2010-07-16: Brownie Overload


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Summary: Jinx decides Brownies are a good way to cheer Robyn up.

Date: July 16, 2010

Log Title: Brownie Overload

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Dining Hall

In a school for children the dining room is decorated to be practical instead of elegant. The walls are a pleasant tan color. Two large windows line the walls looking out to the school grounds. A large table for at least forty people sits in the center of the room. Two chandeliers hang from the ceiling to light up the room. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the kitchen so food can be passed back and fourth.

The text came early in the morning, just after breakfast. Of course early for a teenager is after 9am, especially during summer. The text was simple. "Dng Hll, Brownies. Nw."
True to her word, Jinx sits at an empty table in the dining hall with a huge full-batch of brownies before her. She even has milk there, because coke just doesn't go with brownies well.

Robyn was down in the medbay when he got the text message, just like yesterday, he's not supposed to leave, but pulling the IV out, he's made his way up to the Dng Hll? It took him a bit to figure that one out as he was trying to think of a Hill that started with an 'd' and Dung Hill just didn't make sense. Still in the hospital gown, barefoot and bandaged up he makes his way into the Dining Hall. "What's up Jinx…brownies for breakfast?" He asks as walking over to where she is.

Jinx gestures to the plate opposite her. "Have a seat, Robyn," she smiles to the boy. There's a look of feisty determination in her eyes. "I have stolen a whole plate of brownies, and you and I are gonna sit here and eat them until we either throw up of feel better," she plucks one from the plate, loaded with chocolate chips and fudge. She raises her brow in a challenge. "You in, or are you too sissy for a little chocolate attack?" Teasing, obviously.

Robyn looks at the plate of brownies carefully and sits down slowly. "Are these…Mr. Parker-Mayfair's brownies?" The teen does have quite the sweet tooth and he hasn't has much solid food in a week with all his injuries. "I'm sorry I've been such a downer lately Jinx but..it's not easy you know? Everyone acts like it should be easy like I can just say, it doesn't bother me, but it does…a lot." He says taking a brownie and the first bite.

Jinx holds up a finger and takes a bite. Chewing thoughtfully, she lets the moment last before she speaks again. "No apologies. We're eating brownies here," she gestures to the plate, like it takes an honored guest. "You take a bite, you tell me something that's bothering you. I take a bite, I get to do the same," she licks her lips and takes a bite. "I hate people yelling at you," she chews. "Okay. Now your turn."

That statement causes Robyn to blink as he's a bit surprised by that but there's a small smile. "Thanks, I hate people yelling at me too." Right now there's a comfort in doing this that is nice in an odd way. "I know you said it's not my fault but I hate that I put you in danger, I hate seeing my friends get hurt."

Jinx uuups softly and flicks a finger to the plate. "None of that. Eat," she smiles. Chocolate is the panacea in this arrangement. She takes a sip of her milk. "I am up one, and now you need to catch up," she grins. Another bite. "I think you deserve someone better for you than a guy who leaves you after you get pushed in front of a car and will visit you in the fricking med bay." Her eyes glint.

That statement from Jinx stings and Robyn stays quite as he finishes the brownie and grabs another. "No…Jordan's just…he's dealing wtih a lot still. He's still getting over what Sinister did to him. I just hate that he chose now to tell me." He puts his head down on the table, second brownie still in his hand. "I really do love him Jinx, he's…changed though." And he's hoping that once Jordan's got his head on straight he'll be back to the way he was. "He's over protective."

"If he is over-protective, why isn't he there for you when you *need* him to be protective?" She asks him after another bite. "This is not me telling you to get over it. You take your time, and you love who you want just as long as you want to. I am just saying…" she rolls her shoulder in a shrug. "You need someone who can hug you, not kick you when you're down. I know you want that to be Jordan, and I am pretty unhappy that he can't do that for you, too."

"I hate that I'm unsure." Robyn mutters and ends the the topic of Jordan there as he takes another bite of brownie before going for the milk. "Well you're the only person who hasn't kicked me when I'm down right now Jinx…thank you. I mean it." He says giving her a smile, it's a bit sad but he really is grateful. "It's just been everyone you know? First James gets possessed, then Connor goes and becomes his asshole future self, Selene's nightly visits, you getting hurt, Selene trying to kill me, then Connor telling me how horrible I become in the future then Lucas last night, I don't know. Am I really that awful Jinx?"

