2010-10-25: Burning Down The House


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Summary: When Werewolves and Werehyena's attack!

Date: October 25, 2010

Log Title: Burning Down The House

Rating: PG-13

Tegu-Haaz - Salem (Old Farm House)

Over grown grass covers the landscape of the old farm. An old water pump stands in front of a stone trough with a metal pail hanging from the spout. The farmhouse is one story and in pretty good condition. Beds are made, the carpet is cleaned and there is surprisingly no dust in the house. There is a long porch with a rocking chair and a few other chairs and tables on it. The rocking chair never seems to stop rocking though. On one of the tables is a chess board where the pieces never seem to be in the same position the next time one looks at it. There is a root cellar off to the side of the house with large wooden doors that close shut. The barn off to the side is home to old horse pulled plows and tillers and many tools for farming. The stalls and pens for the animals lay empty.

It's evening and the sun has set, casting the land in the bright glow of the full moon. And with it comes the stirring of the creatures that call the forest their home — until now. Inside the farmhouse it's business as usual, with several of the 'survivors' playing out the roles they've been thrust into. Outside, however, the wind is still, the surrounding area dead of noise. As if every trace of life had gone into hiding. The only exception, the occasional distant call of beasts howling and searching for prey. And it's after one of these ever-closer howls that we join Xavier's students and staff.

And others. Troy is not a student of Xavier's and never has been. Leo used to be, but is no longer. Which one is in control at the moment, however, remains to be seen. The young man with two minds comes down from the roof, sliding in through a back door. A confused expression rests on his face. He says nothing yet, and there are no visible power-marks to determine anything.

Silence. There is just too much silence in this world. Hildegarde looks around the woods once more, trying to decide which direction to go. No matter which direction she seems to travel the scenery does not seem to change much. The woman woke up several weeks ago in the forest and has not been able to find any semblance of civilization since arriving in this hellish place. After wandering around for several days, Hildegarde had decided that she was in Niflheim and settled down next to a creek. She sustained herself on wild fruits and fish, but the amount of food she was collecting was no where near enough to sustain the woman. Two days ago she began wandering around again, hoping to come across civilization, but half expecting to find Garm or Hel herself. Hildegarde stops walking and leans against an old tree, sighing and looking up at the moon. She lets out a slight yelp as the tree falls under her weight, clearing a bit of brush before striking the ground with a dull thud. The woman turns and blinks a few times, not quite believing the barn she sees in the distance. She climbs over the felled tree and begins lumbering toward the old building, calling out as she approaches, "HELLO! HELLO!?" She then yells something in German, which anyone who understands the language may recognize as "Is anyone there?" Hildegarde stops after that last call. It sounded as though someone had responded to her. She pauses and tilts her head, hearing once more a howl echoing through the night. "Eh, just what I need. The Fenris Wolf knowing my luck." It would appear that the forest has taken its toll on the usually well groomed woman. Her once vibrant green skirt is tattered and covered in mud. Her hair is tied back with a bit of rag and is entangled with twigs and leaves, and her arms and face are covered in tiny scratches.

Coming out of the night, a young woman shambles through the silvery glow of the moonlight toward the warm, welcoming glow of the farmhouse. She moves a little too loosely, as though her joints aren't quite fitting together right. Star pauses for a moment at edge of the porch, her skin pale and almost gray looking where visible. The undead teen hesitates before she mounts the steps to pause again at the door. The sound of a voice from out in the night has the zombie looking back out into the night, though she doesn't respond just now, the voice not being one she's really fmailiar with.

Running up to the porch of the farmhouse, Kenta holds his arm which is dripping with quite a lot of blood. "Help…were…were…" Kenta starts to say to anyone that's there before letting out a scream of pain as his body starts to contort. His face starts to change into a muzzle while fur starts to sprout everywhere. Clothes rip as he body is altered. His arms and legs start to change and turn, getting longer and leaner with muscle. Claws form at his finger tips and toes as a humaniod-wolf appears in his place. Looking up at the full moon, Kenta lets out a howl.

Multiple calls from around awaken one of the voices in the head. Bright sparkles of light form around his body. His hair turns completely white as Leo looks around. "Yes, we're here!" He calls towards the voice of the woman. But then Kenta comes in and he rushes in that direction. "Kenta Gilpatrick?" He asks, remembering the voice. But then, everything starts changing and going strange. "Ohshit…" The living lighter says, as he holds onto his light, prepping to blast if he needs. The darker voice intones, "This don't look pretty."

