2009-05-14: Burnt


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Summary: Teddy burns the dinner he was making for the team. Eli investigates the smoke. The two Young Avengers then chat about everything from motivations to hot tubs.

Date: May 14, 2009

Log Title: Burnt

Rating: R

NYC - Seaside Warehouse

This warehouse is like any other. It's cold, somewhat damp, there are boxes stacked up about the place and a second floor that only wraps around the inner edge of the building, made to look over the floor below. Only there is something odd about this place, as those boxes and rooms hold the property of the Young Avengers. Training ground and living quarters for the young team.

The Young Avengers base should be nice and quiet this time of day. But the smoke alarms are going off so…not so much with the quiet. Since school's been out and Billy wanted to stop by his parents' place before heading home, Teddy went ahead to the base. And after finishing his homework, he set about work in the kitchen. He'd tried to cook a little something but only managed to burn it. And while some smoke can still be seen coming from the kitchen, the supression systems have mostly taken care of it and the small fire. This leaves anyone coming into the room with the sight of a soggy shapeshifter looking at the charred remnants of some kind of dish on the counter. Farther down the counter, the blender seems to have been used recently as it needs cleaning. "Oh man…"

Elijah walks into the kitchen and blinks. He's here for a while as his grandparents and uncle have gone to Baltimore for a vacation and to visit relatives. He sees Teddy and the mess and shakes his head. "You OK? What happened?"

Teddy looks over with an embarassed expression and smiles. "Hey, Eli," he says. "I umm…burnt dinner. To a crisp," he admits, gesturing at the charred food. "I'm fine. And we know our sprinkler system works now," he says, gesturing upwards.

Elijah nods as he walks in and helps Teddy clean. "Well, that's a good thing. Now, what to do about dinner? What were you making?" He gets a mop and starts cleaning the floor.

Teddy getures vaguely, grabbing some towels to wipe down the counter. Thankfully it's not a big mess, the fire supressions systems being very accurate. Yay, StarkTech! "This…meat and bread thing with meat baked into the bread…" he explains. "Saw it on Hells Kitchen and figured we could all try it. Guess it's pizza tonight," he laughs a little.

Elijah wrings out the mop in the sink and runs the water to clean it out. "I guess. I mean, I have a little extra casah, so we could pretty much go anywhere. This is New York City, and there's ALL sorts of restaurants…"

Teddy smiles. "No need to worry about cash. Avengers cover out food bills, remember?" he shrugs. "And yeah…between flying and New York City public transportation, we could go just about anywhere. Delivery too," he muses, wringing out the towels.

Elijah nods as he cleans the blender. "There. All done." Like nothing ever happened. Our little secret, huh?" He winks at Teddy. "So, now to ponder food." He pauses. "So, how've you been?"

Teddy laughs a bit and grins. "Yeah," he saysm tossing the ruined dish into the disposal. "Yeah. Thanks," he says, in a better mood now. "I've been doing okay. Training, researching the kree, spending time with Billy," he shrugs. "How about you?"

Elijah shrugs. "All right mostly. Working at the library and training as well. Wrestling and boxing mostly, but I've been researching martial arts as well. Still not sure what to take…" He chuckles and sits down on a counter. "That can wait. Food time is now."

Teddy smiles. "Hey, any time you want a rematch on the mats, I'm good to go," he offers, flexing slightly. "We could always ask Cap when he gets back from his mission. He said he was gonna teach us hand to hand sometime anyway," the aline hybrid says, sitting down. "Well. We have last night's leftovers in the fridge. And I just made
smoothies…though you might wanna avoid the red ones," he pauses, cheeks getting a little pink.

Elijah nods and looks over to the fridge. "Um… what's up with the red ones?"

Teddy chuckles. "Just made a pair of them. Small experiment is all," he gestures vaguely towards the fridge and the frosty treats within. "They have a bit of an unusul ingedient but the other ones are all good. Fruit mixes."

Elijah looks to Teddy. "Unusual, like how is it unusual?" He blinks, looking a little puzzled and a little scared at the same time.

Teddy sighs a little. "Red Vine smoothes," he reveals what's got him so embarassed. "Just checking to see if they'll only have the affect raw or if they can be mixed and still…do what they do to me."

Elijah nods with a chuckle. "That actually… sounds kinds tasty." He grins. "Well, let's see. What did we have last night?"

Teddy blushes but manages a smile. "Feel free to try one. Pretty sure you're not part skrull so nothing to worry about," he laugh a bit. "That uhh…grilled chicken thing. It was good," the shapeshifter answers.

Elijah nods. "Well, let's try to finish the leftovers, and if we're still hungry, we can go get something. All right?" He goes into the fridge and takes the food out, putting it into the microwave.

Teddy nods, heading to the drawers for utensils. "Sounds good to me," he replies. "Oh yeah. I saw the news report about your fight the other day," he says. "Any idea who you were fightning?"

