2010-01-17: Breakout


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Summary: One demon's mind snaps… and the human side takes over briefly.

Date: January 17, 2009


Rating: R

NYC - Castle Dungeon

In the lowest level of the castle is a dungeon with cages that dangle from the ceiling ranging in various sizes. There are fire pits all around and just a dark and hopeless feeling about the place. Spells are in place to keep those captured from using their mutant powers. Chains hang from the walls and it's unbearilby hot down here. The room looks like it's designed to hold and torture it's prisoners.

Ever since last night, Robyn's just been lying there, in one of the cages. He hasn't talked to anyone even though his friends are there too, he just kind of shut down. He's only moved to adjust to being in less pain than he was in previously since there's not much of his body that doesn't ache right now. Nathaniel at least dressed his wounds but it still doesn't make up for what happened to him. He wants to cry but he's afraid to at the same time, he's of the mind frame where he just wants his Mom.

Lucas walks into the dungeon. He makes his way to Rashmi's cage, making sure she's still there. Lucas is wearing a pair of security guard pants, obviously meant for a much larger man by the way they hang low and loose around his waist, tied there by an equally oversized belt. He's shirtless, and his skin glistens with the small scales he now has, which match the two horns on his head and the cat-like pupils in his eyes. He is also carrying a kayak oar, and he drags it ominously across the cage bars as he moves around them, *clank clank clank clank clank.* He then checks on Dallas, before seeing Robyn. He grins, scratching the back of his head with his enormous gloves.

Demons talk. And not all demons are fully demon to the core. Some of them remember who they were. Some of them have the strength to resist the urges planted in their heads. Jordan has heard the talk. He's heard the discussion. He's heard the bragging. And he is enraged. Taking that anger and focussing it, he walks down to the Dungeon. Large arms and legs signifying his movements. He's doing his best not to show what mood he's truly in. He looks from cage to cage. He counts. 5. 5 that he needs to take somewhere else. He gathers himself and leaps at a cage. Not Robyn's. Holding on to a pair of bars with his feet, he spreads two others apart with his arms. Seeing Lu'kys, he doesn't say anything yet. He'll wait until something is said to him. He has things to do.

Robyn the clanking noises to cause Robyn's attention to shift his eyes over there. Dallas, he got himself mixed in this too. He's feeling resigned to his fate at this moment. His friends are captured with him, his boyfriend is a demon, but at least, Addison's protected his mind from further alteration. That's the only comfort he has, knowing that there's someone out there who is looking out for him. He spots Mikhail and guilt flows through him, he's not used to feeling so…bad about everything. His eyes flicker again, his body doesn't move, to watch Jordan, who he doesn't recognize, land against the cage, two demons in here, great.

Lucas walks around to Robyn's cage, "Mornin' sunshine." He smiles, tapping the oar across the bars of Robyn's cage. "Wanna play?" he asks, with an easy, amused tone. He glances at Jordan, and then back at Robyn, flicking his tongue across his fangs in anticipation.

The woman's body is lifted over Jordan's shoulder as he jumps to the ground, placing her down. He looks up at Lu'kys and growls. "S'YM's Orders! They are to be left alone and I am to transport them to Limbo Proper. It's too much of a danger to have them here. They're all related to that bedamned school. It could draw them here." He says before leaping up to Mikhail's cage, next. "And, if I do say so myself, I can't WAIT to see HIS face when I get him in Limbo." He laughs. "He thinks what N'thynyll did to him was bad… wait until he realizes who I was."

Robyn finds some hidden strength to move and backs agaist the farthest part of the cage away from Lucas. "Leave me alone." He says terrified that Lucas is going to do to him what Nathaniel. Then Jordan's words sink in, it gets worse? He starts to panic, and just starts to ramble. "Please, don't take me down there, I'll do anything, just…" He can't go through sometime like that again.

