2010-01-26: Breaking Stuff


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Summary: Jono helps Robyn deal with everything that's going on.

Date: January 26, 2010

Log Title Breaking Stuff

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

The rain Trey dropped on everyone at least helped with the heat. A little. Still, Jonothon opts to remain indoors thanks to already being soaked, and came here to think. Or so he'd call it anyway. Today has not been a good day. Or night. No, he really doesn't know how long he's been here, and neither does he care. Sprawled on a seat at one of the windows, he idly watches some birds flutter about as they keep out of the wet. Droplets patter on half the glass here, but he's on the other side.
Jono could even be easily missed where he is, for he isn't moving a whole lot, and is wearing black. Still, show yourself, and the mussed head tilts your way. «Hi.» Not wanting to startle people, he at least makes the attempt to say hello.

News flies around Xavier's at astonishing speeds so it's no surprise Robyn's heard about the death of Coyote, which has left him feeling…odd. He's sad for the girl he liked, but barely knew. She was someone he could have become friends with given more time. He's finally all healed up, thanks to the Shi'ar tech at the school and the Oberservation Deck has always been a spot Robyn liked to come up to to either get away or just relax. At the mental hello, he looks up form his spot on the cough. "Hey Jono."

High school is gossip central, so Jonothon won't at all be surprised that everyone knows. Especially not with that small horde of students he was blocking the way of. Lots of witnesses. «You feeling better?» Having noticed certain changes about your arm. Also, he has been worried about you. The table in the kitchen the other day wasn't the place to speak on it though. Not that he leaves his chair, and soon he's looking out the window again. No, there's nothing all that interesting there. Someone just needed sulk time. The death hit him hard.

Robyn shrugs at the question. "I don't know how I'm doing. I don't know how to handle it all. I really don't. I've never really experienced anything bad in my life and the last two weeks, it seems like everythings hit at once. I want to be a good friend to those around me but at the same time, it's hard when I'm dealing with so much on my own. Coyote…I…I never found out her real name. We..would joke about it, a contest to guess her real name and..I didn't know her that well but..I knew her."

The jacket he's wearing still shows the wound he carries due to the blast that passed him by and hit Coyote. Not that Jonothon makes issue of it. Just an opening in the material that can easily be missed. Quiet in the aftermath of your reply, the man motions a sigh. Not having breath all he can do is make the physical gesture. «Can't say I know how to handle it either.» Honest with you about it. This place is all about trouble. You're learning it the hard way. «Beyond what I already told you.» Take one day at a time. Jonothon has been violated a few times, just not in a physical manner. He does understand. «You're doing your best. That's all anyone can give, Robyn. That's nothing to be ashamed of.»

"I'm not ashamed." Robyn says and he's honest about it, he's just confused. "I wish I could go home and curl up with my Mom, kinda silly sounding huh?" He says giving a slight smile. "I've always been close with my parents even though I'm adopted, just going home to Brooklyn with what's going on out there, it's not a good idea." He's not really looking for answers but it's nice being able to just talk to someone older, someone who will listen better than another student might. "I..I'm not going to blame Lucas or Rashmi for this, it's not either of their faults." He's honest about that too.

«Why is that silly?» Jonothon looks back at you for that one. «Who wouldn't want to curl up where it's safe in times like this?» That's a little humor to the tone at least. «You're lucky.» To be close to your parents. Very lucky. «And I'm glad you're wise enough not to leave the school right now.» That's asking for more pain. No matter how worried you are.

Quiet a time for you saying you aren't blaming those two, the man idly drags fingers back through his tangled hair. «Will you help them?» Asked of you not blaming them. «You might not, but others will. Being possessed means not having control, but most people only see the familiar face. They can't separate the two.»

"I can seperate the two, I hope I can help others too. But I know Dallas won't." Robyn says sighing. "And I doubt I can change his mind, he's very…set in his ways. I like Dallas a lot, he's one of my best friends here but he's so…guarded. But I know I can't leave the school, not after what happened the first time. As much as I want to run out there, find Jordan and do what Rashmi did, I'm not that foolish." Yes there is the hint that Robyn still thinks of her as foolish for doing what she did. "I know Jordan wasn't himself when he broke my arm, Nathaniel wasn't himself when he did what he did. Someday, I'll be able to forgive him but I'll never be able to hate him. I know Lucas wasn't himself when he kill those people, though I never liked him much before hand, but for Rashmi, I'm going to try to be civil. Rashmi, she did what she thought was right, she shouldn't be blamed for that, she's gonna have enough people against her and she's going to need a friend."

