extraordinary power." He's quite modest about it. He goes to make a small plate of his own and sits down next to Quenton. "Honestly you never know Quenton. I don't like to think any power is lame or stupid or whatever is cool slang for that nowadays. After all not everyone with powers is going to be an X-Men or an Avenger."

Quenton shrugs his shoulders, clearing his throat at Christopher's words. "The problem is, when I was a kid, that's who I wanted to be. I saw the Avengers, and thought… I hope that's me, someday." He sighs, now, slamming his fist into the table, though the furniture is pretty hardy, only shaking the table just a little and moving it slightly, though the sound is like thunder. "But our chances were ruined, and now my best friend is dead and I'm here."

Christopher turns to Quenton and puts a hand gently on his shoulder. "Quenton….I'm sorry to hear that." His voice filled with sympathy as he says it. "It's really hard to lose someone you care about and find the will to keep on going. If you were not to consider what happened, is it still something you would want, to be a hero?" He asks curiously.

"That's a hard question to answer," comments Quenton, toying with his toasts, before cutting open one of them, letting the blueberries in it show, syrup being squeezed out. "I can't think about saving people. Every time I do I see Jake dying in my head over and over and over again, and…" His fists clench, veins visible now against his skin. "And I get pissed off, and so angry." He intakes a breath, the veins fading away. "I don't know."

"It's tough, trust me. I lost my first love, David. He died in my arms as well. They ruled it a hate crime, because he was gay." Christopher explains softly. "I'm not trying to justify your pain with mine or say that mine is worse than yours, it's a horrible and terrible thing that happened and that you had to experience that." He says sympathetically. "How I delt with it was just becoming a recluse for a year, I didn't want to see anyone or talk to anyone, it hurt to much to know that I'd never go home to him but one day I found the pain was easier to live with and I decided to live my life for him and myself. I wasn't doing him any favours but wasting away. I know it hurts Quenton, more than anything and more than anything I'm so sorry for your loss."

Quenton shifts slightly, glancing to the east. "That's worst than you think," he murmurs. "What you been through, I mean. Well, it's worst than you let on. Someone you love like that." He wets his lips. "I can't imagine how you must have felt." His eyes close, and he exhales, and then inhales. "Jake was… he was gay, you know, but not with me. I mean… he never felt that way about me. We were brothers, you know? I mean, sure I got a brother, but he hates me now that I'm a mutant. Jake and me, we were inseperable."

Christopher shakse his head and rubs Quenton's shoulder gently. "Honey no, don't ever think that what happened was worse. If you loved him like a brother it means that you were close. The only advice I can give you is that just because Jake is no longer alive doesn't mean you should let yourself die too. I'm not saying your sucidal but just don't put your life on hold because of it. Let him live on through you and in your heart." He sayd as he offers Quenton a sympathetic smile. "You don't have to take the advice now, you can take it ten years from now. And don't let anyone rush you to move past his death, you should never move past it but move forward with it. I know David would be happy to know that I found love again and am happy right now."

Quenton nods slowly, staring at the table in front of him, before glancing up at Christopher's face. He shifts slightly, before clearing his throat, rising to his feet. "I'd… hug you or whatever, but, you know. I got a rep to protect, and… eh, I don't want to hurt you." He knuckles his forehead a moment. "And then subsequently get my ass kicked by a light show or something." He scratches his cheek now. "But… thanks. This… is the first time I got this kind of closure."

"My husband is a brick house of a man with super strength." Christopher says with a smile. "I can take a hug, even a super strong one, but if you're protecting your rep, I won't tell anyone." He says giving a friendly wink. "And don't worry about getting your butt kicked by a light show, I'm kitten…wait..they can be kind of ferocious…nevermind. And your welcome Quenton, anytime you wish to talk or you want anything special made for you food wise let me know."

"Your husband can probably control his strength," Quenton murmurs, lifting his hands. "I can't. But… you can hug me or whatever. If uh… you won't tell anyone I got all sappy." He turns towards the man, hands moving into his pockets, clearing his throat, shoulders shrugging.

Christopher doesn't hug Quenton but he offers him a hand. "I won't tell anyone what happened in this room today, promise. Noone needs to know you got all sappy. As much as I will admit to loving gossip there's a difference between whose dating who and who got into a fight with who and this. This doesn't need to leave this table. I promise."

Quenton reaches out his hand, but doesn't grip Christopher's, just sorta pressing his palm into the man's and letting his fingers limply close around the man's hand. "Thanks, man," he murmurs, shifting on his feet. "I uh… won't be a jerk in your class. If I'm in your class. Is Culinary class mandatory? I mean, I used to be a real good cook…"

Christopher shakes his head. "Nope it's not mandatory it's an elective but I try to make it fun. And what do you mean used to be a real good cook? Did you suddenly sprout all those muscels with your powers and forget how to cook?" He teases Quenton lightly with a grin. "And thank you, I appricate that. I've had my fair share of joksters in my class. I will not fall for eating a tuna fish muffin again, I swear you that."

"That's not the kind of jerk I am," Quenton says quietly, hands in his jackets. "Uh.. anyway, uh…" He trails off, shrugging his shoulders and staring at the wall. "Since my powers got out of control, I can't… do it. Cook without breaking something," he explains to the older mutant. "I can't focus on.. controlling my strength. I try. And I try to be nice sometimes, too, but… the anger's always there, and I can't let it build up."