Jinx takes another sip of her milk, and licks the inevitable mustache of white off her lips. "Why are you blaming yourself?" she asks. "You taste people's souls. You know what people are like, right? Some people hurt others to make themselves look better. I think Future Connor is like that, from what I have been hearing. Lots of yelling and stuff. Besides, what kind of jerk would tell a kid how awful they turn out? That is like… throwing puppies off a bridge. It's just cruel and mean," she takes another brownie. "Robyn, you drink energy, but you don't have to internalize all this shit. People are jerks to you and things happened. You didn't ask for it. If you had, well…" she rolls her eyes dramatically. "Then you can ask me why you are so awful, and I would be able to tell you."

The question of 'why' causes Robyn to try to find an answer but nothing logical comes to mind. "I..I don't know Jinx. I feel bad. I don't know, I was used against you and I don't like it." But he's also realizing his guilt might be unreasoned. "I need psychic energy, it's all mental. I don't eat souls." He says as he can't help but smirk a little at that. "Just what causes your mind to function, I don't drain people's lives." He says as he goes to eat his third brownie. "You know, there were a few minutes yesterday, after Connor told me about my future where I honestly thought, 'what's the point'."

"Because you felt like you were the asshole?" she asks, raising a brow. "Instead of the guy, in your friend's body, who came to possess this already damaged and hurting kid, and who was chewing you out and telling you things you don't want to hear?" she takes a bite of another brownie, after first teasing out a chip to chew between her teeth. "Okay, so psychic energy. I can't control my stuff either, all the way. I am only learning and a lot of stuff… flows over. Embarrassing stuff," she sniffs. "And even as thirsty as you were, you didn't take me all the way down. You caught yourself before it was too late. That's a pretty awesome thing you did, Robyn."

"The first time I did it, without control, I put the nurse into a coma. Everything happened so fast. I wanted to hold onto you, that need was there, but I knew I had to let go." Robyn says as the fear overruled the need. "At least it's not too embarrassing for me, Jinx.." Robyn says looking at her with a smile. "Thanks, for doing this." He's starting to feel better already, it's the talking he needs without someone accusing him of anything. That and the brownies, the comfort is nice.

Jinx feels the pounds piling up on her hips, but she doesn't care. There's chocolate out there. "You know, tomorrow we could meet a kid that has it worse than us," she muses. "Maybe his B.O. is toxic and kills everyone he knows. Maybe his voice is a sonic boom that blows out everyone's ears. Maybe she oozes cottage cheese out of her pores and is a cheesemonster," her eyes dance at the horribly gross image. "There's plenty of other things you could be. We could be. But what we *are* is here, in this place, doing our thing… with friends who care about us enough to rip us open in order to show us the greatness inside. It sucks to endure it, but we're so, so lucky."

Robyn lets out a genuine laugh at that as the idea is funny to him. "I don't hate my powers Jinx, I really don't. I'm getting better it's just I never thought I'd have to use them against a friend and I've had a few times. Though Jordan was evil when I stabbed him." Which didn't make him feel bad at all. "So we're still going camping right? I wanna go camping. I just hope this is the end you know? That there's no more shit that drops on us. I haven't seen Selene since that night so I think that's good. I just hope this is end of the shit storm."

Jinx nods her head, and dunks her next bite in the milk. The brownie absorbs the milk, making crumbs sink towards the bottom. "Yeah, I hope so. Frost mentioned a beach house in Maine. I think the beach sounds better than the woods," she smiles, enjoying her time by the water. "Lucas could do whatever in the waves and I could work on my tan," she winks. Hard to tan when you're already black. "You and James could… I dunno. James could break things. You could ah.. read?"

Robyn makes a face at reading. "I do like to swim you know?" He says with a smile. "And I've never been on a boat so who knows, maybe try something. Sculpting, that's my thing but…I'm not feeling it right now." The creative juices just are flowing. "I've never been camping either. My family doesn't have much money so The Jersey Shore or Lake George was most of our vacations. So Maine will be cool!" He's already got that bit of himself back and he didn't even cry today. He reaches over and puts his hand on Jinx's and smiles. "You're the best Jinx."