Hildegarde breathes a sigh of releif as she hears a voice call to her from the barn. She begins to trot a little faster toward the building, breaking into a run as she hears the yelling and howling. She stops dead as she approaches the door, surveying the situation before deciding what exactly to do. "Undead…Werewolf…And…Valkyrie? No, you're a male." Everything she sees here seems to indicate that she is indeed in the realm of mists. It would appear that she does not recognise any of the students currently in her presence. She glances from the zombie to the werewolf, trying to decide which is the greater threat. Deciding the werewolf is probably more dangerous she darts toward it, intending to draw the creatures attention toward herself.

The sight of someone running towards her, and the scent of blood on the air, has Star backing away from Kenta, her death hazed eyes widening a little as this strange man goes from being as human in appearance as most anyone else to being an upright wolf, "Oh dear…" She looks around, taking note of the others, but not recognizing any of them, before she looks back at the newly changed werewolf and holding her hands up defensively. Just how much good bare, and obviously not exactly healthy, hands can be against such a creature is anyone's guess, but the dead girl's nerviousness is obvious. She glances over at the other teacher when she appears, cringing away a little when the woman darts towards the werewolf.

After the howl there is a huff of hair from the werewolf's snout as he looks around to smell his nearest target. His clothes are tattered and torn hanging on the frame of the dark haired Kenta-Wolf. After all, the werewolf is hungry. Leo is right there by him so the werewolf focuses on him and swats at him with a clawed paw before going to pounce on the young one with a snarl.

"I'm Leo. Former Xavier's Student. Are you an Xavier's person?" He calls to Hilde before the Werekenta attacks at him. Thanks to his natural agility and the living light boost, dodging that one is no problem as he releases a quick burst of pure white energy at the wolfman. "Sorry if this hurts, Mr. K. I remember how you said it affects you…" He twirls in air before landing in a crouched position behind where he was. Then, the deeper voice intones, "And as usual, forget to introduce Troy. Damn litebright."

Whom ever left the door wide open will have James' thanks at a later date. It makes stalking tasty sweet meats so much easier. And so it's with a hand on each side of the door frame and a muzzle with an unkind look on it that Xavier's resident Hyena makes his appearance. At least one could guess that it's James. Tonight, however, there's a lot of things that separates him from his normal appearance. Aside from the snarly tooth-filled face that he's about to use on…say everyone — which in itself isn't unusual — Spotty looks much more unkept, much more feral, and much more 'I'm gonna eat all you little piggies for dinner' kinda expression on his face. But WAIT…what's this?? Someone has already beat him to the punch bowl!? And a mere wolf too!! Not on his watch. The 7' beast launches himself at Kenta's body, claws and teeth ready to do their worst as he jumps into the fray.

Hilde skids to a halt as the second were-beasty appears and begins attacking the first. She glances up at Leo with a confused expression, "Xavier's? What are you doing here?" She shakes her head, "Yes, I am a teacher there. Or I was before I died." Listening to how Leo addresses the first werewolf the woman shakes her head again. "You know this one? They must be fighting over territory. We'll need to separate them if you want to cure your friend." How good will a bunch of classical mythological knowledge help with this situation? Hilde isn't exactly sure. "Got any silver?" And then, "Brace yourself, I'm going to try and get them apart." The woman raises a fist and charges forward, slamming it into the ground next to the two beasts. The impact creates a small crater and sends out a shockwave intended to knock the two apart.

Star is pounced on! The zombie gives a terrified little scream as Kenta-wolf knocks her back, trying to catch the werewolf's shoulders and shove him off of her, "Get AWAY from me!" True terror shines in her face, and she quite clearly smells like something that's been dead for a while, though it's not as bad as it could be considering she's still walking and breathing, even if she's not exactly alive anymore. Then there's another beast attacking the first and the dead girl tries to scramble out of the way as quickly as possible, "Oh dear and merciful Lord. Save me from this place!" Her plea isn't shouted, though it's loud enough to be heard clearly.

Where the living light would have done horrid things to Kenta, while he's a werewolf it seems that his darkforce powers are gone and it stuns him for a second. Which is enough time to be caught by the other were-creature and knocked over. He goes throw two support beams on the porch which causes the half the roof to cave in, showering wood and splinters down below. The blast from Hilde's strength just aggravates the damage,blowing out some of the windows and part of the wall of the farm house is shoved inward. Digging himself out of the hole he created in the porch floor, Kenta-Wolf gets out and leaps back at James, showing some claw marks on him from the were-hyena's attack.