"Well I have a few solutions we can try. And I can talk to your squad leader about training since I usually don't lead training sessions." Christopher just doesn't have the time to do so. "I'm going to talk to Ms. Frost about getting some stronger kitchen utensiles and cookware and such. Not just for you but for any superstrong student that comes here. That way you'll be able to do what you enjoy with out having to worry. Also it might calm you to be able to cook again." He says since he knows cooking for him is a wonderful stress relief. "Anger is a hard thing to deal with, we don't always have control over our emotions. But maybe going to the exercise room and using the punching bag down there, and it's meant for people with super strength. Or set up the danger room with a simulation to get out your frustrations. So it won't build up. Maybe you can I can try some drills with control using things like eggs. That way it doesn't matter if they break."

"Eh. You don't have to look into that," mumbles Quenton, before shifting slightly. "I can't crush most plastics. If it's not malleable, I can only crush it if I actually try." He chuckles a little bitterly. "But it sounds like a plan, I guess. I'm trying to rely on uh… Dark Star for training."

"Oh Kenta's your leader. He's not a bad guy just isn't very…teacherly. I sometimes get the feeling he wishes he was a kid still." Christopher admits and he doesn't approve of the man's smoking one bit. "Well I'm not looking into it just for you, do you know how many dishes we've lost to students over the years?" Christopher says as he chuckles. "He's a good enough squad leader from what I understand. But I think they're all good, there's no bad team to be on."

Quenton works his tongue in his cheek. "He seemed okay to me," he says, though he doesn't say it defensively. "And I admit, I thought he was a student, until I heard he had a kid. Then it turns out that he's our teacher. Real good stuff," he murmurs, sniffling briefly. "Anyway, I haven't met any of my other team mates, admittedly."

"He's short and has a youthful appearance. I'll give you that and some times he does act about as immature as other students here…" Christopher says. "But I'm sure he'll tell you all his story some Danger room session, he loves to." He says rolling his eyes. "Well who are your other teammates? I'm afraid I haven't looked at the squad list."

"Most students in this school are short. Then again, I got a good growth spurt when I mutated." Quenton shifts as he glances towards Christopher. "Anyway, I know only two of their names. Wait, three. Uh.. Keiran, Mason, and Chloe. Hell, that might be it, not sure if we have another member or not. Can't remember," he admits.

"Mason's a nice kid you -might- know him since he's a pop star, Mason Steele. Chloe's been at this school a long time so she's got some good experience and Kieran is still new here so I really don't know him." Christopher says trying to think on who they are. "I think it's the start of a decent team though. It's always good to try to get along with your teammates. You don't have to be friends with them but it's good to just be on decent terms with the person whose supposed to have your back while training."

"Mason Steele? No shit?" Potty mouth. "Well, damn," Quenton mutters, shaking his head. "I know a lot of girls who are into him. Even Jake had a crush on him." He shifts slightly, before shrugging his shoulders. "Haven't met any of them," he notes. "What are their powers?" he wonders.

There's no comment from Christopher about the swearing, he knows kids swear. "Let me think, well Chloe is easy for me. She is a speedster. She's not the most paitent of people but I think that comes with the territory of her powers. Mason has geomancy, he can control the earth. Kieran…hmr…" Christopher says trying to remember. "I think it's lightening powers? Something like that." He stands up and starts going through a bag of his by the door, pulling out an ipad. "I know I have it all in an email here in regards to squads…"

"Speedster. Cool, I guess. Geomancy? Weird power. Never heard of it. Lightning powers? Cool." Quenton sneezes, briefly, and a hand lifts to cover it, before he sniffles, and his hand moves down. He sees the iPad and lets out a little whistle. His family always struggled with money, so seeing something like that is impressive, to a point. Though the cell phone the school supplied isn't half bad.

"Sorry I have this for a lot of business related things. I have it networked to the computer at the salon so I can always see the apointments and work schedules where ever I am." Christopher says going to sit back down next to Quenton. "Sophie is the other student, she's blind. She has healing abilities and energy blasts. Kieran, there it is, yes he got electricity powers and geomancy, it's like he can move the ground or rocks and such. As long as there is earth around him, he can control it." He explains. "There will probably be a a lot of powers here you'll never have heard of before. The X-gene works in strange, strange ways."

Quenton shrugs his shoulders while he furrows his brow. "We have a… blind student on our squad?" Quenton won't be mean to her, either, he decides silently. He's not that much of a jerk, at least not until he gets to know her and see what kind of person she is. "Energy blasts are cool, but if she's blind…" He trails off. And then he scratches his chin. "Geomancy. The only geomancy I need are my fists."

Christopher can't help but laugh at that last comment. "Well there are some things you can do with geomany that your fists can do. And Sophie, well yes she's blind but she's also determined to not be dependant. Well unfortunately I have to go. I have to get ready for my first class." He says standing up and clasping Quenton on the shoulder. "It was a pleasure meeting you Quenton and remember to take it slow. One day you will find it gets easier, trust me." He says with a warm smile.

Quenton nods slightly, before clearing his throat, lifting a hand as if to clasp the other mutant's shoulder, but pausing, dropping his hand now and shrugging his shoulders. "Well. Here's hoping I meet one of them soon," he comments. "One of my squad mates I mean." He shifts slightly, before tipping his chin. "Thanks for your help. I'm gonna eat the food I didn't."

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