Jinx's fingers move under his, and she curls her hand around to give a reassuring squeeze. "I'm something," she winks to him. "You should have Lucas take you out with kayaks. He is big into them and he could show you how to do stuff. It looks really fun," she nods her head. "I want to ask him to take me out too, but I don't know where I'd put my tail." Not a lot of room for extra appendages in a kayak.

"Sit it behind you, strait up, like a mast! You can be the USS Stripes." Robyn teases her as he squeezes her hand back. "That's if Lucas doesn't yell at me." He says with a frown. "I dunno, Lucas is…I wish I could get to know him better. I mean we have the same best friends but him and I aren't really close. There's like a wall I wish I could break through."

Jinx smiles a little. She ponders Lucas. "He's like… too big for his skin," she muses softly. "He doesn't make sense a lot of times, and he is still struggling with the whole 'think about others' thing. He hates seeing you upset, and the way he deals with that is anger," she rolls shoulders in a shrug. "It's not really great, but he's got his issues. Instead of crying, he gets mad. That's probably why his hands are such an issue still. He'll get there, though. I'm sure."

Taking another brownie, in which Robyn has lost count on how many, he nods. "I hate crying. I know it's hard to tell cause I've been doing it a lot lately, but I hate it. I doesn't solve anything." He'll fight crying for as long as possible before letting it come out. "Yelling at someone doesn't make them feel better, it makes them feel worse, or at least me." He then looks at Jinx and reaches out with his non-broken arm and taps her on the nose. "So how about you, how are -you- holding up, and don't say 'I'm Fine'."

Jinx flinches at the nose tap, her ears flicking back. That's sensitive. "It's just how he reacts. It's just him. He cares a lot, but is just lame about how he goes about it." She twitches her nose at the question. "I'm alright," she answers anyways. She takes a big bite now and chews. "I saw what death looks like."

"I should find him later and talk to him. Let him know I'll be okay." Robyn says with a nod before his face grows serious and he stops chewing for a few moments before swallowing hard. "You saw it? Like…the whole white light thing?" He asks nervously.

Jinx nods her head. "Yeah… you should. But just… if he starts yelling, don't yell back. It just makes it worse," says the girl like she knows it all. Though apart from James, she may know him best. "Yeah. It was like a membrane or something, almost. White light, tunnel, darkness. It was pretty trippy," she dunks her brownie again. "That was from Selene, not you."

"I know, it's just sometimes when someone is yelling at you the reaction is to yell back." Robyn says as he's kind of admiting he's guilty. "I tried to explain but I just…I felt like I was doing something wrong. I meant what I said yesterday, I can't handle this on my own. I'm so bad at this. I mean..I like being happy." Who doesn't? Robyn just doesn't deal with being miserable well since he hates being in that state so much. "Well I'm glad Selene didn't get to you. I didn't see any white lights just got told if Forge didn't find me when he did I probably would have died."

"Yeah, but you guys are yelling at the same thing but at the wrong people," she pulls her hand back to drag through her hair. "We did fine, and we'll keep doing fine. It's not about who we are, but who we can depend on. Just gotta find a way of making it all work. We could be something amazing," she smiles and sets her brownie down, slowing down at least for the moment.

"I know, I'm not saying it's his fault." Robyn says agreeing with her. "I gotta find him later and not yell, but talk to him." He assures Jinx that he won't be doing any yelling. "I also want to talk to Addison. I want what Connor told me, future Connor, about the present out of my head. I don't want to remember it. I know it's running away and he's offered to remove other stuff and I've said no but this is different." Then he nods. "Yeah…I think we could. I was so excited when I heard about the team. It still sucks that it was a reason to kill us."

"Nothing saying we can't do it on our own, right? I mean, we have our DR teams and all, but there's nothing against a group of friends having some fun, right?" She smiles. Maybe there is something against it in the rules, but she doesn't look big on rules. "Doesn't have to be official, like James was wanting. We can still do it and just have it between us."

