2010-07-09: Bromance At 175mph


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Summary: Tony and Kaji test prototype bikes by taking them to Las Vegas!

Date: July 9, 2010

Log Title Bromance at 175mph

Rating: R (L)

Malibu to Las Vegas

The test track was lit up for the nights field test of a new prototype engine. The engine itself had been designed by Stark using proprietary tech that would reduce the use of fossil fuels, and make the overall performance of the vehicle in question, considerably better. Tonight's test consisted of two motorcycles altered with the new engine. At the core of the engine was a small arc reactor, capable of powering the bike for several centuries, and the connecting pieces utilized a series of magnets. Strolling out onto the race track was Tony Stark in his favorite torn jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket. Underneath one of his arms he carried his helmet, and his sunglasses were dangling from the neck of his t-shirt.

The things he gets to do now that he's alongside Tony, Kaji'll never understand how he landed this. But, at the moment, he's just grinning ear to ear as he looks over at Tony. His aviator shades covering his eyes as he carries his own helmet in his hand. The mutant is dressed in normmal clothes; similar to Tony's sans the jacket. "Honestly, what can't you come up with."

"Hopefully, we'll never have to find the answer to that question." Tony smiles as they reach one of the RND people who is there to greet them with the technical information. There should be no problem with the gear shifting, everything should be smooth and able to stop on a dime, or reverse direction much better than the bike would have been able to do before. Tony thanks the man for his help then dismisses him from the testing. With the keys all ready plugged into the bike, Tony walks over to his. "We'll take it around a few times. If they handle well enough we might go looking for trouble." Stark throws a leg over his bike, and pulls gloves from inside his helmet. "The communication in the helmet should automatically activate if I call you," He adds before stuffing the skull designed helmet down over his head.

Kaji lets out a soft chuckle before he listens to all the tech info on the bikes. He looks at the one he's going to ride and nods. Giving his own thanks before he moves over towards his own. "Oh joy. Your trouble is always much more rewarding that normal trouble." He swings his leg over his bike, and pushes the helmet over his head. Big surprise that it's of a wolf head with its hackles raised. Kaji's so subtle.

The key is turned on Tony's bike, a low sound is heard instead of the normal firing of an engine. With several rev's, Tony glances over to make sure that Kaji is ready to peal out from the start line. At first he rolls the bike off the line then slowly increases the speed till he's a good way down the straight away before he guns the engine, taking off towards the first turn.

Kaji gives Tony a nod when he looks over, and he follows the man across the starting line. HE revs his bike to get a feel for it before he puts on the gas a bit after Tony did. He screams around the first corner, and quickly approaches the second.

The first lap was merely testing how the bike handled, if there was going to be a problem with the engine at all. Of course there didn't seem to be a problem and if there had been both men would have gone crashing into a bloody mess against a wall. Approaching the start line Tony lets the bike go, to show everything that its got. The speed around the first turn is similar to the feeling of the first time he flew in the Iron Man armor. With a broad grin he guns the straight away then leans into the next turn, amazingly not killing himself.

Kaji lets out a laugh into the helmet as he passes the starting line once more, and he puts more oomph into the bike's speed. Soaring around the first corner, he manages to keep pace with Tony with nearly the same dumb stunts. Though he does slow down at the corners a bit to coast through them before he guns it again.

The finish line comes up quicker than Tony had expected. Seeing that the bikes were handling exceptionally well he slowed down enough to cruise towards the line. Inside Kaji's helm there would be a ringing noise, as if someone was calling his cel.

Kaji slows his bike down at the moment he gets the call, and he reaches up; tapping the side of his helmet to answer it. "Hello?" He sits up on the bike as it slows down enough for that, and he soon comes to a stop past the line.

"It's me. Things seem stable enough, I think." Tony pauses a minute to check something, like his own GPS system running in his mind. "Why don't we see how these dogs can run?" His suggestion is followed by circling his bike around towards where the paved ramp would lead out of the track and onto actual road. "I know we just got here earlier today but you did want to see Vegas, and we are after all, close by."

