Bridget Spires
Portrayed By TwiggX
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 24
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases None
Place of Birth NYC
Current Location X-School
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Father
Significant Other None
Identity Unknown
Known Abilities Skulls
First Appearance Unknown


Historic Records #BS7703297-JD
User #10113519
Access Date: May, 24, 2150
Short Description: Excerpts from a personal data log of a typical teenage mutant girl in the early 21th century.

Date 2/4/06

Dear Diary
Hi, this is page one in this new cool diary I bought today. It is pink and has hearts and stars. Mom suggested I get one and write down things that happen to me, so here I am with one. I never had one before and not sure what to say…..
Okay back, I had dinner and thought about what to write in this while I was watching the Next top model. I went to the mall with my best friends Debby, Zoey, Kimberly, and Kayleigh. They have been my best friends since we were little, they all live in the same building as I do. Anyway at the mall I got myself another pair of rollerblades. That gives me a dozen pairs. Mom just rolled her eyes when I showed her, she can’t understand why I need so many pairs, but these have clear wheels with sparkles in them and pink trim, none of my others do. I have not taken them off all day. So besides the skates I got myself a cute top, dad said it's a remake of some band t-shirt called Pink Floyd, I just like it because it has a rainbow on it. Anyway getting tired so I’ll write more tomorrow.

Date 9/7/06

Dear Diary
So today I started school again. Mom and Dad took me out of public school and placed me into a privet one. I hate it, first this means I do not get to see my friends until school is over. Besides my friends everyone at the school seems richer than me, they have all these cool devices like cell phones and Ipods. I ask dad about getting a cell phone, he told me "I was too young and I will run up a bill." That’s bull; I will not run up the bill. He just does not want me to have one.
On the bright side, the school uniforms are cool. They have the cutest dark green plaid skirts. The shirt is a little plain, but the school lets girls wear a vest that matches the skirt.

Date 5/24/07

Dear Diary
Today, a cool new shop was opened in the mall, Zoey and I went in. It was full of all this stuff like tarot cards and lava lamps. I got myself these boots. They are black platforms that come up to my knees, they have buckles instead of laces. They are cool but they do not match anything in my closet. I will need to take Debby, Kimberly, and Kayleigh to the shop. They can help me pick out more clothes to match the boots.
The clerk in the store looked so cool, she had tattoos and piercings all over her body. Her hair was bright blue and she was wearing all black. That is a look I could get into.

Date 7/21/07

Dear Diary
Hey it's me. I have been saving all my allowance, so I can buy myself new clothing from that cool shop. When I got home and showed my dad he told me I cannot wear them. He said that I will dress like a normal girl, and then started ranting about medical school. I don’t know what his problem is, it’s not like this outfit is a tube top and mini skirt.
Since then, I locked my door and just been listening to some music on my MP3 player. The music is awesome it some underground death metal band called Dead by Midnight. I don’t know what his problem is.

Date 12/25/07

Dear Diary
I don’t know what changed with my dad, maybe it was the fact I really have not talked to him since the summer, but today I got a whole new wardrobe. Everything is Goth just like I had wanted to wear. Mom must have helped him get this stuff, there too cool for him to pick out on his own.
I got 8 new tops, 6 new pants, and 9 new skirts. I wish I could wear them all at the same time.

Date 8/29/08

Dear Diary
Hey ever wonder what is the reason for everything? I mean like why are we here? Is there a god? I have. Why is there so much suffering in the world? If there is a god wouldn’t he stop such things or at lease punish the evil doing? I don’t know……Something does not add up.

Date 9/9/08

Dear Diary
I took a walk down to the local church today, it was the first time I ever been in it, I found father John. The two of us had a long talk. He thought I would benefit if I come next Sunday to his mass. I agreed. Only thing is that his mass is so early and how do I explain this to my mom and dad…..
Hey I'm back. So I talked to mom and dad at dinner, and they did not have any problem if I go to church, in fact both of them have off from the hospital Sunday, so they going to join me! So Yay! I hope this helps me with my questions.

Date 9/13/08

Dear Diary
Okay, today I am off to church. Dad said I need to wear my good clothes, so a pink dress and no black.
Hey, back from church. That was waaaaaay to long; it felt as if it went on forever. Father John talked about stuff I never heard of before. He talked about people with strange names; most of it just confused me. This mass did not answer any of my questions. I don’t think I will be going back there. Father John seems like a nice guy but just not right for me.