"Oh great. TWO of them. And I don't… I don't recognize the others. You're not dead. There are other Xavier's folks here. I left in February and woke up here." Leo says as he jumps up on the falling support beam to leap to a higher level. He's better at coming in from heights. "This is not good… this was our home base." He states, grumbling a little as he lets the light build up with him. "I'm at a total loss. I haven't had powers in a while, and I haven't been in a big fight in AGES."

James experiences the sensation of forced flight as Hilde's attack sends his large frame airborne. A frame that can't but help repeat Kenta's mishap. Albeit with a wall instead. Crashing through the wooden obstruction, the hyena finds himself where he doesn't want to be: the outside; a big gaping hole marking where he wants to be: the inside. He yells back an insult, the sound one you'd get from a weasel caught in a spin cycle. Springing back to his feet he springs back through the whole and springs right into Kenta's attacking arms. Kissey Kissey!

Hildegarde stands from her attack and winces as part of the building collapses next to her. "Oh, sorry. We'll worry about fixing it later." She glances over at the zombie girl and frowns, "You have your mind, still?" She does look a little familiar, perhaps another student from Xavier's who has some sort of zombie power. Hilde quickly removes her choker and left arm bracer, tossing one to Star and chucking the other toward Leo with a "Catch!" Realizing that this minor action has given the second werewolf the oportunity it needed to recollect itself, Hilde takes action again. She charges once more, this time directly at the Hyena. "Let's see if it works, shall we?" She swings her arm sideways toward the Hyena's back, not intending to punch him so much as to contact her silver jewelry to his body. This is as much an experiment as an attack. As she looks at the second creature she gasps suddenly. "That's not James, is it?"

The zombie makes a small sound and covers her head as half the porch collapses, moving at as quick a shuffle as she can so that she can try to get out of range of the two creatures duking it out uncomfortably close to her. Star stumbles a few steps and falls to her knees a short distance from the battling monsters that are so much scarier, in her opinion anyway, than she is. When the jewelery is thrown at her, she misses catching it, instead covering her head with both her arms and screaming at the world at large, "Leave me ALONE! I just want to go home." She sure sounds like she still has her mind, though that doesn't mean that it nessicarily holds the same memories as it used too, "I don't know any of you people, I just want to find my brother and go home." She doesn't go chasing off after the bracer; instead, the most horrible, gut wrenching stench imaginable comes from her. Almost like what a stinkbug does, but smelling much more strongly of death and decay than anything living can produc

There's growl from Were-Kenta-Wolf as James meets him and he goes to try to bite James on the shoulder as the continue their destructive dance through the farmhouse. Their fight takes them close to the teens who might get caught up in the destruction. Then the stink cloud hits the werewolf and with his extra senses the smell catches him off guard and he lashes out at Star to try to stop the source of the stink.

Leo runs for the bangle as the fight rages on. he's forgotten his speed. he grips it and keeps running towards the fight. he manages to break the sound barrier nearby, not realizing he can create a small boom with it. but… he ends up in Star's field. he stops, wretching a bit.

With Wrestle Mania XXIV taking place with Kenta — you know, the guy who now has a mouth full of Gnoll fur — James is completely unaware that Hilde has his back. Literally. Shrieking in pain, 'Tooth' lets out a pained howl at the touch of silver, responding with 'I say olde chap, that smarts a touch.' Which in Were, sounds remarkable like a surprised "Arrgoooooga!!" His back starts to bake under the metal, letting off actual wisps of smoke. But even Kenta's teeth buried in his shoulder aren't enough to make him stand still. Especially with the zombie exploding in the corner. He tries to push Kenta off as he vies for an escape route; the furred pair dangerously close to one of the remaining support beam. Predictably, he falls into it, taking down another third of the remaining room.

Hildegarde smirks as the silver begins to effect the creature before her. "The silver works! That means we may be able to whip up a cure if we can find some…Wolf's…Bane." She stops talking as Star begins stinking up the barn. She turns toward the zombie and begins yelling some unpleasant things in German before bending over and wretching a few times. She would probably throw up if she had eaten anything of substance recently. The woman is too distracted by the odor to notice the damage being done by the Gnoll. She glances up just in time to notice half of the hay loft falling directly on top of her, balling up at the last second to brace for the impact.

When Kenta-wolf attacks her, Star is caught off guard, still huddled on the floor with her arms covering her head. Perhaps she thinks that if she can't see them, then they can't see her? In any case, his claws catch her across her back and there's a pained scream from the dead teenager and she turns on the one that hurt her, even though she's much smaller than either of the werebeasts, trying to inflict her own damage on the newly furred Kenta. If she can get ahold of an arm, shoulder, or other handy body part, she'll try to bite whoever she grabs; fresh meat seeming like a pretty tasty idea right now since she's got newly inflicted damage to mend. The others are all but forgotten for the time being, the collapsing building ignored in favor of the fight.