Elijah shakes his head. "I think his name was Force or something. He had a twin. Gravity powers and super strength. Tough customer…" He stretches. "Still kinda sore from that…"

Teddy frowns. "Twins with gravity powers…" he trails off while setting the table. "I've never heard of 'em," he admits. "I'll see if the database has anything on them later. You alright?"

Elijah nods. "Yeah. I dunno if the other twin had gravity powers, although he was floating. Perhaps. No idea what his name was…"

Teddy nods as well. "What do ya want to drink?" he asks from the fridge. "Well, its good ya stopped the guy and no one got hurt. If you're still feeling sore after dinner I can offer ya a rub-down," the shapeshifter offers in a completely innocent manner.

Elijah nods and ponders. "Just water for now." He looks over to Teddy with a grin. "All right. I will keep that in mind."

Teddy nods, pulling a bottle of water out of the fridge along with a bottle of iced tea for himself. "Alright," he says on the way over to the table. Returning the smile, he glances quickly at his IdentiPhone when it beeps. "Awesome, I got the okay to plug in some of our old fighrs into the Avengers holo-training grid so we can try 'em again," he says.

Elijah takes the bottle and twists off the cap. "Thanks." He looks over to the phone with a grin. "Mercurio saved for posterity? That's going to be a classic!" He takes a long sip from the bottle.

Teddy nods and pops the top off his bottle as well. "Yeah. Mercurio…Kang…Mento," he shrugs. "Try 'em with different members and strategies to hone our skills."

Elijah raises an eyebrow. "That is such a good idea." He walks over as the microwave beeps, opening the door and taking the food out. He closes the door and sets the food down. "Well, here's dinner, or at least the first course if we feel so inclined." Eli's metabolism is elevated to the point where he can put away a lot of food.

Teddy can put away a lot of food as well, especially if he's been doing a lot of shapeshifting or heavy lifting. "Thanks, Eli," he grins. "And yeah. Just what I told Billy when he came up with it awhile back. Be a good way to try out newer or stronger powers and equipment too. And test out Wave, Rebound, and Silent Image to see if they can handle what we already did."

Elijah nods as he starts eating. He washes down the food with water, and wipes his lips on a napkin. "Trudat. Also a good way to gauge their abilities without putting them in danger in a real world kind of situation." He pauses. "Also, it lets us try out team tactics."

Teddy nods. "I get the feeling all three of them will need that. Rebound and Silent Image are relative newbies to heroics in general and Wave hasn't worked with teams before us. We should help Silent Image with hand-to-hand too. If we come up against a telepathy-proof enemy he won't be able to do much."

Elijah nods and finishes his plate and water. "I think we all should have some combat training, of some sort and to some degree." He picks up his plate and puts it in the sink and throws the bottle into the recycling bin. "Well, now what?"

Teddy follows suit, deciding to do dishes later. "Yeah. Some training will be a good idea. 'HULKLING SMASH!' will only get me so far," he laughs. Stretching, the shapeshifter shrugs. "Well, we could hit the gym for a work out, a rematch, or if you're still sore, I can try and help ya out," he offers. "Or we could do something completely different," he chuckles.

Elijah looks at Teddy with a chuckle. "Well, that certainly narrows it down…" He ponders. "I have no idea, really." He leans against the fridge. "Glad I'm the leader…"

Teddy leans against a wall. "Oh, don't say that. You're a great leader. Certainly better than I'd be. And you're always good when it comes to the battlefield and team matters."

Elijah grins and laughs a little. "Thanks. I mean right now, not being able to decide on what to do." He walks over and pats him on the shoulder. "Just a joke."

Teddy grins. "I know. But hey…we all don't always know exactly what to do," he says. "But atleast we have options," he offers.

Elijah nods. "Too many options." He chuckles. "See, if we lived in Communist Russia, this would be simpler!"

Teddy laughs and shakes his head. "In Sovient Union, Option Chooses You?" he jokes, shifting his voice to get the accent before starting to laugh.

Elijah laughs. "That sounds about right…" He pauses. "Well, I will make an executive decision: you decide."

Teddy makes a face then laughs. "Yessir, Fearless Leader, sir!" he jokes again. "C'mon. Let's hit the gym for awhile," he offers.

Elijah nods and walks over. "Indeed." He chuckles as he walks. "Glad I thought of it…"

Teddy laughs, following along. Heading for the locker room to get changed, he stretches again. "As nice as our gym is, the one at the Avengers Mansion is still nicer," he states the obvious.

Elijah nods in agreement. "Few things are nicer than the Avengers Mansion." He looks around. "Still, this is a nice gym."

"Yeah. Still remember putting it together," Teddy chuckles. "Although…Avengers Mansion may be nicer but we still have a 'physical therapy'," he actually makes the air-quotes. "Whirlpool tub. Also known as a jacuzzi."

Elijah grins. "I can imagine that they have one of those as well." He looks around. "All right then."