Date 10/19/08

Dear Diary
Hey me again, well I guess I don't need to say that, who else would write in my diary? So Kayleigh suggested I try talking to a Jewish Priest Rabbi see if he can help me since Father John couldn’t. Well I didn’t know where one of the churches temples are, so I went online and found one nearby, I’ll have to ride a bus but not too far.
Okay, I'm back. I went to talk to the Rabbi. I talked to Rabbi Malachi, he was a nice guy. He talked with me for hours about stuff. He told me that becoming Jewish is a hard and long thing. I will have to remember all this stuff in and learn another language. I thanked him and left. No real help there.

Date 10/20/08

Dear Diary
I looked up Muslim online; I read up on how they treat women, and the rules they set down on them and…..NO THANKS!!! I will skip that one; I don’t think they have the answers for me. Why would any woman join such a thing? Anyway I back at square one.
I feel strangely empty in side. It is like I need something more, to belong to something greater then myself. What is this feeling? Why do I feel this way?

Date 1/14/09

Dear Diary
Hey it’s me again, so today in world history we started learning about eastern cultures. To my surprise there are all these other faiths with different views then the three I looked into. Did you know that Christianity, Jewish, and Muslim comes from the same faith? They just branch off into their own interpretations but the core believes are the same, crazy right? Any way I am going to check up on these other faiths.

Date 1/28/09

Dear Diary
So, I had been reading up on these eastern religions of late, and while I have not found one that fits my own entire personal believes many come close. I have decided to stop looking, with what I found I think I can piece together parts from these and fill the empty feeling.
Dad has commented that the last couple of days it seems I been smiling more. I told him about what I been feeling and how I explored and talked to religious people. I also told him what I found and what I was doing. I am not sure he understands but he nodded anyway. He told me if I like, his next day off he take me to a Buddhist temple. I can’t wait I have some many questions about my soul and being reborn.

Date 6/5/09

Dear Diary
Hey, I'm so excited after weeks of begging my dad he finally agree to let me get my nose pierced. I am going to go with mom after school to get it done. The only bad part is I can’t wear it to school so I will have to take it out every day. Speaking of school I need to get ready or mom will start yelling. Tell you all about it when I get back.
I’m back. I now have a cute diamond stud on the right side of my nose! It was so cool and scary. They took this gun thingy and put it to my nose. There was a little pain and then it was over. Mom said it look cute on me. On the way home we got ice cream and mom told me that when she was younger she had a nose ring. I’m not sure if she is messing with me or not. I can’t really see her with one.

Date 7/15/09

Dear Diary
Dad has started to talk about medical school again. He wants me to become an OBGYM like him. He even is talking about putting up a sign reading Jack Spires and daughter OBGYM or something like that. I don’t want to disappoint him but I really don’t want to be a doctor. Who wants to look at women like that all day? Yuck, maybe it’s cool if you’re a guy or into girls like Debby and Kimberly but not for me. I think I rather do something more with dead bodies or something like that. I love to be like the doctors on all those cop shows dad likes to watch.

Date 5/31/10

Dear Diary
So Kayleigh's cousin came down from upstate, he and his folks are visiting for a week. Anyway Kayleigh had convinced him to bring down his tattoo gun. Where a 16 year old gets a tattoo gun I have no idea. I priced them just to see how much they are and there not cheap. He is covered in tattoos so who knows maybe his family bought it for him. So last night Kimberly, Zoey, Debby, and I all slept over at Kayleigh's place. He gave us all tattoos, nothing big we have to hide them from our families after all. I got a cute smiley face on my ankle. It’s no bigger than a quarter. It is sore but he said that will pass.

Date 7/20/10

Dear Diary
So I am grounded. My dad found my tattoo. We went to the beach today and I forgot to cover it with sandals or something. He told me that it was stupid to get one and try to hide it from him. He wanted to know where I got it, I just told him I got it from some guy I knew, I didn’t want to get my friends in trouble. He said I'm grounded for a month. He also told me its going be coming off. He can ground me but I not going to have it removed, no matter what he said.