Sitting and listening is easy, so Jonothon does it. Especially since it gives him some names to tell Amanda. She needed to know who was possessed, and he thinks he just found another. Thanks to you. Doesn't mean the man moves yet though. Sprawled in that chair he lets his head rest back and lets you get all that out. «Dallas isn't your responsibility, Robyn. Not sure there's much else I can say about that. You can still be his friend even if you disagree with something he does.» That holds true for everyone. Like Rashmi. «You've a good start on dealing with all this. Don't know why you say you don't. I've seen some people take years to figure out what you did in days.» You know, like himself?

Maybe something about being raised by parents who are artists has allowed Robyn to always be in touch with his emotions. "I don't because last week I didn't sleep or eat, I couldn't. It's gotten better but I feel like I'm an emotional mess. I want to be happy, I hate feeling like this. I want to just break down and cry again but crying doesn't solve anything. It would be so much easier to deal with things if I could hate someone, but I have all this negativity inside and it can't escape." If that makes any sense.

«Heh.» An emotional mess. «Robyn, you are an emotional mess, but that's okay. That's very normal.» People need to be told it's okay to hurt. Society loves to tell them it's now. Jonothon drops to an uncomfortable silence as you speak of crying. If only he could. That'd help. «It makes perfect sense.» About the negativity. «Don't know if it will help, but we could go down into the danger room and destroy things for a while. No harm done to anything down there.»

Robyn smiles at the idea and nods. "That actually might be good. I'm usually not violent or distructive but I've destroyed a couple of my sculptures out of anger." He does regret that a bit but what can he do about it. "Sometimes I just think it would be easier to deal with if Jordan was here. I hate thinking I have to rely on someone but…it's just easier when your boyfriend is around and not out there, a demon. He's not as bad as Lucas was but he's still like that. I guess that's why I can't be mad at Lucas or Nathaniel, cause then I would have be mad at him too. That's why I can understand what Rashmi was going through, and why I ran off with her the first time."

Zack gives a little trundle, moving into the observation deck, he's been wandering and trying to discover the various parts of the mansion, and now he's out here, looking out at the sky and giving an oh as he realizes there are two people here, "uh…hi." he says/

The idea accepted, Jonothon slowly levers himself to his feet. One arm isn't working as well as the other, but no issue is made of it. «Let's then. I've got an idea.» He stops there, standing next to his chair, framed by the window, as Zack appears. «We're going down to the danger room if you want to come along.» Not like his idea will get anyone hurt. «Robyn, we're social animals. Why is relying on a friend a crutch?» Says the hypocrite. It's easy to give advice. Now only if he'd take it.

"Because one person shouldn't determine if I'm happy or not." Which isn't the case with Robyn as much as he might think it. He just likes the comfort his boyfriend provides. As Zack walks in, Robyn gives a small smile. "Hey Zack, sorry if I've been a pain in the ass as a roommate lately." He says trying to chuckle lightly. "You know what really sucks Jono…tomorrow's my birthday." It's just that for Robyn, your birthday is supposed to be exciting and tomorrow will be far from that.

Zack ohs a moment, "Wait, well uh, I dunno, danger room?" he asks and he gives a little sigh, "I've never seen it but…ya sure I'll go with you for that…" he looks back over to Robyn and smiles, "Hey no problem, oh a birthday? Hey that'll be cool, wanna do anything?"

«No one person does.» Jonothon disagrees, but without any force behind it. Not really caring if you believe that or now. After all, it's kind of what you said. He's not the one who determines whether or not you are happy. A shrug to Zack as he heads for the door. «Now you'll see it.» Doesn't think the danger room is all that big a deal, but then he's jaded. In the doorway though he pauses and looks back to Robyn. «It can be good if you want it to be.» And with that he's off. Going down to the danger room!

Robyn shrugs. "It might be nice to do something after everything's over." After all he will be going to Coyote's memorial service tomorrow morning. "Actually maybe going out to Salem Center for a bit or just doing some thing to do something…that isn't stressful." He follows Jono downstairs to head to the danger room.