Teddy finishes changing and nods. "Yeah, they've got more than one and bigger ones but we still have something nice," he laughs. Heading for the bench press, he starts ramping up the weight.

Elijah nods and watches Teddy get the weights ready. He walks over to the free weights and find a barbell to start doing curls. "That's true. It's good that we appreciate what we have. I like the team we've got here…"

Teddy smiles as he starts lifting about sixty tons. "Yeah. Something everyone should learn. Appreciate what you have because you never know when it might not be there anymore…" he trails off. The shapeshifter shakes off some bad memories and goes back to lifting. "We've got a great team. You, me, Billy, Cody, Dante, Terry, Tommy, and Jonas. Good combat-wise and people-wise."

Elijah nods and keeps working out. "It will be nice to get to know the other new kids, and to catch up with all of the original members." He looks over to Teddy. "Glad I walked into the kitchen today. I was almost going to just walk outside and go for a walk."

Teddy laughs. "It's raining, dude," he remarks. "You'd get soaked…though…walking into the kitchen wasn't completely dry either," he remarks. "Dante's a great guy…Terry is too if a bit flirty. Well…very flirty. And Cody…he's cool. Just needs to work a bit."

Elijah nods to Teddy and chuckles. "True enough." He sets the weight back on the rack. "I always enjoy the time we spend together. I know I say it a lot, but it's good to be back with the team."

Teddy grins, setting the weightbar on the catch. "Same here, man. Just getting together and hanging out…some of the best times," he says. "And to think…back during those first few days after Nate got you, me, and Billy together…we'd all barely say two words to one another," he says with a chuckle.

Elijah nods with a grin. "Now, we're close friends, and you and Billy are dating." He looks around before going to the leg press machine. "Life's funny that way."

"And a team of superheroes no less," Teddy adds to the strangeness factor. "Dating…well…" he blushes, moving to the butterfly-press. "Thinking I may even ask him about taking it further than we already are…"

Elijah looks over to him and nods. "Well then." He pauses. "Really, like what?"

Teddy shrugs a little. "I'm not really sure…and there's nothing legal in this state…but well…" he shrugs. "Maybe…ya know…the big M. Getting married," he admits. "Not right away…but one day."

Elijah gets up from the machine and walks over to Teddy. "Some day." He hugs Teddy around the shoulder. "I hope one day the two of you can be happy together as a married couple. You've both got plenty of time, but I think it would work, and you'd be an awesome couple."

Teddy returns the hug, grinning. "Yeah. One day. Still way too soon…but I was thinking I'd ask him if he'd ever considered it sometime," he says. "'Course we'd have to travel to make it happen which wouldn't be a problem for us but still a pain that it can't happen here in New York yet."

Elijah nods at Teddy. "I heard they might make it legal here." He shakes his head. "This is so stupid. Love is love, and it's about that, and not whatever these idiots keep bringing up." He sighs. "I can't believe I represent a country that would allow this to happen… You can't legislate love for someone."

Teddy nods. "Yeah. Might…" he sighs a little. "Still…despite the stupidity of the people sometimes, it's a great country. One worth defending to the last."

Elijah nods slowly. "I suppose. Still, it would be nice if governments were really FOR the people and not the wackjob fringe groups.

Teddy nods as well, cracking his neck. "Yeah, but you know what Cap'd say…we keep the people and the country itself safe. Not fight for the government."

Elijah nods. "Indeed. we fight for Americans, not just certain ones. ALL of them. regardless of anything. Well, except criminals." He chuckles.

Teddy laughs. "Yeah. Them, we beat up," he says, amused by all this. "Oh yeah! That reminds me. Have you seen Terry around lately? There's something I wanted to talk with about…small project."

Elijah thinks for a moment. "Um… no, not recently. I thougght he might be busy with an upcoming gallery exhibition or something." He nods. "I will keep an eye out for him and let him know to contact you if I do see him."

Teddy nods. "Thanks. If things are good, it'll be a nice little something," he chuckles. "So…you going to his next exhibition?" he asks.

Elijah nods. "Yeah, I like supporting my friends and teammates and family in whatever they do." He stretches before looking around. "What next…"

Teddy smiles. "Good. Me and Billy won't be the only ones from the team there," he says. Looking around as well, he shrugs. "Still feelin' sore?" the shapeshifter wonders.

Elijah looks over to Teddy. "A little… Maybe some stretching and a soak in the hot tub…" He stretches for a moment.

Teddy nods. "Sounds like a good plan to me," he says with a smile. "Provided it's not alredy occupied," he chuckles.

Elijah shrugs. "I don't mind sharing…" HE grins at Teddy and chuckles. "How about you?"

Teddy laughs. "You know I don't but it's not a very big one. Can fit four people at the most," he says, heading back to the locker room. Looking over his shoulder, he smiles. "This is gonna be the second time the thing was actually turned on since it was sent over here."

Elijah smiles. "Well all right, then." He heads to the jacuzzi area. "Let's go."

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