Date 9/4/10

Dear Diary
Today my dad picked me up from school. He took me to a clinic. He told me that I am getting the tattoo removed. I told him no. He dragged me into the clinic and made me sit while he filled out the paper work. Once the doctor was ready we went into his office. He talked to my father and then me. I refused to let him see the tattoo under my sock, dad yanked down my sock. The doctor said he can remove it, and I told him I didn’t want to have it gone. The doctor told my dad he will not remove it unless I agree to it. It was unethical to make a child go through an elective procedure against my will. My father ordered me to agree to it and I refused. He kept adding on to my grounding time every time I refuse. I lost count but I think I'm grounded until after xmas. It was worth it.


Date 11/16/10

Dear Diary
Hey it’s me. So today I got off grounding, Mom picked me up from school and took me to the mall. We did some window shopping and we talked about the tattoo. She told me she was disappointed that I did it without asking and not in a shop. Mom is a nurse and dad is a doctor, I think I told you that before, so they know how badly it could get if it got infected. I told her how I like tattoos and I would like to get more. My mom frowned at me but she said she talk to dad. I hope they let me I have some cool ideas.

Date 12/18/10

Dear Diary
Great news! Today my mom and dad sat me down, they told me I could get more tattoos but I will have to pay for them myself. I cannot get anything offensive or on my face. I also have to come to them and have them done in a license shop. No more from the guy I know. I so excited I have this idea for a few small tattoos.

Archive Note 1: Before this entry there was thirteen days without logs.
Archive Note 2: The original log had minor water damage. The log has been recreated in damage spots.
Chance of error 0.9999%

Date 11/3/11

Dear Diary
Hello…..Sorry I have not wrote anything in you for so long. Something Bad has happen, mom is dead. She died in a car accented. It’s all my Fault! She was taken me home from the mall. I wanted a new Skirt and mom said I could not get it. She said it was too short. Mom said she would not let me wear something that left my ass hanging out. We were arguing about it and out of nowhere a bus Hit us. I don’t know what happen next, I found myself outside on the road. I was cut up and stuff. The bus had hit the driver side Door, Mom was still in the car. I crawled back inside the car from the other door and try to pull her out. Mom screamed in pain and I stopped. Mom’s legs were pinned into the Car; I could see blood running down her legs. Mom looked At Me and told me to call for help. I pulled out my cell phone and called 911, I could hear Sirens before I could talk to anyone, someone else must have called. I held mom’s hand as we waited. She told me she Loved me and then her grip went limp and she stop breathing.
What happen next I cannot explain, I screamed, parts of things around me like the car and the road exploded. A strange dust filled the air almost like fog only different. The Dust gathered into two balls. They were spun faster and Faster as the balls get smaller. Finally out came the two burning skulls. Strange thing was I knew their names, Ebony and Amour; the skulls enter the car and bit down into my mother’s shoulders. They pulled her out of the car and laid her on the street. I ran over to mom and hugged her. By then the EMTs got There, They pulled me off her and started to work on her, they tried to get her to breathe again. They soon stopped and declared her dead, they took her away.
This whole time Ebony and Amour were nuzzling me, as if they were trying to Hug Me. A woman EMT comes over to me and said, "She needs to look at my cuts." She kept eyeing the two of them but she treated me. She bandaged my cuts and scrapes it seemed I was worst off then I thought my Whole front was one big bloody scrape. They took me to the hospital. I had convinced them to take me to dads.
They must have called ahead or something, Because dad was waiting there for me when I got to the hospital. He stayed by my side the whole time.
I am not sure where Ebony and Amour went while I was being checked out but they vanished, Maybe they were waiting outside because they only showed up when I was discharged. Dad freaked out seeing them. He called them monsters and tried to hit them with some rocks. They Stayed behind me and I told dad they are mine, they showed up when I could not help mom. He told me they could not come home with us. The two followed us to the car; they seemed sad when I told them they Could not ride in the car. We drove off and went home. I think they held on to the roof rack with their teeth or something because they were Floating over the car when I got out. Dad wouldn’t let them in, so I opened my bedroom window and they came in. I hug them and cried the rest of that day and next.
Guess I am not done crying yet Sorry about the tears. Amour is nuzzling me again; I think she wants a hug so I will stop here.

