2012-02-29: Burns And Broken Noses


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Summary: Taylor comes into the med bay for some burn cream, and finds that Theo has turned it into a workshop.

Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012. 5:34pm

Log Title: Burns and Broken Noses

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Taylor walks into the medical bay this evening, wearing some footpads (since shoes are out of the question with those weird shaped feet) wincing slightly at every step to grab some ointment that the feline student was advised to use to take care of some of the slight burning. The teen makes an angry hissing noise at the ointment's application, ears folding back.

It looks worse than it really is. Theo is supposed to be staying in bed for at least the day, given that he got a concussion from a troll club yesterday. It is a very obnoxious requirement by the medical staff. His response of course is to manipulate what electronic devices he can to get what he needs to work on Proto for repairs. Since Proto wasn't working to retrieve things for him, it left Theo with the option of actually needing to talk to people in order to get equipment brought into the lab. Not all of his requirements are supposed to leave the shop, but…well, too bad.
Here he sits at his hospital bed, changed back into his normal clothes already. It should be clarified though, that he isn't in the bed. No, he's next to the bed, while Proto is being operated on. "Geez, I gotta get better quality steel for your plating." He struggles with a plate that seems to be rather stuck in place, and he pulls hard to pry it off. His face is black and blue with some scratches on it. It looks ugly

It looks ugly, but he seems to be operating just fine.

Taylor pauses for a moment in the ointment application over patches of singed off fur, peering towards Theo, "What happened to your face? It looks like you rammed it into a truck." The teen's eyes turn towards Proto for a moment and then Taylor looks back up to Theo, curiously.

Theo continues to tug on Proto's stuck and warped plate, unsuccessfully straining to free it from his side. The teen releases it suddenly, pantings slightly as he stares down the offending piece of metal, after a moment, he looks up at Taylor to acknowledge her, and responds a bit slower than one might expect. ""My face? I got hit by a troll's club. Twice I think. "Star got kidnapped, stupid suit didn't have enough insulation for impacts, something I'm going to need to remedy right away." He notices Taylor's burn injures, and nods at the cream. "What about you? Get in a fight with a cigarette lighter.

"Um. Sorry, I don't know Star or anything, but… my friend got taken away too. I'm worried about her… Dashenka," says Taylor, returning to work on the ointment applications, "And there was a dragon. A fucking dragon! A firebreathing dragon!" The teen headshakes incredulously and says, "I want to find her but… I don't know what to do! It flew away, I can't track that…"

"Wow, this place really is something else," Theo comments. "A dragon?" He shakes his head, "Glad I just had trolls. See if you can help keep that still, I'm gonna try to get this off." He moves the table at an angle to be between himself and Taylor, and he pats Proto's housing on the other side.

"I was so scared, my footwear melted and I got burns on the soles of my feet," complains Taylor, sighing softly, "I tried to scratch its eye out, but it was too fast and it got away." Taylor follows Theo's instructions, still curiously observing the robot.

Theo winces with one side of his face, "Yeah, that would suck," he says. "I would be in a lot worse shape from those trolls if it hadn't been for Proto here," he comments. "Okay, hold it tight, I'm going to try to pull off this panel." He flexes and tests his grip for a second, making certain that Taylor is ready before he pulls with all of his strength. The panel bends a little, and with a sudden *PoP* it comes free, sending him stumbling backward. He checks his right hand, making certain that he didn't manage to cut himself. "Looks like another adventure that the staff will probably try to keep the student body from learning too much about. Don't worry, they'll probably screw something up and we'll need to straighten it out anyway. Though if they were to get it taken care of, you wouldn't hear me complain."

"I haven't been here for very long," admits Taylor, seeming quite capable of holding steady when Theo pulls, though the feline student sits on one of the beds nearby afterwards to apply the ointment to the bottom of their feet, removing the strapped on pads. "I mean, my friend, Dashenka, isn't even from this school. I don't know if they will help her… I hope they do."

"Oh, I wouldn't worry too much, if anyone here can help, they will. Most people here like to pretend to be altruistic, it makes them feel better." Theo returns to drop the plate next to Proto. "I'm Theo, by the way, I think I've seen you around, but I don't know if we have really met." He picks up a socket wrench and begins loosing one of the bolts from the interior part of the frame.

"Uh, yeah, we've run into each other a couple of times that I remember," says Taylor after a moment or two of thought, "I think you mistook me for Ahmed once, told me not to goo on you or whatever. I don't know how. I'm prettier than he is." The feline headtilts, "And why do you say people here pretend to be altruistic?"

"Oh yeah, that's right," Theo admits. "Uh, Taylor, right?" The technopath pulls the bolt out of the socket and exposes the frame behind it. "Crap, that's gonna be a lot of fun, I can't fix that here," he grumps at the condition of his robot. "I say they like to pretend to be altruistic because that's what most people like to pretend. People are a bunch of selfish tools. They like to act altruistic so people will think they are nice, which, ironically, is rather self serving." Always a little pocket of joy, that Theo.

Taylor shrugs and says, "What's wrong with that? At least if we act like decent people for a self-serving reason, we don't end up acting like huge assholes. And then there are less people acting like huge assholes. Fine benefit, in my opinion." The feline student nods and says, "But yeah, I'm Taylor."

Theo considers the argument for a half of a moment, and gives a half-nod ascent. "Fair enough," he concedes. He pulls the sheet off from the bed, wrapping it around Proto's dissassembled state. "Well, sorry to hear about your burns. Hope you get to feeling better, I'm not staying here any longer. If Dr. Reyes asks, tell her I just left, I didn't feel like putting up with this place any more. I'm fine, they are just doing their doctor precaution thing anyway." He hoists the bag over his shoulder, and starts to the door. "And um," he pauses at the door. "I'm sure people will try hard here to find that Dashenka girl you mentioned. They are pretty good at that stuff." He makes no promise of success, but then, he couldn't promise that, either.

"I hope they find her," says Taylor, nodding once and putting the footpads back on, "And yeah, if anyone asks about you while I'm here, I'll let them know that… seeya, Theo." The ointment once again gets Taylor's full attention.

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