2009-12-25: Breaking The Seal


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Summary: On Christmas Day, Ricky finally opens his art school letter.

Date: December 25, 2009

Breaking the Seal

Rating: R (for innuendo)

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Eddie's Bedroom

While it hasn't been really decorated yet, there is a very nice, fluffy bed, big enough for two, in the corner. Across from it, a small stand with a TV and a Playstation 3 on it. It's a 32 inch TV with three HDMI ports. Once again, it's hardly been decorated, but that's because it's being left for someone else.

Christmas day has come, and Ricky is pacing around in his and Eddie's room. He's got an unopened letter in his hands. He's pacing, biting his lip and worried, obviously. There's something going on that he hasn't told anyone, apparently. Not even Eddie.

The sound of the front door open and closing as well as a bark from Nova herald Eddie's return home from walking the dog. "I'm back," he can be heard calling as he gets unbundled. After a few moments, the power booster opens the door to his room. He's a bit chilly still, moving right over to get Ricky in a hug. "Mmm," he murmurs. Small pause. "Ricky?" he asks, concerned expression on his face. "What's wrong?"

"This." Ricky says, holding the envelope. "This changes everything. I… I haven't read it yet, because I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know what they're going to say." As he holds it up, the return address will be visible. New York University of Visual Arts. He's biting his lip even harder right now as he somewhat dances in place.

Eddie blinks, looking from Ricky to the envelope. He jumps in surprise at the address, looking to Ricky again. "You applied for college?" he asks. "What do you mean it changes things?"

"Not between us, babe. I'll still love you, regardless. But, if I am accepted, I'll have to move to New York. Before the semester that it's for." Ricky explains. "That'll put me down there and you up here. I mean, we'll still be able to see each other, of course. But…" He says, looking down. "I was waiting to say anything, cause I didn't want you to be upset if I DO go."

Eddie stays quiet, just listening. He does pout at the news, squeezing Ricky a bit tighter but doesn't say anything about it. "What does it say?" he asks quietly.

"I dunno." Ricky says, turning the envelope over. It's unopened. "I… I can't do it." He says with a chuckle. "I just can't bring myself to open it. There's… too much riding on it."

Eddie tilts his head to the side. "You have to open it sometime," he says. "Can't just not know, right?" he asks, kissing Ricky's cheek.

Ricky nods slowly, sliding a finger under the seal. Slowly, he breaks through the paper before pulling out the papers inside. Folded tightly. No sign of what they say. He starts to open them, holding them where they can both see. "Approved. And a partial scholarship. The rest can be covered with work." He says with a deep sigh.

Eddie doesn't realize he's holding his breath as the envelope's opened until he has to exhale. He waits, staying close to Ricky and holding onto him tightly. "You did it, Babe," he says after the results are read. "Congrats," he adds, leaning up for a kiss.

Ricky returns the kiss happily. He relaxes a lot after doing so. "Are you ok with this? I mean, it's only gonna be a little while till you can go to college or something. Maybe come with me… well, not to ART school, but…" He laughs softly. "I mean, even if not, it's ok. I still have my weekends."

Eddie takes a deep breath and looks down. "I'm…" he trails off. "Welll…I'll miss you…a lot," he says. "But I understand and we will still get to see eachother…" a deep breath. "Yeah…I'm okay," he says, giving the other teen a hug. "Yeah…I'm not so good with the art," he chuckles sheepishly.

"There's other schools, of course. Heh. Well, I'll make sure when I put an ad out for roommates, that I get some that know that if you come down, it's gonna be for us." Ricky says with a grin. "If you think that's what you wanna do."

Eddie blinks. "Roommates?" he seems surprised by this. "I don't know what I wanna do for college," he admits, still unsure of that. "I should move out eventually. I love the Dads and Jared but no kid can live with his parents forever, right?"

"Right." Ricky nods happily. "We gotta make our own life someday. If that's what you wanna do…" He chuckles, placing the letter down. "And I'll be an adult by then. I may not be able to get a great apartment, but I can get something."

Eddie smiles, nuzzling against Ricky. "I do. You and me," he says, blushing a bit. "Any apartment will be good as long as we're together."