Date 11/11/11

Dear Diary
I think dad is mad at me for mom dying; it is my fault, if I was not fighting with her over that dumb skirt. Every time he sees Ebony, Amour, and I, he walks out of the room. He does not even want to be in the same room as me. I can’t blame him I do not like myself, that much anymore. I feel so alone and sad at the moment, Ebony and Amour try to cheer me up but I wish dad would ta
Okay back, sorry about just leaving like that, but Ebony and Amour just took off out of my room howling like out of some bad horror movie. I chased after them but they are fast. Moments later they were dragging dad by his pant leg and shirt. They brought him to me and let him go. Ebony told me to say I was sorry for killing mom; I started to cry and did. Dad hugged me and started crying too. He told me I didn’t kill her, he told me he loves me. I asked him why he would not talk to me before. He told me that he loves me and that never change, but he does not trust Ebony and Amour. Ebony said some rude things to my dad. dad did not seem to understand him. He said he does not know how to feel about me being a mutant. He called me a mutant, I’m not a mutant. Mutants are freaks that hurt people, at lease that what dad said they are, in the past, I am not a freak and I will not hurt people……Will I?

Date 12/24/11

Dear Diary
This was the first Xmas without mom; while dad and I had a good time opening gifts it was also sad. Dad took me to the mall, he paid for a tattoo, I got something to remember mom by, dad thought that was a good way to help me heal. We then went to mom’s grave and we put fresh flowers on it. We then went home and had lunch; we made sandwichs from the leftover turkey from last night.
Dad still will not be in the same room as Ebony and Amour. I think dad is trying to pretend I am not a mutant. He seems not to like mutants much. It is strange I looked up mutants on the net and it seems mutants are not monsters like he told me. There are mutants on a bunch of hero teams like the Avengers. They fight to protect humans. I’m starting to think dad is a bigot.

Date 1/31/12

Dear Diary
Today there were a couple visitors at the door. Dad got to the door before me and he talked with them. I never had seen them before so I went back to my room. I do not know what they talked about but a half an hour later dad calls me down to the living room. I came down quickly, by myself. Dad looked nerves and was frowning. He told me that they came to offer me enrolment in a privet school for mutants. I was surprised, how did they know I was a mutant? I sat on the sofa and talked about the idea. Dad was against it saying things like I didn’t need training. He finally said it was up to me. I asked a bunch of questions about the school. I told them I had to ask Ebony and Amour. I called them down and we talked it over, Ebony was against it he did not like how one of them looked. Amour thought it sounded lovely and a good idea, she then convinced Ebony telling him they will not be locked up in a room all day. I told them I would like to give it a shot. Dad frowned at that but didn’t say anything about it.
They told me they give me some time to get everything settled and they will be back to picked me up. I think they are going to be picking me up so dad does not have to drive me there. It must be clear to them that he dislikes mutants.


Before her mother’s death Bridget is a perky girl who loves life. She seems to always have an upbeat attitude and a glass half full outlook. She seems to always have a smile on her face and a cheerful word for those around her. But since her mother's death this has change some. She is a girl in pain, having witness her mother’s final moments her mood has not been so perky. She seems to fit into the gloomier goth that her clothing depicts. Bridget morns for her mother by herself, she feels alone and lost since her father rejects her and sends her way. She struggles with depression and dark moods.
Bridget bonds to people around her quickly. She's drawn to other people; she has a bad habit to seeing the good in everyone. This leads to her being over trusting.
Her faith is not that there is a god, angels, or even demons. She looks to older believes such as Kama, Chi, and other Eastern influences. She does not hold believe in one school of thought over another, she picks bits and pieces from them to suit her own views. Bridget faith in such things was tested after her mother’s death but it seems she starts to believe more strongly.
Bridget loves most aspects of death. She fines she's drawn to it like a moth to the flame. She sees death as not to be feared but to be celebrated. This does not mean she wants to die or see anyone else die, it means she enjoys the ceremony around death. Since her mother’s death she seems to be gravitating to this more. It's partly because she's trying to make sense of her mother’s death and it also a hope that one day she will see her mother again. Bridget loves dramatic and strange things. Normally she is attracted to anything out of the norm.
This is not a crippling fear, or anything but a strong dislike of being alone. She cannot stand silence and will turn on music or the TV. She enjoys being around people and will seek out groups when she can. Normally she does not know what to do with herself when alone.