Robyn nods at that and smiles. "Yeah, you're right. You know I don't want to be a superhero, I'm not a hero but, it was nice to be a part of something for once, ya know?" He was a loner at his old school, an outcast. "I didn't have that many friends before coming here. James and Connor are my first real guy friends. I was so afraid of making friends at my old school cause I wasn't out yet. I was so scared that they'd find out. I had a few female friends but we didn't even really keep in touch after I came here. I was the weird art kid so..it's nice to belong."

Jinx snorts a laugh. "Here, everyone's gay. Except me," she wrinkles her nose. "So see? You belong here. That settles it.." she eyes her brownie, half-eaten and delicious. "Maaannn….. " she looks back at the plate as well, half-full. "i was sure we could have gotten through at least half of them."

It's early morning, maybe close to nine thirty, ten o'clock-ish. Robyn and Jinx are sitting at the table working on a plate of brownies and have finished off the better part of a gallon of milk. The barefooted Robyn's dressed in a hosptial gown, one arm in a cast and sling, the other arm all bandaged. There's a bandage around his head as well and there are a few on his legs. He looks at the plate of brownies and smiles. "I don't know about you Jinx, but I'm not done. We're not throwing up yet so keep eating." He teases her as he takes another brownie. "Not everyone's gay. I'm pretty sure James isn't, nor is Lucas. Thank god Theo isn't and I think Mike is just robosexual."

Brendan has obviously just gotten out of the shower. He's dressed in a pair of tight jeans, expensive looking white shoes, and a white button-up shirt that is unbottoned, with the sleeves rolled up around his elbows. Beneath the shirt is a pale blue shirt with an interesting design on it, resembling a yacht flying through the clouds. Everything is designer. His hair is damp and freshly combed, though in a trendy way. He makes his way into the dining hall, looking a bit tired. The new student peers about, arching an eyebrow as he catches the tail end of the statement. "I'm not gay," he offers, before his gaze falls upon Jinx. The youth blinks, staring for a moment. "Huh. This place really will take some getting used to." He offers a lopsided grin. "Not that there's anything wrong with the way you look, though. I like it." If one listens closely, they may hear the faint hint of a French accent.

"Oh, Mike's the car guy, right?" she grins at the thought, having met him once. She picks up her brownie again with her clawed fingers and nibbles with more caution than before. "Dunno about James. Lucas… dunno about him either, but he did have Rash…" Her voice trails off as the new guy steps in, her purply eyes widening in response to his general demeanor and the richness that seeps off of him in a cloud. She blinks. "You think I am something, wait until you see the possessed hyena." She gives Robyn a glance. Not gay and rich! Score one for the opposite team.

"What? Did have?" Robyn says as he hasn't heard through the grapevine yet about the two. "Did something happen with Lucas and Rashmi?" He's missed a bit being stuck in the medbay. "Well I don't think James is straight but I don't think he's gay, I just think he's James and Lucas…I just think he's..Lucas." Best way to put it and as for the new guy, well Jinx's glance is returned. "Hi..nice to meet you. And yeah it does take a bit. I'm Robyn, Robyn Larkin." He says offereing a bandaged hand.

Brendan grins at Jinx and nods. "A possessed hyena, really? Wow! I met Jill last night. She thinks she looks strange, but I think she's absolutely gorgeous." He walks forward and offers his own hand to the bandaged youth, shaking it gently. "Nice to meet you. Brendan du'Apugnone." Some people might recognize the last name if they follow pop culture. Denis du'Apugnone is a world famous director, mixing the styles of Hostel and Pan's Labyrinth. He almost won Best Picture last year, but lost out to Gullermo del Toro. Also, Acia du'Apugnone is basically Paris Hilton…but with a smaller nose and a bit more money. "I look forward to getting used to it. This place might not be at all like home, but I'm liking it. Had trouble sleeping, though."

Jinx doesn't offer her hand, even though she has finished the brownie and licks over her fingertips. "Mm. My name's Jinx," she murmurs, not offering a last name. "Have a brownie if ya like. We're drowning our sorrows in chocolate," she gestures to the plate of homey yet delicious brownies. "I haven't met Jill, yet. There's a lot of unusual people around here," she turns her head back to Robyn with a nod and a slight twitch to her ears. "Oh yeah. Major splitzville. It was… ugly." She leaves out the part of her kinda helping split them up, though.

