2009-06-15: Brotherhood Meets AIM


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Summary: The Brotherhood find an AIM base to raid to start the progress on getting their powers back.

Date: June 15, 2009

Log Title Brotherhood Meets AIM

Rating: R

AIM Base - Somewhere Upstate New York

Last night Kage contactated Kas and Paul to let them see what he found out, the location of an AIM base thanks to the bugs Kas was able to plant in there. They made plans to meet and head to the location of the base. With plans set, they set out to upstate New York to the location of the known AIM base. Which is why it is now eleven at night and they're standing in a hidden area not too far from a building called North Shore Elemetry School.

"Using an Elementry school as a base…interesting." Kage comments as he hates not having his own powers, he can't feel what's inside or go inivisible. At least he still has all his gadgets in various pockets in his red costume which still makes him look like a woman, it's probably the skirt and make up and, well, everything but what's in the skirt. "Okay Finese, can you feel how many people are in there using your empathy?" He's not sure if that's how it works or not.

Costumes are overrated when you're not in your normal powerset. Finesse simply yawns. They can't prove it's him later, anyway. It's AIM. Who cares. What'll they do? File an injunction or something? Fat chance. "At the moment I only feel a few. Four there." He points to the door. "Two inside." He reaches out to the two unseen ones, with a grin on his face. First, to one, "Why do they always saddle me with… idiots? Hatred, fuming and overpowering. All these worthless people around me." he says, attempting to fill rage into one. The other? He keeps the hatred motif going, but it's self-hatred. He doesn't know how well it will work, but it's fun to see what happens if he can't SEE it.

Paul is dressed similarly to Kas, practicaly bouncing on his heels and trying to keep from making any loud outbursts. He wants to go into the base and start a rampage but he's holding back until Kas says he can go. "Kaaa~aaaass…", he whisper-whines. He's getting impatient.

Even though it goes unseen and unheard their is quite the delema going on with the two guards inside. Once complaining about how worthless he is and the other complaing about..well…how worthless the guy he's stuck with is. Two guards come in to view outside and Kas would know where the other two are.

Spotting the two coming into view, Kage takes a deep breath and looks at the twins. "Okay, I'll run out and take on these guys out here, create a distraction and you two can go inside and start investigating. Here, these are two communicators, so we can keep in touch." He says handing Finese and Force two small devices so that they can keep in touch. He's used to being discrete and this power, well, it's anything but discrete.

"You may not have your invisibility, but I have the next best thing." Kas says, bringing the communicator to his chest and sending out lethargy to anyone looking at him. "There are two more over there." He offers first as he extends a hand to his brother. "Now, it's your turn." he laughs softly.

Paul takes the communicator with a bit of hesitation and clips it on. He scowls when he finds out he doesn't get to go smash the guards and shakes his head. He waits for Kas to finish the empathic thing and then looks at the hand. Taking hold of his twin, Paul raises up an electromagnetic bubble and takes them both on the move to where they'll easily be able to sneak in once the guards are distracted.

The lethargy makes it a bit easy for Kage as he heads out there and the guards almost seem to give up and just don't seem to care to fight anyone. Not being one to ignore an easy target Kage lets out several concussive energy blasts to send the guards in the Yellow Bee Keeper outfits flying. As he easily fights the four, more guards seem to be coming out at them out of nowhere.

Kas and Paul are easily able to get into the building with Kage fighting the guards. Once inside it doesn't look like an elementry school at all, more like a dingy receptionist area to a research lap. The two guards are visibly arguing, one is even crying. The self hate and hate from his fellow guard mate getting to him. Kas and Paul are just their in time to see the self loathing guard fire an energy blast at his compainion before taking his own life. It seems that walking in here is going to be easy…or is it?

Kas lets his senses extend around to feel, but knows something can't be right. He may not be a regular fighter, but he knows how HE'D run things… and this is just too simple. "Be on guard." he says softly to Paul, letting him take over. He's the brute force behind their power. He'll let him take the fore in THIS field. Touching the communicator he murmurs. "Too easy in here. Be ready."