Kaji lets out a laugh, and he nods. "I agree with that. Shall we go see the Strip?" He revs his bike in an answer, causing the back wheel to smoke against the ground. "Lead the way, Boss Man."

The two bikes ride side by side out of the test track area and onto the parking lot of the raceway. From there they keep pace together as they pull out onto city streets and eventually the highway. They play it a bit conservatively till they reach Hwy 99 and once out onto the open stretch of highway they take off at around 90mph toward the city that never sleeps. There would be no sleeping in Tony's future, the tables were calling!

Once the two are on the highway, it's during the night so it seems to be slightly deserted. "Hey, Tony. Let's see how fast these babies can really go." He pops a wheelie in his bike before he revs up the speed, pulling away from the man as he rides along side the median.

Tony is amused by his friends sudden adventurous streak. He catches up to Kaji after a few minutes as they are now going well over a hundred on the straight two lane highway. "I don't know how I'm going to drive normally when I get back."

Kaji laughs. "Then I vote we stay in Vegas for a few days! AS everyone says! WHat happens in Vegas!" He revs the bike once more, swerving around a semi before resuming his straight path.

Tony laughs into the connection. "You've never been there have you?" Tony normally drives like a maniac but at present he's just enjoying the speed. "I don't have anything on the docket for a few days but I do have to call my girlfriend to let her know where I am."

Kaji is silent for a few moments as he slows back down and falls back in line next to Tony, keeping the speed easily. "Nah, never been." He chuckles a bit and then quirks an unseen brow. "Aww. How's it feel to have a chain."

Tony growls at Kaji in a playful manner as his bike darts ahead of the wolfs. "You would know about chains wouldn't you?"

Kaji laughs at the growl, and then start to speed up to catch up to the man. "Sticks and stones may break my phones, but whips and chains excite me." He lets out a howl of laughter after that before he zooms right by Tony.

The quips just keep on coming as the bikes eat up the pavement through the desert. "You should have been at the mansion the other day. Ran into Pietro for a bit, it could have gone better. I'm sure I may have to wear my armor for awhile while everyone gets the snippy comments out of the way."

Kaji smirks a bit. "Really? It probably would've been an interesting meet up. Heard about him, never met of course." At the armor comment, the wolf lets out a laugh and says, "And think that I thought everyone just adored you."

Tony snickers, "See, now I know that's sarcasm." He has to focus on the road for the next few minutes due to the twist and turn through the dunes that they can't see because of the hour. "I had forgotten you had not met him. Maybe we need a meet n'greet. Invite everyone over for pizza and beer then forget the true purpose."

Kaji follows Tony's track through the dunes, slowing down even to keep himself upright before he says, "Oh I'm sure everyone would love that. Who doesn't like pizza and beer. They go so well together!" There's sarcasm in that, maybe he doesn't like beer. More of the stronger stuff.

Tony pushes the bike to its maximum speed when it reaches another long stretch of straight driving. "Well, was an idea. Maybe I should call ahead to someplace. You got any particular idea on where you want to be?"

Kaji ramps the speed back up with a wide grin before he says, "Not really. Though I've heard good things about the Luxor." IT's also a wonder that there're no cops following them. Given the speed that they're going.

Tony wouldn't be caught dead staying at the Luxor. "What in the hell…" He can't even finish the comment to Kaji, it was just too much to fathom. "Do you really want to stay in the Pyramid?"

Kaji just blinks a bit, silent. "Well, I told you I have never been to Vegas. Why don't you choose?" He shakes his head before falling just behind the man, "Maybe my friends were daft when they went there."

Tony chuckles as he slows the bike back down. There wasn't a need to go ludicrous speed for too long even though he thought the bike may be able to handle it. "Nothing wrong with it, just not my style." Tony thinks about it for a minute then places a call ahead to the Paris. "No, I'm not sure when I'll be leaving. Two rooms, yes. Erm..make the reservation under Rhett Anthony." Tony finishes the call off and reconnects to the wolfs cel. "I enjoy being me sometimes."