There's a howl in return from Kenta as he's bitten by a zombie. He tries to shove her off of him into the debree of the wrecked farm house. There's a howl as he hears James scream from the silver. It's hard choice for the teacher, go after the one with the dangerous weapon but he deicdes to go after Hilde for the time being and he dives at his coworker claws first to hopefully get the dreaded silver away from her.

"No, That's Kenta! Don't eat him!" Leo calls, though his voice is running at speeds as high as he is. He's just trying to get a view of what's going on and is rather confused. He's building up his light. He hasn't released a nova in a very long time, because the light hasn't been there. But that doesn't mean he can't make one. He's pondering… "Do it, kid. Blast'em all." The deeper, angry voice intones. "Or let me out and I'll pound the shit out of them."

It's not everyday you get branded, and on the farm none the less. Between the smell, the pain, and the problems inherit in attacking mutants, James decides he's had enough and makes a break for the doors. But even in this beastial state, the hyena knows he'll be followed. Which is why he plows thorough the last remaining supports on his way out. The barn begins to creak and shift as wood splinters. In mere seconds the entire remaining farm house begin falling, the 4 walls and everything inside coming down with the room, burying the unlucky inside. The gnoll, however…his plans are to be long gone before the others can pull themselves out of the wreckage.

The hayloft collapses on Hildegarde in a heap, causing her to disappear beneath the debris for a few moments before the rubble is violently thrown upward. The woman seems to be recovering from the stench given off by Zombie-Star, but it would appear that having a building collapse on her has left the woman in a less than pleasant mood. Hilde holds up her bracered arm and prepares to move toward James again when Kenta attacks from the side. She raises the arm he is mauling, lifting the creature from the ground bodily as she cries out in alarm. The woman glares at Kenta and rears back to punch the creature, but when she hears Leo calling out that it's Kenta she halts herself, deciding instead to simply hurl the creature away from herself. Hildegarde looks back toward James in time to see the building collapsing toward her again. The woman lets out an unhappy growl and crouches down before leaping twenty feet into the air and bursting through the roof. She lands outside of the building in a large crater and looks around for James. "Damn. Looks like he got away."

Star goes flying back into the remains of the farm house, landing with a grunt and trying to get back to her feet again almost imediately. The name means nothing to the dead student, even though Kenta's music class was probably one of her favorites when she was still alive and she just gives Leo a blank look for a moment. Not that she really understands his call through the pain fogging her brain and making her even more zombie-like than before. She gives her head a little shake, trying to clear it and putting one hand to her head in an effort to better be able to think. Then the building begins to fall down around her ears and the undead mutant curls into a ball, covering her head with both her arms for protection. She'd naver make it out of the collapsing barn before it falls on her, so might as well just try to minimize the damage, right?

Kenta stops attacking Hilde and looks off as James runs off. There's a growl followed by a howl before he goes running off after the after the Were-Hyena to hopefully continue their fight. He runs through the wreckage, possibly causing more, as he leaves the farm house….or what was the farm house, behind.

The brilliant light of Leo is standing still after everything crashes around him. He pushes, shoving debris off of himself as he looks around. "Is everyone ok? I can heal a little…" He offers, still shaking his head as he looks from person to person. "Great. Now another person is affected." He sighs deeply. "She's turned into a zombie. Mr. Gilpatrick has turned into a werewolf. I'm… we… I don't even know." The deeper voice laughs from Leo's throat. "Don't sweat it kid. If anything happens, I'll pound it outta here."

Hildegarde glances back to the wreckage of the barn in time to see Kenta darting off into the forest. She sighs and begins walking back to the destroyed building. She slows down as she approaches Leo. "Alright, so this girl…" She looks around and leans down to flip over a large sheet of wall. "She was a student, now she's a zombie. The music teacher's a werewolf. James is…An evil version of James. And you are what? Why do you have two voices? Are you possessed?" She glances down at herself to survey the damage she sustained. It looks as though her arm was scratched up pretty bad, but she wasn't bitten. "Hopefully I don't become one of those things. A werewolf capable of punching down walls might be problematic for everyone else…Assuming there are others." She bends down and picks something up, it appears to be the piece of jewelry she tossed at Star.