Robyn winces at the mention of splitsville and nods. "Shit." He says with a sigh. "No wonder he was so angry and just told me I could move on. I mean it's not like Jordan and I are over, I'm whining about him leaving and him and Rashmi broke up..damn. I'm an ass." He says grabbing another brownie and looking up to Brendan. "Yeah, sorry you had to walk in on us being emo….wait…du'Apugnone? As in Denis du'Apugnone?" Robyn loves movies especially quirky ones, Tim Burton is his personal hero due to his art style. "The director?"

Brendan glances down at the brownies and considers. "I should watch my weight, but what the hell? They look awesome." He slides down into a chair and reaches out for one, inspecting it. "My cook could never quite master brownies, sadly. She could do French cuisine and almost any Asian amazingly well…and her Borsch was to die for…but she could never master something as simple, yet important as brownies." He takes a large bite, closing his eyes. He chews for a few moments then lets out a sigh. "Totally. Perfect." He swallows and glances at Robyn. He chuckles, nodding. "That's the one. He's my older brother. Only, brother, really…all the rest are sisters."

Jinx blinks. Rich kid. "We'll get you trained up in junk food, Brendan. We're professionals at it," she grins to Robyn. She listens with interest to the exchange about family. "Wow. That must be really cool." She bets he even has a car of his own. Jinx, being ever subtle, smiles charmingly. "What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?"

"Brownies, Cookies, Cake, Potato Chips and Coke, the five food groups." Robyn says as he takes takes another bite of his brownie before putting it down to drink some milk. "I haven't eatten solid food in almost a week so the brownies won't last long." He says as he blinks at Brendan. "Uh…my Dad messes up pancakes and my Mom makes a passable tuna cassarole?" Robyn never said his parents were good cooks. "And you're serious, that's your brother? That's…." He can't really believe it. "What Jinx said, how'd you end up at Mutant High?"

Brendan chuckles a bit at the response to who is brother is, and he takes another big bite of the brownie. "Eh, my families been rich since the Franco-Dutch War. They were nobility back then…and technically we still are, I guess. I'm like, the fourth cousin once removed of Prince William or some crap, according to my rather British mother." He grins to himself. He doesn't sound like he's bragging. In fact, his tone of voice makes it sound like this is all pretty blase to him. "Well, my powers manifested about four months back, when our jet was going down over the Rocky Mountains. I felt a connection to the metal of the plane, and just set it down harmlessly. I blacked out after that, though. I've been trying to replicate that sort of power ever since, but have failed. My stupid sister walked in on me trying to move the fridge, and she told my mom. My parents panicked, worrying my 'freakishness' would ruin the families name…and then the Xavier School people showed up…and here I am. My parents told the press I'm in rehab for sex addiction or some crap."

Jinx's eyes go wide. "Sex addiction is better than being a mutant?" She glances at Robyn. "Wow. That's wild. So like, this is a big step down for you," she waves vaguely to the mansion at large. "For most of us, it's a step up. I bet it's a real change for you to have a roomate, huh?" She has to grin, imagining the hilarity that would come from that adjustment. She dunks her brownie in some milk and mmfs softly. "Oh hey, if you want a glass they're over there in the rack. We sorta help ourselves."

"Wow." Robyn says at the story. "Sex addiction? Like they couldn't come up with anything better." He says finishing off the brownie. "Yeah, I come from a small apartment in Brooklyn so this is a major step up. I mean they have a pool here." And lots of other things. "So who is your roommate?" Robyn asks curiously as he finishes off his milk and lies back a bit. "Okay Jinx. I think I've had too much chocolate."

Brendan stands up and makes his way over to the cabinet with the glasses. He pauses as he notices the metal handle, and he holds a hand out. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, and the door to the cabinet rattles gently before popping open. He opens his eyes and gives himself a big grin. "Awesome. I'll get better eventually." He reaches into the cabinet and pulls out a glass, making his way over to pour some milk. "Well, they prefer sex addiction over being a Mutant, I guess. It doesn't help that right before this whole thing started I'd just gotten out of rehab for it…" He shakes his head and plops back down into his seat. He dips the brownie in the milk and finishes it off. "Mmm." He glances at Robyn. "Oh, I -love- the pool. And yeah, I do, though I've only seen him in passing. His name is Hosea. And it isn't that bad. I mean, I've barely seen him so far.."

