2010-04-13: Burger Babble


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Summary: Theo finds Bruce at a burger joint. They discuss Bruce’s meeting with Magneto.

Log Title: Burger Babble

Rating: PG (L)

NYC - Burgers and Cupcakes

This little restaurant lives up to it's namesake of serving Burgers and Cupcakes and not much more. There is a big glass display on the counter displaying the days cupcake specials. A big board behind the counter shows their small menu of the various burgers and toppings you can get. Small metal tables that barely fit four people with wooden chairs line the floor and bar style seating lines the window for those who want to people watch as they eat.


The Burger joint isn't terribly busy just now. Most people came by here a bit earlier to pick up dinner or a quick snack, but right now there are only a handful of people here. One such person is dressed in jeans and a green coat and wearing an Australian hat. He looks a bit beat up right now, with a few bandages on his face and his hands gloved up. Bruce looks generally unhappy at the moment, and the cashier looks a little frightened.
"Whadda ya mean me accent's funny? Maybe I think YOUR accent's funny. Maybe instead of worrying about where I'm from, you gi'me my goddamn burger before I have to bust yer skull open, how 'bout that?" The cashier looks nervously toward the back room, waiting for Bruce's order to come up.

The door flings open, and a brisk paced Theo comes in. He looks like he's been running hard, but tries to play it down, running his hand through his hair to straighten it out, and struggling to control his breathing. It's still clear that he's winded. He shoves his hands in his pockets, and quickly slides to the line, oblivious to the fact that Bruce is the one carrying on at the front counter. His gaze seems fixed on the glass door to the establishment. His T-shirt, however, is not hidden, under the open short-sleeved dress shirt, it reads proudly "Kiss Me, I'm a Mutant." The same shirt he was wearing when Bruce last saw him, but this time, it's a black one with white letters. Apparently he stocked up, wherever he got it.

Bruce taps his fingers impatiently and glares at the poor cashier. The older lady in line behind him is apparently in no mood to try and order while the irate Australian is standing there. Bruce finally gets his meal and snatches it up, turning around to go and find a seat. He sees Theo and quirks a brow, wondering why he looks so out of breath. He tries to catch the boy’s eye and points to a booth in the back corner, indicating that the boy should go back there when he’s finished ordering.

As Bruce passes, Theo's gaze does move up long enough to see him, and he arches his brow, rather surprised. He nods, and after the woman has ordered, he orders as well. Three cheeseburgers, and a sprite. Hey, he's a growing boy. After placing his order, he strolls back to where Bruce sits, and slides into the booth. "Did he talk to you?" he asks Bruce before anything else can be said. He remembers their previous conversation well. His breathing is starting to slow down, and he places his hands flat on the table in anticipation of Bruce's response.

Bruce is already done eating his first burger by the time Theo sits down. It’s not that the boy took that long to get over here, Bruce just eats extremely fast it seems. He has four other burgers on his tray and two things of fries. He can’t seriously eat like this all the time, not with how in shape he looks. The man takes a sip of his drink while nodding his head.
“Well if by ‘talk’ you mean ‘tried to grind me up with metal blades’ then yes.” The words may sound like an exaggeration, but Bruce’s face looks pretty serious. He shrugs, “But he got the information he needed from me and went after someone else. He mentioned that we’d be in touch, though. So…We’ll see I guess.” He takes a bit of burger and talks with his mouth full. “Lucky me I‘m immune to meat grinders.”

Theo knits his brow. "What? Why would he want to kill you?" he asks. It wasn't at all what the boy expected. "I thought you liked everything he stood for. Why would he be out to get you?" The boy hears his number called, and he jumps back up. "Hold that thought, I'm hungry."
He quickly goes back to the counter and retrieves his food before returning with his tray in hand. He slides it onto the table, and then slides himself into his seat once again, unwrapping his burger, and then taking a massive bite out of it rather unceremoniously.