Lucas climbs up onto the cage, hanging off the side. He rocks his weight, making Robyn's cage begin to swing back and forth. "Anything?" he asks, with a smirk. He looks over at Jordan, "Surely Ah could spend a little time here with Robear? 'Till ya'll are ready to move him…" He looks at Robyn again, still swinging the cage.

"I'm moving them all together. I'm the only one of us with the strength to handle them all and keep'em shut UP." Jordan laughs as he pulls the currently drugged Mikhail out of the cage and places him down on top of Amanda's prone body. Next stop? Dallas's cage. "They gave me strength. It magnified my own when I'm smaller." He laughs. "Maybe after I go, if you ask S'ym nicely, he'll let you come down and play with him too. I know I'm ready to." He laughs, grabbing himself lewdly.

If Robyn was in a sane state of mind, he'd take note of the same S'ym, but it's likely he might not fully remember it. He shuts his mouth and his body goes slack, he's just letting his mind wander off and just figures he'll resign himself to the hell he's in. There's nothing he can do to stop it, there's nothing he can do to help his friends. He's just…defeated.

Lucas looks at Jordan, and he laughs, "Nah… Honestly, he ain't really my type." He nods towards Dallas' and Rashmi's cages. "Ah'd rather take those two." He shrugs, hopping off Robyn's cage and moving over to Jordan. "Or you." He winks, with a cocky arrogance. He turns his head, and sees Robyn's stature shift. "Aww… Are you givin' up, little buddy?"

Lifting Dallas's body onto his shoulders, Jordan laughs. "When I'm done with my job. And done with HIM, then…" Jordan laughs, waggling his eyebrows. "You can do whatever you want with me." Jumping again, he drops Dallas's body on top of Mikhail and Amanda. Next stop, Rashmi. Seeing Robyn cringe and cower, he laughs. "Oh, it's not so bad. I won't break your arm… AGAIN." He laughs. Yes, he's doing his best to scare Robyn as well. But he has his reasons.

Robyn it's the last words that Jordan says that seem to cause Robyn to snap out of it. "Jordan? JORDAN!" He yells getting up and griping the sides of the cage. "Jordan snap out of it, this isn't you! Wake up!" He doesn't know how to make a demon 'snap out of it' but he's trying. "I don't care if you break my arm again, just as long as you're you!"

Lucas smirks, "Ah'll remember you gave me permission." He furrows his brow, and looks back at Robyn. "You know this guy?" he asks, looking at Jordan then. "Friend of yours?"

"You better." Jordan laughs to Lucas before he lifts Rashmi and jumps down, adding her to the pile. Now, it's just Robyn's cage left. He leaps up, glaring. "Look, the guy you know is gone. I'm what's left. Get over it. And shut up and go willingly… no, on second thought, KEEP going. I'd LOVE to knock you out." He laughs, demonically as he shakes his head. "What he used to know… the old body… was his big protecting boyfriend. HA. Well, the boyfriend will protect you ONE MORE TIME. He'll take you where he needs to, for the good of ALL of us. And if you don't shut up, he'll do it while you're unconscious."

Robyn looks at Jordan and his expression shows that he's scared but yet determined. "You're going to have to knock me out, cause I'm not giving up on you. You're Jordan, and he's not gone, and I'm going to get him back!" He says griping the bars to pull himself up painfully. "I don't want /you/ to protect me one more time, I just want Jordan back." He spits out.

Lucas leaps up onto the cage beside Jordan. He hangs off it with one arm, swinging himself a little like a circus gymnast as he laughs. "The guy he knew is gone…" he repeats, laughing. He looks at Robyn, "Ah reckon some of us just didn't have so far to fall." He smiles, and leans over to Jordan. "He's not giving up on you, Jordan," Lucas repeats, with a chuckle, leaning a little closer to Jordan, now in his personal space. "He wants you back…" he says, leaning in a little more, clearly intending to kiss the other demon.