It takes a couple of minutes before Star is able to dig herself back out of the building that landed on top of her and she's, surprisingly, only slightly banged up instead of squished like an over ripe mellon. She looks over at Leo when he mentions her zombie affliction and grimaces, "Yeah, I died." It's said bluntly while she dusts herself off, smoothing the period dress she managed to pick up over her hips while the back gapes open from the wounds received from Kenta. There's a little frown and Star shakes her head, "I go to finishing school in London. I don't know any of the rest of you people." She claims London, and yet she doesn't have the accent, "My brother is here somewhere, but I can't seem to find him. If I can find him, then maybe we can both get home…"

"No, I'm not possessed. We're two different people. I'm Leo Osborne. Former Olympic Trainee." The sparkles die away as Leo's hair turns blond instead of white. "I'm Troy Bay. Agent of SHIELD." Leo pauses. "We just happen to share a body right now. We're two different people. Even different powers." The light returns as do the sparkles. "Here." He says, moving over to extend a sparkly hand to the teacher. After all, he can heal small cuts and bruises very quickly. "There are many others here. Mr. Summers. Ms. Frost. A lot of students. A few of the teachers."

Hildegarde seems a bit surprised to hear that there are other teachers here as well. "Two people in one body?" She frowns "That's rather uncommon, even in mythology." She watches as the boy begins to heal her wounds, "Thank you. And I appologise for your barn. Though it seems the other students aren't here right now. The entire school has been brought to this place? Where are the others?" She glances at Star and frowns slightly, "From England? Where at? Your accent sounds American." Hilde's accent sounds British, though it's off slightly.

Since Heather's only been stopping about this place periodically, she hesitates slightly as she enters the area, glancing about at the destruction. Under her arm, she carries a teddy bear, and she seems armed to the teeth with digging equipment, all strapped to her body. She's also filthy. The implication is that she's been digging. Last time she went digging, she brought her own skeleton back to the farmhouse, so it's never a pleasant sign. She pulls up her wax case from her back, dropping most of her equipment and drawing a knife, scrawling out, -Who knows how to repair a wounded little bear?- There's a pause in her carving as she adds, -It may seem silly compared to whatever you're talking about, but it's important.- She's not about to explain herself, though.

David makes his way to what were the remnants of the farmhouse. Slowly at a distance and seeing it in ruins, David rushes behind Heather as much as he can towards the building. His mutant powers already scanning the area for any familiar and alive students. He senses Star and Troy and an unfamiliar one. He notes, "Heather, perhaps we should see if anyone is hurt before we start on the teddy bear." He makes his way through the area, "What happened here?"

Star opens her mouth to answer the teacher's question and promptly closes it again, a deep frown drawing her brows together, "I don't remember…" She seems almost confused by that admission, looking back at the remains of the farm house, "I hope my brother wasn't in there. If he's hurt…" She trails off and brings one hand up to nibble on her thumbnail, worry creasing her brow, but the air now clear of all but the last lingering hint of the cloud of stink that she caused earlier.

Letting his sparkles reach out to Hilde, she won't take long for her minor injuries to be healed. And… she'll get a supreme energy boost if she lets him touch her. Like five shots of espresso without the buzz and jitters. Just pure, living energy. "She was a student at Xavier's. Her brother is around here somewhere." He states calmly as he looks towards the arriving people. He waves a hand and shoots a ball of light from the rising hand. Enough to say it's clear, hopefully.

Hilde tips her head in mild concern at Star's apparent amnesia. "Well what do you remember? What is your brother's name?" She hears David and Heather approaching and turns suddenly as though facing a new threat. She tenses up a moment and actually does make contact with Leo's hand. She feels the energy enter her, and gives the boy a quizzical look before shaking her head and looking back at the new comers. "Heather, correct? And…I do not know the other."

Heather glances over all the faces quickly and signs to David, <They're alive and not critical. The bear is priority.> She glances back to Leo for a moment, tilting her head and then shrugging. She nods once at Hilde and starts writing in the case, -Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip. I need to know if any of you can mend a bear?- There's a pause, and she looks back to David, gesturing again at the question, since he probably knows the answer by this point.

