2010-12-11: Brotherly Bonding


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Summary: While out for coffee the Mayfair Brothers run into each other.

Date: December 11, 2010

Log Title: Brotherly Bonding

Rating: PG

Westchester - Grind Stone

The Grind Stone is a quaint little coffee shop with tables surrounded by various shape chares and even a few couches with coffee tables. Baristas in yellow aprons are ready to take anyone's order from a latte to a hot chocolate to one of their many specialty drinks.

It was a long day of work for Christopher so now that he's closed up the salon he's arranged with his husband to meet up at the Grind Stone to relax and enjoy some hot beverages and coffee house food. He hasn't ordered anything yet but is sitting on one of the couches while flipping through one of his magazines. He's enjoying the soft music that's playing on the speakers of the coffee shop and is happy to finally be able to sit down after standing all day.

It's about that time that the younger looking Jericho and his nearly identical, but much younger… protege? Son? Whatever… Kevin walk in. It seems to be the way their family is designed. There will always be a teenager around the house. And that suits Jeri just fine. He runs a hand through Kevin's hair as he walks over to join Christopher.

It's been a long day for Robin, but not because of work of any kind. Nope! She walks into the grindstone, her puppet carrying an arm full of bags for her, from her long day of shopping. It started out with Christmas shopping, but then she got distracted by just generally shopping. She's currently wearing a warm, faux-fur trimmed coat, a pair of skinny jeans and some fuzzy brown boots. She approaches the counter and says, "Hey, can I get a hot chocolate? Thanks." As her money is exchanged, she turns towards the main room and raises her hand in greeting when she spots not one, but two of her professors in the shop.

Christopher stands up to great Jericho and Kevin with a smile. "Hey hon, how was your day?" He says as he closes the magazine and puts it down. "Let's go order." He says as he walks over in line right behind Robin. "Hello Robin." It's hard to miss Blank and the wave from the girl. "I see you've been busy today. I still have a bit of shopping left to do." He says as he looks up at Jericho. "Oh I'm so glad today is over. You'd think that because we're not retail we wouldn't be busy but everyone seems to want to look nice for the holidays."

"Been busy. Still got a few gifts to buy. Eddie, Ricky, and Jared of course." Jeri laughs as he offers a wave to blank and Robin. He's still not gotten a chance to duplicate that power. Should be interesting sometime. "But I am definitely in a caffeine and ice cream mood."

"Hey, Mr. Parker-Mayfair. Dr. Parker-Mayfair…" She looks at Kevin and just raises her hand again in greeting, not having a name to connect to the face. "Well, I was shopping, and I got lots of my gift shopping done, but then I saw a sweater that I liked, and then one thing led to another…" says Robin, Blank raising the bags up demonstartively after the last words. "It's going to be a good Christmas this year, though, I think. Are you guys going to be at the school Christmas thing?"

"I am going to be making a nice Christmas dinner at Xavier's this year and trying to do something there. I'll be dividing my time between both places since the boys will be home from college." Christopher says as he wants to make sure the students at Xavier's have a good Christmas too. "And I think I have the boys done, no dogs this year though." He says with a chuckle. "Though I would like to get another pet, I miss having Nova around."

"Well, since we all spend so much time away from home, a cat might be better." Jericho chuckles before turning to Robin. "Hey, RObin. This is Kevin. Practically another son, genetically. Trust me. Long story." He laughs heartily. "But he's still decidingi f he wants to join Xavier's or not."

"Hi, Kevin, I'm Robin!" offers the girl as way of introducing herself before nodding at Christopher, "Well, it's really great that you're making Christmas dinner! I'm kind of excited for that, I'm sure you'll do great, as usual." She notes, "I kind of like cats. We used to have a cat back home." She gestures towards the painted lens of her glasses, which depicts said cat sleeping on the floor.

"Maybe two cats, to keep each other company." Christopher says as the Parker-Mayfair home might end up with two kitten residents soon. "I have a few new recipes I've been gathering to try for this Christmas that I'm excited about. And if we end up getting a cat I wouldn't mind inviting you over to see them." He says as he feels bad that students can't have pets at the mansion even though the completely understands why. He reaches out and ruffles Kevin's hair. "I think it'd be good for him but it's upto Kevin."

There's a short chuckle from Jeri as things put together in his head that shouldn't be. The discussion of cats and new recipes. "Chinese, love?" He asks with a snort of humor. He shakes his head and goes back to paying attention. "Cats are fine. I never had a problem with cats. Or any animal really. "He'll go when he's ready. He came from a bad home-schooling situation."

