2009-03-28: Brotherly Advice


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Summary: Sam and Jay have a little chat about Juile.

Date: March 28, 2009

Log Title Brotherly Advice

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Spuyer Devil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

Jay sits on a large boulder looking over the ocean. The weather, although a bit warmer, is still too cool for swimming. Fortunately, Jay's fairly immune to discomfort of weather. His vacant stares seem to span to the horizon and beyond. What could possibly be making this young man so pensieve? A sigh escapes his lips as he brings his knees up to his chest, resting his chin upon them. He wonders indifferently what time it is.

There's the loud roar of a rocket blast that Jay's probably heard time and time again as it seems his brother, Sam, is out for a flight. The blond spots his little brother down below and turns, landing on the ground several feet away. "Hey Jay, how ya doin'?" He asks walking over to him. Notiching how he's sitting though causes Sam to tilt his head. "Everythin' all right lil' brother?"

Although the rocketing sound of his brother is nothing new, it definitely is something he was not expecting since his arrival to the school. "SAM!" Jay calls out smiling. "What are you doing here? I wasn't expecting to see you at all." He gets up off rock to walk over to his brother and offering him a hug. "You're looking good What are you up to? Yeah… Everythings ok." Jay quickly answers biting his lower lip. His wings seem to twitch nervously as he delivers the practiced answer without thought.

Sam grins as Jay calls out and he gives his brother a hug. "Ah've been back for a bit, Ah've tried t' look for ya a few times but ya never seem t' be around when Ah'm not doin' something for the X-Men. And you're lookin' good yourself Jay." Sam says ruffling his brother's hair with a grin. "Ah'm training the New Mutants here now Jay and Ah'm still doin' the X-Men stuff. And don't like t' me Jay, Ah can tell somethin's wrong and when you're hidin' somethin'."

Jay smiles sheepishly knowing that his brother is probably one of the few people he could never lie to and get away with. "Nothing really. Ah like it here. Ah really do, people be real nice, the teachers are real insightful…. Girls are great too. Guess that's the problem right there. The girls… Been thinkin bout Julie a lot Sam. I miss her… Even after all this time." His shoulders seem to sag a bit as he recalls holding her in his arms as he tried drowning himself, failing miserably.

Sam sighs and reaches out, putting a hand on Jay's shoulder. "It's a dumb fued that should have ended years ago and Ah'm sorry Jay, with all mah heart Ah'm sorry." Sam says and it's always hard for an older sibling to see their younger sibling in pain. "It ain't always easy t' just get over someone Jay. Ah mean they just named the new dorms the Ramsey Dormatories if that ain't a contant reminder. And Ah know it aint the same as losin' a girlfriend but Ah know it hurts."

Jay kicks a pebble and nods. "Ah know Sam. Ah just loved her ya know?" Jay seems to flex getting a crick out of his neck as he continues. "You always been a good brother to me Sam. Always… Ah'm just worried about what'll happen if I meet someone here yah know? Seems like a couple of girls already got their eyes on me and to be honest, a lot of them are really cute, cuter than the girls back home even, and well… ah guess I'm wonderin if it's ok to like someone else after Julie. I know it's been more than a year and all but… D'you know what Ah'm tryin tah say?"

"Ah'm gonna ask ya this Jay, if it was the other way 'round, what would you want Julie t' do." Sam asks hoping that it helps a bit. "Would ya want her t' hold on t' her loss forever and nev'r find someone or would ya want her t' find happiness. No one's askin' ya to replace Julie Jay, and ya should always keep her in ya heart. Ya know that." Sam sahs squeezing Jay's shoulder lightly. "If you're ready you're ready, if ya ain', ya ain't. Ah'll just tell ya' t' keep it at your own pace."

"To be honest Sam, Ah think Ah am ready to move on and find out what else is out there for me. The only thing holdin me back is, 'would Ah be disappointin Julie?'. Ah know Ah wouldn' be but… D'you know what Ah'm tryin tah say? For me, Ah'd want her to be happy and she'd want the same for me, but Ah guess it's the old romanticism of the Guthries that makes me want to still hold her close and never let go."

Sam chuckles and tilts his head at Jay with a soft smile. "Jay, Ah think she'd rather see ya be happy and live than stop livin' and lovin' for her sake. And Ol' Gurthrie romanticism….speakin' of that, Ah haven't talked t' Lila in quite some time. Ah think the last break up mighta' been the final one." He says but then how many times has Sam thought that before?

