2009-01-27: Bryant Brawl


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Summary: Kaden is none to happy to see Eddie again and it shows.

Date: January 27, 2009

Bryant Park Brawl

Rating:PG-13(for language and violence)

NYC - Bryant Park

Located right behind the New York Public Library is the quaint Bryant Park. Looking over 42nd Street, chairs and tables have been set up all around the green, making it ideal for book readers, people to sit down and eat, or just relax with friends. Trees surround three out of four sides of the park, and in one of the corners sits a little stand called The witchcraft creamery which offers ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, floats, and warmer beverages in the winter.

Nice, chilly afternoon in New York City. Bundled up against the cold once again, Eddie Mayfair-Parker has ventured into the city. He's intending to pick a few things up while out but for now is in the park. Sitting on one of the benches, he's just staring up at the sky in thought.

Kaden is now sporting a nice splint on his nose and the bruise on his stomach is healing well though still painful. Pallaton does not have a weak punch by any means. He just decided to go for a walk today, still feeling a bit grumpy about having to see a doctor yesterday even though she wasn't that bad by any means, though he isn't taking her advice to rest. Walking along the path, the red-head spots Eddie sitting on one of the benches and walks up behind him and clasps a hand on his shoulder. "You are so fucking dead shrimp." He growls in his ear, blaming Eddie for his fight with Pallaton the other day.

Eddie just about jumps out of his skin at the sudden hand on his shoulder, letting out a squeak and tumbling froward. THUD. "Ow," he murmurs. Then it registers what was just said to him. "What?" he asks, starting to get up and turn around.

Seeing Eddie just triggered Kaden's temper and so he blames the kid for his fight with Pallaton. jumps over the bench right after Eddie tumbles forward and goes to shove him to the ground. "What?! You're fucking friend broke my fucking nose."

Eddie isn't expecting any sort of attack so he goes down. "Oof!" he lets out. "What the…Kaden? What?"

Kaden jumps onto of Eddie and aims one good punch to his face. "That's for you being a pathetic little shit who can't fight his own fights and has to send their fucking freak ass friends to get revenge." He says pulling back his hand for another good punch.

Eddie lets out a noise of pain as the punch connects, eye tearing up a bit from the blow. Reacting quickly, he swings a fist rather blindly and ends up punching at Kaden's stomach.

Before the second blow can land, one of Eddie's fists hits his stomach and it's not that it's a hard punch it's just that it hit his bruise and he stops with a wince as he grabs his stomach.

Eddie quickly tries to squirm and scramble away once he doesn't feel a second blow. "I have no idea what the heck you're talking about!" he says quickly, wondering if he should've just stayed home.

Kaden decides to be nice and explain it, since Pallaton didn't give him that luxuary. "You, you sent your fucking friend after me after we got into a fight. Are you really that pathetic where you can't fight your on fucking fights and have to send your fucking asshole of a friend to break my fucking nose." He says pushing himself up and putting up his fists. "Now get up, I'll at least fight you fair unlike you and you're freak of a friend."

"I didn't send anyone after you," Eddie replies, lightly touching where he was hit and bringing a wince out of him. He looks Kaden over and scowls. "Why would I send someone after you?" he mutters. "Who? Who did it?" he inquires, getting to his feet and stuffing a hand into his pocket.

Kaden eyes Eddie cautiously and stays on his guard, not trusting him. "He didn't give me his fucking name." He says obviously still angry. "And why the fuck should I trust you, you've already proven yourself to rely on low blows and cheap shots."

Eddie scowls again. "Then what did he look like?" the scarred teen asks. He rolls his eyes slightly. "Look, I'm sorry I kicked you there but I was mad and it was the only way to get you off of me," he says, one hand staying up on guard and the other in his pocket.

Kaden still doesn't trust Eddie but he's not attacking him. "I don't know, some fucking blond emo looking kid." He scowls with a glare at Eddie. "Stonger than most people, probably goes to that freak fucking school you go to."

Eddie glares. "Like you're any more normal, you went there toom jerk," he replies. "Blond emo kid…I have no idea who in the name of the Eye of Aggamatto you're talking about," he says. "He do anything? Powers?"

