Bruce "Dingo" Jumbuck
Bruce Jumbuck (Dingo)
Portrayed By David Beckham
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 21, 1978
Age 31
Zodiac Sign Gemini - Horse
Aliases Dingo
Place of Birth Melbourne, Australia
Current Location New York City
Occupation Bartender at Nowhere
Known Relatives See Below
Significant Other Jack Boomer (Thought to be Dead)
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Psammokinesis, Psammic Form
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation Brotherhood
Alternate Versions Future Bruce
First Appearance Conflicting Paradigms
Alts Played by Raff Eris, Hildegarde & Rocket Raccoon
Defunct Alts McKnight


Bruce was born in Melbourne, Australia to Terry and Bindy Jumbuck. His early childhood was fairly typical, attending primary school with no major hardships. He lived happily with his parents and younger sister, Kimber. He enjoyed frequent outings to the beach and occasional camping trips into the bush with his father.

On one such trip when Bruce was 13 years old, his father Terry was bitten by a tiger snake during the night. Bruce awoke to discover that he could not rouse his father from his sleep, and found himself stranded 20 miles from the nearest town. He managed to get his father into their jeep and tried to drive back to civilization, only to have the car break down 5 miles from the town. He walked the remaining distance and managed to save his father‘s life, but barely.

Shortly after the incident Bruce‘s father lost his job. Without his father’s income, they were forced to move to the outskirts of town to make ends meet. He took up an interest in mechanics, blaming his own mechanical ignorance for his father’s brush with death. He spent many days out behind his house laying in the dirt and tinkering with equipment from a local junk yard.

One day, while taking a break from dissecting an old junk car, Bruce discovered that he was able to manipulate small amounts of dust around his feet without touching them. Bruce was intrigued, and began to train himself to move slightly larger amounts of sand and dust. He would sneak out every night into the scrubland behind his house to practice. After a few years, he found that he was able to move significant amounts of sand and dust with little effort. He suspected correctly that his power was the result of his being a mutant, though he feared to tell anyone of his abilities.

When Bruce was 16, Bruce got a part time job washing dishes at his Uncle Rodger’s pub to help cover the bills. There he learned to mix and pour drinks and was an accomplished bartender by the age of 18. Two weeks after his 18th birthday, Bruce came out to his parents as a homosexual. His father was enraged and told the boy to leave. His mother and sister were more understanding, but neither would defend him against Terry.

With a heavy heart, Bruce left his home and entered the city. There he decided to enlist in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps. He was eventually shipped out to Iraq to assist with the American war on terror, and was stationed in Western Iraq. Things went smoothly for a while. He was able to practice manipulating his powers in secret, fearing to let it be known that he was a mutant.

He was able to successfully keep his powers a secret until he was 25, when he reflexively created a sand wall to protect himself and two others from enemy fire. After the incident he was given a summons to meet with the general in charge of his division. He was permanently separated from the rest of his unit, and was asked to demonstrate his ability in front of his superiors regularly.

After several months of seclusion within a military compound, Bruce became weary of his situation. Though he was allowed to roam the compound freely (for the most part), he feared that they would experiment upon him or try to use him as a weapon. He met several other mutants during this time who were being studied as he was. One of these was Jack Boomer, which whom he developed a romantic relationship.

Eventually, Bruce was offered a substantial amount of money to participate in a "Mutant Combat" Research Project. Bruce agreed to participate, but a malfunction in the computer system led to a substantial explosion that caused Bruce to discover an ability he was previously unaware of. The concussive force of the blast should have killed the man, but he was able to instinctively activate his ability to transform his body into sand as the explosion was triggered. A few days after the experiment he was able to recompose himself into human form. He was informed that Jack was fatally wounded during the experiment, though this was a lie. Bruce refused to participate after that incident and, since his tour was up, asked to return back to Melbourne. He was made two additional offers, which he refused, and then was allowed to leave the military and return to Australia as a civilian.

After returning home, Bruce was pestered frequently by government officials, each of them requesting that he take part in one project or another. He grew weary of this and decided to leave the country. He remembered hearing about the anti-mutant sentiment in the United States, but he had also heard of a few positive incidents involving mutants taking place in the US. Deciding that it was as good a place as any to make a new start, he got his affairs in order and departed for the United States. He obtained US Citizenship and now lives as a dual citizen of both Australia and the United States.

After coming to the United States Bruce was approached by Magneto. He has joined the Brotherhood of Mutants and patrolled Mutant Town regularly for troublemakers. After becoming addicted to the drug "Kick" Bruce became a danger to himself and others. Iron Man and Chamber were able to subdue the mutant after a particularly destructive rampage and he is currently being held in a SHIELD prison.



Date Log Title Cast Summary
May 7, 2012 Freaks at the Bistro Aiden, Bruce, Cale & Taylor Taylor and Cale head out for a night on the town, and run into Bruce and of course Aiden who's working at the Bistro.
May 13, 2012 How Far Will You Go? Bruce, Cale & Mikhail Bruce learns of Rashmi’s disappearance. He offers to help Cale find his sister, but his method seems like it will hurt a lot of people.
May 15, 2012 Civil Unrest Cale, Dingo, Nicholas & Taylor A mob of anti-mutant activists riot around the Embassy in response to Envy's recent activity.
May 21, 2012 The Fine Points of Good PR Bruce & Rashmi Rashmi visits Bruce to discover the whole Envy situation that‘s been going on. She then has to convince Bruce that killing is not always the best solution.
May 22, 2012 Pieces Fall Into Place Bruce & Kalindi Kalindi appears at the Embassy to fill in Bruce on some of the information surrounding Stormwaltzer and why Envy might want her dead.

