2011-08-10: Brief Chat


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Summary: Xorn dismisses his meditation class as Tyler stumbles past and talks to the professor a bit.

Date: August 10, 2011

Log Title: Brief Chat

Rating: PG

Xaviers Japanese Garden

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

Mantric chanting can be heard from the Japanese Garden, some of the remaining summer students are seated on various mats in various meditative poses as Xorn, dressed in white monk robes, hovers above them in a similar pose. The students all have their eyes closed and are humming or chanting as well. Xorns disembodied voice in its lowest tone finishes a visualization exercise and then slowly lowers himself to the ground on his own mat, Alright, students. Thats enough for today. I hope you found some peace, even if just during the exercise. The students seem to wake up slowly and stretch as some gather their mats and head back into the mansion. Xorn rises bowing his head to the departing students.

Peaceful settings have a fifty percent chance of being disturbed and today is one of those days. Thankfully the meditation group is breaking up by the time that Tyler thunders down a nearby path on a skateboard swerving past students carrying their mats back towards the mansion. "What's with the yoga?" Turning his head as he asks a passing student Ty then stumbles off his board when the path turns from skateable to dirt. "I meant to do that!" With a foot the teen pops the board up into the air so he can catch the top truck and carrying the board through the garden. Little bit of a walk and he notices the professor. "Hi, Professor!"

Noting the sudden arrival of Tyler and the end of the meditative peace, Xorn bows to the student, "Young, Mr. Hayworth. Enjoying your summer, I see." He looks over the contraption that Tyler had been skating on, "A skateboard? You know. I've never actually seen one before." Then in response to the question he had asked a student, Xorn offers, "Yes, I have been teaching the students a meditation course for the summer. Give them a chance at inner peace and also allowing them the chance to clear their mind of distractions to assist with better control of their powers."

Tyler waves in greeting with the skateboard then lets it slap up against his thigh. "I guess I'm enjoying the summer. I went back home for a bit and am back." Walking through departing students Tyler comes closer to the professor and offers up the skateboard. "That meditation stuff work? Well, obviously it must work or it wouldn't be used in martial arts and things like that. Forget I even brought it up." Nervous chuckle as he looks around for a familiar face. "I thought it might be yoga or pilates or something like that with the mats an'all."

"Yes, it does work. Not necessarily for everyone. Some have heads like stone filled with too m any thoughts, distractions, anxieties. But for students on the Alpha Squad, I will be making it a mandatory class. Meditation and inner peace are what got me through my time when I was kept away from society." Xorn then uses gravity to lift his mat into the air and fold it up rather expertly, "Tell me, Tyler. "Well welcome back from home. I trust your time there was refreshing and relaxing."

An eye squints closed as Tyler thinks then slowly reopens as he watches the mat levitate upward and fold for travel. "Sounds like a pretty cool class to take though you're right about it not getting through to some. Like me!" The teen laughs as he tucks his skateboard underneath an arm then promptly drops it. "Thanks for the welcome back. I struggled with whether or not I'd come back given everything that's been going on lately but I realized I need to be here for a bazillion reasons so here I am again." Ty bends down to pick the skateboard up again to hold at his side as he presses his lips together in thought. "Have you been hanging around the school or have you gone off to have a vacationy-type-time yourself?"

"I have remained here. You are correct about the current events that have mired the lives of the residents here at the Institute. I have spent most of my time in meditation and thinking of the events and how the affect the lives of those of us here." Xorn pauses a moment as he scratches the bottom of the mask, "But to answer simply. No. No vacation for me. I am glad you have returned. As I am sure are the staff and fellow students and friends."

"Even professors need a break or they'll go mental," Tyler frowns. The garden has grown quiet again save for the conversation between professor and student, and the nearby clacking of bamboo as there is a gentle breeze passing through the area. "I've been back for about a day so I've not run into anyone yet and I was relatively new when the summer break hit. I came back to work in the Danger Room some but other than that not much going on which is probably a good thing." A smile is given to Xorn as he fidgets where he stands. "Did your meditation help you figure anything out about stuff?"

"Going mental." He taps on his mask and in a slightly joking tone "I am all mental." Xorn's attempt at humor falls flat, "Ah yes, you had a Danger Room session with Chamber. I have been meaning to review the tapes of the session. How did you find the session after having taken a small break from campus?" As to answer Tyler's final question, Xorn simply shakes his head, "Alas, my contemplations have not led to the salvation of Heather, Robyn or Shane yet."

"Maybe something will come up totally at random and the problem will fix itself." Tyler's not sure how one goes about finding mentally controlled people let alone super villains that busted out of prison. As for the other matter brought up he's a little confused. "So, anytime someone goes into the Danger Room it gets recorded?"

"All student simulations and scenarios in the Danger Room are recorded for teachers and professors to review." Xorn ponders, "It allows for us to note progress made and how best to evaluate student performance and offer us the best way to advise you all on your progress. I assume it went well?" Xorn hmmmmns, "I need to create some new scenarios as well. Having participated in some of mine. Any input or suggestions?"

Tyler tips his head to the side so that his ear is touching his shoulder. "Aww seriously!?!" Sarcastically spoken, "That's so totally awesome." With an unhappy shake of his head Tyler moves off to find a rather large stone to sit upon. "Great, now everyone can rewind stuff I didn't want anyone else knowing about. Spectacular!" Flails his hands into the air. Huff. "I'm not the best person to ask about scenarios, sir. I didn't get the point of the ones I was in. I'm still trying to grasp what's going on and not a big fan of pew-pew'ing at anything. I'm sure whatever you come up with will work out though."

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