Kaden starts to charge towards Eddie again to attack, but stops himself. "I didn't have a choice, I didn't want to fucking go there. And I know I'm not normal." Kaden growls out, he still has the stance like he could attack at any minute. "What the fuck are you talking about? He said your name and I don't know, he didn't give me his fucking social security number. Just..something was fucking off about the tool."

Eddie takes a step back, pulling his hand out of his pocket to reveal he's holding another smoke bomb. This one's red instead of blue though. "I'm trying to figure out which of my friends went after you for attacking me even though I told them to leave you alone."

Kaden narrows his eyes at Eddie. "I swear, if you try another trick like that again, you're going to wish you didn't leave that fucking place today." He says giving a warning. "What the fuck am I supposed to tell you?! He was fucking strong, he punched harder than anyone I've fucking fought before, he was blond and he was a fucking dick. Now you should ask that tiny little fucking brain of yours (said by the guy who really isn't that bright) which of you're friends did you cry to like a whinerbaby."

Eddie scowls. "It's not a trick. It's fighting with my brain instead of just charging like a bull," he says, rolling the small item between two fingers. "And I didn't cry to anyone you jerk. People that care about me tend to be concerned when I show up covered in bruises," he adds. He's already preparing to hear people asking about the new injury. He goes quiet for a few moments. "The guy…didn't have fur did he? Like a wolf or something?"

"No." Kaden spits out and then some thing seems to click in his head, that flicker that he didn't register until just now. "I…maybe?" He says sounding really unsure of himself. Though he can't blame Eddie's friends now that he said that since he knows Drew and Keith would be protective of him too if he likes it or not.

Eddie thinks for a few moments. "Pallaton," he eventually says. "I asked him not to go after you!" he grumbles.

Kaden starts to lower his guard but still looks at Eddie suspiciously. "Yeah well great fucking friend you got there, almost got you're ass pounded into the pavement. Tell him if he ever fucking touches me again he's going to regret it. You're lucky though, if you're telling the truth."

Eddie shoots another glare Kaden's way, stuffing the smoke bomb back into his pocket. "No, he almost got us both hurt needlessly," he grumbles. "I'll tell him not to come after you again…but if he does, don't come after me, ya jerk. And ofcourse I'm telling the truth."

As Eddie stuffs the smoke bomb back into his pocket, Kaden lowers his guard and shoves his hands in his pockets. "Okay…I believe you. And almost?! That fucker broke my nose." Not that it wasn't injured prior to the fight. "And if he comes after me again, I won't, but I don't promise to go easy just because he's your friend."

Eddie frowns. "I meant that I would have fought back. I have more than just smoke this time," he says. His scars flicker blue for a moment out of sheer annoyance. "And you shouldn't fight him even if he does come after you. He's more than just strong," he warns.

"Yeah, well I'm more than just an asshole." Kaden says stubbornly. A part of him was going to fight Pallaton until he couldn't anymore if the asshole came after him again. "If that fuck comes after me again, it's on him what happens. You can tell him that but obviously he doesn't listen to you."

Eddie watches Kaden. "You're a pyrokinetic. I looked up your file," he says simply. "He'll listen after he sees this…" the scarred mutant trails off, gesturing at the black eye that he's sporting.

That answer causes Kaden to take a few steps and glare down at Eddie with his fists balled up at his sides. "What the fuck else did you look up about me you little shit." He's not happy about the propect of some kid looking up his file.

Eddie shakes his head. "I looked up your powers and wanted to see if it said why you left the school. That's it," he says, crossing his arms.

Kaden doesn't seem happy about that at all. "So you're nosing into my personal business? Man you really are a fucking prick." Kaden says shaking his head. "So what other shit do you want to know about me then?"

Eddie rolls his eyes. "Oh, shut it. I was looking up information on a potential threat. I wanted to know what I'd be up against incase you came after me again," he says.

Kaden glares at Eddie for quite some time before just turning around and walking off. He doesn't want to deal with this kid anymore so he decides he'll just go back home. Rest for a bit since his stomach is hurting a bit.

Eddie grumbles and then starts to head home as well. He'll grab some ice for his eye and go on errands another day.

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