"Cloud wasn't in there. Or he's not anymore." David does not sense Cloud's or anyone else's skill set. He does not think the worst as he has already seen enough for the night, but he can't help but feel slightly guilty that he wasn't here…as if he really could have prevented this. "Thank you for the light." He says to Leo and then signs to Heather <Yes, there is one with modest sewing skills. I will mend the bear when I have made sure everyone is fine.> and then noticing Hilde and speaking in fluent German, <You must be Hilde. The German teacher at Xavier's.> He offers a slight smile, <Odd to meet here, but I am David Alleyne, a graduate of Xaviers and had recently returned to help out at the school…only to find myself here. I sense no other students or staff here. What happened here? and Are you alright?>

"Dad's a banker and mom takes care of us and our home." Star looks over at David when he mentions her brother's name and nods, "Yeah! His name's Cloud." She makes no mentions of being able to mend the toy, instead just looking from one stranger's face to another, wariness written plain on her features as though she's just waiting for one of them to turn into something scarier than she is and try to kill her, too. Just like Kenta did.

"Heather?" Leo asks, looking to her. It's been ages, but it's Leo. "Well, I don't think anyone else was in there. So, I think we're safe. But we may need a new base of operations…" Leo says with a slight sigh and a shake of his head. Then, the deeper voice comes out. "Time ta rough it."
Hildegarde seems incredibly impressed by David's German. "Are you a native speaker? Where do you come from?" She is surprised that he knows so much about her if he is graduated. Many of the current students are not even familiar with the woman yet. She looks back at the barn rubble and sighs. "Well I may be able to prop up a few of the walls, but it won't be nearly as protective as it once was." She glances up at the moon and frowns. "We should take shifts sleeping tonight in case they come back. Hopefully they won't kill each other by sunrise. If we can find Kenta we may be able to whip something up if I can find some wolf's bane."

"Lo?" chirps Heather. It's meant to be 'Leo', but it's hard to make out her pronunciations sometimes when she's talking. She rubs her brow lightly and scratches on the wax slate, -It's been a very long time.- She hands the bear off to David, deciding that he will take care of it, gesturing out, <Give it back to me the moment you finish. It's important, I know it's important.> After she finishes making use of all three of her deeply inadequate speech options, she sits down and scratches out, <My sleep schedule is erratic to you people. One hour sleeping, four waking, one sleeping, four waking, so on. It will be hard to watch properly.>

David just offers Star a smile and agrees with Leo, "I don't think anyone else was there." He nods to Hilde and continues to her in German, <I am American, but my powers allow me to mimic skills of people I am around, so I am speaking German as well as you do.> He looks over to everyone, "Ok. For tonight. No one is staying out here. I'll contact Ms. Frost telepathically, but we all need to head to the tavern. It is indoors, there are some makeshift beds there and I don't want anyone else out of my sight for tonight." He takes the bear and signs, <I will sew this tonight and get it to you when I see you next.> He looks about, "Does anyone need help walking because the tavern is a bit of a walk, but it's the safest option."

The zombie does have something productive to contribute to this conversation after all, "There's always the tavern in town…" She ducks her head slightly and shrugs one shoulder, "I've been there a couple of times and there are more of you people around most of the time." As though Star weren't as much a part of the group as anyone else. Then David is making the same suggestion and the faintest of smiles tugs at the corners of her blue-ish lips, "Like he said." The girl shakes her head and looks off down the road, "I'm going to find my brother first. If I find him, then I think we can both get home." She doesn't sound entirely certain of that, though.

"Are you two ok?" Leo asks, looking to the new arrivals. "I'm a healer… a bit." He says with a bit of a shrug. "I might be able to help, if you don't mind a hypercharge." He offers.

Hildegarde nods to David and responds in German, "That could be a very useful tallent. I'll keep in mind that I can communicate to you in a less than obvious way…Just in case." She nods again at the mention of Emma, responding now in English. "That is a good idea. I would like to speak with Ms. Frost as soon as possible." Secretly Hildegarde is relieved that Emma is also here, she won't have to explain her absence from the school to the headmistriss if Emma is in the same situation. Granted, Hildegarde thought that she was dead until a few minutes ago, in which case she wouldn't have had to explain anything. "Alright, well we can head to the tavern then. I think all of us who are going can walk properly. Was there anything in the barn that we might need? Food? Supplies? I can carry quite a bit if we need to move supplies." She heads over to the rubble and begins turning over the rubble with great ease. She'll pick up a few things before joining the others on their treck to the tavern.

Heather carves out on the wax slate: -I will go ahead and run forward. My sleep cycle is almost going to start, and I'll be exhausted and a hindrance if I don't catch it. When I wake up, I hope you are there. With the bear intact. I will also be able to reset my wax.- She shows these sentences to all present, before closing the wax case and throwing it onto her back. She then picks up all of her digging tools and zips off.

