2009-11-22: Burning Food


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Summary: Heather does a very poor attempt at cooking.

Date: November 22, 2009

Log Title Burning Food.

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

There are many smells coming from the kitchen, none of them particularly appetizing. This is because Heather doesn't know how to cook, but because of her timeshift, requires a lot more to eat than most people. She seems to be making a complete meal, some chicken is frying in a pan, basted with strawberry jam, while the smell of burnt toast comes from the toaster. Clearly, from her blank staring off into space, Heather doesn't seem really engaged in whatever she's doing at the moment.

Daisuke walks into the kitchen with a bag in his hand, he went out and picked up some dinner since his cooking would probably be on par with Heathers….maybe not as strange. As soon as he walks in though the smell hits him and Dai makes a disqusted face. "Oh man, open a window in here, what the heck is burning…" He says trying to figure out if something is on fire.

"The toast. I like toast better than bread," says Heather's tape recorder after she squeaks something into it and continues staring off, "I thought that if I cooked the toast, it would be even better. It smells good. What do you think?" She turns and then tilts her head far to the left at Daisuke, jabbing at the various bits and pieces of chicken that she must have just torn apart to put in the pan in the haphazard way that she has. "Do you want any?"

Daisuke looks at her cooking with a weary expression. "Um….uh…burned toast, it's not very good and…" He doesn't want to outright say he thinks it smells terrible but he doesn't want to be mean. "No thanks, I'll pass. I have my dinner here." He says holding up the bag he brought in with him. He thinks the chicken and strawberry jam, combined with the burn smell, just seems not appitizing at all, and he likes some strange foods. "I'm…uh..Daisuke, but people just call me Dai. Nice to meet you."

"Heather. That's my name," says Heather's recorder. "You can call me Zapper if you want." She blinks a few times rapidly and says, "Not if you want a response, though." She shrugs her shoulders a few times and prods at the food anymore. "Is this cooked? I have never cooked. This is fun though. What are you eating?"

"Zapper?" Daisuke asks sounding confused and he looks it too. He's not used to things that aren't logical. "I'm not really good at cooking so I'm not really the best to tell you if it's cooked or not." He walks over and looks at the food but it clueless. "Maybe try cutting it open and if it's still raw inside it's not cooked? And I have some sushi, miso soup and shumai that I got in Salem."

"My real codename is Timeslip. I came up with it myself," says Heather. She nods her head quickly and cuts open the chicken. "It's pink. I don't know what that means. Is it supposed to be pink?" She scratches her tangled hair a bit and says, "What's sushi?"

"Mines' Howl." Daisuke says in regards to codenames as he nervously runs his hand through his hair. "Pink usually means it's raw, which isn't healthy to eat. And sushi is…well…raw fish, but it's safer to eat than raw chicken. Raw chicken can get you sick."

Heather shakes her head quickly and then looks at Daisuke as if perplexed. "Fish is grosser than chicken. Slimier. Have you seen their eyes? /That/ makes me sick." She washes her hands under the tap and then turns towards Daisuke, "Why do they call you Howl? Have you ever heard a howl? I haven't." She puts her tape recorder on the counter.

Daisuke looks at the tape recorder, not sure why she uses it to speak but he just shrugs. "I like fish and seafood. I like chicken too but I really like raw fish. It's one of my favourites." He shrugs and looks around a bit. "I just grew up eating, and my codename is Howl because I use sonics. I've heard an animal howl on TV or a dog howl outside. Why is your codename Timeslip?"

"I want to hear a wolf's howl. I don't know what it sounds like, but I think it would be beautiful," says Heather's device. She closes her eyes briefly, as if imagining it and then opens them wide. "So beautiful. My codename is Timeslip because my time is different than yours. I slipped out."

"I don't sound like a wolf's howl when I use my powers, it's just a loud, destructive, scream." Daisuke says trying to explain his powers a bit. "You slipped out of time? What do you mean?" He's not sure how anybody can do that but his likes to learn so he's curious to find out.

Heather walks up to Daisuke and sits down. Her toast pops out of the toaster, completely black. The whole process of her motions seem to be in fast forward, like she is just living at another pace. "I've slipped into fast time. It makes you people, the slow people, look slow."

"Sooo…I look slow to you, so I sound slow when I talk too?" Daisuke asks actually studying Heather for a bit to really notice the way she moves. "So you're power is this…fast time thing?"

Heather raises her tape recorder to demonstrate. "I play it and speak quietly, so that people don't hear it all, so you just hear my slow voice. It translates for me, so I can talk with people like you." She tilts her head slightly and says, "That's what they told me makes me a mutant. The time shift." The odour of burning chicken begins to get into the air, but Heather doesn't seem to notice that either.

"Well it's part of what makes you a mutant." Daisuke starts explaining. "It's a gene, which they call the X Gene, that is in us, that makes a mutant. Since the Gene kind of 'mutated' into being giving us powers, that's why they call us mutants. It's a genetic mutation of mankind." He's a teachers aid and helps students with class work since he actually does love to learn. Then the smell starts to hit him. "Um…Heather…your chicken is burning."

Heather gets up from her seat and walks towards the burning chicken. She tilts her head slightly at it as she pulls it off of the burner. "I like strawberry jam," she comments, "I like it after I wake up. On toast." She pulls the toast out of the toaster and puts it on a plate. "I have never seen a gene. They must be very, very small." She puts the bits of burnt chicken on the toast after pulling them off the bone with her bare hands.

"Oh they are, you usually can't see them, even with a microscope." Daisuke says as he looks at her curiously. "How old are you? And have you ever had a biology lesson?" She might be younger than he initially guessed. "Umm…I guess you like burnt food?"

"I'm sixteen," says Heather. "I… I think. Who are you asking?" She furrows her brow and grits her teeth as if actually having a real problem with answering this question. "I haven't learned much about biology. I just read the books I had… What? Burnt food?" She blinks a few times and picks up the sandwich and takes a bite.

"I'm asking you, you're the only person in the room." Daisuke says looking around just to make sure. "Biology is really interesting and you will probably be learning more in classes in stuff. And yeah, burnt, overcooked food? When it's black it's burnt. I never really found burnt food to taste good."

Heather coughs and puts the sandwich down. "Oh this is not very good. Can I have some of your slimy raw fish?" She shakes her head and adds, "I didn't know if you were asking me how old I am or if you were asking you how old I am. If you are asking me, I'm not sixteen and if you are asking you, I am."

Daisuke tries to comprehend what Heather is saying and it just doesn't. For a good minute he's left dumbfounted trying to figure it out, and just gives up when he doesn't. "Umm…yeah..you can try some of my tuna." He says as he takes out a small plastic covered tray with a variety of nigiri on it. "Here, you can have all of it, I have more." He says.

"Twenty eight," says Heather's recorder. She shrugs and then looks around for a few moments, and then adds, "Thank you for the tuna. I never burned food today." She shakes her head and she notes, "I'm so hungry."

Daisuke chuckles at the never burned food comment. "I'm not good at cooking either, but you can take cooking classes here." The twenty eight comment he just puts aside in his head as to not focus on it and hurt his head. "There's more food in the fridge and you can eat as much of that as you like. I have to get going though, I have to call my Grandmother before it's too late so I'm gonna have lunch up in my room. It was nice meeting you Heather." He says giving a wave and smile before heading out. He can't help but think about how strange she seemed and trying to make sense of it all.

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