Kaji blinks a bit at the silence before he reconnected with Tony. "Why do you enjoy being you?" He's curious! He even slows the bike down to ride along side him to signify that he wants to know.

Tony sits back a bit on the bike, his hands adjusting slightly. "I can connect to just about anything from anywhere. At least where communications and computers are concerned, of course. That and I can get away with making last minute reservations because hotels just love extended stays. Too bad they don't know its me in advance, they'd probably run me off. I'm a beast at the craps table."

Kaji lets out a laugh, shaking his head. "Ah, I see. So, if they don't know it's you. I'm guess that you use fake names and everything." He flexes one hand at a time, to keep control of the bike before he readjusts himself on the seat.

"Exactly, though I only have a small list of names I cycle through." Tony calculates how much longer it will take to get to Vegas. They were making really good time even though they were just cruising at a slow pace of 100 mph. "The hotel I booked doesn't get all that populated even though its on the strip. Most prefer to gamble over at Cesars Palace."

Kaji nods once more, letting out a soft 'ah' to show his acknowledgement. "Should I go under false names? Or can I just use my actual one." Questions a bodyguard/friend has to know about these things!

"As no one outside of a small group of people know you yet, I think you're fine with sticking with your name," Tony comments as he casts a glance across to Kaji before turning his eyes back to the road. "Why don't we open this back up so we can get there a bit quicker?"

Kaji nods once more before he grins. "I'm in total agreement with that. And I'm guessing that we're each having our own room?I don't want to hear anything nasty going on from your's. ELse I'll tell yer girlfriend." He lets out a bark of a laugh before he opens his bike back up, and takes off.

Tony grumbles so much that he might sound akin to Yosemite Sam. "I thought I'd be immune from those sorts of comments while around you but apparently not!" Tony isn't mad, honestly, just amused at his own expense. "I've called her, remember? She'll be coming in on the jet tomorrow." The rest of the drive goes uneventful until they reach the town limits where they must slow down in order to not draw attention from the local law enforcement. As always the strip is full of walking people, and cars crawling along at a snails pace. "We're heading to the Paris, you'll see it on the right once you get far enough into the city."

Kaji almost seems to be down about having to go the speed limit now as they reach into the city limits. "Well, I know that you and the lady will have a lovely time here." He chuckles a bit as they're stopped behind a Jeep full of sorority girls. "Wonder where they're going."

Sighing rather dramatically, Tony turns his head to look across at Kaji. "You could flip your visor up, and ask them. I'm sure they'll think you're a rebel and want to giggle all over you." He shakes his head from side to side as they have to inch the bikes along in traffic.

Kaji lets out a soft laugh. "I think I'll pass actually. If there's one thing I know about myself. I'd probably tear those girls in two. No control during that one little moment." He looks ahead of him, and already some of them are giggling. "Course, I didn't even need to flip up my visor."

"That was WAY too much information for me," Tony says in exasperation. He really didn't need to know how Kaji's sex life went. REALLY didn't need to know that information but he'd file that bit of info away just in case it could be useful later to get back at the wolf for ribbing him about one thing or another. "Just imagine the reaction you could get if you actually tried but alas, I leave you to your own devices on that subject."

Kaji lets out a bright laugh, nearly throwing his head back in laughter before he looks over at him. "Oh come on! The least you two could've done was clean better. I could smell it for at least a week." He's probably sure on the fact that he didn't need to know that. But, it was worth it.

Tony would get off the bike to throttle the hell out of Kaji but winding up in the slammer was not on the menu for the weekend. "Jealous much? Go back to that island, and bring back some of the fuzzies, and you'll forget all about me and my devastatingly sexy counterpart."

It'd probably end up as a repeat of what happened on the island! Kaji just chuckles a bit, "Vegas holds many odd things. Might find something here too." He just stops there before he looks ahead, past the cars before he says, "Does Vegas have a law against motorcycles swerving between cars?"