"Hell, we've both lived in worse." Ricky laughs softly as he shakes his head. "Ok. Then, I'll put an ad out for a place to live., Either to move into or to have someone get a place with me if I can't find one soon enough."

Eddie laughs as well. "I dunno. You had a pretty sweet warehouse and it's hard to beat my box," he jokes a bit, shaking his head. "I'll help ouy any way I can, babe."

"I know. But it'll be something we don't have to HIDE." Ricky laughs softly, shaking his head. "Ok. We're gonna be alright, then." He smiles, reaching out to ruffle Eddie's hair.

Eddie squeaks when ruffled, just like always. "Well, unless you get lucky with a roommate…might have to hide something," he says, leaning in for a kiss.

"Why? I'm open about the fact that I'm with you, why would I hide that? And I'm gonna be blunt and say I have powers. I'm not a mutant, so it shouldn't really be an issue. And, I just won't say anything about yours yet." Ricky grins.

Eddie blinks a few times. "Oh. What if you get like…homophobic jerks that wanna cause trouble though?" he eventually shrugs. "Alright. I just hope ya find someone that'll be good to live with," he pauses and blushes. "And that won't mind the noise when we…" he just trails off, climbing into Ricky's lap.

"I won't live with homophobic jerks. I'll tell them point blank, I'm gay and superhuman. If that's a problem, I'll find somewhere else, or they can." Ricky says with a shrug. He chuckles at Eddie. "We'll be ok. And you just squeak a lot. You do that anyway."

Eddie smiles as he blushes, nipping at Ricky's neck. "Yeah…but you know you can make me do other stuff," he says, wrapping arms around Ricky's middle.

Ricky blushes slightly. "Later…" he grins. "And if they're out for the day, even better. But… it'll give you a place in the city to stay when you don't want to head back."

Eddie nods, just resting his head on Ricky's shoulder. "Yeah," he says. "A nice place to stay with you in the city," he says. There's a small pause for a chuckle. "And some place new to go to if I end up in a fight with another crazy super villain."

"You? WE. I end up in them as well." He sighs softly. Ricky shrugs. "My gramma's been saying to look out lately. That there's something strange going on. But she won't tell me anything important."

"I know, I know," Eddie says softly. "You do better though," he says. There's a pause and Eddie frowns. "Something strange?" he asks.

"I dunno." Ricky says with a bit of a shrug. "You know how short she is about things. She just said to be careful out there. Maybe it was gramma warnings that we always get. The be careful if you're out there fighting. It probably is, knowingher."

Eddie sighs a bit and nods. "It's been quiet lately though. Think the bad guys took a holiday," he murmurs. "Except for whatever has my brother as a bunny boy anyway…and one of my classmates is apparently a frog…"

"No idea about that one. Though I heard about the ship in Salem. With the Robin Hood guy and the beanstalk." Ricky says with a bit of a laugh.

Eddie chuckles quietly as well. "Yeah. Jared was there for that weirdness," he says with a shrug. "So what do you wanna do for now?"

"Just have dinner and fall asleep, honestly." Ricky laughs. "Tomorrow, I have to put an ad out, I guess."

Eddie nods and lets out a little noise. "Sounds good to me," he says. "Don't wanna get up yet though," he says, a little joke as he seems to be quite comfortable just sitting on Ricky's lap and resting his head on the other teen's shoulder.

"One more week." Ricky sighs softly. "And then… adulthood. Legally." He shakes his head softly. "Not ready."

Eddie squeezes Ricky. "Is anyone ever ready?" he wonders. "You'll be fine. We both will."

"I don't know. You probably will be when your birthday comes. It's not long after mine, after all." Ricky laughs, running a hand through his hair.

Eddie pulls back a bit to give Ricky a pout. "I know you will be fine. I've got faith in ya," he says, eyes glowing blue a moment. "And this sort of thing is what I know," he smiles, letting the glow fade and kissing Ricky. "Love you."

He can't help but laugh at that, shaking his head. "Love you too. Sappy." Ricky says, winking and leaning in. "So, let's go get some food." He says with a nod.

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