Robin grins at Christopher offers to let her visit the cats, and Blank stirs a bit at that, "Oh, thanks, that'd be fantastic! I miss Stripes. I know, uninspired name, but I blame Megan for that. He's probably getting old now. Well, he is, but it's probably getting obvious." She waves her hands at that, approaching the counter to grab her hot chocolate, "And I can vouch the school's a good place for anyone to be."

"Oh yes, you know that Moo Shu Cat is one of my specialties." Christopher says with a chuckle. "Then there is Cat Lo Mein and Sweet and Sour Cat as well." Of course he really doesn't cook with cats. "I just think having a pet around would be nice, and Stripes. That's not a bad name for a cat. I don't think I'd be any better at naming a cat." He says with a chuckle.

"Oooh, I like the Moo Shu Cat. Oooh, how about Catshimi?" Jeri grins. Kevin just remains silent, offering slight chuckles. "Oh, the reason for Nova was Eddie. The super-hero worshipper." He grins a bit with a shrug. Can't make them like something else. So, encourage them."

Robin chuckles at that and says, "Well, I dunno, I'd've tried to call a stripey cat something other than Stripes, but I guess it's kind've hard to think of a cat name that's not a human name but that's also not a descriptor. After super-hero codenames works, though!"

"Well when we get a cat, we can name one Moo Shu." Christopher says with a smile. "And Catshimi, well that's more Japanese cuisine so I don't know if I can pull that off." He then looks at Robin and smiles. "I don't know, after knowing so many super-heroes, I would think naming my cat White Queen or Phoenix or Catcylops would be kind of weird."

"If we got a White Queen, she'd have to turn her nose up at everything." Jeri grins. "And Catcyclops would probably be barking orders at everyone." He can't help it. It's all too dfunny.

Robin laughs at Jericho's jokes and says to Christopher, "Yeah, I guess that'd be a little bit odd, wouldn't it? Especially if they came over for a visit, and they find out your pets are named after them. But hey, it should be an honour for them!"

Jeri, Christopher and Robin are standing around chatting and Jeri and Christopher's most recent addition to the family, Kevin, is with them as they enjoy their coffee house beverages and snacks. Christopher chuckles at Jeri's jokes about the cats and agrees. "Well it's not like either of those qualities would be hard to find in a cat. Just I'm not naming the fat cat Blob." He jokes before nodding to Robin. "I would be amused if Emma came over to find a cat named after her and one who was just as…high maintenance as she."

"Nah, I'd name a fat cat after someone who wasn't fat, just to make them question it when they come in to meet him. I can't help it. Psychiatric jokes." Jeri grinsm, winking. He shrugs a bit before moving to finally order.

"Ohh, please don't name a fat cat after me," says Robin, fake pouting at that. She takes a sip of her hot chocolate, "I'm still trying to put on weight, but that stupid interdimensional thing set me back on that goal. Well, hopefully the holidays help a bit with that!"

"So no cats named Robin or no cats named Puppet?" Christopher says quietly enough for just those he's talking to can hear. "Well if you want to put on weight, I can put you on a Paula Dean diet. Everything with butter. Butter by the pound." He says with a smile. "Though with all the training you go through I can imagine that it'd be hard to put on weight since you are probably burning off most things you eat."

"Don't forget the bacon. If it's not good enough, add butter or bacon." Jeri nods firmly. "I truly believe in that philosophy. Except… certain family members. They're not as good with bacon." He says with a wrinkled nose.

This cold chilly evening, Jordan Mayfair decides some hot chocolate would be good, but after firing most of his staff, he must live life like a plebian, at least for the weekend. So making his way to the Grindstone, the New York attorney enters the caf, dressed to the tee in brand names, sporting a black pea coat, and designer shirt and jeans. As he enters he rubs his hands and makes his way towards the counter when he spots the small group of mutants and just shakes his head upon spotting his brother. He exhales, "Jericho." "Chris." The other two he doesn't know, but simply nods.

"Well, I kinda want to gain weight but still be healthy about it," says Robin, chuckling softly at that, "But maybe I'll raise my bacon intake a little, who knows? It'll make me look good." She puffs out her cheeks a bit, which looks a bit funny on an otherwise defined and thin face. "But you can name a cat after me, just a cat at a healthy weight!" She turns her head towards Jordan as she hears him speak, only offering a small wave to him in return, not knowing who he is either.