David smiles to Leo, "I think we are all fine. Heather and I are fine at least." He holds the teddy bear close to him and says in German, <We should leave now. There are supplies at the tavern and in the morning when it is daylight some of the staff can search here. So there are five of us now. That's good.> He looks to Star, "Miss, I have spoken with Cloud. He said you should wait for him at the tavern. He won't be long and, I can assure you, not in harm's way." He then points in the direction of the Tavern, "Alright everyone…start walking." He speaks in a somewhat loud yet authoritative voice. He then watches the others go off ahead. As they begin the trek, he asks Star, "What happened here?"

Star blinks a couple of times in surprise at hearing that her brother said to wait at the tavern for her, "You have?" Beat, "He did?" She brushes some debris from having the barn collapse around her ears, literally, off of her left shoulder and plucks at the ruined blouse she's wearing, "I probably should find something to wear, anyway. He sure won't be happy to see me like this…" With the back of her shirt ripped and her back scored by deep scratches from Kenta-wolf's claws. She squares her shoulders and starts shuffling along with the others, moving at a slightly slower pace than everyone else.

When David questions her about what happened, Star glances over at him, "I was coming to see if my brother was here and then some man came up babbling about were-somthing. Next thing I know, he's turning into a giant wolf and attacking me. Then some other dog-thing, it wasn't a wolf, but didn't really look like a dog, knocked him off of me and they started fighting. I got scratched and they ended up knocking the whole building down on top of us before running off."

"A were-something? A were-wolf. So either someone in our group has become a were-wolf and then something else saved you and in the fight destroyed the farmhouse?" He hmmmns and looks around, "I wonder who it was. Maybe James?" He sighs at not yet having met this student, but there is promise in that, "I'll check the asylum again in the morning. See if I can talk to James or at least, Jinx." David holds his self-made spear tightly as they continue the walk, "Well I am glad you survived and weren't turned into a wolf at least, and I am glad there is another staffer here."

Star shrugs, "He just kept saying 'were' over and over again. I guess he was talking about a werewolf…" She makes a face, "He'd been hurt pretty bad… He was bleeding all over everywhere." Or at least from his arm, anyway. She shrugs, "I don't think the other monster saved me on purpose… It was the one that ended up knocking the rest of the building down on top of us." She shakes her head at the thought of not being turned into a wolf, "Yeah, well, the werewolf-guy scratched my back pretty good…" She grimaces at the memory, "And then I tried to take a bite out of him…" She reaches behind her back and winces faintly, "Maybe I won't change into anything else because I'm already dead…" There's one good thing about being a zombie, at least. That and she's not going to bleed to death, either.

David looks at Star and stares and actually laughs. One of the few times he has found humor in this hellhole, "That's very true. So there is an advantage to being a zombie." He laughs, "So I heard you say you were from London and are at a finishing school? Tell me about it was we walk."

The undead girl can't help but grimace again and just shrugs at the thought of being dead being good in this situation, even if she was thinking it herself. Star nods and shrugs, "I don't know how I got here, but that's where I was before I woke up here. My father's a banker at one of the largest banks in the city and Mother stays home to make sure that the house runs smoothly."

"A banker? at one of the largest banks in London? Which bank is that" David asks. While talking to Star, he notes the stories and contradictions from her real life. He is also holding onto that spear tightly and vigilant of any possible attacks.

"I… Don't remember…" Star frowns a bit when she realizes that, moving a little slower as she falls thoughtful, "I just know that he is. I've never actually gone to visit him at the bank." She shrugs, "I started going to finishing school a little while ago. Just at the start of this term." She pauses for a moment and shrugs, "I really haven't made any friends there yet, but it's not totally horrible. At least I'll learn how to be a proper lady and maybe find a duke or count to marry in a year or two."

Troy/Leo returns from somewhere for a brief second, having heard bits and pieces of the conversation as he was sorting through some rubble. "Don't bother with James." Says the deeper, gruffer voice. "He was one of the ones fighting. He was a were something, too. Fighting with Kenta."

"Well that's one possibility…the finishing school. Is the name of it, Xavier's?" He asks as they walk along and starts to ask, "Do you happen to know a Frank Stane, Lady Lovelace or Dr. Igor Waldeman?" He stops when Leo catches up, "What? Kenta was one of the weres." His face falls flat, "Damnit!"

Star shakes her head, "Isn't Xavier's the name of that Asylum?" More head shaking for each question and the dead teen gives David a blank look at each name, "No… Should I?" She makes a face and brings her hands up to press just above her eyes, "I keep feeling like I'm missing something." She gives the two guys an almost helpless look, "Like I can't really tell which is a dream and which is real… It's kind of getting fuzzy." So at least she knows there's something wrong with her memory?