Ripping the bars apart with his strength, Jordan laughs. "Fine, just shut up!" He says, Pulling a fist back and getting ready to smack Robyn a good one. But then Lucas leans in for a kiss. He laughs, and accepts, joining in. Of course, seeing his demonic boyfriend kiss RASHMI'S demonic boyfriend will probably not be a pleasant sight. Afterwards, he grabs inside, reaching for Robyn, not caring how he grabs him, just that he does.

Before Mikhail even opens his eyes and begins to remember what happened in the fight yesterday, he realises something is wrong, his sence of smell and hearing are dimed to that of a normal humans, he is in pain from injuries that haven't even began healing, he opens his eyes to see where he is and then remembers what happened yesterday, the fire, the psy-blade and what Robyn said to him, he still doesn't know that it was all down to Nathaniel, he tries to move and gasps in pain, just in his line of vision is the Demonic Jordan reaching for Robyn.

Robyn would not have thought it would have been possible to feel worse, but seeing the two kiss, cause Robyn to break down and start to tear a bit. He starts to fall as Jordan grabs him and Robyn starts to hit him with his fists, not like it's going to do anything, but he's just emotionally torn apart. "I hate you." He says quitely, more talking to the Demon Jordan than the Jordan he knew.

Lucas takes the kiss, and then swings around from bar to bar along the outside of the cage laughing. "So…" He tilts his head a bit, looking down at the pile of Rashmi, Dallas, Mikhail and Amanda, then back at Jordan. "Where are you REALLY taking them?" He lets his left glove slip off, falling to the floor, revealing his glowing, undulating orb of nuclear energy that envelopes his hand.

Rashmi stirs, an unintelligible noise of protest made at the back of her thraot. Opening her eyes, the first thing that registers when the haze begins to clear is, no more cage. After that, the presence of others around her. "Wh… Mikhail…?" Puzzled, the girl reaches for the feral youth as though to make sure he's real. "Where are we…?"

"Somewhere safer for all of us." Jordan says with a grin. "Like I said. With them here, we're a target. And we're not ready to fight them all at once." He says, lifting Robyn, whether he likes it or not, and leaping down to the ground to put him with the others. "All of you. Shut the hell up or I'll knock you out again." He growls, looking from student to student. "I'm moving you to a more secure location. And if you have any sense, you'll go willingly and quietly. Otherwise, I'll just have to have a little FUN when we get there."

As soon as Robyn is put down with the others, he tries to stand up but finds he's just too sore to. He lets out a cry of pain and wishes he could stand up, just so he can hit Jordan again. As he lies there, the tears come no matter how much he wants them to stop. He does notice that Rashmi and Mikhail are waking up and looks at them. "I'm so sorry guys…" He feels like he let them down, let them get captured after all, he's the most experienced in the crime fighting field.

Lucas hops down off the cage, removing his other glove. "S'ym didn't ask you to move them." He snarls a little, his nuclear hands flickering as he asses the situation, stalking a parallel line to where Jordan stands. "Ah'll ask you once more… Where are you taking them?" His hands begin to hum as the power grows.

"Ssshh, Robyn," Rashmi whispers, gently running her fingers through the injured boy's hair. "It's not your fault… If anyone's, it's mine, for coming up with this stupid idea in the first place." As the demons start to argue, her eyes flick between them, then to her fellow captives, and back again, speculative and serious. "Whatever you do," she whispers, "don't draw attention to yourselves…. okay…? It'll be okay, Robyn, Mikhail… you'll see."

"None of your damn business. And turn your powers off. You know as well as I do that you could kill one of them, and THEY don't want any of them dead." Jordan says with a glare at Lucas before he tightens himself up. "I'll stop you if I have to, Lu'kys. I'll fuckin' kill you if I have to. They took away my conscience. So I won't feel…" And with that, Jordan shrinks down, suddenly, blasting full power at Lucas's chest. 60 tons of force, flying at bullet speeds, and only a few inches tall. Yeah, that's gonna be pretty damn rough.