Tony isn't sure on that front but now that its been mentioned he is all for darting through this traffic. Waiting to get to where they are going could age him several years. "Mind the doors, people may fling their car door open and you'll end up a hood ornament." Tony takes the lead, as they roll through the space between the cars that are standing still. The Paris can clearly be seen on the right hand side of the strip from where they are now, "I think you'll like it here. There are 24 hour buffets, nothing ever closes, and the as long as your on the gambling floors the bar sends out watered down drinks."

Kaji follows behind Tony, keeping an eye out for those doors. "Oh, that's a nice little treat for the gamblers." He doesn't think he'll be drinking that much here, he'd most likely drink the bar out of business to actually get some form of shit faced drunk.

Finally, the path leading into the Paris' parking structure is available. Tony nods his head in the direction to go before turning between two cars to roll down the path. Once at the attendant he checks in his bike and rolls to a stop just inside the garage to wait for Kaji to get cleared in. They would park pretty close to the front and be able to walk right into the front lobby of the hotel and casino.

Kaji rolls up next to Tony, checking in with the attendant before he looks over at him. "Lead the way." He made the reservation, and Kaji's just along the fun ride at the moment.

The two men enter into a room that looks like it got dipped in gold. Fixtures, furniture and more all had gold or golden trim. Tony managed to find his way over to the check in desk to handle the particulars. Once the sign in was taken care of he turned toward Kaji extending the card key for his room. "It works like a credit card for all of the hotel save the casino floor."

Kaji takes the card with a grin before he says, "I can tell this is going to be a fun few days." He looks around the hotel for a moment, if he had his tail at the moment; it'd be wagging nearly a mile a second. He's never been to such a luxurious hotel before!

Tony smiles happily as he takes a look about them in the lobby. "Well, we can explore a bit then head upstairs to see the rooms, no?" Of course Stark was all ready getting antsy with the tables nearby. The last time he was here he won a small fortune over at the Palace, so hopefully his luck would hold out for this trip.

Kaji looks back at Tony, smiling and nodding. "Indeed. Let's explore a bit." Thankfully neither of them has any luggage! Who needs stuff like that when they can just buy what they need at a day's time.

Tony has a bounce to his step. It had been a long day that was slowly starting to come back around to being pleasant even though it was about midnight now. They wandered around for a bit getting lost on the casino floor before finding the food. Everywhere they went looked like a vineyard of twinkling lights. The food was hidden amongst the various bars and shops. Tony slipped into a particular shop to give himself a chance in hell of going icognito for awhile. Hopefully Kaji wouldn't wander off too far.

Kaji slips into a shop of his own, wandering around it for the moment before he reappears in a more comfortable garb for the summer. Mainly cargo shorts and a T-shirt, but it's comfy. He waits out from fort for Rhett.

Having anything imaginable open twenty-four hours a day had some advantages. The particular shop Tony had slipped into was actually a salon. He steps out of the shop after about twenty minutes to go in search of Kaji. Thankfully the search was fairly short as Kaji was nearby having changed clothes at some point. "Sorry that took as long as it did." The billionaire now had very short hair, his go-t having been blended into a close cropped beard, and even though indoors he had put on his sunglasses.

Kaji blinks a bit as he looks at the new man. Well, new look. "Very nice look on ya." He nods in agreement with his own statement before he slings a bag over his shoulder housing his old clothes.

"Thanks," Tony tosses back as he spins about looking for something to do now. They would have to save the strip for another time since they had just gotten into town. "Hmm, I can't resist any longer. 21?"

Kaji chuckles a bit. "Sure, why not. Might as well do something to get rid of the high of driving at a hundred plus miles per hour." He motions for Tony to lead the way.

Tony winds his way through the various tables, stopping to grab a drink at one of the bars, out of habit. Eventually they find the section dedicated to 21. Both men are able to pull up a stool at a table that currently had two people sitting at it. Tony greeted the dealer, and pulled out his money clip. He cast a glance over at Kaji, "Spose you'll owe me!" With a smirk he had the dealer hand them over a thousand in chips. Tony shuffled half over to Kaji and took the other half for himself.

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