2009-03-16: Brooding


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Summary: Coffee shop drama. Again.

Date: March 16, 2009

Log Title Brooding

Rating: Log Rating.

NYC - Starbucks

Everywhere you go there's the green and white logo of Starbucks. Coffee, tea, iced drinks, and many specialty coffee drinks and pastries can be enjoyed here. Supporting WiFi and outlets to hook up your laptop, Starbucks is a great spot to relax or study.

The news reels have been spinning about yesterday's attempted attack on the Statue of Liberty and those that stopped it. Natasha doesn't particularly seem to be paying attention to any of it, settled in a stool near the back of the store, a cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other. On the front page is a picture of her in costume, another hero in black and pink behind her, helping the citizens and an unknown 'hero' that only a select few would recognize as Winter Soldier. It isn't the story she's interested in, scanning the pages of the finance section quietly.

Tony strolls into the Starbucks quietly looking at a digital display in his sunglasses that no one else can see, yes his own personal TV, and it makes him sigh. He'd hoped until things were settled with Winter Soldier, Natasha would've kept him under wraps, but the news says otherwise. All files pertaining to WS have shown he's a dangerous killer. A loaded weapon waiting to go off and now he's roaming the city. He mumbles to himself "I should've locked him up till i knew for sure…" Well…it's water under the bridge now, he gets himself a large cup of coffee and walks over to where Natasha is sitting and smiles "Mind if i join you? ….thank you. " and has himself a seat.

Erik similarly steps in from the outside, albeit without any fancier technology in his hands than a cell phone (which is still pretty frickin amazing if you think about it). He yawns a bit, rubbing his face before he spots Tony. Probably just recognizes him from a magazine, although he does give the man another glance as he makes his way to the counter to order.

Natasha settles the newspaper down with a faint frown in Tony's direction. "If you'd locked him up, we might have lost that fight and one of America's symbols of Liberty. Don't you think Steve would be proud of what he did?" Her accent seems thicker than usual, probably a mix of tiredness and irritation. "Might I also point out," she says, snapping the paper as she glances back to the finance section one last time before folding it closed. "He didn't kill anyone."

Sips his coffee, looking unaffected by her irritation "You forgot to add this time…this time my dear. Besides you don't just walk away from…" he lowers his voice "You don't just stroll away from Hydra brainwashing unscathed. Let's get real, we're not sure who, at any moment is in the drivers seat. Who knows how much is going on up there, or when he'll be triggered again?" he leans back and looks at her "I'm appreciative of the fact he helped you save the Statue….but he's still an unknown factor that needs to be explored and needs to be helped. Eventually….he's going to be used again, Hydra doesn't let it's operatives go quietly, or without a fight." he sips his coffee and looks at Natasha through the digital shades as they take her readings. "By the by…you need sleep…and i happen to know of a wonderfully soft bed, just screaming…and i do mean screaming your name." he winks.

Erik shakes his head at something as he stands at the counter. "Large coffee, please." He asks. "And if you make me call it 'vente' today I am going to have to invent soilent coffee." He offers, rubbing his forehead for a moment.

"That is what we are here for, to assure that he doesn't end up used again. I can only imagine a certain someone's reaction when he finds out that you turned your back on his one and only Bucky when he needed help the most." Dark red nails tap against newspaper as the irritated look slides from Tony to Erik, brows arching. It only lasts a second before dead eyes turn back to Tony. It's an odd look, one he hasn't seen on her face since the day they met, even when she herself was under the control of an evil organization. "Nothing is ever cut and dry, and I don't intend to give up quite as easily as you seem intent to." The dead look only lasts another second before it turns sly, fingers going still. "Is it now?"

Tony looks flustered at her "When did i say give up? When? …..Good god i swear I'm talking to a wall sometimes. " he reaches over to tap her head "Hello….i did say help him, didn't i? Sometimes i think your mind is on go and go faster, and i know Steve would understand. My only concern is making sure he's completely out of Hydra's grip. After that he and Steve can have a chit-chat, catch up on old times…..and so forth." he waves his free hand idly. "I'm still curious how this all came about, but this is something that i know Steve will want to deal with personally. " He puts the coffee down on the table "And about that bed…well it has silk sheets, overlooks a gorgeous beach, not far from the casinos or beaches of Monti Carlo. Come on…you know you want to. " he winks in an equally sly fashion.

Erik takes his coffee and moves over to the bar, putting cream in and mixing it up carefully as he moves to sit down a table not too far from Natasha and Tony. And then he chews the scenery.

A moment before Tony's fingers can tap playfully on her head, Natasha's arm snaps up faster than he thought her possible, stopping it from tapping. That look returns to her eyes as she warns, "Don't do that," in soft Russian. Erik walks into pure tension, thick enough to choke on. But just as quickly again, it's gone. "It came up when he tried to kill me. But once he's free of their grip, I'm sure everything will become clear. Until then, we wait." The solid grip on his wrist loosens as she rests her fingertips against his and guides both back down onto the table. "As charming as a vacation sounds, I have far too much on my plate. Like this invasion for instance. We have a lot of cleaning up to do."

