2011-08-23: Bulletproof

Players: Franky and Vance

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Summary: Franky and Vance encounter each other and talk in Mutant Town.

Date: August 23, 2011

Log Title: Bulletproof

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue A)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

It is late night in Mutant Town and Vance, dressed in casually for the summer weather in black cargo shorts and black tribal T-shirt, stands outside Nowhere and makes his way down the street an stops by a food cart, “I wonder. What to get today?” He asks himself as he looks over the menu. Exhaling loudly, “What do you recommend?” The vendor just shakes his head and mutters, “Get whatever you want.”

Coming down the street the large form of Franky stands out even in the dark of night. The squeeky wheel from his shopping cart heralding his approach even before he's seen. Likely headed for the park to find a place to sleep for the night.

Hearing the wheels, Vance turns and waves to Franky as he orders two hot dogs. “Franky?Hey I got you a hot dog.” Vance uses telekinesis to float the hot dog towards the homeless man. “Hey.” Vance smiles as he takes a bite out of his.

Franky stops as he hears his name and gives a wave to Vance "Hello dere Vance, how iz hyu doink tonight?" His speech has improved, there seems to be a bit more intelligence in those eyes as he takes the floating hotdog with a smile and takes a bite. "Tank hyu verry much, hy wuz just goink to find a place to shleep for tonight."

“Oh wow. Yeah. I forgot.” Vance feels very guilty living in a mansion while Franky finds lodging in the park. He looks over the food he bought and then asks, “Hey what about the shelters? Are there any spots available tonight?”

Franky takes another bite from the hotdog and shakes his head. "Iz too hot, mozt folkz crowdink der shleter zo hy come out here tonight. Iz Hokay hy don't mind it. Odders need more help den hy do." He ponders a moment and smiles "Oh hy ken do zomtink new, vant to zee?" He grins wide.

Blinking a moment and nodding, Vance’s facial expression then shows that he understands, “Something new. You can do something new.” Smiling, Vance continues “That’s great. I would love to see what you can do.”

Franky nods and turns back to his cart, he rummage around a moment and pulls out an old tabloid magazine. The cover has a photograph of Wolverine with claws extended fighting with some unnamed thugs. "Hyu zeen dis guy yez? Ze what he doez vit hiz handz?"

Intrigued, Vance squints when he is presented with the picture of Wolverine fighting some thugs. He thinks to himself how surprised he is that someone actually got a picture of the usually elusive mutant. “That’s Wolverine. I know of him. Yeah those claws of his are pretty sharp.” Vance offers a smiles and then looks to see what this has to do with Franky’s abilities.

Franky holds up one hand and seems to concentrate. The hand turns completely silver.. a definate T-1000 moment as it turns from flesh to metal, three long blades extending from the back of his hand. He smiles rather proud of himself. "Zee? Hyu ken do zat too." The blades are a great deal longer, and it seems he can't move his hand while in that form either.

“Holy crap!” Vance blinks, “That is pretty good. Cool.” Vance ponders, “So is this part of your power or something? Are you a mutant?” Vance ponders and frowns a bit, “So you can detect life-forms and do that. Interesting secondary mutation.”

Franky nods, the blades retracting and his hand returning to normal. "Iz pretty good yez?" he nods and smiles "Yez hy em mutent, at leazt hy tink hy em, vat else vould hy be?" Add Franky's enhanced strength and endurance to that list and Franky isn't just a mutant, he's a powerfull one.

“Well, you can see me as a mutant, right? You knew I was when you saw me and you knew Kai was not. So I wonder, what happens when you look in the mirror?” Vance surmises, “If you have the same effect that I have when you see me, then you are a mutant. If there are any number of things you can be.”

Franky nods "Hy looked et my hand vonce, look ze zame az ven hy looked at hyu. Zo hy tink hy em mutent. Shtill don't remeber anytink before der shelter, zo if hy em zomtink elze hy don't know vhat.

“Well then I guess you are indeed a mutant.” Vance smiles, “Welcome to the club!” Vance looks to his left and then to his right, “Well be careful what you do with your powers? And those hands especially, people make take it the wrong way if you do that too much in public.”

Franky nods "Yez hy know to be carefull, don't vant to hurt anyvone on accident. Iz shtill neat though yah? Didn't know hy could do dat till a few dayz ago." He smiles again, still rather proud of himself.

Smiling along with Franky, Vance nods, “Wow. That’s interesting that you just learned how to do that. Did you just look at the picture and copy it?” He asks and moves closer to Franky and looks at his hand.

Franky nods "Yah, friend at der shelter gotz me a bunch of old magazines on heros, vaz tryink to learn how to be vone myselve ven it happened der firzt time. Took me a vew dayz but hy learn to do it venever hy vant now."

“So do you think you can copy other powers too?” Vance wonders and floats up using his telekinesis. “Can you try to copy me doing this?” He hovers only a few inches off the ground. “Maybe you are some kind of mimic?”

Franky hmmmms and watchs Vance for a few moments. Gritting his teeth and concetrating as he ties to will himself off the ground. A few moments go by until he's almost shaking with the effort but still doesn't move. There's a brief smell of ozone as small crackles of electricity errupt from the metal studs in his neck. But it fades quickly and he takes a breath and shakes his head "Nope.. ken't do dat. Sorry."

“It’s ok. Don’t worry.” Vance grimaces at the small crackles of electricity and the ozone smell. “You are powerful all in your own right. And a hero too.” Vance acknowledges, “You seem to get better each time I see you. Your speech has improved a lot. You’re pretty smart.”

Franky nods and smiles, not even seeming to have noticed the electrical discharge. "Tenk hyu, hy em tryink verry hard. Friendz Traviz and Razhmee bring me study bookz and a library card. Hy iz gettink Shamarter but shtill haz long vay to go."

“Oh Rashmi and Travis. I know them. They are good kids.” Vance smiles, “I am so happy you made them as friends.” Vance offers, “I am glad you have people to look out for you. I was getting a b it worried.”

Franky shakes his head "No need to be vorryink for me. Hy em shtill verry tuff. Novone ken hurt me even vit gunz." He reachs into his pocket and produces several flattened bullets, on closer inspection it looks like his shirt has a few holes in it.

While it is clear that Franky is fine an literally bulletproof, Vance is more concerned that someone would actually fire on him, “What happened? Who shot at you?” Vance lifts the bullets telekinetically out of Franky’s hand to examine them closer.

Franky smiles "Few men vere makink troublez vit zome of der men from der shelter ven I saw dem. Dey all had on shirtz vit an F and a H in a big zircle. Ven dey saw me vone uf dem had a gun and ven I vouldn't not let dem hurt do odder men he shot." He grins "Dey didn't vant to fight anymore ven day saw der gun didn't vork on me." The bullets are .45 caliber, flattened after impacting somthing they couldn't penetrate.

"Well, I'm going to take these bullets and investigate who those were. I gotta go, but be good, Franky." With that Vance leaves flying out of the area.

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