Robyn shakes his head. "No, Rashmi and what I did to Mikhail…" He shakes his head feeling guilty about it as he just lies there. "Jordan's gone." He says beliving it's true as he turns his head away from the group. He turns his head in time to see Jordan fly at Lucas in his small form and he's just confused now.

Lucas' eyes widen as the other demon turns on him. He snarls, and fires two bursts of nuclear energy towards Jordan. The other demon is moving so fast, and has changed size so quickly, the two blasts end up just blind shots, flying off as Jordan slams into Lucas. Lucas flies backward, howling in pain. He spins through the air, slamming into the rock wall twenty feet behind him. Along with several large pieces of stone from the wall, Lucas drops to the ground with a thud, slumping over unconscious. His hands remain glowing, and the rocks around the nuclear reactions begin to actually melt from the heat as his hands lay limp across them.

Mikhail tries to get up again as the two demons are fighting and manages to get onto his hands and knees, he doesn't look at either Rashmi or Robyn, he does see Dallas, but figures that he doesn't like him either, he goes to try and stand up again but falls to the floor with a yelp of pain.

"Listen to me, Robyn," Rashmi whispers, hunching down low. "I don't believe that's true. I still think we can get them back… Just that it'll be very difficult… And *we* have to survive, too, so… Just remember. Addison is with us. He won't let it get too bad." Her eyes snap to Mikhail as he falls back down, and she scrabbles to his side. "Sssh… stay with us, Mikhail… You'll just get yourself hurt, like that.."

With Lucas down, Jordan goes back to his full height. He turns to look at the teenage mutants and growls. "Now, listen up. If you want to live, you will listen to every damn word I say. I have to carry you out of here, like you're unconscious. Don't say a word. Don't fucking react." He says, moving back to their prone bodies. "I don't know how long I can fight the demon in my mind, but damnit, I'm not giving in just yet." He picks up Robyn's and Dallas's bodies and lies them each over a shoulder, before doing the same with Amanda. "Sorry about kissing your boyfriend. And knocking him out. He's not fighting himself." He says before suddenly stopping as he smells the blood. No. No. He's got a job to do.

Lucas is out cold, his hands continuing to hum and the rock around them burning red hot, turning molten from the heat from his hands. A line of crimson blood runs from the corner of his mouth.

Mikhail tries to move again but can't the pain is too intense, he can't figure out why he wont heal, as Jordan approches he closes his eyes and waits for the end to come, Jordan won't have to worry about him moving he currently doesn't have the willpower to try and escape.

Rashmi scoots over next to Mikhail, blinking in total surprise at Jordan's unexpected advice. Her eyes grow wide for a second, and she nods. "They're using his mother as a hold on him," she murmurs, lying down beside Mikhail. "Jordan… thank you." The smile on her smudged and tear-streaked face is almost beatific, as it seems her faith in the demonic students has been asnwered, even if in part. Laying down next to Mikhail, she closes her eyes, and attempts to appear unconscious.

"Don't fucking thank me. I may not be able to control this much longer. And every one of those just makes me sick to my stomach. It's… the demonic influence. I don't know who this woman is, but… they said she's important." Jordan says, lifting them up. "Sorry for any additional injuries you may incur." He says, as he begins to make his way out of the castle, telling anyone that asks, that he's transporting prisoners. He doesn't mention anyone's orders this time. So that way, it comes off as true.

As they're carried out and Robyn realizes that Jordan is still in that demon somewhere, the Jordan he knows, there's a bit of hope that stirs inside him. Very quietly, barely above a whisper says "I trust you." to Jordan as he leads them out.

Rashmi remains limp in Lordan's arms, attempting to act as unconscious as possible, without really being so. That she hadn't sustained any real injury in her capture doesn't quite help her cause, still she tries to think drama major, and remain still and boneless.

It takes Jordan a little time, but eventually, he drops them all of in Salem Center before he heads back to NYC.

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