All fun has left the building and so has any attempts at lightening the mood "Everything is not fine, and though you seem to have a vested interest in seeing Mr. Barnes fixed as do I and I'm sure Steve, i don't agree that he'll simply walk away and not have to pay in one way or another down the road. I have a feeling it's going to come back to bite him sooner then later, and you along with him. I know there's a connection between the two of you, the files make that clear enough. Truth be told….i don't want to know the details, that's your business. Anything that has to do with the Avengers,….that's my business." he stands up slowly looking down at Natasha " If you'd stop playing his lone defender, maybe you'd see I'm trying to help the man." He sighs a bit and shakes his head "You really should know me better ….." his gaze wanders over Erik and the similarities to Pietro are eerie, and also to his father. He doesn't say anything, but his gaze behind the shades, lingers on him. He then looks back at Natasha and tilts his head slightly at Erik to give her notice. "Well…since you apparently don't need my help, I'll deal with other issues. Take care…" and with that he heads towards the door, saying over his shoulder "You have my number…..you always do."

Erik does not fail to notice that he is being looked at, and chuckles. "Ask." He says simply, giving a wan smile to the table, and nodding to the both of them. "If it is going to bother you all day, Mr. Stark, go ahead and ask."

"Nobody can simply walk away from something like this. Something I know all too well," Natasha says with a blank look towards Tony. "You seem to be looking at the situation one dimensionally," she informs, settling back in her chair, one leg crossing over the other. "You seem to think that I am up in arms because of his and my training together, and whatever else we shared. Perhaps I'm simply taking offense to your attitude regarding the entire situation. I am not helping him remember who he was so that he can trade his Hydra prison for one of yours. You gave the benefit of the doubt to Jessica and myself but you can't seem to muster an ounce for him. Why dear? Because he doesn't look quite so good in black leather?" Green eyes darken as her lips twist into a cruel smile. "I have your number. I will let you know if you are needed." As Erik speaks, Natasha turns her gaze to him, watching silently.

Tony looks at Erik a few moments and tilts his head "You remind of someone is all….Do you happen to know an Edwin Jarvis? You bare a striking resemblance to a young Jarvis. " he grins. Inwardly he's suppressing the unnerving thought he may have found some unknown spawn of Magneto's. That would be an oh so bad thing. He shrugs "No….guess not, ah well….toodles." and with that he starts heading towards the door again. Still, he causes his digital display to patch into the Satellite network and monitor the comings and goings of this white-haired young man, for now. He looks back at the Natasha "Ciao…..call me." and away he goes.

Erik chuckles. "By reputation only." Erik responds simply, smiling gently as he sips his coffee. "Tell me what it is that reminds you of Mr. Jarvis when you see me." He asks dryly.

"He's gone," Natasha says as Erik tries to maintain conversation with the exiting Tony. Lips are stretched into a thin line as she watches Tony leave, the glass mug she had her drink in makes an awful noise before it shatters almost too easily in the woman's grip. She glances down to the scalding coffee with a glare, reaching for a napkin to clean off her hand as she pushes back so the coffee doesn't get on her clothing. A quick snap gets the attention of a nearby barista as Tasha gestures to the coffee to be cleaned up.

Erik shakes his head. "Well so much for him hearing it and deciding to tell me something." He says with a laugh and a shake of his head before he looks over to Natasha. "That is never the healthiest way to consume it."

"Some people would pay good money for a caffeine bath," Natasha says as she finishes cleaning off her hand, discarding the napkin on the table for the barista to clean up further. Natasha crosses her arms, studying Erik for a second. "What were you hoping he'd say?"

"The /truth/." Erik says with a laugh and a shake of his head. "Although that would seem to be out of the question at the moment, wouldn't it." He says dryly.

A red brow arches. "The truth? The truth is that you look like you could be a child of one of the world's most hated mutant terrorists. Went by the name of Magneto." It doesn't seem to bother Natasha at all to be quite so blatent.

Erik nods. "Fascinating. Now would that have been so difficult of him to simply say so? Its refreshing, actually." Erik says with another amused laugh as he finishes his cup of coffee. "Would you like another cup?"

Natasha watches him for a moment. What an odd reaction. "You must get that a lot. That, or you should get it a lot but people tip toe around the subject." She'd have her suspicions, if she cared enough. "Do, I think I have had my fill of coffee for the day."

Erik smiles. "Decently often, with varying degrees of tact." He says as he moves over to order another cup of coffee, and then come back with it.

"And when they don't state it as a comment, but a question?" Natasha asks. "What do you tell them, then?" So has no intel another child of Magneto. But the man did appear to get around a /lot/. So anything is possible.

Erik smiles. "What I tell them depends on who is asking." He offers, which answers almost nothing.

"I see." Well, Natasha isn't really asking, though his answer alone speaks volumes more than he might expect. But then who expects to be talking to a Russian Super Spy? "Well, possible spawn of Magneto, it was a pleasure." She gives him a quick nod and begins to move off towards the door.

Erik chuckles. "Have a good evening, Miss Widow." He says simply, sipping his tea. "Ooh, see it isn't fun when someone knows who you might be…"

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