Bruce ponders for a moment whether or not to tell Theo about the bank incident. He decides to say it in such a way that he assumes Theo will not be able to make the association. “I kind of…Got into a fight with his son.” He shrugs and finishes off his third burger, the second was consumed when the boy ran up to the counter. “Rather, his son got into a fight with me. But some scary girl hurt him pretty bad and…” He lowers his voice slightly, “And Magneto went after her. I guess he thought it was me at first or something.”

"Magneto has a son?" he asks. "I didn't know that." He takes a bite of his burger before continuing, with his mouth full, of course. "He anybody I'd know?" He reaches over for his soda, and pulls the straw to his lips so that he can wash the bite down.

Bruce quirks a brow and takes a drink of his soda, moving onto a box of fries and saving the last burger. “Yes, he’s got a son. Not much like his dear old dad, don’t think they get along.” He nods at the second question. “He’s on the telle once in a while it seems. Everybody seems to know who he is, anyway.” Bruce sighs, “Met him twice now, neither time went so well. Last time a bit worse than the first.

"Wait, he's not that guy who was on the news about the bank thing a few days ago, is he?" Theo asks. "Quicksilver? That guy is a little bitch. One of the first people I met when I moved here, and I hope I never have to talk to him again. Would've punked him so hard if he threatened me any time that I wasn't starving and dehydrated." He takes another bite of his burger, not nearly as fast an eater as Bruce, but he is moving along at a pretty good pace.

Bruce laughs as Theo gives his impression of Quicksilver. “Yeah well, you may think otherwise if he came after you. That guy packs quite a wallop.” He pokes at the bandages on his face, “These are completely unrelated, though.” He thinks for a minute, “Yeah well he’s a bit annoying anyway.” He remembers something from when the boy first came in, “So why were you so out of breath anyway? Up to no good?”

"Nothin' a few fabricated accusations can't cure." It appears Theo has a pretty good thought about how he can manipulate the system to his advantage. He takes another sip of his sprite, and then puts it back down. "Me? No, not up to anything," he says. "I just like running." He says it as if it's an excuse to be believed, and takes another bite of his burger.

Bruce chuckles and shakes his head. “Riiiiight. Well running to a place to eat is a bad idea. Might make you chunder.” He frowns a bit, “Speakin’ of which, you decide you gotta don’t do it on me. He contemplates mentioning that the person who got him in contact with Magneto was the cat-person, but the vodka wasn’t that expensive. Bruce won’t worry about that now. If the boy tries to ask for more alcohol then he’ll bring it up. “But yeah, I guess I’ll just chill a bit until Mags decides to contact me…Or try to have me killed.”

Theo doesn't try to defend his statement, but seems to look a little confused at the word 'chunder'. "Chunder?" he asks quietly, as if contemplating the word. "Oh, blow chunks, got ya. I think I'll be fine." He grabs another bite. "I dunno how much pull I can give you," he says. "I told Magneto about you, but other than that, he doesn't know me much better than I know him.

Bruce quirks a brow and moves on to his second box of fries. “Oh? I thought you knew him pretty well. I guess I assumed as much from how you were talking.” He only offers a nod to affirm that the boy has discerned the correct meaning of his slang. “Anyway…” He finishes up the last of the fries. “I should probably get back sometime soon. Tiberius’ll be unhappy if his burger gets cold.” It seems that last sandwich is for his dog.

"Yeah, I think he's more interested in me than I am in him. I'll try to keep it that way, gives me a little more pull. I have what he wants, he doesn't know if he has something I want." Theo grabs his second burger. "Okay," he answers as Bruce gets up. "I think I'm gonna hang out for a while." He relaxes back into the booth, and takes his first bite out of the second burger.

After meeting Magneto, Bruce doubts that Theo’s theory is correct. If anything Magneto has him believing this because Magneto WANTS him to think that way. But who knows? Bruce still doesn’t even know what this kid can do. He stands and picks up his sandwich, tipping his hat, “Alright. Be good…For the most part.” He offers a wave and heads out the door.

~ Fin ~

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