Paul makes a face of disgusts as the guards go down, glad they didn't get anything on him. He looks around as Kas speaks and then cracks his neck. "Alright," he says. "You be more careful," he adds before looking for a door. Not even checking for a lock, he reaches out and tries to bend and crunch the whole doorframe out of the way with his magnetic powers.

Outside Kage is still playing with the guards, blasting a few here and a few there, but he's taken a few hits in return which just fuels his rage and causes him to hit with more and more lethal force.

As for the two inside it's an eerie kind of silence now and everything upstairs just seems to be empty, all the rooms are set up with computers but upon further inspection it's all dummy boxes. At the end of one hallway there's an elevator that seems to need a code to access it.

"There's something strange in here." Kas says to the communicator. "It's a setup. It has to be. All the boxes are empty, and this door has a code on it. I think we need your skill here." He says simply. "Unless they're just trying to lure us into something." He reaches a hand out to Paul. Sure, their powers no longer magnify by touch, but… he'll take what comfort he can get.

Paul isn't restraining much. Since there are no guards to smash, anything that Force feels even remotely violates his space gets sent flying. He takes Kas' hand and scowls at the elevator. "And why do we have to get the creepy man-woman's help? Why can't I just rip it out of the building?" he whispers to his twin after making sure the commuinicator wasn't transmitting it.

"I'll be right in, I just finished up out here." Kage says as he saunters inside. It takes a bit for him to get there and he does have a few wounds but nothing serious. "I hate not being invisible." He mutters. "So is that what you need my help with, why couldn't Force use his magnetics?" Kage asks as he takes out a device and plugs it in to see if he can crack the code. "Force, see if you can tell how deep this shaft goes."

"Yes, and if it's rigged by some kind of bomb that sets off as soon as someone attempts to use force, or do anything but input the incorrect code and neither of us have the protection that we used to have, do we?" Kas says, with a sigh. "Advanced Idea Mechanics. Well, it's certainly a more advanced idea to rig things to explode if someone doesn't do it just right." He explains, rolling his eyes. "We agreed to help. We didn't agree to be stupid."

Paul frowns. "I can make shields," he says, leaning on Kas. He waits for the code to be cracked and then shrugs. After a few moments of thought he makes a noise. "About ten stories down."

Kage rolls his eyes back at Finese but doesn't say anything. "It's on it's way up." Is all he says as he just watches Finese for a bit. "I'm not even sure what this place is for." He says as he starts to strech a bit while waiting for the elevator.

*Ding!* The elevator doors open up and six AIM agents immedately start firing on the group some sort of energy weapons. Nothing beats a trap like an elevator full of guys with guns. "Shoot to kill men, we have our orders."

He knew something was going on. That's why Kas was mentally prepared for something. He didn't know WHAT, but he knew something. He begins shoving emotion of any type he can think of at the agents, while trying to run around a corner. He's trying his hardest to cause an emotional overload that may short someone out. Too many hormones in the body? Well, that can cause problems. Hopefully, the energy isn't too dangerous… if he gets hit.

Paul wobbles as Kas runs, quickly bringing up a magnetic shield to cover his twin's retreat. BAcking up, he tries to yank the weapons out of the hands of the agents with his magnetics.

The emotion being shoved at the agents causes all sorts of chaos and the soliders to react in all sorts of strange ways. They don't have protection from emotional attacks. While they're acting all funny Kage carefully uses the power he got from Alex to try to stun a few, he doesn't want to hit the elevator and distroy their way down. Paul's lucky the guns have metal and they're all ripped out of their hands. Defenless, emotions out of whack and being blasted at, the Agents are quickly defeated and the three are able to make their way down to the bottom level.

Once the doors open up it's a large room with several AIM scientists working on various projects, flashing computers and lots of high tech. "Intruders. Destroy Indruders." Says a green being as it steps out sends a strong blast of wind at the three to push them back.