The sparkles return to Leo as his hair bleaches white again. "Yeah. Mr. Gilpatrick was the wolf. James was the other were. At least, that's what the lady said his name was." He explains with a nod. "I heard Mr. Gilpatrick's voice. I rushed in and saw him change." He looks at Star, still tempted to light-burst her, but at the same time worried that it'll do more damage than good. "I really wish I knew what would happen if my lifelight hit her. But I don't want to… ya know. Like in video games. Hit an undead with a healing thing and they hurt. Same as Darkforce." He sighs softly.

"So this place has taken its first staffer now." He turns to Star, "No, but at the tavern, you will meet someone else from London anemd Frank Stane, though he goes by Mike sometimes." David shakes his head and wonders when his time will come, but he exhales, "Well, it's good to know that James is alive anyway and whether he meant to or not, he kept the rest of you from being turned. Though I suspect, really only Hilde would have been affected." He pauses, "Was she cut or scratched or anything?" He asks Leo.'

"Oh… Well, London is a very large city." And if he's of a different class of people than she is, then Star wouldn't know him even if they live in the same neighborhood. She looks back and forth between the other two for a moment, "So who are Kenta and James?" She really doesn't know, and that's a very scary thought, "The man looked familiar until he turned into that monster, but I couldn't quite place him…"

"Scratched, yes. But I healed it. And often… my lifelight can counteract almost anything." Leo explains. "I drove an Inferno Demon out of my boyfriend… but it took everything I had." He looks around with a bit of a sigh. "I wish I could ask Dagger more, but I haven't been able to locate her before I… crashed. She'd know a lot more about it. Other than myself, she's the only person I've ever heard of with this gift. But hers is still different from mine. Like how every Darkforcer is different." He looks to Star. "Kenta is a music teacher. James is a student that arrived just as I was leaving. He was also a demon during the Inferno…" That's all Leo knows about him.

David lets Leo explain who Kenta and James as he wonders, "We should keep an eye on Hilde. while I believe you that lifelight healed her, it still didn't stop you from being affected here. Though if it did stop demons during the Inferno, then…" He smiles to Leo, "Then I am sure it will work to protect her too. How's Troy doing in there?"

Star just lets the two men talk for a little while, shuffling along at a steady pace while she falls silent in thought. She looks over at Leo for a moment when there's a break in the conversation, "So that monster that attacked this Kenta person was a demon?" Beat, "And what's Inferno?" She wrinkles her nose faintly at the thought of possibly having the healing light that Leo had used on the strong woman- the staffer named Hilde -used on her, but falls silent again, reaching back to tug lightly at the back of her shirt to make sure it doesn't reveal too much skin. She might be dead, but that doesn't mean that she shouldn't try to stay decent.

"I didn't have my light. I was powerless before. That's why it affected me. And brought back my light, somehow." Leo says with a shrug. He's apparently started to realize that he shares a body now. The light vanishes completely, and the hair turns blond as the deeper voice returns. There's also a shift in skills that David would notice. "I'm fine. Nothing here will bother me." He grumps before the light returns, the hair bleaches, and the skills shift back. "We'll make do. That's all we can do. But I'm hitting my sleeptime. I only sleep for a couple of hours a day, but it's hitting that point where I need it." He looks at Star. "Demons invaded New York. And he WAS a demon. Not anymore. He got rid of it in the end. They all did, fortunately. It… it even got Mr. Parker-Mayfair back then. One of the kindest and most human teachers we had. The demons preyed on their insecurities and had them shift." He shakes his head. "I don't want to remember it."

David nods, "Well then I think you will be very needed here, Leo. So I am glad you are back." He smiles a moment, "I can see the tavern from here and already see that Heather and Hilde got there already, so go on ahead if you like and get some much deserved rest." He looks to Star, "Have you been able to sleep since you've become a zombie?"

The zombie-girl blinks a couple of times and just shakes her head at that, "It doesn't sound like something that would be nice to remember…" Star shows no recognition at the mention of Mr. Parker-Mayfair, unsurprisingly, considering her reaction to other names this evening. She shrugs in responce to the question about sleep and eventually shakes her head, "No… Not since I woke up that last time." Not since she died in her sleep.

Finally reaching the tavern. He lets Leo and Star in and looks around. Finding some old thread. He begins to mend the teddy bear that he and Heather found earlier. Yawning a few times, he finally succumbs to sleep when the bear is finished. And for this night anyway, David sleeps a peaceful sleep.

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