Jinx reaches up and rubs her nose with the back of her hand. Sex addict rehab at 17. How is that even possible, given the nature of teenage boys. More questions beg asking, but he seems pretty forthcoming on his own. "Oh, I met that guy," Jinx offers, leaving the addict talk away for now, "Hosea. He's pretty damned cheerful, that guy."

"I hope you're joking." Robyn says about the sex addiction thing as it's just…mind numbing to him. "Oh Hosea, yeah, he's like permantly happy or something. He's from Africa and no, that's not bad. I rarely saw my old roommate, Zack, before I got switched." He looks at the brownies, takes a deep breath and grabs another one. "Alright, I'm not quitting yet Jinx."

Brendan reaches out to grab another brownie. When Robyn states that he hopes he's joking about the addiction he just shrugs. He dips the brownie in the milk and takes a bite, chewing for a bit before speaking. "Yeah, Kisha or someone told me he was nice. I doubt I'll have a problem with him."

"That's right, Robyn. You keep eating those until you chase away the blues or throw up. Those are the rules," she grins, though she is almost done with this one that she's been nursing along. "Oh, you've meet Kisha. I bet you two would get along great, what with her…" she swirls her fingers around, indicating some vague suggestion of powers. "Technical stuff and your thing. It's always great to find people who sorta fit in with what you can do. I think Hosea's one of those immaterial people, or whatever it's called." The skunk girl reaches up to brush her bangs back from her eyes, though they immediately fall back down again.

Taking a look at the brownie he takes a bit and slowly chews. "Thanks again Jinx, I am feeling better though, I just wish that now I could walk up to James and punch her in the face." That would feel good right now. "Though I hit Connor with my broken arm yesterday, that hurt, but it felt better." He nods about Kisha. "I like Kisha though I'm convinced she's going to grow up to be a Mad Scientist whose either going to save, or destroy the world with her brilliance."

Brendan chuckles. "No, Kisha doesn't like me very much. I'm too impractical for her. Plus, sometimes I give off EMP blasts that fry equipment…" He shakes his head and takes another bite of his brownie. "So, how did you two end up here, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Yeah, Kisha was telling me the other day that is she has money problems, she will just make some," Jinx eyes the two guys. "I'm not convinced that she is gonna stay straight if she doesn't know right and wrong, you know?" She sets her brownie down, done. "You hit Connor with your bad arm? Woah. You must have been pissed!" She grins, sharp teeth flashing bright in her mask of black, as she obviously finds the image just delightful. At the new guy's question, she pauses. "I was turned in when I was found wandering without a collar and tag."

Robyn gets a bit red and shrugs. "He was being an a jerk. I kept telling him to leave me alone and he wouldn't. So I hit him." Like a child but then Connor did deserve it and Robyn was acting like a kid yesterday. "How'd I get here…over a year ago I passed out in German class, went into a coma, was in the hospital for a week, drained the psychic energy off of a nurse, put her into a coma for a few days then I came here within a week."

Jinx snorts a soft smile and pushes up from the table. Her tail wreathes out behind her, a lavish display of black and white fur. "Yeah, okay. I gotta get going. I have that make-up test in History that I have to do," she eyes the door with a soft sigh. Summer School just sucks. She leans over the table to give Robyn a ruffle of his spikey hair. "I'll catch you later, Sprout." She winks to him at the new nickname, and turns to leave the dining hall, her little skirt flipping against her legs.

Standing up himself, Robyn lets out a groan from pain and too much brownies. "Oh god…I think I am going to be sick Jinx." He says as there's a reason he's been on a liquid diet with his injuries and medication. "I should get back to the medbay anyway Stinky." That's for being called Sprout. He smiles and shakes his head. "I should get back to the medbay before they yell too much. See you later." And he goes to head back downstairs, where he'll promptly get sick once arriving there true to Jinx's promise.

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