Hands in pockets, Jonothon walks with Robyn, «Don't think Salem is any safer at the moment. There's a demon at the mall.» So, you may not want to head out there. «I know it sucks, but until this whole Inferno bollocks ends, we're kind of stuck here if we want to be moderately safe.» And the school isn't really safe. Down in the sublevels, he motions towards the locker rooms. Easiest way in for students. «Go on ahead. Don't need a costume. I'll get something setup and meet you inside.»

It takes Jono several minutes to program what he wants, since he's not good at it, and then get down to meet you. When he does he has a baseball bat resting on a shoulder. This is offered to you. "Session begin." Yes, that was said out loud. It comes through the Xcomm at his collar bone, sounds just like the mental voice, and for the words the empty room fills.

All around you two appear highly breakable things. Row after row after row of breakable shelves filled with breakables. Not all glass, no. This place is filled with anything and everything that could be satisfying to destroy. There's even tables, a fancy car, and store front windows.

Robyn takes the bat and takes a deep breath looking around. "Holy crap." He mutters to himself as he just walks around gingerly for a bit, it's a bit overwhelming. Finally he stops in front of the store front window, catching his reflection in it before letting out a scream and just starts smashing. It doesn't stop at the window or with the bat as he takes what he can and throws it. By the time he's done, he's on his knees crying, just letting everything out, and it feels good.

This setup was quite on purpose. Mass destruction without there being any people. Jonothon amuses himself a bit as you start smashing in way of winging some plates around. Always wanted to do that. Mostly though he watches you, keeping an eye on how you are doing. It means that when you finally start crying the Brit is soon at your side and a hand seeks to settle at your shoulder. Jono sinks down into a crouch at your side. There is you need him. No, don't stop crying. You need this.

Robyn reaches out and holds onto Jono, crying on his shoulder much like a little kid. "Why did she have to die?" Death is something so unfamilar to the young teen, which is common with many teens. They believe themselves to be unkillable. "Why did this all have to happen?" He's sad for Coyote, for Rashmi and Lucas, for Nathaniel, for Jordan. He sad that everything has been so emotionally strained, not just for him, but for his friends.

Jonothon doesn't much enjoy touching people, but he makes no protest about that now. Dropping one knee to the rubble strewn floor, he lets you hold, and wraps arms around you in return. Head bowed over you, he says nothing as you talk. Doesn't know why she had to die, but he damn well mourns with you. «There are no reasons.» The mental voice is very quiet. Barely reaching your thoughts. «That's the hardest part to deal with in some of this stuff. These people do insane things without logic. Without reason, and we're left to flounder in the aftermath.» No, not one for giving lies about it. Sorry.

Robyn stops crying and settles back into a sitting position, wiping his eyes. "Sorry, but thanks. I needed to get it all out and that helped, a lot. I'm still going to be sad, I know that, but at least some of it is out." He nods and looks around. "I'm going to find Rashmi and I want to help her, she's not alone. I know she's going to have it hard." Lucas is still hard for him though.

«Don't apologize.» No need to be sorry. Hands drop to thighs as he watches you get a hold of yourself. «I'm glad to help.» Jonothon is honest about it too. «You want to come down here again, let me know. I'm not good at programming, but we can manage something you want to do, I'm sure.» That includes bringing your friend, but he leaves that unsaid. With that Jono rises to his feet, not bothering to dust himself off. He's going to go wash and get changed. It's well past time he did so. «She's probably in the medical bay. Make sure she eats?»

Robyn sits there for a bit and nods. "Yeah, I will. I'll find something and bring it down to her later." He watches Jono leave and he's starting to develop how he feels towards Addison, towards Jono aswell. That kind of 'older brother' type feeling, who if you need help or advice is easier to go to. "Thanks, for everything." He'll leave eventually but for the next few minutes he finishes composing himself.

If you want to be left alone, the man does so. If there's anyone who understands the need to be alone sometimes it's Jonothon. "Session off." Said as he makes the room clear itself. No more mess. No chance to hurt yourself on broken things. «Any time.» That's for the thanks. A pause, but as you continue to sit there, he nods and takes his leave.

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