Friends & Family

Name Race Relation Notes
Terry Jumbuck Human Bruce’s Father They have not spoken since Bruce was 18. Terry’s strong personal views caused him to reject his own son due to his sexual orientation. He is also opposed to mutant rights.
Bindi Jumbuck Human Bruce’s Mother He sends her cards on her birthday, but never leaves a return address. She wishes to see him again, but does not know how to contact him. She is not bothered terribly by Bruce’s lifestyle, but she stayed with Terry for Kimber’s sake.
Kimber Jumbuck Mutant Bruce’s Younger Sister He still communicates with her occasionally through phone conversations and letters. They get along very well, but Bruce has not revealed his mutant status to his sister. She moved out when she was 18 and currently lives somewhere in Australia. If she possesses mutant abilities, she has not told Bruce about it.
Rodger Jumbuck Human Bruce’s Uncle He lives in Australia and manages a small pub. Jack did not give a proper good bye to his uncle, so the man often wonders where his nephew has disappeared to. Bruce’s parents always give the man roundabout answers
Jack Boomer Mutant Bruce’s Ex-Lover They met in the military while Bruce was serving overseas. Bruce was told that Jack was killed during an explosion and Jack was told a similar story about Bruce, so both believe that the other is dead. Jack is described as a mutant, but his powers are as of yet undefined.
General Murphy Human Bruce's Commanding Officer General in charge of Mutant Combat Experimentation in the RAIC. He would like to see Bruce return to the military, but at this time the Australian Government has not given him the authority to force Bruce’s cooperation. Bruce’s dual citizenship will complicate the matter if that time ever comes.
Magneto Mutant Bruce's Personal Hero Bruce learned of Magneto's views of mutant superiority and was motivated by his actions. Bruce's has met with him a couple of times and was offered a position in the Brotherhood, which he gladly accepted.
Lilith Vanderbulin Mutant Coworker Bruce’s coworker at Nowhere. She acts as though he is an annoyance to her, but in truth they are good friends.


Bruce started out as a generally friendly and easy going guy, and he still is. He tends to be more concerned with mutant politics themselves rather than with the human race in general. He does tend to treat mutants with a lot more respect than human. Every day his bitterness and resentment for mutant oppression gets a little stronger. He enjoys blowing off steam by being rude and starting fights. He is by and large mistrusting of non-mutant humans and fears the passing of anti-mutant legislation. He also fears being found out as a mutant, and tries to keep his anti-human ranting to himself and a few choice people. Set him off though, and you’re likely to receive an earful about the “natural order” of the world.


Dingo is able to telekinetically control any sand within a 25 foot radius of himself. The “sand” Dingo can command is in truth any granulated rock or mineral between 0.06 and 2.0 millimeters in diameter. It is not only beach sand, but any small rock and mineral fragments, some dryer dirt and dust, and granulated salt. He tends to use truer sands because dusts and salt will become completely unusable when wet.

The more sand Dingo controls, the harder it is for him to manage. Also, the more sand he controls, the faster he fatigues. The sand can move at an incredibly fast speed within five feet of his body and is usually used to guard against physical attacks. He can keep it suspended in the air around him and move it to where it is needed for protection, or can form it into a shell or wall for greater defense. The shell makes for an excellent defense, but if he closes it completely he will be unable to see.

The farther the sand is from Dingo, the slower it will move. If he focuses his power in a single direction, the sand can reach about 25 feet, but at that distance it is so slow that it is basically useless. If the sand moves beyond his reach it will fall and become inanimate once again.

Dingo can use the sand within his area of influence as an extension of his senses. If another individual moves across sand that he is currently controlling, he will be able to sense their movement from the disruptions they cause. He can also detect their location in a sandstorm by noting the void they create in his sand cloud. He would not be able to detect someone who could phase through matter (Shadowcat) in this way.

The weight of sand feels about 90% lighter to Dingo than it does to normal individuals. He can create large sand weapons and lift them with little effort. He can also carry large amounts of sand with little fatigue.



  • Bruce is terrified of Ghosts. He believes that his apartment is haunted.
  • Bruce has a German Shepherd mix named "Tiberius".
  • Bruce has Aboriginal Tattoos over much of his body.


Physical Descriptions

You see a man in his mid thirties who stands a little over six feet and weighs approximately 180 pounds. One can tell by looking at him that he works out regularly. His face is rugged but attractive, usually with a couple of days worth of stubble on his cheek. His hair is brownish red and buzzed short and his eyes are a vibrant green which appears to be almost an unnatural shade. He bears a tattoo of a paw print on his left upper arm and if he were nude one would see Aboriginal designs tattooed all over his body.


The man is wearing tight fitting brown shirt with blue jeans. He has on a green jacket which comes to about mid waist which bears an Australian flag on the left breast. He has brown boots on and a silver watch on his right wrist. His ears are each pierced with a silver ring and he has a set of silver dog-tags around his neck. When he is not wearing his brown Akubra slouch hat, a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses can be found pushed up on his head.


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