Standing before you is a beautiful woman. She stands five feet seven inches tall. Her weight is unknown by everyone but her and her doctor and both are not saying. The way she holds herself shows she is proud woman standing striate never hunching over or slouching. Her skin is flawless and a butter milk color.
On top of her head is raven color hair. Her hair is kept in a pair of braded pig tails, the tails is hangs down her shoulders. Her hair is very fine and silky to the touch. In the light it shimmers reflecting it. Her ears are perfect for her head not too big or too small in each ear has a diamond stud. Each stud has a thin gold chain hanging off it; at the end of the chain is a triangle with a capital B thought it. Her eyebrows have been pluck, wax, or shaved (it is hard to tell) into thin arches. The arches are so thin but get thicker as they closer to the center of her forming at one end a sideway drop shape. Her eyes are narrow look; the color of each eye is so dark that it blends with her black pupils. Her eyes sparkle in the light like a pair of black diamonds. Her eye lids are colored with an eye shadow that is a frosted white. She has long curved eye lash to aid in the beauty of her eyes. She has high cheek bones that are brought out more with a light blush that blends perfectly into her skin. Her lips are full and wet looking. They are cover perfectly in a black lipstick.
Her body is a work of art the type you see in painting hanging in New York City or Paris. She has a beautiful hourglass shape body that only get more lushes with age. Her neck is long and swan like holding her head high and never letting hang in shame. Around her neck is leather dog collar with silver spikes. On her neck she has a tattoo of a spider web. Her shoulders are perfect for her body. Just above each shoulder blade she has a tattoo, the right one is a stick man with a halo and on the life is a stick man with a pitch fork. Her arms long and sculpted but slightly thick but not to the point they have that underarm hanging skin. Her hands are beautiful with long finger. On her right ring finger is a small tattoo of a smiley face. Each of her fingers end in a long finger nails that match in color with her lips stick. %R %T She dresses in black tank top with a black long sleeve mesh shirt over it. The tank top models to her body showing off her curves. Her breasts are very ample for a girl her age. On her back she has a tattoo of a black rose that is done over her spine, Two dates are also there 1980 and 2011 and a banner that reads, “In loving memory of an Angel”. Her belly tapers in to some given her the hour glass shape. Her belly is firm to the touch like a snare drum.
Her hips move out making the bottom of the hourglass shape. Her hips in some culture would be called good birthing hips. She wears a black skirt that reaches down to the middle of her thighs. Like her shirt it is black in color. The skirt is held up by a thin black leather belt with silver buckle. The belt is cover in silver studs. Her legs are long and shapely; her legs are clad in a pair of sheer black fish net stocks. On the back of the right thigh she has RIP and on the back of the left she has an infinity sigh but it is a snake biting its own tail. Around her right ankle is an anklet. The anklet is a thin silver chain with two silver skull charms hanging off it. On her feet she wears a pair of black platform boots. The boots come up to just below her knees, Up the boots are belts with silver buckles.
Always by her side are a pair of flying flame skulls. The skulls are not normal colors one is black and the other is pink in color.
The black one has glowing blue points of light in its eye sockets. It has vampire like fangs. In the center of its forehead is a blue heart with a crack running down its center. The whole skull is surrounded by blue flames.
The pink one has with glowing purple points of light in its eye sockets. It has vampire like fangs. In the center of its forehead is a purple heart. The whole skull is surrounded by purple flames.


Bridget has a latent specialized telekinetic ability, this does not mean that later Bridget will be able to move objects around with her mind, this power is limited to just the skulls. With this power she takes chunks of inorganic matter breaking it down into a fine dust. After the matter is dust her telekinetic power starts to push it into a single point, a side effect of this is the dust starts to spin as it is compressed. The dust is then pressed harder and harder putting it under great pressure and heat. The telekinetic ability will shape the compress balls into the skull shape. This only happened once when Bridget was having a hyper emotional moment, to her this means raw emotion mix with her flight or fight instinct.
Once the skulls are made the Telekinetic power plays another role. The ability allows the skulls to have the power of flight. This power also allows the skulls to open and shut their mouths a make sounds. The flame like aura and the glow in each eye are also from the telekinetic power.
While this power plays many roles she has no conscious control over it. All of these abilities are controlled by her subconscious.


  • Hello I am Bridget and this is Ebony and Amour.


  • Bridget's father dislikes mutants. The fact his daughter is one fills him with conflicting feelings.
  • Her faith is not that there is a god, angels, or even demons. She looks to older believes such as Kama, Chi, and other Eastern influences.
  • Bridget loves most aspects of death. She fines she's drawn to it like a moth to the flame. She sees death as not to be feared but to be celebrated.
  • Bridget is attracted to both genders.
  • Bridget is an Anime fan. She been know to settle down in her room in just her panties and watch anime on her notebook.


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