"Everything is better with bacon." Christopher says with a smile and as Jeri says his thing as about siblings and then he hears Jordan's voice, his smile disappears. "And I stand corrected." He says before turning around to face Jordan and give a fake smile. "Topher, it's Chris-topher." He doesn't like being called Chris. "Fancy you being out here tonight Jordan, how are you doing this evening?" He says as he being fairly saccharine about it. He then addresses Robin. "Don't worry about it Robin, I'm sure either myself or Jeri can work with you on some good, healthy, weight gain tips."

"Topher. Christopher." Jericho says at the same time as his husband. He scowls and looks to the side. "Robin, this is my brother. Jordan." HE doesn't explain more. There's no need for it, after all, he's been a thorn in the man's side for a while nbow.

Offering a half-smile to Robin, "Yes, I am Jordan Mayfair." He nonchalantly tilts his head towards his brother, "This one's better-looking brother." He gestures to someone at the counter, "Hot chocolate, extra foam." He invites himself to sit at the table, pulling a loose chair from another table and simply joins them, "Robin, is it? I am surprised to see my brother and." He looks to Christopher, "And this one around a pretty young lady." Smiling smugly and looking at everyone at the table, his eyes meet Kevin and he looks at the youth as if examining him and noting the resemblance to Jericho. He looks between the two, giving Jericho a somewhat confused look. Finally introducing himself to Kevin, Jordan extends his hand, "I'm Jordan Mayfair. Jericho's brother." It is said with malice as Kevin proves to be as confusing to Jordan as Jordan is to him.

"Um, yeah, I'm Robin Keen," says the girl, brushing her hair aside slightly, "It's a pleasure to meet you." She takes a sip from her drink and glances over towards her puppet, the blue humanoid that stands next to her holding her shopping bags, before looking between her teachers with a confused expression.

Christopher slips an arm around Jeri and smiles at Jordan. "Oh I would debate that." He comments about the better looking part. "Robin here is one of our students." He says to his brother-in-law. There are things he wants to say right now but he keeps his mouth shut for the most part. He just doesn't want to say some things in front of Robin. "So Robin, do you have any particular plans for the Winter Break?"

"I don't believe that for a second. I know I look better." Jeri says with a shrug. He looks to Kevin and places a hand on the boy's shoulder. "It's alright. He's more bark than bite. The worst he was ever able to do to us was turn us into ten year olds for a few weeks. Fortunately, we know how to reverse that now." He smiles brightly at his sibling turned rival.

Mayfair smiles insincerely at Jericho's comment about barks and bites. "Well, it's not the first time I've been compared to a dog, but at least not a female one, Jeri." Jordan still eyes Kevin for a moment and then upon hearing of Robin as a student, "Oh, do you attend Xavier's, Ms. Keen? I've been wondering about that school as of late. Been hearing things about the goings-on there and was wondering if it would be a good place to send someone there."

"It's been a good place for me," replies Robin, a bit defensively, "They've helped me with a lot of things, there." She picks up her hot chocolate and takes a drink, looking towards her teachers again. At the same time, she's also been in a few less than excellent situations since going there. But she's also been in less than excellent situations before that.

"It's a great school, even I went there as a teenager." Christopher says as his phone starts to go off and he looks at who is calling. "Please excuse me, I have to take this." he says as he notices it's a call from his sister. He picks up his phone and starts to head off to chat more privately with Katherine.

Standing as well, as his order arrives, he looks to the waitress. "We'll just get that to go." He offers with a cough. "The school, if the student needs it, is worth it. And if you were to send someone there that needs help, it would be one of the two good things I've ever seen you do. The first… is Eddie." He states simply. He looks to Kevin. "Ready for a run?" The boy simply nods.

"Give Katherine, my regards." Jordan smirks as he turns to those at the table. "Well, I can't hold it against Xavier's if one bad apple was there." He pauses a moment at the mention of Eddie's name. "Tell my nephew, that his uncle misses him and to expect a very nice present for Christmas." Jordan then stands up himself, "Well, I will be sending someone to Xavier's. I found someone who is similar to Eddie. Different life story, but could use Xavier's. It might be nice to sit and meet up, maybe during the holidays, brother. I can introduce you to him. See if he would be a good match with the school." He nods to Robin, "It was pleasant meeting you, Ms. Keen." He looks to Kevin, noting the incredibly similar familial and nods and offers a surprisingly sincere smile before turning to Jericho, "It would be nice to hear the story on this one." He scratches his head, "More shopping." He leaves a large bill on the table, "This should cover everyone's order."

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