Brian "Scourge" Carerra Jr.
Brian Carerra Jr.
Portrayed By Tom Schilling
Gender Male
Date of Birth 07/27/1989
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Death(formerly), Impulse, Scourge
Place of Birth Seattle, Washington
Current Location Westchester, New York
Occupation Student, Inventor
Known Relatives Marshall Carerra(older brother), Nicholas Carerra(younger brother), Brian Carerra Sr. (Father), Angela Carerra(mother)
Significant Other Addison
Identity In New York: Secret, in Washington State: Public
Known Abilities Energy Projection (concussive)
First Appearance Marvel: Revolution, day 1

Brian Carerra was a student at Xavier's before he was abducted by Sinister and made into a horseman. Now he's trying to get by and eventually move his way into MIT. Though there's something darker brewing beneath.


Brian Carrera developed his powers shortly after his
fourteenth birthday. Before then he was a rather popular boy in
school, he did well in sports and made good grades. After his
birthday, it has been somewhat awkward to control his powers. One time
during PE he accidentally blasted a baseball that would have beaned
him. And another time he let off his stun wave when the kids would not
leave him alone, which in turn led the principal to call the police on
him because it was caught on video, although he could not control it.
His mutation has been a growing concern with the faculty. No one knows
how to deal if he suddenly let off his powers in the middle of class
or if a child gets hurt.

It seems like his social status has changed
from popular to the kid not even the geeks want to hang around with.
He tries to receive solace and comfort in his father but not being a
mutant it is hard to help the young lad. In fact it is hard for both
of his parents, dealing with the police and school officials has taken
a toll on his mother, she seems nervous all the time these days. But
both of his parents know that this is something they cannot control,
so they embrace Brian in any way they can. Brian has never had a
girlfriend before, but has had crushes. He began Buddhist meditation
with his mother at the age of 11. Although he still has some friends,
most of the kids at school are creeped out by Brian, so they stay away
from him a lot of times. Brian leads a somewhat lonely life; only his
two best friends and his brothers are his companions, but it seems
like his mutation has affected his brothers socially, in school they
are known as the "Freak's brothers" kids can be so cruel, and
unfortunately, his brother Nicholas has started to take out his
frustrations out on Brian. Like not wanting him around when he plays
Xbox, basically just trying to stay away from him. Marshall, his
eldest brother tries to defend Brian in every situation, often ending
up in violence on Marshall's behalf. Marshall is definitely the
cornerstone that will not budge when it comes to standing beside Brian

Brian tends to act out now, he has had a couple of run-ins with the
law. And sometimes can be heard softly weeping at night, especially
when there was an incident concerning his mutation earlier that day.
But Marshal can always lend a sympathetic ear and he encourages Brian
to talk to him before doing anything stupid like break into the school
after hours to spread graffiti, which he was caught doing. Marshall
has been doing a good job in keeping Brian in check behaviorally but
Marshall knows that Brian needs to learn from someone that is a mutant
like he is. In fact he is the one who contacted Xavier's school for
gifted youngsters about more info about the school. And Marshall is
the one that convinced Brian to give it a try.

In the months that Brian has been at Xavier's, Brian has exhibited a
natural talent for leadership amongst a squad. As well as a kind ear
to those who seek advise, having befriended a number of people at
Xavier's, Brian seems to be mostly liked by a majority of the student
body. As acting Student Body President, Eira had appointed Brian the
school treasurer, overseeing the budget for the dances and other
school functions.

In the aftermath of the attack on the mansion, Brian has had more
experience with his power learned more of what he can do.
Over the past year, Brian has become a little brother figure to many
of the upperclassmen, especially Eira, Daphne and Kenta amongst them.


March 22nd 2009 Brian meets Addison and lets off a little steam in Peace and Quiet


[[tab Power Bolts]]
Concussive power bolts- Brian's cells act as a shutter that let his concussive energy out. Not just from his hands, the energy could come out of anywhere on Brian's body.
[[tab Forcefield]]
Brian can let a low amount of energy out of his body and cover a radius to protect it. Using the same energy, Brian can also make the radius larger, or even as small as to just cover his body.
[[tab Power Weapons]]
Brian can summon fourth weapons (melee) from his hands, any bladed weapons contain no physical weight on them. The weight of the strike comes from the energy itself, and is relative to the speed and force that Brian swings with.
[[tab Hands]]
Brian's hands are now replaced with his signature energy.


  • "I think I'm slipping slowly into madness."
  • "You and Mother didn't have my back. When I needed you, you let the entire town run me out on a rail."
  • "Don't bullshit, you are sending me there only cause the town wants me gone."
  • "I'm working on my portfolio for MIT."


  • Brian was once the Horseman Death, under the control of Mr. Sinister.
  • Brian often wears an isolation suit, since his powers were unstable.
  • Being a genius with excellent grades, Brian was accepted into MIT, has yet to attend class due to his mental health.
  • Brian has an estranged relationship with his parents.
  • Brian possesses an extremely high IQ and has excellent problem solving strategies, and practices Tai Chi and meditation regularly.


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