Jay chuckles. "You'll have to excuse my skepticism Sam. This has to be the umpteenth time Ah've heard this from you." He starts to feel his spirits lifting. "If you wanna be with her, than make it happen. You told me yourself that sometimes the best things in life are always the hardest things to keep. We fight for them so we know whats important to us. We fight so that we can appreciate how much it takes to keep it… You sure you and Lila are done or are you maybe jus gettin cold feet over the whole committment issue?" Jay elbows Sam in the ribs playfully.

Sam chuckles. "Ah know, but right now, Ah'm needed here and Ah think bein' an X-Men is something that Ah'll always be." Sam knows it's his callin'. "But this ain't about me and Lila, it's about you. What do you feel is right in your heart Jay? And just because your with another gal don't mean ya gotta stop lovin' Julie."

Jay lets out a long sigh. "Ah think Ah'm ready. Ah just think Ah've been trying to find a reason to hold off you know? I'm conflicted." He shrugs his shoulders. "Guess it's all part of growing up… Thanks Sam." He smiles warmly.

Sam chuckles and smiles. "Anytime lil brother after all we're family ya can talk t' me about anything your comfortable with anytime ya want." He says giving Jay a hug. "So besides Julie, how's everthing else going, school going well for ya, training?"

Jay nods. "It's going good. My flying seems to be pretty impressive even among the flyers. They say Ah've got good form and that my speed and endurance is ridiculous and that my healing factor makes me probably the most resilient flyer out there, next to you of course." He frowns somewhat bitter at the sibling rivalry. "I will beat you at sometimes soon… Maybe I'll steal Lila out from under you. KIDDING KIDDING." He says jokingly as he jumps back a few steps. "Ummm another thing, Can you try and tell Sis to wear some more clothes? It's kind of embarrassing to listen to the guys talk about how hot she is…"

"Oh please, Ah've tried t' tell Paige t' be decent, Ah don't know what she's thinkin'." Unless Jay's talking about Melody then Sam has the wrong sister. "Yeah, ya really seem t' be Lila's type but ya both are into music her bein' a rock star ya been in' the guitar and singin'." Sam says as he takes the teasing lightly. "Ya still got a lot t' learn Icarus if ya plan on beatin' me." He says with a chuckle.

Jay grins. Indeed it is Paige he's talking about. "Ah think she jus likes all the attention. Ah caught Remy sneaking a glance at her the other day. It's strange really, almost like Remy's going through my trouble right now. Ever since Rogue's disappeared Remy seem to be battling the same dilemma, only he holds himself better together." Is it cause for alarm when young impressionable soon to be X-Men are trying to model themselves after the Cajun we love so much? (sorry had to throw in a props to my main char LOL)

"Well Ah think she's tried to seperate herself from the Southern Girl Ah grew up with." Sam says running a hand through his blond hair. "Ever since she went t' school in Mass. At least she ain't tryin' t' be fake like that old teacher of hers Ms. Frost. And speakin' of that, Ah saw the Emma Frost of the dimension that's attackin' us, there are some considerable differences.

Jay raises a curious eyebrow at the mention of Emma Frost. "Evil or not, Sam, she's one spicy gal that Frost." Good thing Sam's not a telepath otherwise he'd have a lot of explaining to do and more than likely invoke Sam's brotherly needs to give him "THE TALK".

"Ah've just got a lotta bad blood with that woman but she's here now and Ah've accepted that." Sam says even though all his years with the New Mutants/Hellions rivialry, he's seen the ugly. "Ya can think she's spicy all ya want with the rest of the male student body. That's Scott's woman you're talkin' about." Sam says with an amused head shake. "So ya thinkin' about comin' t' help out on Tuesday, in the final battle in this war goin' on?"

Jay seems confused. "What? I'm not gonna lie Sam, I've been living under a rock for the last little while, I really just been off in my own little world." He seems embarrassed by this little fact.

"We've been at war with another dimensino for almost a month Jay. The school was attacked, that's why there's new dorms now." Sam states. "Ah was down in Memphis helpin' out. Unfortunately though Jay, Ah gotta get goin'. Ya know mah doors always open t' ya little brother." Sam says giving him a shoulder sqeeze before walking off.

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