Without physical powers, the wind throws Kas back easily. This thing, he doesn't know if the emotions will effect, but he's feeling the strain of over use. He hasn't played with these powers as strongly as the others. "This is all you two." He says softly, fighting to keep himself upright against the wind.

Paul gets thrown back as well, more from surprise than anything. Fighting forward against the wind, Paul growls. He glances around for whatever looks least likely to explode and tries to send it hurtling at the green thing.

Kage wasn't expecting that and also gets thrown backwards. He pushes himself up and growls at the Green Thing and sends a blast of energy at it as well. Between Paul hitting it with something large and metal, and explode it does, and Kage hitting it, The Green Being doesn't just brush it off. "Error…compute…error…" It says as ice starts to form around it then fades, then wind then that fades, wind again and back to ice. The area around the being starts to freeze as it looks up towards Kage and sends an icy blast in his direction.

Feeling fairly useless now, Kas just watches, waiting for the others. he can't exactly combat something like that, his own powers being strictly oriented to organic living things. He waits, hoping they come out properly, but what can he do?

Paul decides to try a new tactic seeing that things were exploding. He didn't want Kas geting accidentally blown up! Raising a hand and concentrating, he fires an electromagnetic blast at the green being and it's ice blast in hopes of cutting it off.

Kage isn't sure if he's happy or annoyed that Paul just saved his rear but he'll take it. "Finese, see what you can find out from those scientists!" He shouts as he sends another blast of energy at at the green being, damaging it further. "Force, hit it with more stuff that explodes!"

Seeing the scientists, Kas gets a new feeling for them. He begins making his way over, sending waves of desire over them as he speaks softly. "Guys, what are these things? What can you tell me about them? How can they return what they've stolen?" he says… speaking as sensuously as he can. "If you tell me… I can give you everything you desire…"

Paul forces down the feeling of 'FORCE SMASH' when Kage gives him an order and just goes with what was requested. Kas did tell him to be good afterall. Taking a new quick survey of the room, he looks for metallic things very likely to explode and starts sending them hurtling at the green monster.

Years of research down the drain as Paul hurls some computers at the Green being causing them to explode nicely. After a few explosions the being finally shuts down and just stands there.

The scientists being to look at Kas like he's the most wonderful person alive and they believe him. They start arguing who gets to tell him first and finally they manage to tell him that there is a device, inside the green being. Get that one and the others, assemble them and that can return what was stolen.

"That's it… now, write it all down for me. The first one to write it down can spend a little time with me. The second… with my brother. The third gets the pretty lady over there. The one who's last? Sorry… you get death." Kas whispers, sultrily as he licks his lips, smiling. "I want to be sure I have it all in order. I need my own powers back."

Grinning like a madman, Paul walks up to the green being. "Not so tough, are ya!?" he growls, cracking his knuckles. He prepares to start ripping things apart ment he overheads 'something inside' and stops. A frown comes to his face and he looks towards Kas for instructions.

The scientists scramble to get Kas the information and one doesn't just write it down, he gives Kas a datapad with all the information he needs. The woman looks at Kas and grins. "There you, I got you everything you need." She looks like she just won an early Christmas.

Kas on the other hand is trying to stop himself from laughing and he looks at Kas. "Force, just say when you're done so we can get what we need and finish up here." Yes, he plans on killing them all.

A datapad? nice! New Toy for Kas. "Why thank you. Here. For that, you get every emotion I can feel in my body." He says, leaning out to place a kiss on her lip. Along with that kiss comes a concentrated burst of emotion, overwhelming everything he can think of as he leans back, smiling. "This one is mine. You can have the papers, Kage. Full instructions." he says with a grin. "We're through here… except for a piece from that thing."

Paul scowls, glaring at the woman Kas kissed. He sends a chair hurtling at her even after Kas lets go. "How about we just take the whole damn thing?" he asks, wrapping his knuckles against the green being.

Kage can't help but laugh as Paul throws the chair. "I'll get the device." Kage says as he starts to work on the thing and carefully extract the device. Once it's in his hands he gathers the papers and any other devices that are small and he might be able to use. "Let's go." He says as he heads towards the elevator.

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